5 Best Glassware Sets for your Kitchen


5 Best Glassware Sets For Your KitchenA kitchen is incomplete without crockery. They constitute an important part of kitchen. From serving to eating, everything is done on them. From drinking water every day to serving milkshakes, these tumblers have become an important part of kitchen, they are in great demand because they reveal the content inside and are transparent.

Glassware can add extra stars to any occasion, be it party, wedding or anything else. You can easily buy the glass set for you from the market nearby but nowadays there is wide variety of glass tumblers which are present online. A few promising glassware brands and some of the best glassware sets are mentioned below.

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#1 – Duralex CC1/18 Made In France Picardie 18-Piece Clear Drinking Glasses & Tumbler Set

Duralex CC118 Made In France Picardie 18-Piece Clear Drinking Glasses Tumbler Set product image

If you are looking for a presentable as well as the best glassware for your home crockery, this product is an option. This glassware set comes with a variety of tumblers which are just perfect to present in front of your guests. It has eighteen glasses in total with three types having six in each. They have variable sizes hence it’s just a perfect combo if you want all-purpose glassware for your home. It is one of the best glassware sets for everyday use since you can use it for drinking shakes, mousses, and even shots. It is one of the original French tumblers and made by a trusted company which invented tumbler glass.

The material with which it is made is called duralex which is very much resistant to breakage so you don’t need to worry about its life. This type of glass is indeed hygienic and being non-porous it does not absorb liquids. They are resistant to extreme temperatures and so you can put them in freezer, microwave and it does not get affected by many household chemicals maintaining their original sheen for a long time. The company is very dependable and has a large pool of satisfied customers. For an attractive look, glass wares are the best choice for homes. So without a second choice you can add these set to your home crockery.

What we like about it:

There is every single thing to like about it. It has got some of the best glassware set reviews, apart from being durable and chemical resistant, they have the perfect sophisticated design you are looking for. So, be it soda, or be it cola you can drink anything in it. Moreover, it’s hygienic and can ensure your safety. Being non-porous, it does not absorb liquids. The company is trusted therefore you can totally rely upon it.

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#2 – La Jolie Muse Drinking Glasses Tumblers Cups 4 Pack

La Jolie Muse Drinking Glasses Tumblers Cups 4 Pack product image

It is one of the trusted companies when it comes to glass wares, they are best for everyday use. They have a perfect design which prevents spilling unlike the other tumblers. Apart from being a good choice for everyday purpose, they are best when it comes to occasions, parties, functions etc. if you want to gift someone a present of worth, this is a great choice because it not only looks good and antique, but it is also of tough design which makes it damage resistant. Indeed it is the best everyday glassware set. These glasses are free from toxic materials like lead and latex.

They are a perfect combination of modern design with aesthetic touch. In case you get a broken piece, the company promises to get you a new set. Wherever you are, these glasses will come to you and compliment your kitchen. Nowadays, many glass wares are made from different chemical process to give them extra shine but these glasses are free from any kind of toxic substances which makes it user friendly. The chic design adds to its quality and will add an extra shine to your reputation, no matter where you use it. Apart from preventing spilling they also appear very attractive and you can use it all-in-one purpose for everyday use as well as for parties. It is product to try once.

What we like about it:

The satisfying design and functional appearance makes it more in demand. It is an all-purpose set which is free from toxic materials hence is good for health. It is an all-rounder when it comes to glass wares and never ceases to provide maximum satisfaction. The company also has an exchange policy which is the best thing. Therefore, you should try it once. They are just practical for everyday use and it’s really easy to have them in your kitchen. The company is trusted. The hard glass it is made of adds to its life and it will continue to maintain your brightness among your colleagues.

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#3 – Home Essentials Galaxy Glassware 12-pc. Set

Home Essentials Galaxy Glassware 12-pc. Set product image

This a bonus glass set because it has twelve pieces in the pack which come in three sets of variable sizes. This variability adds to their functionality. The glasses are hiball type glass which is just perfect to have a sip of any juice, DOF glasses which is just perfect to have a thick sundae or a thick shake, and at last it has a juice glass which is used to have cocktails and shots. It can be regarded as the best general kitchen glassware set. The material used is reliable and it is manufactured with care keeping in mind the need of customers.

