5 Best Mixing Bowl Sets For Your Kitchen


5 Best Mixing Bowl Set For Your KitchenHomemaker or working woman, we all love to maintain our kitchen and put together all the metal vessels, glasses, ceramic crockery and appliances. With revolution of time, everything has become modern and so are our kitchens. Modular kitchen is the new trend and to make our kitchen stylish, we need up to date kitchen appliances. Ceramic plates, stainless bodies, metallic look and compact sizes make our kitchen fashionable touch and spacious look.

Mixing bowls are also essential item of our kitchen. These bowls are multi-purpose and can be used in various ways. They are semi-circular broad containers used for serving food, mixing ingredients and storing food. Compact size bowl with a lid can also be used at lunch box for pack salad, fruits or dessert. Here, is the list of best mixing bowl sets available online.

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#1 – VonShef Nested Mixing Bowl Set with Lids

VonShef Nested Mixing Bowl Set With Lids product image

This stylish 5 piece set of stainless bowls come in stainless body and are not like other mixing products, this is the best mixing bowl set. These bowls come in 5 assorted size namely 1QT, 2QT, 2.6QT, 3.6QT AND 4.7QT. The dimensions are 8.2-11-11 inches and weighs 6.8 pounds. The different sizes give access to store things according to the quantity. The bowls have amazing features including stainless steel body, anti- slip feature which makes them even more efficient. The bowls come with lids on them making it easy to store food in cabinets or refrigerator. The size of bowl is good enough to mix cake batter without slipping it. The bowls are stackable and made in a way that smaller can fit into big ones. The bowls also make it easy to measure quantity because of marking done on the bowls. It makes work non- messy and quick. Therefore, this product is a must in our kitchen. These bowls look stylish and can be used for serving at the dining table giving it a new look. The versatile use of these products can give a helping hand to us in kitchen. The product is made up of metal which is safe for adults, kids or old age. They are durable and have a long life. Investing in this product will be a good decision for sure.

What we like about it:

Silver in colour, these bowls have a look which suits best in kitchen, on dining table, as a container box or other use. These bowls come in 5 different sizes which make them ideal to store or serve different quantities. The bowls come arranged in an order which makes it easy to keep a small bowl in a bigger one. So, we can stack all 5 bowls into 1 when not in use and save space to keep.

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#2 – Cuisinart CTG-00-SMB Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids

Cuisinart CTG-00-SMB Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids product image

These bowls come in 3 sizes namely 1-1.5QT, 3QT and 5QT, every piece is double the other and can be kept into each other when not in use. This is best mixing bowl for hand mixer as it has a deep broad surface. The dimensions of the product are 10.5-6.25-10.5 inches. The product is made of stainless steel body and have a long life because it is rust- resistant, high quality material body, non- toxic and is extremely safe for usage. The bowls can be used to keep left overs, dessert, truffle or custard, and have sizes which can store a large quantity of food. They are dishwasher friendly and do not get damaged because of washing in them. Also these bowls are scratch free and have a very material which do not leave its non-toxic material after many washes. The multi usage bowls can be used to serve food, store food in freezer, lid which protects the food spilling out and also to pack food for lunch and dinners. These bowls come in 3 sizes, and can be used for mixing meat ball ingredients to make kababs, and fruit cream truffle and making ice creams. These bowls are a must for kitchen and do not occupy much space. Mixing bowls come in a huge variety but stainless steel is better than others because they do not get deformed, broken or rusting and are hygiene friendly.

What we like about it:

These bowls come in a set of 3 and are of different shapes. Like the previous ones, these bowls are also stackable and hence, will save space. The bowls are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, refrigerator safe, and will not be damaged due to ice or dishwasher machine. The bowls are handy and multi-purpose, best for serving, mixing, storing or packing. They cost less and do more work than we can think. They come at a relatively cheap rate

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#3 – X-Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Set

X-Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Set product image

Stainless Steel is used is make these bowls look stylish and BPA-free silicone will take care of family health. This has got the best cooking bowl set review. These silicone bowls have anti-Slip feature so that no matter if eggs are beaten in the, they won’t slip off hands or platform. The measurement is marked inside. These bowls have rust-free body, metallic body is not easily deformed, long lasting body and are durable. They are made up of material which is not harmful, safe for any age group. The bowl has measurements of 11-10.5-7 inches and weighs 5.05 pounds. The lids are made of non-toxic plastic which is recyclable in nature.

