5 Best Coffee Tumblers for your Kitchen

5 Best Coffee Tumblers for your KitchenSpilling your coffee, when you’re carrying it with you on the go, is one of the worst nightmares for any coffee enthusiast. This is because some of us can’t even function properly through their day without an adequate amount of their morning jolt. Thus they always have their warm Coffee Mug with them. This is why investing in a good coffee tumbler is a worthwhile purchase as it will be your loyal companion through your daily endeavors, supplying you on the go with the energy you need to pull through them.

A sturdy coffee tumbler is, in fact, the best solution for protecting your coffee as well, because accidents are bound to happen. And if it is in a standard cup, we all know how messy a coffee spill can be.

With a tumbler, however, you won’t have to be as careful, whether you hit a coworker or you are rushing to the office, your lovely companion will hold your beverage with no drop spilled whatsoever.

For me, my coffee tumbler is as essential as my Coffee Maker, Coffee Grinder, and Coffee Brand.

For these reasons, we think it’s time for you to get one of the best coffee tumblers, if you don’t already have one, of course. And for that, we have written this article in order to guide you to the best one that will suit your needs. So, read on these reviews and get ready to meet your future tumbler!

Coffee Tumbler Review Center 2021

Hydro Flask Tumbler Product Image#1 - Hydro Flask Tumbler99%
Yeti Tumbler Product Image#2 - YETI Tumbler96%
Beast Tumbler Product Image#3 - Beast Tumbler92%
Chillout Life Tumbler Product Image#4 - Chillout Life Tumbler89%
Atlin Sports Tumbler Product Image#5 - Atlin Sports Tumbler85%

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

Excited to get your new tumbler? Before hitting the Coffee Urn, let us give you our review on the best coffee tumblers on the market, to help you make your choice.

So, let’s go through them.

#1 – Hydro Flask Tumbler

Hydro Flask Tumbler Product ImageThe Hydro Flask coffee tumbler is a good product; however, it is made of steel instead of stainless steel. This might be considered a setback for it, compared to the others. But it actually isn’t a noticeable difference, as with a bit more care and more often washes it functions about the same.

The thing that sets it apart though is the “TempShield Insulation” technology that it features, which consists of vacuum insulation with double walls for the beverage, keeping it in its original temperature for the longest time possible. The brand even boasts that it can maintain drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours.

More features of this tumbler include a press-in lid that is insulated and attached to its rim. Thus, it prevents spilling efficiently and helps avoid cleaning as much as possible. It further keeps the temperature, whether hot or cold, at its desired level.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have much going for it otherwise, as this product lacks other useful additions, such as a warranty. Moreover, it doesn’t have handles or straws either. It suddenly doesn’t look as appealing, doesn’t it?

There are other things to be loved about this tumbler though, like the sleek design and the multitude of colors it comes in. The aesthetic has even more functionality to it, thanks to the powder coat that offers an excellent grip which doesn’t slip. It is not dishwasher safe though, so you’re going to have to wash it by hand if you want to keep it clean.

What we like about this tumbler

In conclusion, this tumbler does the job in a satisfying manner. And for the everyday coffee drinker, it is well suited for your needs, with just a few minor inconveniences that might prove to be a nuisance in the long run.

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#2 – YETI Tumbler

Yeti Tumbler Product ImageYeti is one of the go-to brands when it comes to coffee tumblers, as it is highly recognizable on the market. Or that’s what it seems: here’s our opinion on this product.

First of all, the material is based on stainless steel, which is a big plus as it delays corrosion and prevents stains, unlike its inferior quality steel counterparts. The lid, on the other hand, is a mixed bag. Its’ advantages include being shatter-free and compatible with dishwashing. Moreover, it is a see-through variety, so knowing how much of your drink is left becomes easy with it.

On the flip side, however, it is far from being leak-free. In fact, the top opening doesn’t close, which is a major letdown preventing you from putting it in your bag for example, let alone avoiding easily spilling your drink by mistake.

Add-ons are lacking for this product, even though you can buy it by itself. Additionally, the manufacturers don’t give you a warranty with the purchase, so returning it in the case of a problem is not possible.

Finally, the simple design, which is a mono-colored stainless-steel exterior, isn’t exactly the most outstanding feature, but it’s practical nevertheless. Moreover, a non-sweat implementation will ensure the dryness of your hands whenever you’re using the product.

