5 Best Mini-Kegerators for your Kitchen

During hot summers sometimes there’s nothing more you’d like to do than pop open a cold beer with your friends and just relax. But what if there isn’t any beer in your fridge? That’s where the kegerator comes in. A portmanteau made of the two words keg and refrigerator; a kegerator is an at home draught, a beer dispensing device if you will.

Crafted to make your life easier, it allows you to keep beer inside it for long periods of time without it going bad as the keg usually comes contained in a cooling unit. Read on to find out which is the best mini kegerator that you need for your home.

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#1 – GrowlerWerks uKeg 128 CU uKeg 128 Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer

GrowlerWerks uKeg 128 CU uKeg 128 Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer product image

This is hands down one of the best mini kegerators out there in the market. The uKeg 128 keeps your beer fresh and carbonated for as long as 2 weeks. Vacuum covered stainless steel keeps your beer chilled almost all day every day.  You can even control what kind of beer you get by using the versatile VPR cap and gauge to create the ideal surroundings for different beer styles including changing the carbonation levels until it is just perfect. The uKeg also boasts of a locking dispenser tap with replaceable handles for countless opportunities to customize your beer according to personal preferences. As if all these features weren’t enough already it also comes equipped with a pressure gauge that helps you read the pressure inside the growler with ease?

However, what is the point of having a kegerator if you forget to fill it up? That’s no better than having a couple of cans of beer in the fridge. Worry not the kegerator has you covered; there is a measurement tube with pint and ounce measurements so you realise when you’re running on low. Kegerator allow you to personalize your beer and allow your friends and family to do the same for theirs. Being portable it also enables you to share the homebrew. Coated with a bright, long lasting copper finish for a traditional brewery look this kegerator is a must for those who like their beer.

What we like about it:

The uKeg just solves many problems in one go. It keeps your beer chilled and fresh all day. The different features that the uKeg comes equipped with allows you to make your own kind of brew and the small size and portability allows you to share a flavourful home brew with your friends and family. It is definitely a must-have for every beer lover out there and very worth every penny paid.

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#2 – Home Brew Ohio Mini-Keg

Home Brew Ohio Mini-Keg product image

This is definitely one of the best mini kegs for home brewing purposes and other wise. A 5 litre keg; it also comes with a handy gravity tap at the bottom. It is simplistic yet functional. Definitely worth it at its price point; this Ohio Mini-Keg is portable, allowing you to share your home brew with friends and family. This mini-keg with a beautiful silver brushed metal that makes it look very stylish, comes with a cap and is perfect for brewing your preferred beer. It is big enough to brew adequate amounts of beer but not big enough that it is hard to carry it around to different places. This mini keg is useful enough when it comes to ensuring that you have draft beer on the go.

This is definitely the best mini kegerator for home due to its size, shape and family friendly beer holding capacity. A very pocket friendly, but not any less efficient because of it, and ergonomic way of kegging your beer. It comes pre-equipped with a two-piece bung (an object used to close holes in a container) and is perfect for parties and other events where a lot of people have gathered; it can brew up to 5 liters of beer at once, which makes it really handy for those kinds of functions.

What we like about it:

At its core this keg is simplistic. There aren’t too many added features or equipment, just the right ones needed to fulfil its functions. It is the perfect size, not too small such that it isn’t capable of brewing enough beer and not too big either, such that it isn’t portable i.e. you aren’t able to carry it around from place to place. It is the perfect keg for family and to take to parties and other functions with a lot of people.

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#3 – BACOENG 64 Ounce Pressurized Keg Growler:

BACOENG 64 Ounce Pressurized Keg Growler product image

Surely this is the best mini kegerator for craft beer. This two litre stainless steel keg keeps your beer chilled and fresh. With a new and improved CO2 tap system, this provides enhanced stable output pressure. With a protected pressure gauge, the upgraded version is safer and comes with more ease of use. So many times your beer might have been too carbonated, creating too much foam, or maybe not carbonated enough and that creates too less foam. Fear no more; the BACOENG keg growler comes with a variable pressure regulation cap to maintain your beer at just the right amount of carbonation.

Allowing you to make the perfect home brewed beer; customized to all your desires. The size of this keg makes it perfect to carry around with you to share your beer with friends and family. A portable keg that is easy to use, a purchase that is worth every penny. A stainless steel, woven no leak cap makes sure that the fresh beer is on the inside and air remains on the outside of the keg. The best part about the beer is toasting it; you can power it either from your refrigerator or your tailgate. The serving tap makes pouring this beer out easy, whether it is at home or at a BBQ with the people you love.

What we like about it:

What is different about the BACOENG mini kegerator is a piece of equipment called the Perfect Pour Regulator System. What this little bit of engineering does is it controls the flow of your beer. It ensures that the outside air that turns beer bad stays outside and the carbonation keeping your beer fresh stays inside. It also makes sure that you never get a glass that is only foam. You always get the perfect cup of beer with this keg.

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#4 – HaveGet 64 Ounce Mini Beer Keg Pressurized Growler:

HaveGet 64 Ounce Mini Beer Keg Pressurized Growler product image

Made out of food grade 304 stainless steel; this mini keg with a 2 litre capacity makes sure that your craft beer is kept fresh. Light and easy to carry; it is the perfect keg to take to barbeques or parties. It is also the perfect gift for a beer loving friend that you may know. The high quality stainless steel gone into the manufacturing of this keg makes it more durable. Easy to assemble and even easier to clean; these kegs are perfect for trips and the like. This versatile keg not only brews beer can also be used for brewing coffee. It is ideal for fermenting, kegging, both storing and dispensing kombucha (fermented drinks that have a green tea base) or cold brew coffee.