Also these bowls look extremely stylish to gift to someone on occasions like Diwali, or Eid. They are made for mixing ingredients, storing biscuits, cookies or dry fruits depending on the quantity to be stored. The bowls can be cleaned in dishwasher and also can be kept in freezer. The lids give an extra edge to the products and food can be kept free from moisture and insects like stubborn cockroaches, ants and flies. The metallic body finish gives the bowls a stylish look and will match the modernity of modular kitchen. These bowls are handy, do not slip, do not get rusted, do not get deformed, leave its coating material after washing. The bowls deserve to be purchased to enhance beauty of kitchen and are not spacious.

What we like about it:

The silicone body, metallic look, anti- slip feature are its best features. Set of 5 different bowls each size to fulfil the requirement of mixing, storing and even serving. The food can be kept warm for some time because of the non- toxic plastic and is affordable at the same time. The product is durable and stylish. It can be used for storing multiple ingredients and food items without making them come in contact of moisture.

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#4 – PriorityChef 5 Piece Mixing Bowls with Lids

PriorityChef 5 Piece Mixing Bowls With Lids product image

Listed in best stainless steel mixing bowl set, if quality standards matter most to you, these bowls are best recommended. This set is made of finest quality of stainless steel and have silicone body. The material is non-harmful and do not get washed away after few washed. These can be used well and do not get damaged after few days. The bowls are durable and have a long life. The product is free from rusting, do not get deformed, and are scratch resistant at the same time.

The sizes come in 1.5QT, 2QT, 3QT, 4QT and 5QT. the bowls have sizes which can fit into each other and are stackable into 5QT. versatile uses of these bowls make them even more demanding. The have physical body which can’t be easily damaged. Easy to keep in refrigerator, freezer, or in cabinets, we can keep dessert, left overs, soup or any fluid also because of lid which will prevent it from spilling. Hence, this product will give you multiple ways to use it and that too in different sizes. The dimensions of products are 10.3-6.1-12.3 inches and weighs 5.3 pounds. The mixing bowls have a deep surface to mix ingredients to mix coco powder, butter and chocolate chips well with condensed milk. It is also easy to make salad for and add salt, pepper and dressing. White sauce, or chilli sauce can be mixed well into it.

What we like about it:

The bowls set has 5 different sizes for every requirement. The large size can be used for mixing, the smallest can be used to store cardamom or fennel seeds coated with coloured sugar. Hence, this long life durable item is a good choice. It will cost a fair price and will work efficiently for a long time giving hand to stress free storing and serving. The rust-resistant bowls have a non-toxic lid having no bad influence on health.

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#5 – Elite Gourmet EBS-0012 Maxi-Matic 12-Piece Stainless Steel Coloured Mixing Bowls with Lids

Elite Gourmet EBS-0012 Maxi-Matic 12-Piece Stainless Steel Colored Mixing Bowls with Lids product image

The multi-coloured sets consists of 6 bowls of sizes varying 7.25QT, 6 QT, 3.5 QT, 3 QT, 2.25 QT and 2 QT. the mixing bowls set is made of stainless steel having no harmful material and a durable life. It is the set of best mixing bowl in colours. It does not influence the flavour of foods. A broad surface with diameter of 10 inches do not let the ingredients spill out on clothes while mixing liquids or powered food items. Ideal for mixing, these bowls are freezer friendly. They also can be stored in refrigerator to keep left over of foods or can be used to store dehydrated fruits or biscuits. The dimensions of this product are 10-10-4 inches and is a stainless bowls set.

The bowls are painted red, blue, violet, yellow, magenta and black in colour and with the same colour lid to give a beautiful finish. The material will not leave colour after few washes and is long lasting. The price of the bowl set is also cheaper as compared to other products of the same functioning. They will look stylish when kept on table or can also be used to pack food for office or school. Children will love the bright colours. Handy and variety in sizes make the product unique in its own. Invest in this product to get 6 sizes and 6 colours.

What we like about it:

The products with six different sizes have a unique advantage that it is available in beautiful colours making it more demanding and different from similar products. This mixing bowl set is durable because of stainless body, have bowls than others, lids to cover and are dishwasher safe. The bowls can be stacked in one another to free up space. Stainless body makes it run a long journey without being starched and metallic body give shine to it.

