Tips to Care for Silicone Bakeware

Silicone bakeware has become popular for its durability, temperature consistency, and ease of use in baking and cleaning. Clean and care for your silicone bakeware properly and it will maintain its shape and usefulness for years.

Silicone bakeware that shines with a glossy finish is the signature of the best All-Clad cookware set. The shine is transferred from polish applied on the mold which helps create the smooth non-stick surface which silicone bakeware is known for.

Silicon bakeware is made to withstand daily use. You can use silicon bakeware just as you would metal bakeware or stoneware. You can also use your regular recipes, including flouring the bakeware before use or using butter or non-stick spray. Silicon bakeware ensures equal distribution of heat, which means even cooking.

Silicon bakeware even works well in the microwave. To ensure even cooking in the microwave be sure to place the bakeware in the center of the turntable or microwave oven.

One important tip to care for silicone bakeware

Because silicon bakeware cools quickly cooking stops immediately once you remove the bakeware from the oven. One caution in caring for silicon bakeware is not to place it on a hot stovetop. That is one thing that can harm your bakeware.

Cleaning silicon bakeware is a snap

Silicon bakeware is dishwasher safe and will not be harmed by a hot water wash in the dishwasher. I’ve cleaned my silicon bakeware dozens of times in the dishwasher and it has never warped or become mishapen. Silicon bakeware’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes it a great candidate for bakeware to be tossed in the dishwasher/

A little warm soapy water is all you really need

A little warm soapy water is another great way to clean bakeware. Because of it’s nonpourous properties, silicon will not hold the odor of recently cooked foods. The primary concern of the wash is to clean any food or grease remnants from the silicon bakeware to make it is clean as when you store it for future use.

Caution about silicone bakeware manufacturer’s cleaning instructions

In their attempt to sell you on silicone bakeware manufacturers often recommend you clean silicone bakeware by simply rinsing and drying in a dish drying rack. Food should easily wipe or rinse away. This makes me a little uncomfortable because of contamination concerns and possible growth of bacteria in the event that any food remnants are left in the cookware. I feel best using warm dishwater or cleaning silicone bakeware in the dishwasher.

Care of silicon bakeware is infinitely easy. This makes cleaning silicon bakeware infinitely easy. The benefit of silicon bakeware is that cleaning silicon bakeware is quick and easy.

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