5 Best Ice Molds for your Kitchen


Nothing quite tastes as good as a great glass of whiskey. The bold, smooth flavor of an aged whiskey simply can’t be beat. There are several things that you can purchase that can help enhance the flavor, and the experience, even more. In addition to a whiskey stone, glassware set, and a bar set, you should have an ice mold.

An ice mold is going to give you the perfect ice sphere for your glass of whiskey. It’ll fit perfectly in your glass; giving your whiskey that perfect level of chill. God help you if you’re currently going to an ice cube tray or ice maker to chill your whiskey. You’re not experiencing whiskey like it should be experienced. You need an ice mold. In this review we will go over some of the best ice molds and how which one is best suited for your and your whiskey’s needs.

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#1 – The Classic Kitchen Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold

The Classic Kitchen Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold product image

One of the best sphere ice molds in the business. This product is at the top of our list for a number of reasons. This ice mold, shapes the ice in spherical shapes which has been proven to melt slower than cubes. The molds are made of grade A silicon and are BPA free as well. Since it is made up of silicon, the mold will not crack or break like plastic or glass ice trays. The mold is non-toxic, easy to fill, simple to clean and dishwasher friendly.

The mold makes flawless ice balls perfectly suited for highball whiskeys, or even small ones for low-ball cocktails. You could also fill up the molds with a little juice, herb drink of any sort, freeze it and then add it to other drinks to enhance flavors. The mold can also be used to create custom soap balls for your laundry, bath time and for other purposes. The molds can be filled with milk to be used in iced coffees and milkshakes or smoothies. The design of the mold makes it easy to fill it in. It also comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. This mold brings with it a sort of elegance and refinement; it is a mold that can be of perfect use in high end restaurants, bars or lounges.

What we like about it:

This mold is extremely versatile and can be used for a number of purposes not only just to make ice. The mold seals easily thereby reducing spillage when kept for freezing in the fridge or freezer. It freezes ice cubes in spheres that are both big and small depending on what purpose it is used for. The silicone molds are FDA approved and is a risk free purchase. The mold also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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#2 – Praticube Large Ice Cube Mold:

Praticube Large Ice Cube Mold product image

This mold is one of the best square ice molds that you can get at this price range. Due to the size of the mold, the ice cubes last for longer without diluting your drinks too much. The size of this ice mold is unique as it is one of the very few companies that offer cubes of dimensions 2.25 inches. The silicon mold is food grade and has been given the seal of approval by the FDA and additionally is also BPA free. Due to the silicon being food grade you don’t have to stress about the ice cubes smelling funny or harmful toxins contaminating the ice. The mold isn’t just for ice either; it can freeze about almost every liquid substance.

You can use it to chill and freeze milk for cold coffees, milk shakes or ice cream. You can use it to freeze flavored ice cubes and then add those cubes into punch bowls just to give the punch a little twist of another flavor. The mold comes with a lid to keep the ice fresh and lets you heap two trays over each other. Get creative with it; not only water but fill it with juice for a quick frozen treat, coffee to make stronger iced coffee or even tea. Sky’s the limit with this mold.

What we like about it:

Most ice molds produce smaller cubes that melt faster. This also means you need a greater number of these cubes to keep your drink chilled; thereby diluting it. With this ice mold; you’ll get cubes of 2.25 inches that lasts for up to 4 hours. The mold is easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. The see through silicon lid not only prevents the contents from spilling over but also allows you to check on its progress.

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#3 – Tovolo Leak-Free, Sphere Ice Molds:

Tovolo Leak-Free, Sphere Ice Molds product image

Ice spheres melt much slower than ice cubes. Ice cubes with a larger size also melt at a reduced rate. When you combine the two; you get a perfect ice sphere of 2.25 inches in size that melts ever so slowly, preserving the integrity of your drinks. Another quality these spheres bring to your drinks is the elegance. A Scotch on the rocks is not as distinguished as when compared to a Scotch with these large ice spheres. Add some creative pizzazz to punch bowls and other drink dispensers by using these stylish sphere ice pieces. The innovative and creative design of these ice molds creates perfect ice cubes that bring out the full flavor of any beverage.

