Baking Delicious “Spritz Cookies”

As long as I can remember during my child hood Baking fresh Spritz Cookies as well as design the various shapes of the cookies. Since then it has been my ambition and an everyday hobby to bake these cookies as an desert and or snack, but the way I bake these Spritz Cookies are different than those of others who bake other Spritz Cookies.

Having to taste these scrumptious cookies will guarantee you to come back and back again to the kitchen table based on the secret ingredients that are inputted into these cookies. I can guarantee one thing having these cookies on the table will have family gathering come together, very good for any coming holidays.

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I would like to share with you on how to bake my scrumptious spritz cookies the same way I prepare and bake it.

1.) First of all gather all the necessary tools that are needed such as:

A.) Measuring spoons
B.) Baking Sheet pan
C.) Machine Mixer
D.) Wooden Ladle
E.) Aluminum box foil or flat oil pan sheet
F.) Can spray of SPAM (used to prevent the cookies from sticking onto the pan)

2.) Now for the second interesting part the (Ingredients)

A.) 1 1/3rd cups of soft butter or margarine
B.) 2/3rd cups of sugar
C.) 3 1/3rd egg yolks
D.) 1 1/2 tsp of vanilla
E.) 1 1/4 cups of all purpose flour

In the next section I will be describing the necessary steps as followed:

Step 1:

Describing the 1rst step gather the mixer and the mixing bowl. Inside of the bowl mixer approximately add about 1 cup of butter or margarine , 2/4th cups of sugar and crack approximately about 3 eggs and cautiously gather the yolk (separation). As for the flour using the measuring cup measure about 1 1/4th cups of all purpose flour and then add it to the bowl mixer and mix all the ingredients thoroughly with the wooden ladle.

Step 2:

Next as soon as the Ingredients have been properly mixed in and the dough has been formed than after that forced the dough thoroughly and cookie pressed onto the un greased baking sheet in the following various forms for which are: the letter (S), Rosettes, the fluted bars or other types of desired shapes.

Step 3:

As the dough’s of the cookie are placed on the sheet pan and are in the most favorable delightful form. Next begin by pre heating the oven at 400 degrees F and as soon as the oven is properly heated up, slowly put the cookie pan in the oven for about 7-10 minutes for approximately at 400 degrees F. In about30 minutes the cookies should be fully cooked and baked to perfection.

This results in proper flavor and perfect baking.

Enjoy baking these delicious “Spritz Cookies”