Baking Perfect Quick Breads

Quick bread consists of muffins, biscuits, pancakes, and nut bread from a bread machine. Zucchini and pumpkin bread are favorites in my household. Even though some quick bread takes an hour to bake you do not have to wait for a quick bread to rise, so you won’t need a bread proofing basket.

To perfect your quick bread baking techniques you will need to know a few crucial tips. The first step you need to know is to completely read the recipe before tackling the recipe. Also, make sure to have everything on hand and have everything prepped before assembling the batter.

Make sure to always use the freshest ingredients. If a recipe calls for fresh berries do not substitute frozen as you will get different results.

For best results use only shiny pans which is better for reflecting heat and will also produce more tender bread and muffins. If you decide to use dark pans you will have to watch the baking time more carefully as these pans are harder to regulate and do not reflect heat as well.

If you are not using baking liners for muffins you will need to grease the pans. Some recipes will recommend greasing the entire cup while some will only recommend greasing the bottoms of the cups.

Pay careful attention to the recipes mixing instructions. Some recipes will want a smooth lump-free batter while some quick bread wants a lumpy, just barely mixed batter. You should avoid mixing quick bread or they will become too heavy.

If a recipe calls for butter, splurge on the real thing as it does make a difference in the taste. If it calls for shortening use that. Do not use substitutions as the quality will not be the same.

Keep watch on your baking time. For best results place the oven rack in the middle for the best braking performance.

Check your baked goodie at least three minutes before the recommended baking time in the recipe. If not done continue baking but check every three minutes until you achieve proper doneness.

As soon as the bread is done quickly loosen the edges of the bread from the pan and turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely.

Keep records of baking times and temperatures for the next time you make the recipe for easy reference.