4 Reasons This At Home Nitro Coffee Maker Is Taking on Starbucks

Nothing beats the dreadful first few hours of the morning than a fresh cup of coffee. Regardless of whether you’re a huge hot coffee enthusiast or a cold brew connoisseur, surely you’ve found comfort in sipping coffee as you take on the world and seize the day.

4 Reasons This At Home Nitro Coffee Maker Is Taking on Starbucks

Because of this demand, there have been quite a few game-changing discoveries most coffee lovers have embraced recently. One is Nitro Cold Brewing.

What Is Nitro Cold Brewing 

As fancy and artisanal as the term may sound, nitro cold brewing is a relatively simple way of making coffee. In fact, you can do this at home with the use of a nitro coffee maker or by doing it yourself (more on that later).

Making nitro coffee shares the same process of infusing gas into a liquid, like how carbonated drinks and beer are made, but better. It involves cold brewing medium to coarse ground coffee beans for a period of 24 to 48 hours. After steeping the coffee, nitrogen is infused into the liquid to form more refined and foamy bubbles.

Why Use Nitrogen Instead Of Carbon Dioxide 

It’s simple. The process of carbonating drinks forms rougher bubbles in the liquid than nitrogen. This is why carbonated beverages feel harsher in the mouth, and this isn’t exactly the experience you’re expecting when drinking coffee.

On the other hand, infusing coffee with nitrogen provides a smoother, frothier mouthfeel than carbon dioxide. Moreover, nitrogen can also elevate the sweetness and creaminess of your coffee. You can skip adding milk, creamer, or sugar into your drink, which, in turn, makes nitro coffee a healthier alternative for other caffeinated beverages.

At Home Nitro Coffee vs. Name Brand Coffee Shops 

Seeing that nitro coffee is an experience on its own, if you’ve always bought one from massive brewing companies, you may also consider investing in a nitro coffee maker so that you can enjoy a cup of nitro cold brew at home.

If you’re wondering what the difference between a nitro coffee from a coffee shop and the one you can make at home is, consider these:

  • Convenience 

Having your own nitro coffee maker at home can be very convenient, especially today when most people are encouraged to stay inside. With a nitro coffee machine, you can skip driving to your go-to coffee shop to wait in line just to get your daily caffeine fix.

Instead, you can enjoy a frothy cold brew while you work from home. The prep time is straightforward too. You simply steep your coffee in the fridge and leave it there for 24 to 48 hours. The next day, pour a glass of nitro cold brew straight from the tap. There you have it; an excellent cup of coffee that packs a punch!

  • Cost 

With a USD 6 price tag, nitro-brewed coffee certainly doesn’t come cheap if you’re buying it from a famous coffee shop, like Starbucks.

If you’re squinting your eyes, wondering how a USD 6 coffee could be expensive, here’s the reason behind it.

You see, spending USD 6 for a cup of coffee could quickly compound into thousands of dollars once you do the math. Say you’re an avid coffee drinker and purchase a cup of coffee twice a day. That means you’re spending USD 12 every day, which then amounts to USD 94 every week. Each month, you’re paying USD 376 just for coffee. By the end of the year, you’re actually blowing through USD 4,888, which is quite a lavish amount of money for a cup of coffee you can easily make at home.

But, with a nitro coffee maker at home, you may be able to cut down your caffeine expenses by more than half. If you look online, you may be able to find a nitro coffee maker for as low as USD 160. Although you may still need to buy N2 cartridges, quality coffee beans, and filters regularly, you’re even saving more money in the long run if you also account for your travel to the coffee shop.

  • Control 

A personal nitro coffee maker also allows you to experiment with your drink. Yes, you can make special requests to the barista if you’d like to make some tweaks to your coffee. But, the thing is you’re stuck drinking a lousy cup of coffee in case your minor adjustment turned into a major disaster. And the worst part, you actually paid for that terrible coffee.

  • Eco-Friendly 

This is where having your own nitro coffee maker really hits home. Although Starbucks and other big-name coffee houses are trying their best to reduce their carbon footprint, it’s still inevitable for them to produce large amounts of waste that are bad for the environment.

If you make your coffee at home, you can take pride in actually helping save the environment, provided you’re using reusable cups and other materials. The best part of this is you’re able to enjoy a cup of coffee guilt-free.

How To Make Nitro Cold Brew At Home  

4 Reasons This At Home Nitro Coffee Maker Is Taking on Starbucks

If you’re sold to the idea of brewing your own coffee at home, as promised, here’s a quick three-step guide to making a nitro cold brew:

  1. The first step is submerging a cup of ground coffee beans in five cups of cold or room temperature filtered water. Gently stir the solution and place it in a container with a lid.
  2. Leave the liquid in the fridge covered to steep for 24 to 48 hours. This process will help infuse the beans’ flavor and aroma into the water, which will make for a better coffee drinking experience.
  3. After one or two days, your coffee should be ready for nitrogen infusion. You can use a mini-keg or a whipped cream dispenser to infuse the coffee solution with nitrogen for this process.

The process of infusing coffee with nitrogen is what gives nitro cold brew its frothy and silky texture. Because cold brewing coffee grounds boost the sweetness and lower acidity, you have a coffee that not only tastes great but also sits well in your stomach. This means you can skip on adding the usual coffee additives like milk, creamer, or sugar, making for a healthier drinking experience.


Indeed, nitro cold-brewed coffee is one of those drinks that’s in its purest form. A 12-ounce serving of this cold brew contains just five calories. Because it tastes better untouched, you need not add any sweetener and dairy to enhance the experience.