The solid construction and leak preventive design with the water filled line make this ice mold easy to use and spillage proof.  Not only for water but also compatible with other beverages like milk, juice, water with edible decorations added into it. The mold is made up of durable, food grade silicon that is also BPA free ensuring that no unwanted toxins enter the ice cubes. The silicon cap creates the perfect leak free seal. The functionality of this ice mold along with the reasonable price makes this a valuable tool to have in your kitchen. Their high quality also makes it perfect for commercial use.

What we like about it:

Not only does it add a certain style and elegance to all your drinks; this ice mold is very versatile. You can create sophisticated Highball ice or a 2.5 inches sphere for smaller drinks like whiskey or bourbon. Its biggest advantage would be that it doesn’t dilute or water down any of your drinks.  Thereby, allowing you to enjoy your beverage to the fullest. These ice molds are of supreme quality and are perfect for commercial use.

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#4 – Samuelworld Ice Cube Tray:

Samuelworld Ice Cube Tray product image

This mold can produce 8, 2-inch ice cubes. The silicon material and the shape facilitate easy removal of the ice cubes. These cubes are just the right size. They’re big enough to ensure your drink is sufficiently cooled and that the ice cubes don’t melt quickly. However, they’re also small enough to make sure that your drink isn’t too watered down. A versatile ice mold that is just right for all your daily needs. Not only is the ice tray made out of premium food grade silicon that is heat resistant up to 450F but it is also freezer, microwave and dishwasher (top rack only) safe.

The trays come equipped with stackable lids that help in avoiding spills and creating a mess while carrying the trays filled with a beverage of your taste. The lids also help in protecting the ice cubes from freezer smells that linger on as a bad taste. These mold trays can be used for a variety of tasks; for ex: prepping your meals, freezing other beverages to add to drinks for a shot of flavor etc. This ice tray is perfect for chilling drinks like whiskey, cocktails, tequilas, vodkas or other drinks without too much dilution. This ice mold tray is also great for portion control. This includes foods like pasta, baby food, salad dressing etc.

What we liked about it:

The ease of use and functionality is one of the biggest appeals when it comes to this ice mold tray. With ice cubes of a bigger size than provided by most traditional ice trays, this tray makes sure your drink is chilled quickly but also that your ice melts slowly. The silicone is food friendly and FDA approved, meaning that no toxic chemicals will contaminate any drink you choose to put in the ice mold tray.

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#5 – Ouddy Silicone Ice Cube Mold

Ouddy Silicone Ice Cube Molds product image

This is one of the best large round and square ice molds that you can purchase at such an affordable price range. The sleek looking ice tray can be used for so many diverse needs, it simplifies your prep in the kitchen to a great extent. The non-stick designed silicone makes it easier to pop the ice cubes or spheres out of the mold once they’re frozen solid. Not only handy for making sphere ice to add a level of sophistication to drinks like whiskey or a scotch on the rocks; this food grade rated silicon is also handy for making desserts that need to be chilled. For ex: puddings, ice cream, gelato, jellies etc.

This can stand temperatures from -40 degrees to 230 degrees Celsius due to its durable design. This design makes sure excess heat or cold does not crack the tray like it would conventional glass or plastic ice trays. The design and the material used to create this ice cube mold makes it so that only a slight twist or push is required to pop the ice cubes from the mold. It is easy to clean and reusable to boot. The ice mold also comes with a quality guarantee. If not satisfied with the performance of this particular mold, you will receive a replacement mold or even a full refund.

What we liked about it:

These come in two shapes: square and spherical. The size of both trays is large so that the ice cubes melt slower. The silicone is BPA free and has been given the green light by the FDA; this means no unwanted toxic components will contaminate your food or drinks. The compact size makes it easy to fit these into your compact refrigerator or freezer. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher friendly as well.

