Baking Party – A Lot of Fun For Your Family and Friends


Hosting a baking party can be a lot of fun for your family and friends. This is a lot of fun during the winter months. Since it is cold outside there is no better way to warm up a house. The smell of fresh-baked items can really add to the overall warm feeling of the home. You can start by picking a day to have your baking party.

After you have decided on a date you will want to start making your invitations. Be creative by designing your own baking invitations. You can put a little chef hat on the invention or a picture of a cartoon character on the front. You can create flyer invitations right on your computer or you can buy some. If your kitchen is large enough, you can offer to let your guests finish preparing their dessert at your house. The idea of the baking party is for each of your guests to create their own special dessert item. Don’t worry about having duplicate items, since most people use different recipes. In the invitation you should tell your guests to be as creative as possible and to make a dessert that they enjoy making. When you are trying to figure out what time to have your baking party, make sure it is in the evening after dinner. Put in the invitations that only baked items will be served. If they have children, they should bring them.

There is no need to have any judges, but if you choose to, you can pick from your list of guests. If there are some you want to invite who don’t bake , you can have them be the judges to pick the best dessert item. When it comes to cake decorations you really don’t need to have much. All your guests will be looking for are plates, cups and some forks so that they can dig into the great tasting desserts the moment they arrive. It would also be a good idea to get some containers that can be used for left over’s. Since you will probably have a large amount of desserts you can probably count on having a lot left over. If you have the right containers you can easily wrap up food for all of your guests to take home. Allow your guests to choose what they take home. Many will want to take home several different dessert items.

A baking party can be a lot fun and does not take much planning. One final tip is to make sure that you have plenty of drinks on hand to go with the desserts. Most adults like coffee and tea to go along with their dessert. If you will have children attending you will need to make sure that you have some type of juice for them as well.

Remember that this is a fun party so enjoy yourself. Even if you were once on a diet you will not hurt anyone or anyone by splurging just for one day.

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