Baking Soda: Cooking Product Perfect as a Cleaner


Once again, another cooking product that is as good a baking ingredient as it is a cleaner. But can it live up to all of the hype? Let me try a few of these, and let you know:

Claim: Takes away unwanted flavors and odors.

Does it work? Yes. If you don’t want your milk tasting like onions, baking soda can eliminate odors in the best compact refrigerator as long as you have a fresh box of it in there. It can also get rid of mildew and wetness smells.

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Claim: Stop grease fires.

Does it work? Yes. Baking soda will smother the flames and not exacerbate the fire. Use instead of water, but if you have to go searching for your baking soda, use the lid to stop the fire.

Claim: To clean surfaces.

Does it work? Yes. Because of the little particles in baking soda, it’s a good scrub to get rid of stains. You can use it in various instances, including mixing it with water to create a paste.

Claim: Get rid of litterbox odors.

Does it work? Yes. Just a few sprinkles mixes in the litter can get rid of the smells of your cat’s litterbox. And since it’s non-toxic, you don’t have to worry about it harming the cats.

Claim: Use as a toothpaste.

Does it work? No. Baking soda can seem like a good toothpaste – it scrubs off stains and plaque, it freshens, it cleans – but there is one big reason you shouldn’t use as a toothpaste: it doesn’t have fluoride, which is a necessary ingredient in toothpaste. Also, it tastes bad.

Claim: Freshen the carpet or other fabrics.

Does it work? Yes. Sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet or other cloth surface and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. It will absorb odors and wetness from the area, and then you can easily vacuum it away.

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