Care and cleaning should be given and the user should handle it with care. They are dishwasher safe so if you are too tired to clean it, just put it in the dishwasher and it will come out without damage. It gives all in one features and is far more reliable than other brands. The cost is too less to be true, it’s just unimaginable to get so much at such a low cost. It just requires a little care and maintenance. Just use it in any way you want, after use just put it inside the dishwasher and it won’t get damaged. Savor your guests with these glasses and they will never forget your hospitality. So next time you go for a glassware hunt, this product should be in you bucket list.

What we like about it:

In such a low cost, it provides a set of twelve glasses for various purposes. The finest glass material is used in it which provides an extraordinary body to the tumblers. Indeed these glasses are of export quality. They are easy to handle glasses available in a wide variety and hence provide quality at a low price. In nutshell you can say that they are light to pocket but heavy in durability. In addition, this set gives variability in one set only so you don’t have to buy many sets at once.

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#4 – Red. Co Vibrant Splash Water/Beverage Glasses

Red. Co Vibrant Splash Water Beverage Glasses product image

As the name suggests, they are very vibrant and attractive glasses. They are the most stylish form of everyday use tumblers. You can use it for many purpose including juice, soda as well as water. They have special colored bottom which makes them extremely in demand, they are the center of attraction. They are easily identifiable due to that. The material they are made of extremely durable material which ensures their long life. The bottom is comparatively heavy which provides extra stability to them.

The glass ware set consists of six very stylish tumblers perfect for your home. They will not only provide a very elegant look to your kitchen but also enhance the aesthetic look to your household. In a combination, they will be the best gift for your friends and family. Together, these glasses will add to the charm of any occasion and make it more special. It is perfect for a family. The best part is that you can buy these glasses in a set of six or even four according to your convenience so there is no boundation over the number of glasses you want to purchase. The capacity of these tumblers is enough to hold as much liquid as you want. If you are looking for a stylish set of glasses which is very attractive, this is the best option.

What do we like about it:

If you are looking for brimming charm with durability, these glasses are perfect. They are made of durable material with a supportive base and the exquisite look is a bonus which makes it a perfect present for your belongings. They are available in two different sets. The quality of material used in making is of export quality. You should try this if you want to add aesthetic beauty to your household. The color enhances the overall appearance and can make the party a memorable one.

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#5 – Libbey Diamond Swirl 12-Piece Glassware Set

Libbey Diamond Swirl 12-Piece Glassware Set product image

If you are aware about the latest design in glass tumblers, you might know that glass design is liked more nowadays rather than surface coloring. This company offers glasses with diamond surface design which is more popular nowadays and is in huge demand. If you are a glass lover and love to introduce new designs in your crockery closet, then this glass ware is perfect for you. They have intricate diamond cut design which adds more life to the simplicity reflected by the glasses. They come in a set of twelve glasses which is enough to have at any occasion. Be it a wedding or a house party, this set is a perfect gift for anyone.

If you want to show affection and care, gifting these glasses is a good option. Make anything at home like shakes and juices and serve it to your guests in these glasses. It will for sure make their heart melt. This is the perfect amalgamation of simplicity and attraction. They are the perfect example that design can add to the simplicity of anything. So without making a second thought you can make them a part of your household crockery. They are dependable also because they are made in USA where the products are made from the finest quality material. Hence they provide imported quality at a very less price and it is rather promising,

What do we like about it:

Due to its immense simplicity yet attractiveness they are more desirable than other glass wares. They can be regarded as the best everyday glassware variety set. Moreover they are dishwasher safe and made of fine yet durable material. All twelve designer glasses are available at a very low price yet the quality is promising. So you should not miss the chance. You can also give it as a present in the wedding and it will be remembered forever as the best gift ever.

