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Mortar & pestle is an ancient tool which is around in this world since years and used in every corner, even in the villages. The ancient model came in the 35,000 BC. This is used for several purposes from cooking to alchemy, masonry to pharmacology and as one utensil which stands as “must have” equipment for kitchen.

The best mortar and pestles available are convenient and handy to use. They even add some dramatic flair to kitchen décor. You can check out the top mortar and pestle reviews for making a best selection of this products for your kitchen.

Mortar and Pestle Review Center 2020

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon.

#1 – VonShef Angled Granite Mortar and Pestle Herb Spice Grinder Set

VonShef Angled Granite Mortar and Pestle Herb Spice Grinder Set product image

This is one of the best mortar and pestle available from VonShef. It is made of solid granite and known as durable and tough enough. The well is rough and its pestle tip is known for smooth and superior grinding. This one is good for both large and small jobs. It measures around 4” in the height with outer diameter of around 5.5”. Its inner bowl stands as 3.75” in the diameter and as 3” in its depth. You can find it weighing around as 6.5 pounds approximately. One can season it first by easy grinding of white rice for removing all the stone dust, if any is present.

This Mortar and pestle is mad in China and many of the shoppers have reported this model is known for good sizing and comes with effective motion for all pastes and smooth powders. It is made of heavy duty, solid and looks amazing on your kitchen counter. This is perfect option for grinding and crushing spices and herbs. It can be the ideal way for creating the curry pastes, dressings and pestos. You can call it durable and tough. They are ideal as the gift for housewarming or wedding. They are perfect accompaniment for all kitchens. This is one iconic piece which is made from the solid granite, stands fantastic and can impress your relatives and friends.

What we like about it:

This VonShef Angled Granite Mortar and Pestle Herb Spice Grinder Set is strong and durable. It makes it as best for grinding both soft and hard ingredients and can create delicious dishes. This mortar and pestle allows all for grinding fresh herbs for creating pestos fragrant and tough spices and seeds for creating aromatic curry pastes. This can also assist in the creation of your dishes to next level and can increase the taste of your food.

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#2 – HIC Mortar and Pestle Spice Herb Grinder Pill Crusher Set

HIC Mortar and Pestle Spice Herb Grinder Pill Crusher Set product image

This set of the mortar and pestle by HIC is recommended as the best and mortar and pestle reviews. It helps in grinding items into powder and fine paste. It is made from the quality rated porcelain, which complements well all décor. It can break down the ingredients and grind quickly for speeding up the preparation of food with less efforts. It can be used for making the aroma filled dry rubs, pestos, curry paste, ground cinnamon, nut butters or can grind well the peppercorns, pulverize pills, holistic remedies and much more. They are easy to clean and use as well. You can call it as dishwasher safe for the easy cleanup.

This is one of the perfect tool for grinding almost all items in fine powdery substance or the paste from thick to thin. This being the set, works together for grinding & breaking down ingredients quickly for speeding up the process. You can use the same for crushing pull, for pulverizing pills which are hard to swallow at the same time. They offer the preparation of homeopathic and herbal remedies in a quick way. Being very much easy to use, all you need to do is, simple place the item into mortar bowl and get started. You have to hold pestle by its handle and make use of firm pressure for grinding without any hassle.

What we like about it:

The hard items as peppercorns can also be grinded in this best mortar pestle. It helps to offer desired consistency. They are made of fine quality of porcelain for complementing well all the countertops of kitchen. It is the amazing blend of both styling and durability. This comes with 3 pieces set. This set shines a lot due to porcelain and every mortar comes with own coordinating pestles. It holds neutral finishing in white color that can blend with all décor.

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#3 – Bekith Brushed Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle / Spice Grinder / Molcajete

Bekith Brushed Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle Spice Grinder Molcajete product image

The Bekith Mortar and pestle is known as the best set for mixing, grinding and crushing spices and herbs. It is made of durable and heavy gauge stainless steel which is easier to clean and don’t even wear out. They offer non-porous and smooth surface that leaves zero residue and zero stain. If you will have a look at its diameter, you will find it in its good range, size and length. Its functional design makes it as the heavy duty of pestle press and offers the non-skid base. The material from which this mortar pestle set is made is stainless steel and you can get it in silver color.

