Easy tips to make your favorite recipes healthier

Changing our eating habits to make them healthier, may seem more difficult than it really is. In fact, you can probably keep most of the recipes you love to cook and simply modify them slightly, to adapt them to fit a better diet. The secret of healthy eating goes through three phases: Planning, shopping, and cooking. But getting someone to tutor you first, can go a long way.

Easy tips to make your favorite recipes healthier

A Tutor to help You cook Healthier

When you think of a tutor, you don’t necessarily think about cooking lessons, right? But in truth, it is difficult to find anything better than a tutor to learn how to cook today. You have access to all the online video courses and recipes you may want, but getting to apply the tricks you learned and cook the recipes you want to perfection, is complete another challenge. Thanks to an online tutor, learning to cook has never been so easy.

For him or her, it will be a child play to adapt your favorite recipes and make them healthier. When choosing your tutor, try to find one that is specialized in nutrition. He/She will become your best ally to a saner life. They will not only modify your recipes to make them better for your health, by inserting foods with antioxidant properties, and many minerals and vitamins, but they will also give you tips on how to insert food into your lifestyle.

The Secret of eating Healthy: Planning, shopping, and cooking

If you want to eat healthy, the first thing you need to do is to start planning your daily/weekly meals, before heading to the market. By looking at the recipes you want to cook, you will immediately see what you need to buy. If there are too much fat and greasy food, and too many sweets, then change it for other recipes. You don’t need to take them all out, just postpone one or two for the week after, so you can start eating more balanced.

When you get to the store, buy only what is on your list. If you voluntarily erased chocolate bars and cookies from it, but once you get there they end up in your trolley, you’ll never eat better. It will be very difficult at the beginning to stick to the plan, but you have to do so right away, or else, you can be sure that you’ll keep adding things as you roam the supermarket alleys, the next time you’ll go.

Finally, when you cook, choose to steam, bake, grill, braise, boil or microwave your foods, rather than deep fry them. Use non-stick cookware and keep fats to a minimum.