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How we choose the best mixing bowls for your kitchen?

Based on functions, body, reviews, price and other factors which play an important role in selection of a product, we have made the work very easy for you. Here, we have shortlisted these mixing bowl set according to the decor of your kitchen. The basis of selection is best mixing bowl set reviews. The factors which have influenced the selection are

  • Stainless body– With a stainless metallic body, these bowls are rust free, with anti-deform feature, anti- slip bottom and a long lasting body which makes them durable for a long time. Also, these bodies do no harm to the health. Some utensils leave their harmful chemical coating after a few time use. On the contrary, in this set chemical is not released after many washes. We still love washing ours the old fashioned way with warm water, soap, drying with a towel and dish drying rack.
  • Dishwasher safe– Since, many of us depend on dishwasher for cleaning dishes, it is important to choose the right material body so that it do not get deformed or scratches while getting clean in the machine.
  • Versatile uses– The bowls selected for you are multi-purpose and can be used for various purposes including serving, storing and mixing. They are ideal to serve lentils or vegetables and to mix dressing into salad.
  • Affordable price– We have listed only those products in this list which do justice to their prices. Products which work efficiently to make them worth the cost. Most of the items come at a budget friendly price and hence, can be bought easily.
  • Easy-to-store – We made sure to only recommend stackable mixing bowls that you can easily store in your kitchen island, kitchen cart, kitchen pantry, or microwave cart!

Different types of mixing bowls

Market is flooded with variety of kitchenware. There are many types of utensils available in market to suit usage and match the type of kitchen- standard or modular. Some of the different types of mixing bowls available in market are as follows.

  • Stainless steel body bowl set– Rich in fashion, these stainless body bowls are durable because of their material quality. They are rust-free, non-deformable and have a long life. Most of these come with lids and can be used for a variety of purposes. The silver colour of these metallic bodies make them attractive.
  • Wood bowl set– Best for serving salads, these wood set look very ancient yet modern. The wood used in these bowls are generally made of fine quality wood like bamboo or acacia and add flavour to the food served in them because of the wood taste which is mixed in it with the juices of salad. Simply spin your salad in a salad spinner, toss with some fresh spiralized vegetables, and mix in some salad dressing from your shaker!
  • Glass bowl set– They are fancy, used a lot at dining tables and cookery shows. Glass bowls are preferred by people because the delicious food can be seen from top to bottom. However, these bowls are delicate to use.
  • Copper bowl set– Copper bowls have a tradition attached with them. Copper bowls are rich in look and are mostly heavy in weight. They have health benefits as well and are hugely used in ancient times. Now a day, rarely found copper bowls are still used by health conscious people. Check out our reviews of Copper Chef Set!
  • Ceramic bowls– Made of premium quality, these bowls have a weight usually higher than standard bowls. They have a broad mouth and serving and is good for mixing ingredients. We can find best ceramic mixing bowls in supermarket or online.

Why we need the best mixing bowl sets in our kitchen?

Mixing bowls, as the name suggests, do mixing but a lot more along with it. Mixing bowls have a various use in our kitchen. These can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of the finest ways of making use of these bowls are as follows:

  • Obviously, mixing ingredients: There are many occasions like dinners, parties, family celebrations, Diwali and others where we plan to make lot of dishes to make our family, friends and relatives happy. These are the times when we can make the maximum use of these bowls. Mixing is a lot easy when done in deep large bowls to mix cake batters or idle mix before putting it in your bread machine or bread cloche.
  • Serving in silver bowls: cutlery plays an important role at the dining table. The food which look tasty is more attractive to our belly. Hence, it become an essential to serve the food in fancy dishes. These mixing bowls are silver in color and looks beautiful when delicious cooked food is served in them at the table. The mixing bowl set will save money for buying different serving dishes.
  • Lid adds to the uses of bowls: the lids which come with these bowls make the process of using these bowls easier. Lids used to cover the bowls help if prevent from insects or flies, can keep the food hot for long and to use bowls are bento box to pack salads, fruits or dessert. The size is also small enough to carry and size is big enough to mix with a hand mixer or stand mixer, like a KitchenAid Mixer, as well.

Therefore, these mixing bowls are crucial appliances of kitchen which not only work as multi-purpose items but also add a lot to the beauty of our kitchens.

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