ALDI’s New Kitchen Product Races to Compete with SMEG!

ALDI’s New Kitchen Product Races to Compete with SMEG!

If SMEG products are out of your reach, you got to tighten your seat belts because ALDI has launched its new range of kitchen appliances that are strikingly similar to SMEG kitchen appliances! How cool is that?

SMEG is known for its dope, trendy, and stylish kitchen appliances. However, not everybody could afford the costly appliances by the designer brand. Recently, Aldi has launched its new range of kitchen appliances that bear a striking resemblance in terms of features and designs with that of SMEG. But Aldi’s lesser price tags are what making this range popular among the people.

These days, it’s not just the kitchen interior that matters but the kitchen appliances are also considered to be a contributing factor in enhancing the interior and aesthetics. Well, if you can’t stretch your budget to buy the expensive trendy appliances, Aldi has got your back! Its recent range is full of designer dupes at budget-friendly prices.

The new retro collection of Aldi has classic toasters and kettles available for as low as $20. Also, there’s a variety of metallic colors i.e. cream, black, grey, to pick from according to your kitchen’s color theme. Moreover, you could also buy a matching set that would further save your money. The same devices from SMEG cost more than $100 each. Along with the cost-effectiveness of Aldi devices, there are advanced functions too. Aldi’s kettle features dry protection and auto shut options along with the presence of a removable limescale filter. While the toaster features handy options to defrost and reheat the toast.

The latest range also features a retro style microwave that’s designed with modest sophistication. The 6 microwave power levels, digital control, and an LED display are the latest outstanding features, that are successfully attracting tech freaks.

All these appliances posses a vintage appearance that complements the wooden, marble, or stale countertop and enhances the kitchen’s elegance.

People are going mad over Aldi’s recent collection for all the right reasons. Many pre-orders have already been placed. You need to rush immediately and grab your favorite appliances while the stock lasts!