Baking Substitutions for Your Favorite Dish

Whether you need to substitute a baking ingredient for health purposes or because you don’t have it on hand, it can be hard to figure out what substitutions can make your recipe tasty. But there are so many choices for making recipes that you might be amazed at what you can get away with when making your favorite dish.

1. Dry bread crumbs-oats can be healthy, crispier, especially for fish. You might need a bit more mixture to keep it together. Eggs work well to keep oats together or you can mix it with soy milk and milk.

2. Milk-soy milk. This is particularly great when using bread crumbs or oats or anything to cover your fish or anything else you want to batter. Not only does it work just as well and is a healthier option, it gives a lighter flavor for delicate baking recipes.

3. Chocolate-if you have cocoa powder (even Nestle’s Quick) you can substitute for chocolate, especially when it comes to baking cookies. It also works well for brownies and cakes.

4. Graham Crackers-especially if you are doing some sort of pie, you can substitute with vanilla wafers, gingersnaps or any other cookie crumbs to make your recipe great. It can be an especially tasty substitution for the base of a cheesecake.

5. Butter-a pretty common substitute for butter is margarine, but you can often get away with olive oil or peanut oil in other recipes if it isn’t sweet tasting. (Here are some olive oil dispensers you may like)

If you want to be really adventurous, consider substituting butter with ghee to make it have a great thicker taste.

6. Honey-a great substitute is molasses or maple syrup, especially if you want a darker and thicker flavor to a cookie or cake recipe.

7. Sugar-honey is a great replacement for sugar. It is much healthier and can even help you with allergies you have.

8. Lemon-you can use lime for a substitute or if you just need the acidity, vinegar can be a great replacement.

9. Raisins-cranberries are a tasty replacement. I like to use them in oatmeal cookies or to add some flavor to a cake. They are much sweeter. Another option is dried banana, especially in peanut butter cookies.

10. Yoghurt-sour cream, buttermilk, and even heavy cream can be a great substitute for baking. They all have a slightly different taste to consider but can be a great thickening agent depending on your recipe.