5 Best Grain Mills For Your Kitchen

5 Best Grain Mills For Your Kitchen

Most household kitchens probably do not have a grain mill, but these kitchen appliances can be quite handy. Just think of grinding your wheat flour or even making your peanut butter from fresh wheat and peanuts, those are just two of the things that a grain mill will allow you to do.

Your kitchen could become more self-sufficient with this cooking tool. However, for first-time buyers of grain mills, we understand how hard it can be to shop for one. And that is why we have compiled this list of grain mill reviews, where we examine some of the best grain mills that your money can buy.

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Now that we’ve shown you our top 5 recommendations, we’re going to give you more information on each one, as well as what we liked about it. Once you see which is best for you, please click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – WonderMill Electric Grain Mill

Powerful Electric Grain Mill Grinder for Home and Professional Use - High Speed Electric Flour Mill Grinder for Healthy Grains and Gluten-Free Flours - Electric Grain Grinder Mill by Wondermill


The WonderMill grain mill is easily one of the most popular grain mills that you can currently buy right now. And it is easy to see why, with its sturdy design and materials. Large grain capacity, powerful and adjustable motor, and convenience of operation, the WonderMill grain mill has got a lot going for it.

The motor of the WonderMill grain mill is very powerful, with over 1250 watts of power. It is capable of grinding down wheat, rice, and even beans into a fine or coarse flour, depending on the setting that you choose. And despite having such a high-powered grain mill motor, the WonderMill is purportedly one of the quietest ones on the market right now. And when we did listen to it, it did sound much quieter compared to other similar models of grain mills.

This grain mill will also not heat the grains that you put inside of it, so it will not diminish the nutritional value of the flour that it produces. It does this because it is made out of highly heat-resistant steel, which is also quite durable. And since there is no heat from this grain mill, it also makes it easier to maintain. Common problems such as glazing or jamming from heated flour or grains will no longer be an issue. This also makes the WonderMill grain mill much easier to cleans

What we love about it:

We appreciate the manufacturer behind the WonderMill grain mill. This kitchen appliance comes with a lifetime warranty! If ours ever breaks down, we can just send it back to the manufacturer, and they can get it fixed right away, talk about value for your money. The WonderMill is also an electric grinder that is easy to use, making it a good first grain mill for interested buyers of this kind of kitchen tool.

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#2 – Victoria Commercial Grade Manual Grain Mill

Victoria Commercial Grade Manual Grain Grinder with High Hopper Product Image

The Victoria Commercial Grade Manual Grain Grinder with High Hopper is a hand-powered grain mill. And if you are looking for the best hand grain mill, then you are looking at it. The Victoria grain mill is able to produce coarse or fine flour, depending on your setting.  You can grind almost any kind of cereal or grain using this kind of grain mill. This could be anything from cereal grains such as wheat to coffee beans, nuts, spices, vegetables, and even milk or cheese as well. This huge list of foodstuffs that you can finely grind or process through this particular grain mill is truly what makes the Victoria grain mill stand out.

This grain mill also has got a high hopper grinder, and what this means specifically is that you can have more capacity for putting grains in it. So if for example, you want to make bigger batches of ground coffee, then this grain mill should be able to handle that with no problem whatsoever. And if you need a more compact grain mill, then the Victoria grain mill also comes in a low hopper grinder variant as well.

This grain mill is also made out of the double-coated tin, which makes it very sanitary. Its body is very easy to clean, and dirt does not stick to it at all. So this makes the Victoria grain mill rather low-maintenance for a hand grain mill.

What we liked about it:

We find it awesome that the Victoria grain mill comes in two variants, one for home use and the other for commercial use. We could easily see this grain mill being used in someplace, such as a coffee shop to grind down beans into fine coffee.

The gorgeous look of this grain mill also makes it a classic for anyone that wants aesthetically pleasing kitchen tools. And while it looks great, it also gets whatever you need ground down as well.

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#3 – Blendtec 52-601-BHM Grain Mill

Blendtec 52-601-BHM Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain Mill Product Image

The Blendtec 52-601-BHM is an electric grain mill that has got multiple settings for speed. It has got a small size, and it has got a clear plastic container that can fit about 60 ounces. You can grind up to around 24 cups inside of the Blendtec 52-601-BHM, and this will only take around 8 minutes to finish grinding. It should be noted that the hopper of the Blendtec 52-601-BHM is small, and you will need to feed grains into manually.

The motor of the grinder has got a power rating of about ten amps. And it also made out of the finest steel, so you definitely can rest assured that the motor of this electric grain mill will be quite durable and last you a long time. It is best used for home kitchens as it can be used to grind down cereals and other similar kinds of grains. The compact size and durability of the Blendtec 52-601-BHM make it a practical choice for anyone out there.

The grain mill can be used to create flour using wheat, cereals, or other kinds of grains. Users of the Blendtec 52-601-BHM that this grain mill performs rather well in spitting out flour as it grinds those grains. And the 60-ounce clear container that the grain mill has is more than adequate capacity for the flour that you can obtain from this grain mill.