Easy to care for; this keg will quickly chill your beer and protect it from outside air and light. Turns not only your fridge but also the back of your car and other places into a bar; seeing as how it is portable and easy to carry. This keg also comes equipped with the Perfect Pour Regulator System. With this equipment in place, your beer is sure to never be flat. This system keeps the unwanted air outside and makes sure you never get a glass full of foam either; the perfect addition to an already functional keg.

What we like about it:

This mini keg is a great way to brew, store and dispense beer. The versatility of this keg is a really attractive feature. Coffee and green tea lovers out there can also purchase this keg. A great way to store your beer and keep it fresh and cooled; the Perfect Pour Regulator System only adds to the functionality of this keg. A sure fire way to get the perfect mug of beer every time.

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#5 – HaveGet 128 OZ Mini Keg Style Growler:

HaveGet 128 OZ Mini Keg Style Growler product image

This mini keg made out of food grade 304 stainless steel with double handles also comes equipped with an easy to open lid and inner threads. All the features necessary to make sure you get the tastiest and most refreshing mug of beer each time you use this keg. The air pressure inside this keg is adjustable with the help of an exhaust valve. The food grade stainless steel that this keg is made out of ensures that the beer is kept carbonated for longer and as a result is fresher for a long time. The inner threads that it comes equipped with makes it easy to use this mini keg with a mini keg dispenser. The double handles make it easier to catch and pour out the beer.

All these features come together to make this mini keg unimaginably convenient to use. It is the best thing to gift any craft beer lover. The size makes it perfect for family gathering, barbeques with friends and parties. The company has gone the extra mile to make sure this keg is completely safe and has made it explosion resistant (each keg has passed an explosion proof test). The top and bottom of the kegs have fully rolled stainless steel chimes to provide the keg with optimum protection against heavy impact.

What we like about it:

There are so many reasons to love this product. It is light thus facilitating ease of carry and with double handles for easy catching and pouring. The stainless steel used to make this keg makes it durable and can be easily cleaned, for utmost hygiene and sanitation. Not only ideal for brewing beer, it can also be used to ferment and brew kombucha and coffee. The keg comes with a rubber gasket sealed cap that really seals in the quality and freshness of your beer.

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How we choose the top kegerators in our list:

This list has been meticulously prepared after extensive research. First we compiled a list of the most popular mini kegs available on the market by scouring through different online shopping sites. We then consulted some experts to tell us the technical aspects of a mini keg that make it the best in the business. We made a list of the expert’s opinions on what makes a mini keg a good purchase and what features it must have to make it the best at what it does.

We then read customer reviews on the different brands of mini kegs and what they had to say regarding its functions, the quality of beer that came out and what beers were available for brewing in the different kinds of mini kegs. We made a list of mini kegs that were considered worth it at the price point. Another list was made regarding the quality of beer that came out and which kegs kept your beer the fresh and perfectly carbonated.

Another comparison was made based on the different sizes and how convenient it was to carry each keg around i.e. the kegs were compared based on their portability. The last feature to get compared was safety; a list was made based on how extensively each keg was tested to make sure it met safety rules and regulations. Finally, we cross referenced all the lists and made it into a comprehensive review that you have read above.

Different types of kegerators:

You might be wondering if mini kegs are the right choice for you and that’s why we have compiled a list of all the different kinds of kegs so that you can make an educated decision whilst buying a beer keg:

Mini kegs:

The first on our list is perfect if you are searching for a portable option. You can use this keg if you’re camping with your friends or maybe going to a barbeque with your family; it is perfect to carry around with you and thus perfect for casual occasions where people gather together.

Cornelius keg:

Originally designed for the soft drink industry, lots of home brewers have opted to use this keg instead of bottling their beer. Easy to fill up and clean these kegs have become popular among those who brew their beer at home. The Cornelius kegs are available with two different types of connectors; the ball lock and pin lock.

Sixth barrel keg:

Usually availed for personal use in kegerators with two or even 3 taps. It is almost the same size as the Cornelius keg only just a little bit bigger. It holds a little lesser amount of beer than other kinds of kegs. It is usually used by bars or restaurants that do not have much space but want to offer different options to their customers.

Half barrel keg:

Most commonly used keg across the world. When you think about beer kegs this is what probably pops into mind. This full size keg is the biggest size available and the one most used across bars and restaurants.

While purchasing kegs you have to make note of your requirements and the space available to you.

Why you need the best kegerators in your kitchen:

A kegerator is a device that is used to hold beer at its required storage temperature. It gives fresh and chilled draft beer whenever you tap into it. A mini keg is the same appliance only in a smaller size to increase portability. They are a convenient way of enjoying draft beer at home without having to install an actual bar in your house. It is a simple and relatively cheaper of enjoying your favorite beverage at home. Their portability makes it a great way of sharing your home brew with your friends and families. Mini kegs are also great for experimenting with different flavors until you come upon your favorite one. You can brew different kinds and flavors of beer. Also it is great for brewing just small batches of beer. In case you’re trying out a new flavor and don’t know how well it’s going to turn out, you don’t need to make a whole bunch of it.

Mini kegs allow you to brew smaller batches, thereby saving you a whole lot of trouble. A great alternative that it provides is that you can also brew either coffee or kombucha in it instead. They also make great gifts. You may know a beer loving friend and this would be the perfect gift for someone like that. Mini kegs bring people together. Bring it to barbeques or picnics with friends and watch people come together. Sharing beer is the best way to make friends and socialize. You can watch your family members bond over a mug of beer and some food. All in all, a mini keg is a great device to have around if you’re someone who is fond of beer.

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