The Bekith Brushed Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle / Spice Grinder / Molcajete stands as practical, elegant, durable, eco-friendly, clean and even have lower maintenance. This is food safe, includes no lead or no BPA. This is the one stop kitchen tool for mixing, crushing and grinding the substances. Its clean elegant line also makes it appear good on the kitchen counter. The best part is that, its non-porous stainless steel can resist well the odors. This modern and great design can stood great in any pharmacy and kitchen. This set comes with one best mortar and with one best pestle. No matter which herb you want to grind or crush, it can crush even the hardest one smoothly.

What we like about it:

Its construction of double stainless steel, durability and heavy gauge makes it as the best steel mortar and pestle and as the most recommended product. It is food safe as it includes no lead or BPA. It stands in the top 5 lists of best mortar and pestle for spices. Its construction offers the decades of great servicing and functional design also makes it ideal and convenient for the countertop usage.  This kitchen tool can be cleaned easily by hands.

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#4 – Cooker Kitchen EZ-Grip Silicone & Porcelain Mortar and Pestle

Cooker Kitchen EZ-Grip Silicone and Porcelain Mortar and Pestle product image

This is the best silicone mortar and pestle available which is dishwasher safe, can last long and easier to clean as well. This is the one, which is made with the Apothecary grade. The pharmacies around use traditionally the porcelain for grinding the medication due to its several reasons as, it is easy in cleaning, can last forever, don’t absorb any odors and don’t even transfer any of the flavors. This is the one which comes with the unglazed surface of grinding and prevents mechanism from powdering or flaking. It is one of the perfect materials which can be used as smasher for grinding almost everything like herbs and spices.

This is the best mortar and pestle set as it is made of silicone and porcelain which performs it job excellently. The other materials comes with some demerits as the wood mortar and pestle can absorb taste of grinding, granite can create marble powder, stone is hard in cleaning and one cannot make use of soap for washing it, the stainless one can rust and many more. But this porcelain made is the best mortar pestle which allows you for grinding nuts, spices, coffee, any medicine, muddle drinks, hummus, guacamole, garlic and much more. It can firmly stay on your kitchen counter as it has a silicone base which keeps it still during the grinding process.

What we like about it:

As per the best mortar and pestle reviews, this pestle is having silicone EZ gripping handle for making it much easier during grinding process. Now you will have no more struggles for finding the grip. It outperforms in terms of the cleanup, easy usage and more. This can also maintain the subtle flavors and maintains the flavors, essential oil and aroma of the spices and herbs. Constructed with high grade quality of porcelain, this is the recommended product.

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#5 – IMUSA USA MEXI-2013 Granite Molcajete Spice Grinder 6-Inch

IMUSA USA MEXI-2013 Granite Molcajete Spice Grinder 6-Inch product image

The IMUSA granite best mortar and pestle set is the amazing product in the market. Its beautiful design makes it as a must have kitchen tool. It boasts the unpolished interior for the premium grinding results. They are made from natural and ultra-durable granite and extracts all essential oils from the spices and herbs, no matter whether fresh or dried. This comes with the qualities of granite which is nonporous and prevents all from absorbing these oils, keeps flavor in food and not in tool. Weight of this stone also offers the stability and makes pounding as cinch. You can find the molcajete which is large for grinding the party size of guacamole batch.

One can mix & serve the same in a bowl. You can also break tortilla chips in it and can have great fiesta. This IMUSA USA MEXI-2013 Granite Molcajete Spice Grinder 6-Inch comes with multi number of uses. It is required to create lot number of Mexican dishes, which includes guacamole and salsa. One can make its usage for crushing the nuts, herbs, spices, pills and much more. This can be your real deal as the molcajete is one of the traditional Mexican tools of mortar & pestle which is used by the ancient cultures and includes Mayans, Aztecs that stretches back to thousand years. It is also made of the green marble which adds beauty to functional kitchen tool.