What we like about this tumbler

Besides being made of stainless steel; yet another perk that this product boasts, which is an efficient one, is the ability to toss it in the dishwasher for a cleanup, which makes it extremely easy. So, the durability of this product is guaranteed in conjunction with its practicality.

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#3 – Beast Tumbler

Beast Tumbler Product ImageThis tumbler, manufactured by the brand Greens Steel, went far past our predictions. The number one perk that is, frankly, the one that caught our eyes the most, is the material used in the making product. Actually, Greens Steel uses stainless steel, not only that but a premium-quality variety that is food grade, which guarantees maximum satisfaction.

Vacuum insulation and doubled walls are excellent insurance against any spills, so forget those hot coffee accidents with this tumbler. Moreover, it does its normal job of keeping the temperature the way you enjoy it for the maximum duration, and it does it efficiently.

When it comes to the lid, it is both immune to leakage and shattering, and it closes with the demanded tightness that enables it to keep the liquid in seamlessly. Moreover, it is see-through so you can check-out on your beverage without bothering to open the cover. It is sturdy also, passing many fall-tests with no damages whatsoever.

Now here comes the one feature that made it all the more appealing to us and will to you: the extra equipment that comes with the product. The BEAST comes with a cleaning brush to clean the included two sturdy steel straws. And the big bonus is a lifetime guarantee, so you never have to worry about any defects!

The design is sleek and modern, and apart from a small part that is kept stainless steel, the bulk of the product is colored with a nice variety of shades. Even better is the durable powder coating that protects the main body from scratches, rust, etc. The non-sweat grip and the possibility of using the dishwasher with it are just the cherries on top.

What we like about this tumbler

All in all, the quality to price ratio is fantastic with the BEAST coffee tumbler, and it’s our go-to product if it were for us to choose. So, we highly recommend this one as you can’t go wrong with it: all the features your heart desires are included, and then some more.

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#4 – Chillout Life Tumbler

Chillout Life Tumbler Product ImageThis product is of a surprising high-quality since it’s made from stainless steel. Moreover, the Chillout Life coffee tumbler boasts high-tech insulation in its’ build in order to avoid heat dissipation, thus preserving the temperature to the maximum extension required.

The classic double vacuum is of course featured, and it can conserve hot drinks for up to 8 hours, and cold ones for an astounding 24 hours. And you most certainly won’t even be close to that limit in your everyday life as nobody waits on his coffee for that long.

The lid is the usual clear one that enables you to monitor the quantity of drink left in the mug. However, some users experienced some minor leaks while testing it, but the manufacturer was more than happy to replace it for them, so that’s a big plus for their customer service.

No extra features are included with this product, but at least there is a warranty, so your satisfaction is guaranteed in the long run. And when it comes to the practicality, it doesn’t do exceptionally well, although it offers a sweat-free factor on the outside, but is only hand-washable otherwise.

Finally, the design of this tumbler is catchy, with a great portion of it colored, and a nice palette to choose from. And the powder coating is the usual feature for durability and non-slipping.

What we like about this tumbler

Chillout Life Tumbler is a nice-looking coffee container that’s both practical and well-designed. If you don’t mind hand-washing, this may be the best coffee tumbler for you.

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#5 – Atlin Sports Tumbler

Atlin Sports Tumbler Product ImageThe Atlin Sports Tumbler surely doesn’t fail to impress in the build-quality department, with stainless steel used as the material and the inclusion of a double layer shield against the outside environment.

Let’s start with the lid, which is transparent as usual. Moreover, it has immunity against the weather for further protection. As a matter of fact, this particular tumbler has a double lid system, with the clear one mentioned above and another one that snap-locks on for anti-leakage insurance. This makes it very versatile in many different situations.

In terms of add-ons, it comes with a handle that you can put on and off according to whether you need it or not. Moreover, it features a steel straw, and of course, its corresponding cleaning brush. These, more often than not, come in very handy so they count as a major plus for it.

When it comes to the design, it is quite sleek and stylish, but it doesn’t have a powdered finish. This makes it prone to scratches and the like, and it might also affect the longevity of the color. The non-sweat factor is also omitted which might a downside for some people who can’t handle sweaty hands.

The bonus that might trump the other inconveniences is that it’s safe to throw in the dishwasher, thus improving its convenience, especially with frequent use. And to top it off, it comes with a lifetime warranty for maximum assurance. Don’t forget to register for it within 14 days of purchase though, unless you want to lose out on it!

