5 Best Freezer Containers for your Kitchen

5 Best Freezer Containers for your KitchenGetting reliable cold storage for your food isn’t as simple as just going out to the store and randomly picking any given freezer container you stumble upon. Chest Freezer containers come in different kinds, and each one delivers differently on the desired objective. If you ask most people, they’ll tell you that they’re not satisfied with their freezer containers for one reason or another.

The most common complaints you may hear is that they’re not durable enough and that they break easily. Some might say that the Food Storage Container might change the smell or the taste of the food you put inside it. You don’t want that to happen. A freezer container’s main objective is properly preserving food, be it the leftovers of a Canned Chili, the remaining of a Pasta dinner, or a fresh salad made using your Salad Spinner. What’s the point of having one if it doesn’t do its job well.

All of that is because of the fact that we don’t make the right choice when we purchase containers. There’re quite a few good containers out there on the market, and that’s the whole point of this article. We’ll list down the best five freezer containers that you can get in 2021. So, grab a Coffee Mug or some Tea from your Teapot and let’s start.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Prep Naturals Food Storage Containers with Lids (50 Pack)

Food Storage Containers with Lids (50 Pack, 25 Ounce) - Food Containers Meal Prep Plastic Containers with Lids Food Prep Containers Deli Containers with Lids Freezer Containers by Prep Naturals


The Prep Natural containers come in a set of 50 packs. It’s was mainly made for meal-prepping, and if I have to say, this one is targeting the fitness-enthusiasts among us.

Right of the gate, this is a plastic container. So as we’ve mentioned before, it should stay away from any cooking oven, be it a Convection Oven or a Roaster Oven, and we highly recommend that you do not use this container for Microwave cooking. But that’s just a small disadvantage compared to what this container can offer. The small size of the containers makes it ideal and most efficient for constant movement.

Besides that, they do come in 25 oz which allows you to use them in a variety of ways. It can be used to fit an entire meal for just one person, for instance. But the reality remains: these containers have been designed for meal-prepping, which means that their practicality ends there. Any other purpose relating to a large number of people won’t be greatly served by these containers.

The good thing about the plastic nature of these containers is that they are quite durable, but the shape that they were made in isn’t perfect. Being similar to normal plastic cups, the containers will make lose significant unutilized space when you stack them together in the Compact Refrigerator. But keep in mind that since this mainly targets individuals living on their own and meal-prepping, this shouldn’t be a problem for that specific group of people.

The containers don’t have a sealing or a lock, which would suggest that they aren’t airtight or leak-proof. But with that being said, the manufacturer states that they are indeed securely sealed. So make of that what you will.

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#2 – Enther Bento Box Meal Prep Containers

Enther Bento Box Meal Prep Containers Product Image

Just like the previous one, this one is a set of plastic containers. But it only has 20 instead of 40. They’ve been referred to as the “meal-prep” containers. The great thing about these ones is how great the plastic feels and looks. It seems to be of good quality and our experience with it proves that. Besides, they look even better than the previous set we talked about.

These ones all come in the same size, and they can all contain 28oz. Some might find this a good thing while others might prefer having containers of different sizes. But it’s good that these containers don’t take a lot of space when they are stacked on top of each other. Instead of being tall, they were designed to have a shape that takes up the horizontal space instead.

It’s not safe to use these in the oven, but they were made to be suitable for the dishwasher and the microwave. Or at least that’s what the manufacturer claims. We’ve already talked about how heating plastic may be a bad idea, so we still recommend that you steer away from putting your containers in the microwave.

We can’t continue without mentioning that they are unfortunately not airtight or leakproof. That means that you probably shouldn’t store any liquids in them.

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#3 – Reditainer Extreme Freeze Deli Food Containers

Reditainer Extreme Freeze Deli Food Containers Product Image

These ones come in a set of 36 packs, and just like the other previous two, this one is also a set of plastic containers (Just comes to show how popular plastic containers really are). And they are specifically made from durable polypropylene plastic so you know that they can hold up quite well.

The whole point behind the production of these containers is that they’re meant to be used for freeze storage as they can hold up to temperatures that can reach -40 degrees. Similar to the previous ones, these also come in one standard size, but this time, it’s that of 16oz. Besides that, we have to mention the negative aspects of the design.