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How we choose the best kitchen glassware in our list:

Glass wares are an important part of kitchen crockery. Being transparent they expose the real color of drinks and hence make the table attractive. Not only this, they are also available in variety of shapes and sizes. Due to its high availability it’s very important to make a good choice. To make a good choice, you should keep the following things in your mind while buying a glass set for you or your family

  • The type – you should be clear about the type you want to buy and the function it is going to perform. Whether it is everyday use or used occasionally. There are glassware which are available in sets of variable sizes. People usually go for glass sets which are having variability in volume in a single set.
  • The material – tumblers are usually made of silica glass but nowadays, borax glasses are also available which are more temperature resistant and light in weight. Most commonly, glasses are made of silica sand which is a pure sand containing very few impurities.
  • Durability – be it everyday use or occasional, durability should be present in every type of glassware. Higher the more, more the set will last. They should be thick enough to prevent any damage so that they may last long.
  • The design – there is a variety of designs available when it comes to glass tumblers. They can be of any size depending on the drink. They come in a range of designs too. They maybe colored and even carved on their surface. People choose stylish glasses having design for various occasions while carved glasses are used as vintage and antique pieces. Glasses for everyday use are simple and transparent
  • Toxic material – many glasses are made from such materials which contain toxic chemicals and are harmful for health like lead. Before purchasing you have to make sure that the glass material does not contain any toxic material and is non-absorbent in nature.
  • Durability – glasses require extra care during handling because they have the risk of falling and breaking easily. To avoid this to a great extent, the glasses are made of heavy material to make it dense and prevent damage. For extra safety, glasses have thick base for extra balance.

Different types of kitchen glassware:

For different purpose different glass wares used. For shakes and juices, large volume glasses are used but for alcoholic drinks and cocktails, shot glasses are used. But they require extra handling and care should be taken while cleaning them. They break when fall to the ground or to a hard surface and can cause injury so extra care should be taken when it comes to glass wares. Before buying you should go through glassware set reviews to buy the best set for your home. Glass ware sets are also used for everyday use so they should be durable and crack resistant. Glassware is of different types and you can purchase according to your need. The various types of glassware are:

  • Shape – according to shape, glassware varies a lot. For different purpose, a different shape of glassware is needed. They come in various shapes like the tumbler shape, heavy base, wine glass, juice glass, shot glass etc. you can choose them accordingly.
  • Color – the color of glass tumblers is usually transparent but nowadays, colored glassware is also available which is mostly used in parties. They are colorful and attractive and can become great choice.
  • Design – glassware vary with the amount of work done on them, some glasses have more design. Some are plain and others have color incorporated in the form of design. For everyday use, glasses with simple design are used.
  • Material – conventionally, glassware were made of silica sand but nowadays, borax glassware are available which are light in weight and can tolerate high temperature.

Why you need the best glassware for you kitchen:

It is very important to choose the best glassware for your home and to have proper knowledge before buying is very important so that you choose the best glassware for you. Being an important part of home crockery, a stylish glass set reflects the owner’s status. There are many brands you can trust. There are many reasons why you need glassware in your kitchen

  • Status – a good and stylish glassware can add to you status and impression among the relatives and neighbors.
  • Satisfaction – due to their appearance, good glassware can increase the satisfaction level inside you.
  • Appearance – a perfect glassware can increase the appeal of you r kitchen as well as the meal prepared. It adds five stars to the party.
  • Uniqueness – a different set of glassware in your kitchen can help to make your kitchen unique and presentable of course. People crave for uniqueness and hence you can easily build rapport among the visitors in less than no time.

Some companies offer all in one variety while other offer simple and sophisticated sets and yet another is for occasion and gifting purpose. Whatever it may be it should always meet up the customer’s demand. So gather some knowledge about tumblers, make your choice and purpose clear and grab the best glassware for your home. It will not only help you to increase the satisfaction level but it will make your crockery different. Keeping different glassware for parties and everyday use is so important and if done well, can help to boost the appeal of the kitchen.

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