What we like about it:

This set is available in the 6 inch version and can weigh very much less. It also features the heavy base of pedestal for additional stability during the grinding process. The pestle as well as the bowl is having slight pebble and smooth surface to grab spices and herbs that assist in keeping the same in bowl during the mashing and pounding. It also helps in making smooth and fine pastes or powders. It can offer rich flavors and aroma too.

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How we choose the top mortar and pestle in our list:

These days, the electrical spice grinders, food choppers, & the food processors are available in the market but they are not able to replace the real mortar and pestle. During the testing of different mortar & pestles, it convinced the experts that a good and quality set of this kitchen tool can perform better than the electric processors at many of the tasks. These experts here tested the top 5 products and all of them proved their worth. They are versatile and excellent at their task which includes grinding and crushing of spices, herbs, garlic, nuts, medicines and many more.

While performing their tests, these experts discovered that the size, shape and material are key features that one must consider while shopping for best mortar and pestles. They found some of the vital points as,

  1. Ideal material: This is something important and they must be very hard and hefty in terms of material. It should not be much rough or porous too. The above reviewed products are smooth and hard as rock which creates the friction to grind and smooth for wiping easily.
  2. Shape: Shape of these mortar pestles is also an important feature and they all are in deep round shape which keeps all ingredients from spilling or jumping out. The stable base is also an essential thing.
  3. Size: Just single mortar & pestle can mash well the small quantities just like the larger ones. Buy the best one which can offer you easy convenience of grinding and crushing. We also want you to be able to easily store it in your kitchen cart, kitchen island, microwave cart, or kitchen pantry with ease. No need for a giant mortar and pestle!

Different types of Mortar and pestle

Before purchasing, you must know the purpose for which you need this Mortar Pestle Set. If you are planning to create tapenades or pastes for dinner party, then look out for a good set which has larger capacity and can also deeper well for holding adequately the ingredients, with enough room for mixing them all together. However, if you are planning to use it for sole purpose of crushing meds once in a day, the smaller model can also be efficient.

  1. Stones: This model is effective enough which are made of marble and granite. They are heavy and can also be finished to matte pebble surfaces. As compared to other models like wood, stainless steel, clay or porcelain, it can withstand the heavy pounding.
  2. Wood: The wood is also known as the handsome material for this one utensil type. It is too light for being effective as compared to other mortar and pestle material as stones, porcelain and other for any of the task of heavy duty of your kitchen.
  3. Porcelain: The other material as stones, wood or stainless steel can have bit of short comings but porcelain is porous and fragile for the pounding. They are light in weight and can also be washed in dishwasher or by hand with water, a dish towel, and dish drying rack.
  4. Stainless steel: It comes with a good surface that allows smooth crushing and grinding of herbs and spices in comparison to other models.

Select your best type of mortar pestle and get it now.

Why you need best mortar and pestle in your kitchen

The whole process of grinding and crushing spices and herbs can turn into great fun, if you will invest in best mortar and pestle. They are the simple kitchen tools which can easier your cooking tasks. Crushing herbs fibers instead of chopping them is a good option as chopping them can release all its flavors, aroma and essential oil they contain. It is something which offers curry and chili pastes which offers depth of flavor that you will not find or get if you will prep ingredients even with a good food processor.

Some of the benefits of good mortar & pestle set are:

  1. Convenience: There are some people that need to crush ingredients every day and this is not at all an easy task. But now it can be turned much easier with the right mortar pestle set.
  2. A deep and rounded mortar: It can keep all ingredients inside and don’t let them squirt or jump out.
  3. Smooth grinding: When working with the high fibrous roots, aromatics and spices as kaffir lime peels, ginger, garlic, lemon grass and others, this tool can really help in smooth grinding. You’re not going to be using this in place of a coffee grinder or burr grinder.
  4. Moist paste: Although these spices and herbs are dry in their appearance, they are filled with the fluids and turns into moist paste with these mortar & pestle.

To conclude, pick the best mortar and pestle as they come in different designs, sizes and even in different colors. This is the reason, picking the best one is an essential thing. You must select a set as per your kitchen requirements and even as per your personal preferences.

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