From a practical standpoint, you’re going to have a lot of unused space because of these containers come in the shape of a cone, just like the first ones we’ve talked about. Add to that the fact they are aimed to be freeze-only containers which means that you’re going to have a hard time taking them out of the freezer when you use them.

They’re of use if you’re going to store liquid-based foods like stews, soups, sauces or ice cream, but for anything else, we don’t recommend them.

As we’ve mentioned before, the Reditaine Extreme Freeze containers are meant to be tough. Their durability can’t be questioned because of the kind of plastic that makes them up.

Now, let’s talk about the environment of usage. The manufacturer acclaim that these ones are also dishwasher and microwave safe. We’ve already talked about the microwave thing, so you already know to stay away from it. And obviously, plastic should not get anywhere near the oven.

Beyond that, there was no mention of whether the containers are leakproof or not. But from the look of them, they do seem to have an airtight seal. It shouldn’t cause much of a problem anyway since they’re made for freeze storing mainly.

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#4 – Misc Home Glass Containers

Misc Home Glass Containers Product Image

Now we get to the glass containers, and we must say that they have a charm of their own. Sure, we’ve already mentioned how both glass and plastic bring something to the table and also have some inconveniences. But we think glass has an extra edge. These specific ones come in a set of 5, and it’s really convenient for all things home and family.

Another set that has a unified size (this one is of 36oz). Now that’s quite fitting for lunch leftovers or even full meals for a number of people. But if you want to get containers for the use of a single person, maybe you’ll want to look for other products.

The manufacturer states that lids on these containers would last for a lifetime. A bold statement, but not a surprising one as they do come with a snap locking design with a silicone seal. Add to that the airtight and leakproof properties, and you’ve got yourself a good deal.

As we’ve mentioned before, the design can represent quite a setback if it doesn’t fit the fridge space. This ones have a rectangular shape and are wide instead of being tall. A good design for stacking multiple ones together with no worries about lost unused space. What’s also great in this case is that the glass allows for heating the microwave and even the oven and this is where the extra edge comes in.

The containers are made out of something that’s even more durable than tempered glass, and that is borosilicate glass. That means that you won’t have to worry much about any breakage unless you’re a person with superhuman abilities.

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#5 – Vremi Glass Food Storage Containers

Vremi Glass Food Storage Containers Product Image

Our final one for today is also a glass container, and it’s also made of borosilicate glass, both stain, and odor resistant. They come in a set of 9 containers, and because of the material, they are quite durable.  This particular set is quite amazing.

What’s great about them, unlike a few of the previous ones, they do come in different sizes. You’ve got containers ranging from 11 to 35oz so you get a lot of options concerning when to use each one.

For example, the smaller ones can be used to put lunch in and take it with you to work or to simply freeze some leftovers. On the other hand, the big ones can be utilized with large portions and big meals.

The shape of the containers can be either square or rectangle, so you don’t have to worry about stacking them in a practical way. And the fact that they’re made of glass means that you can put them in the dishwasher, microwave and the oven without a second thought.

When it comes to durability, these containers do not disappoint. They’re quite hard and reliable, and on top of all of that, they come with leak-proof silicone lids, which makes them one of the College Kitchen Essentials.

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What Does a Freezer Container Do?

First things first: As you should know, there is a number of ways for storing food, each one good for their own specific features and you most likely got to try them on different occasions. You can find freezer paper, foil, jars, zipper freezer bags, plastic ones and so on. But, even with all of this variety, at the end of the day, nothing can really beat what the traditional old containers can offer.

What makes freezer containers so good is that not only are they very affordable to buy, but also that fact that they can significantly prolong the shelf life of the food you consume. And while you can find a lot of different looking containers in the store, they may not all be made for freezer storage. If you pick the wrong choice, you may end up with a brittle container, or even a cracked one.

Imagine you go through all of the efforts of preparing food, intending some of if not all of it to go to the freezer, and then you find out that it all went bad, or maybe it got freezer burned or oxidized because of the usage of the wrong type of containers. That won’t make you feel great, I imagine.

We all get this type of miserable outcomes sometimes when we’re in the kitchen. May it be because of a lack of skill or the use of the wrong equipment. The point is, we’re trying here to help you avoid the common mistakes and minimize the occurrence of these misfortunes.

What Makes a Good Freezer Container?