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How we choose the top ice mold in our list:

Extensive research has gone into making this list. For starters, we read through tons of ice mold reviews. We then surfed through numerous online shopping websites and made a list of the best products listed there. We also spoke to a technical review committee about the design and the technical aspects of each mold. Another list was made; this time it was based on what the customers had to say regarding each product. A final list was made based on what features an ice mold should possess that would make it indispensable.

Our list of characteristics that makes an ice mold special was:

Durability. Should be strong enough to with stand large temperature differences without breaking or cracking

The material should be non-toxic.

Should be equipped with a lid to prevent the freezer smell from permeating the ice cubes

Should be a big enough size to give appropriately large ice cubes but should also be a good enough size so that it can fit inside a fridge or freezer without taking up too much space.

All three lists were cross referenced and the review you have read above is the culmination of all the knowledge and information we had compiled. This review doesn’t claim that one product is better than another however; it simply has taken into account all the data that was available on the different kinds of molds and have compiled it into a comprehensive form.

The different kinds of ice molds:

The most common kind of ice molds would be the plastic ice molds. However, with the elevation in technology there are several different kinds of ice molds that you can use today; for ex: silicone molds, spherical ice molds etc.

Comparing silicon molds to the original plastic ice molds:

Silicon ice molds are a more versatile and safer alternative to plastic ice molds. It has become a trend nowadays to use spherical ice balls in drinks and cocktails which is why a lot of restaurants and bars have chosen to use silicon ice molds instead of ice molds or even ice makers. The latter takes up too much space and cost wise isn’t the best choice for small restaurants or homes.

The silicon molds provides a more economical device that produces the same result in a safer way. Ice cubes made in traditional ice trays are thinner and do not cool your drink effectively. Most often the upper portion of your drink cools down whilst the lower portion is still warm. Your drink only cools down completely when the ice cube dilutes it. These are what you’d typically put in your beverage dispenser.

Silicon molds are flexible and it’s easier to pop out the ice cubes. Ice made from silicon molds takes a longer time to melt, thereby cooling your drink quickly and efficiently without diluting it. Most people add a few ice cubes to their whiskey, from your whiskey barrel, or scotch to further enhance the flavour. However, ice cubes dilute the drink. Ice balls on the other hand have a larger volume with smaller surface area, ensuring that the ice doesn’t melt quickly.

Why you need the best ice cube molds for your kitchen:

Ice molds aren’t used only for freezing substances. They have a variety of diverse uses that will greatly simplify your work in the kitchen.

Creative ways to use ice molds:

Freezing sauces: Preparing sauces from herbs that grow in the summer and then preserving the sauce in ice trays for later use is a great way to make use of these trays.

Preserving herbs: Fresh garden herbs are probably not available all year long. Storing and freezing the herbs in these ice molds preserves and keeps them fresh for until you want to use them. We recommend putting the herbs in a food dehydrator, then putting them in a vacuum sealer prior to freezing.

Lemon juice or lemon peel: You can save tiny cubes of lemon juice for cooking purposes. Lemon peel is a great facial cleanser and can also be used for freshening up the trash can.

Wine: Instead of opening a whole new bottle just for a few teaspoons of the stuff, it is better to save the last few drops of any wine bottle in the wine fridge or chest freezer.

If you’re going to be drinking a lot of wine, you may find these guides useful:

Tomato paste:  Similar to wine, a lot of recipes require some amount of tomato paste. However, paste comes in cans and not all recipes require an entire can of the paste. You can save the leftover past in the freezer.

Milk: Milk is used in a lot of frozen desserts. Including ice cream, milk shakes, smoothies, cold coffees etc. If you’re going to be making any of these, then you’ll find these guides useful:

Some other comments:

You don’t need to use a water purifier or a water filter pitcher for your water source. Tap water from your kitchen faucet will do fine. We’ve even seen some people purchase a dedicated water cooler. It’s not necessary! And for God’s sakes, do not use a hot water dispenser! You’ll break the molds!




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