What we like about it:

We loved how easy to fit this grain mill was on our kitchen counter. We can see that it would fit on a lot of other people’s kitchen counters as well. And since it is designed to note overheat quickly, you can safely use this particular electric grain mill for an extended session of flour making or grinding down a whole sack of cereal grains. And you also do not have to worry about this grain mill breaking down since it has got a lengthy 6-year limited warranty.

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#4 – NutriMill Classic 760200 High-Speed Grain Mill

NutriMill Classic 760200 High Speed Grain Mill Product Image

The Nutrimill is a 24-cup capacity high-powered grain mill. True to its name, it has got a higher speed setting than most other grain mills. So this makes it easily one of the best electric grain mills that you can get right now. And on top of that, whatever kind of grains that you throw at it, it will be able to handle it. It could be beans, legumes, rice, and corn too. The Nutrimill will be able to grind it all down with no problem or issue whatsoever. This is all due to the high=powered 1200 watt motor that it has got, which you can set to two-speed settings. Adjusting those speed settings allows the Nutrimill to grind down all sorts of grains.

The Nutrimill also boasts a proprietary “Whisper Quiet” patent, which enables it to run much more quietly when compared to other grain mills as well. If those other grain mills have been bothering you because of their extremely loud sound when grinding down grains, then the Nutrimill could be your next best option. It is much more noticeably quiet when in use, especially if you are grinding down hard pieces of grain. This is because of the material of the grinding chamber, which dampens sound. The grinding chamber of the Nutrimill grain mill also has got a second layer of sound insulation.

What we like about it:

Fast, powerful, and, most of all, quiet. What is not to love about the Nutrimill? And on top of those other great features, the Nutrimill is also quite versatile in grinding down grains. We could grind down almost anything that we wanted using the Nutrimill. If you are a vegan and want to grind down some flour from legumes, then the Nutrimill can handle all of that for you. This also makes it perfect for home or professional use.

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#5 – Northern Brewer Barley Grain Mill

Northern Brewer Barley Crusher Product Image

This 15-pound grain mill has got all you need, especially if you are after home brewing your draft beers from real wheat, barley, and oats. The Northern Brewer Barley Crusher is, of course, specially made for Barley grains. But you can also use several other grains in conjunction with it if you are after something a bit more refined to your tastes. Its large capacity will ensure that you are going to have more than enough grains to brew whenever you decide to start this up.

It should be noted that the Northern Brewer Barley Crusher is a manual grain mill, and it is easily one of the best manual grain mills around. At the base of the huge barley shaft, there is a handle that you can turn to start crushing the barley grains. It can also be used with a drill motor that is capable of 500 rotations per minute (RPM). This powerful motor attachment is more than capable of crushing up to fifteen pounds of barley that you place inside of the grain mill to crush.

The Northern Brewer Barley Crusher is also one of the grain mills on this list that comes with a lifetime warranty from its manufacturer. But you will never need to use that guarantee since the rollers of the grain mill are made out of strong rolled steel.

Why we liked about it:

We love how the Northern Brewer Barley Crusher gets the job done. With its extremely tough aluminum chassis, you can put this grain mill to work. We never had to worry about the durability of this grain mill, because the inside of the grain mill’s rollers was also made of top of the line steel.

Brewing with this grain mill was also super easy. There is an attachment at the base of the mill, which fits the standard size of a 6-gallon brewing bucket.

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How we chose the top 5 best grain mills?

Wondering how we determined which grain mills to add to our list?


The most important component of any grain mill is its motor. On our list, we picked out grain mills that had powerful motors with different settings.


Whether it is legumes, beans, rice, wheat, barley, oats, or some other kind of cereal, we tried to choose grain mills that could crush and grind a wide variety of different grains and if it could also create flour or brews using those grains.


Generally, you can buy two types of grain mills; these are manual and electric grain mills. In our grain mill reviews, we wanted to showcase both types of grain mills and what kind was best in each type. Each can easily work through various types of flour.


Grain mills crush really hard pieces of food such as rice and beans. Therefore, we wanted to choose a grain mill that was made out of the finest quality materials. This was to ensure that each of the grain mills on our list could handle whatever kind of grains that you used in it.


We also took a look at the manufacturer’s warranty that was offered with each grain mill on this list. Since grain mills do a lot of heavy-duty work, we also wanted to make sure that if it broke down; having it fixed or replaced was convenient.

Why do you need a grain mill?

Grain mills are actually pretty practical kitchen appliances. Here are a few of the reasons why owning one is awesome.


Whole grains are way cheaper than flour that you can buy at the store. So when you make your own flour with your grain mill, you can end up saving a lot of money in the long run.


The flour that you can get from your grain mill is highly nutritious. Compared to the processed flour that you obtain from commercial products or commercially baked bread, the nutritional value of home-made flour is far better. This is because, with a grain mill, you will be able to make fresh flour whenever you need it. Fresh whole grains are able to retain all of their nutritional goodness. And the grain mills on our list have been specifically chosen because they also do not remove the nutritional value of the grains when they grind them down.


Have you always liked the idea of making your own food from scratch? Well, if you want to be way more self-sufficient, then you definitely need to own a grain mill in your kitchen. You will never have to buy another loaf of bread from the kitchen ever again. And you also do not have to buy commercially processed flour ever again either. You can just make whatever flour that you want, whether it is coarse or fine, in your very own kitchen.

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