Here are the most important things you should look for when differentiating between freezer containers.


Obviously, like in all equipment, kitchen related or not, the material that makes it up is of great importance. When it comes to freezer containers, you’ll find a broad range of options: Glass, plastic, steel or ceramic ones. Today, we are only going to focus on the most useful: plastic and glass. You’ll be wondering “which one should I get?” Well, that all depends on how you’re going to use it and your general preference with this kind of stuff.

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t care about having heavy containers, if you’re going to use the container at home for smelly foods and can get things stained easily, then you should probably go with the glass type.

But if you’re looking for a container that won’t break easily, a container that you can carry around at well without having to worry that much, or if you’re the kind of person that tends to misplace a lot of their equipment, then we recommend you go with the plastic container. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you live your life and go about doing things in the kitchen.


Of course, the size is a crucial factor since it all depends on who you are and how much food you have to deal with on a daily basis, plus the fact that you’ll find containers of all shapes and sizes on the market. If you live alone with no one else to feed besides yourself, and if you don’t have much space in your freezer, then it will probably be best for you if you get yourself a number of small containers instead of just a few big ones. But if you’re a part of a family with a considerable number of members and if you have plenty of space of storage, it’ll be better if you go with the bigger containers. These ones can fit enough food for a family of four. So really, decide which one would be most practical for you and your needs and go for it.


It’s essential that you store your food in a container which you can surely guarantee that it would do its job with no risks of breakage. That’s why durability is of importance. But here’s the thing, you might think that plastic containers are the way to go, but unfortunately, you’ll be wrong to think that way. Plastic has just as much chance of breaking as glass does, but they do so in different situations. Plastic can be prone to breakage in the case of being frozen and receiving the kind of shock that would result from falling or being hit, for example.

On the other hand, glass is, as you know it, glass. It’ll break only when dropped from a certain altitude. And yes, maybe the glass that makes up the containers is more durable and tempered, but it still has its limits. So try not to test them.

Another factor that you need to think about is how dangerous it would be for the potential presence of children. If you’ve got some of your own, or you know someone who does and gets to bring them over frequently, you’ll want to be careful with glass as it would shatter when broken and that lead to a bunch of potential hazards for kids. That’s how plastic, in this situation, is safer and better.

Leak-proof and Airtight

Putting the whole glass/plastic debate aside for a minute, other characteristics that you need to decide on and obviously have, are the following: your container should be leak proof, and it should come with an airtight seal. I mean why spend money if you’re not going to put it in something that’s worth every penny, right?

So if you’re planning on storing meals for a significantly long period (more than a few days), then you’ll need to have an airtight container. Besides the fact that it’ll provide you with better preservation of food, it also helps a lot with storing liquids that may tend to spill when moved around.


Practicality in the kitchen is without a doubt very crucial. But is a factor that can vary vastly from one person to another depending on the kind of life they’re living. So for example, those living alone won’t have to do much to organize all of their kitchen related equipment and tasks. But on the other hand, a person responsible for an entire family can get in quite the mess if they don’t give enough attention to the practicality of their kitchenware. It’s the same for any other storage solution, such as Coffee Storage and FoodSaver.

One of the first things we think about for when buying freezer containers are whether or not they can be used in the oven, dishwasher or the microwave. This is one of the first aspects that eliminate stainless steel containers from the game. While it’s okay to have plastic in the dishwasher, it must not under any circumstances be put in the oven. And while some say that’s completely fine to use plastic containers inside the microwave, others argue against this as the experts state that heating plastic with the microwave will cause the release of its toxins. That’s something you don’t want touching your food.

Besides the material, you should also think about the shape of the container. Containers that come in a rectangle or square shapes tend to keep more spare space inside the fridge compared to round looking ones.

And finally, we recommend getting the see-through kind of containers. You’ll want to know what you have inside the container without having actually to uncover it. And that’s one reason to disqualify ceramic containers (aside from the fact that they can easily be damaged).

Final Verdict

So with everything that we’ve mentioned, and after taking into consideration all the hard facts and the numerous experience from a number of people, we’ve come to the decision that the Vermi Glass Containers are the best of the bunch. While nothing truly meets perfection in this world, the Vermi Glass Containers meet the needs and exceed the expectations. It’s definitely worth your money.

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