American Standard Toilets: Pros and Cons

American Standard Toilets: Pros and Cons

American Standard is one of the most popular toilet producers on the market. The company offers a wide range of toilets with a great variety of features. As American Standard is a major player in its segment, it is important to understand whether their products are worth the price. In this article, we are going to cover the main advantages and all the significant drawbacks of using an American Standard toilet.


There are several positive points about American Standard products that we are going to cover. However, it is important to outline that not all the toilets made by the company have the mentioned pros. The models vary significantly, so you should double-check if the specific model has all the necessary features you like. There is also a great review of American Standard models available to ease your choice.

Before we begin reviewing each advantage of American Standard toilets in detail, here is the shortlist for easier navigation:

1. The company has a good reputation;

2. The model range is diverse;

3. Most models have powerful and effective flushing systems;

4. AS toilets are easy to clean;

5. WaterSense certified production.

1. Good Reputation

American Standard Companies, Inc. was founded in 1929. It was later split into three divisions, but the fact that their history counts almost 100 years is already impressive. The company has a good reputation and their products are generally of good quality. There were some less successful models released in the past, but you can always check out the reviews on each specific model to reassure it is fine.

2. Diverse Model Range

American Standard offers an impressive range of toilet models: there are more than 200 different items currently available on their website. All the models are truly different from each other. Not only the models have different dimensions or flush buttons, they have different forms, designs, and features.

If you already know the specific set features you want to see in your toilet, it is very likely that American Standard has such a model in stock. They have different collections for different bathroom styles, and the color choice is also pretty wide.

3. Flushing Systems

Most American Standard models come with a unique flushing system developed by the company. Not all of their models are effective in terms of water saving, but their flushing systems are still properly balanced. They use less water than average toilets, while their flushing system is powerful enough to keep the toilet clean.

Once again, we have to outline that this point is not applicable to all the models offered by American Standard. If you are looking for such a balanced flushing system, you should check if the model utilizes the FloWise technology or Cadet technology.

4. Easy to Clean

Most toilets made by American Standard are either made of ceramic or of vitreous china, which makes it easy to maintain them clean. These materials are great in preventing the waste from sticking to them. Also, most of the models are properly designed and have fewer bends and corners for better flushing and easier cleaning. This is especially true for the skirted toilets made by the company.

However, not all models are easy to clean. If this is an important feature for you, these are the two things you should check before making a purchase: the material used in production and the form of the bowl.

5. Certifications

As American Standard is such a big player on the market, everything about it has to be perfectly legal and certified. Despite WaterSense certification is not obligatory for the producers, it is an important sign that the company cares about the environment.

American Standard has been known for its desire to reduce the water usage of their toilets. Currently, about 100 of their toilets are WaterSense certified, meaning they utilize 20% less water than the average models do.

American Standard Toilets: Pros and Cons


Like any product on the market, American Standard toilets have their disadvantages. Some of them are applicable to all the toilets of the company, while most of the drawbacks are only true for several specific models.

Once again, for more comfortable navigation, here is the checklist for the main disadvantages:

1. It is hard to choose a specific model from such a large range.

2. The price for some models is quite high.

3. Some models have specific disadvantages.

1. Hard Choice

The mentioned diversity of products is actually both an advantage and a drawback. When the company offers more than 200 different toilets, it gets really hard to choose a particular one for yourself. With American Standard, it is almost impossible to choose the toilet by simply scrolling through all the available options: there are too many of them.

We recommend you to choose the features you like beforehand and then filter them in the search tool of the American Standard website. For example, filtering the WaterSense certified products leaves you with 100 models. Adding a flushing system filter for Cadet or FloWise shortens the list to 25 models, which is a much easier choice to make.

2. Higher Price

This is, once again, not applicable to every American Standard toilet as the company also offers budget models. Nevertheless, some of their products are priced higher than average. You will most probably find a toilet that has almost the same features from a smaller producer for a lower price.

However, American Standard is still a good brand to choose from, as the company is much more reliable than smaller producers. It has a powerful supply chain and proper production control.

3. Specific Disadvantages

In its constant race to diverse the model range, the company naturally makes mistakes sometimes. We have already mentioned unsuccessful models, but here we are speaking about some specific disadvantages. Those might either be insignificant or might spoil the whole user experience for you.

The only recommendation we have here is to check the customer reviews for the model you have selected before buying it. If there is something wrong with that particular model, it is better to know it from a review than after the purchase is made.


To sum up, we have to say that American Standard is an overall good producer of toilets. The advantages of their products outweigh the drawbacks for us, but we are eager to hear your opinion. Maybe you already own an American Standard toilet? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section.