What we like about this tumbler

Good design? Check. Reliable material? Check. Practical and dishwasher-safe? Check, check, and check! If you can turn a blind eye to the minimal flaws of the Atlin Sports Tumbler, it can surely be a strong candidate for the title of the best coffee tumbler for you!

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Which is the Best Coffee Tumbler?

Even though the competition is extremely close, we have one clear winner that barely failed in any department, and it is the BEAST coffee tumbler.

In this review article, we tried to include as many factors as possible, especially those that have to be taken into consideration in order for the product to suit the particular needs of any customer. The BEAST passed this wholesome test with a nearly perfect score, and we know we can’t go wrong recommending it to you.

Introducing the Coffee Tumbler, the Most Practical Coffee Container

For those of you who might still now know what a coffee tumbler is, let me present to you this wonderful tool. This is a mug made specifically to hold any type of beverage, whether hot or cold and preserve it through journeys and travels while maintaining its temperature. Its’ purpose is to allow the user to have his drink always with him so he can consume it on-the-go.

Carrying your good ol’ coffee that is homemade with you whenever you go, without taking the risk of it spilling at all, becomes easy with a coffee tumbler. Moreover, a good quality one will enable you to drink it as fresh as it was out of your Coffee Percolator, Cold Brew Coffee Maker, or Chemex Coffee Maker.

Not all products are made equal though. For a coffee tumbler to function like we ideally described it, there have to be certain conditions in order to make sure it will deliver the desired performance. So, before you reach to your Coffee Storage, let us take a look at some of these.

Picking the Perfect Coffee Tumbler: What to Look for

Here are the 5 things you need to look for.


It goes without saying that checking the material is of utmost priority when choosing any sort of product. In coffee tumblers, although more expensive, stainless steel ones are generally preferred over their steel counterparts. Their efficiency has been proven by experience.

Moreover, the unique, protective layer that ensures the insulation of the liquid and the maintenance of internal temperature is of particular importance. In fact, some might even have two of them, although most have at least one. This is an obligatory element for maximum functionality, so make sure that it is present while checking out the product.


A coffee tumbler is supposed to be leak-proof, although it is not always the case. That is why you shouldn’t assume such a characteristic and check out the lid in particular in order to ensure no future leakage. The best ones come with airtight vacuum lids, they are the safest choices.

Additionally, many brands omit to add a sturdy lid to their tumblers, because buyers often just assume it does the job and doesn’t bother making sure. Thus, only choose ones that have quality lids that totally prevent leakage. And luckily for you, we already did this research!

Additional Features

More often than not, there are so many similarities between any two given products that it is extremely hard to make a final judgment, and this is where consideration for additional features comes into play. While they might not be groundbreaking additions, these occasionally give a slight convenience that makes them worth the investment.

For example, some tumblers come with straws or a handle that just make using them that much easier, so why not profit from them? Moreover, some manufacturers even offer a warranty for the product, although it isn’t very common. Thus, you can have a lot more insurance over your purchase.


The aesthetics of any the coffee tumbler is the cherry on top of the cake, of course. And for something you always carry around with you, you might as well give it importance. And it also goes without saying that, apart from the design, you want to make sure it has maximized longevity without changing shape or color, or have any defects. So our final goal is not just to have stylish coffee tumblers, but also ones that are durable and don’t get old fast.


These are, generally speaking, not the big things that might outright make a product not suitable at all. Rather these are the minor details for those who are nit-picky and aim for perfection. These are also the feature that will offer more convenience in the future, so you might as well give more attention to them.

For example, there is a category of tumblers that features a non-sweat finish. This comes in handy when you’re holding hot coffee just out of your Cuisinart Coffee Maker, as it will prevent your hand from getting hot or sweaty. If you are interested in its benefit, you should check out for it when choosing your tumbler then.

There’s another feature that might be a deal-breaker for you, and that is the washing of the coffee tumbler. What we mean by that is whether it is dishwasher safe or not, because some products are only washable by hand, and that might cause a nuisance for you. This is especially troublesome for coffee enthusiasts because it is a strong drink both in taste and smell. Thus the mug needs to be washed every time, and most of us are too busy for this chore.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a DeLonghi Coffee Maker, an Aeropress Coffee Maker, or even more expensive products, such as the KitchenAid Coffee Makers, Pod Coffee Makers, or Pour Over Coffee Makers, if your coffee isn’t hot when you’re drinking it. Well, that’s why tumblers where invented, and that’s why they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. If you’re one to enjoy sipping your hot energy drink while on the move, get a cup of coffee and take your time reading our review, your days will never be the same!

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