Top Baking Tips for No-Bake Cookies

Six Easy Ways to Improve the Chances of Baking Success

Freshly baked cookies definitely have a certain appeal. However, no-bake cookies are a great replacement when you don’t want to heat the oven or spend a couple hours in the kitchen baking cookies.

No-bakes are quick, very easy to make and great for both first-time bakers and baking pros alike. No-bake cookies are just as tasty as their baked counterparts but take a fraction of the time to prepare.

Even though no-bake cookies are pretty easy to make, here are six tips to make sure your next no-bake cookies not only taste delicious but also look fantastic.

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1. Read the entire recipe before you begin baking. No-bake cookies tend to go together quickly so it is best to know what to expect before you start.

2. Along with number 1, assemble your ingredients before you begin. In addition to going together quickly, no-bake cookies tend to start by cooking a simple sugar syrup. The last thing you want to do is try to find that missing ingredient while your syrup is cooking…this can quickly lead you down the road to baking trouble.

Working with the simple sugar syrup

3. When boiling the simple syrup, make sure the sugar completely dissolves before adding the remaining ingredients. A quick way to check is to scoop a little syrup out of the pan with a tablespoon. Look at the syrup on the spoon to see if any granules of sugar remain.

4. Boil the ingredients slowly. Cooking too fast tends to melt the ingredients before they are completely mixed together. By keeping the temperature below medium heat the butter will melt more smoothly and allow it to easily mix with the sugar.

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Shaping the cookies

5. If the batter is sticky, use the back of a spoon greased with a little butter to press the mixture into the pan.

6. Invest in some wax paper. You can make no-bake cookies by lightly coating cookie sheets with nonstick cooking spray. However, wax paper will save a boatload of effort and time when it comes to cleaning up the baking mess.

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