5 Best Programmable Coffee Makers for your Kitchen


5 Best Programmable Coffee Makers For Your KitchenAre you a coffee addict and do you need a steaming hot cup of your favourite coffee the first thing you wake up in the morning? If you are, then the programmable coffee machine is the best solution for you to effortlessly get your first coffee of the day exactly as you desire; with the right quantities of everything from coffee to sugar to milk. There are many types of coffee makers in the market like Vacuum Coffee maker, Drip Coffee Maker, Espresso Coffee maker, Thermal Coffee Maker, Percolator etc; however Programmable coffee makers really prove to be the best coffee machines by the virtue of the comfort that they provide.

Unlike any other coffee makers, the programmable coffee maker would make your life easy and prepare that perfect brewed coffee for you just as you prepared the last time, all you need to do is ‘set it and forget it’. Imagine how much you would appreciate someone who would prepare a lovely bedtime coffee for you and welcome you as soon as you wake up. Women generally wish their husbands could give them this comfort. But don’t worry ladies!!! This master chef coffee maker will bring a smile to your face every morning by providing great brewed coffee every day. There are  multiple variants of programmable coffee makers; let’s have a look at them:

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Bonavita 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

Bonavita BV1900TD Automatic Programmable Coffee Brewer product image

This programmable coffee maker has an auto-start timer with a digital display which also shows the temperature of the equipment. This 8-Cup Glass Carafe brewer brews the coffee perfectly for you; without any hassles of testing the water level or temperature of the water inside the pot. Since it can prepare and store up to 8 Cups of coffee; it makes easier to prepare coffee quickly when you have a larger group of people visiting your house. It has a flat-bottomed filter basket and a wide showerhead through which the filtered water is poured in. This ensures that the water is uniformly touching the filter and gives a uniform brew.

The water level is maintained at a temperature which is neither too hot nor too cold; which actually brings out the flavour in the coffee. The glass brewing pot enables us to see the water and coffee boiling and depending upon how much you want your coffee to be brewed, you can take it off the heat. We also are able to see how much coffee is remaining in the brewing pot. The pre-infusion cycle evenly distributes the coffee beans and spreads the flavour evenly in the brewing pot, such that every sip that you have of the coffee, the aroma and taste remains the same. This magic chef coffee maker comes with a 2-year warranty; so you can rest assured that it will serve with complete delight for a good tenure.

What We Like About It

The auto start timer and auto stop option is something that is the best feature of this chef coffee maker. The stainless steel lined thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot even if you want to drink it after some time. This stainless steel programmable coffee maker will add value to your kitchen appliances and set a style statement in front visitors and guests. It is surely beauty along with comfort and also not a hassle to clean or wash it.

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#2 – Cuisinart DCC-2650 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DCC-2650 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker product image

This is a stylish fully automatic programmable coffee make which can capacitate 12 cups at one go. It comes in two variants – Glass Carafe or Thermal Carafe. The Thermal Carafe is fully insulated with stainless steel lining to keep the coffee warm. The Glass Carafe is very stylish and well designed with steel linings at the bottom. The ergonomic handled gives a sturdy grip to the jar so that the coffee doesn’t get spilt while pouring. This 12 cups stainless steel coffee maker has a digital timer with buttons on the display wherein you can set the temperature to high, medium and low. The fully automatic feature can actually be programmed up to 24 hours before the coffee is prepared and it has an auto shut-off option as well.

Being one of the top programmable coffee makers, it adds value and style to your kitchen- be it parties get-togethers, this Coffeemaker is bound to be noticed by all. It is BPA free, which means cleaning and safety is not a concern at all. It has an extraordinary Brew Pause feature that lets you enjoy your coffee even if it not completely brewed. Amongst the buttons on the panel, it also has a Self-clean button; if you press that, the machine will clean all the unwanted percolation out of the system and clean itself. It also has a 1-4 cup setting feature which is a very unique one.

What We Like About It

This machine truly gives the feeling of a naturally homemade perfectly brewed coffee despite the fact that its machine made. Just program it and leave it and it will never disappoint you. Moreover, the large size of the Carafe is a great help when you have many guests at your house. Its gold tone commercial style permanent filter and the charcoal water filter cleans the water naturally and makes sure it is free of all impurities.

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#3 – Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker

Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker product image

This machine is again one of the best programmable coffee pot, which ensures you get your desired and perfectly blended coffee any time of the day.  Braun, being a global brand, is well known for its design and innovative technology of products. This coffee machine is also one such innovation. It is a fully programmable machine, which can give you pure flavour brew from the first cup to the last drop. This programmable coffee maker comes with an assurance to keep the taste and flavour consistent throughout its lifetime. It also comes with a unique feature of Bold Strength Selector that is a function on the display panel that allows you to choose the strength of your coffee; how would you like it mild or strong.

Some people prefer their coffee mild whereas some want it strong; hence this bold selector can pacify everyone’s needs. The beautiful design and look are also admirable and something that your guests will be wooed with. The large digital display panel has small push buttons like brew, auto on, auto off, clock, set, clean, 1-4, strength and temperature. By far, it looks like one of the best master chef coffee machines which brings comfort and style to your kitchen. Some of its parts are also dishwasher safe which means that you can easily clean it as well without any damage.

What We Like About It

The design and look of this machine itself make it one of the best programmable coffee maker. The LCD display panel has buttons for various functions that are self-explanatory and user-friendly with which anyone can prepare a great brewed coffee. Another feature that is personally appealing is its anti-drip system, which ensures it is a mess-free operation allowing you to have your desired coffee without spoiling the equipment or your kitchen floor as well.

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#4 – Hamilton Beach (49980A) Single Serve Coffee Maker and Coffee Pot Maker

Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Maker and Coffee Pot Maker product image

The Hamilton Beach coffee maker comes with a complete stainless steel body, which is a two-way brewer offering Single serve as well as Full Pot brew both.  Which means it comes in handy if you want to prepare a single cup of coffee for yourself or for your entire family at one go. This is one of the best 12 cups programmable coffee makers which gives you the feel of a café shop whilst sipping on it in your living room or lounge area of your house.

Despite the features of an avid café, this still remains a very affordable household utility machine. It comes with a Travel mug as well, which you can actually fill your coffee and carry to work every day; you can withhold up 14 ounces of coffee in your travel mug. It has a permanent mesh coffee basket at the carafe side of the machine. You can also select your brew strength whether you want or strong.

What We Like About It

Apart from the design, the look and the features; one unique characteristic this machine has is the two-way brewing system; which is quite a relief. The Hamilton Beach coffee maker is known as one of the best programmable coffee makers due to its top loaded features and affordable cost. Another interesting feature is the travel mug; so you don’t miss your home coffee even if you on the run, carry your travel mug filled with delicious coffee every day.

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#5 – Mr Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Bundle with 1 Month Water Filtration

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker product image

This excellent Mr Coffee programmable coffee maker has exemplary features that no other programmable coffee maker would offer. Apart from the coffee, it also looks at the water filtration, chlorine check and freshness component of the machine on a regular basis. Its unique water filtration technology removes and filters out 97% of the chlorine from the water taking care of the impurities. you simply need to lift and clean the filter basket and your cleaning job is done.

There is another stark quality in this machine; you can always wake up to a freshly brewed coffee as you can set delay timer which lets you brew your coffee ahead of time. There is an inbuilt freshness timer that keeps a track of the freshness components of the brewer. It has a unique power saving technology as well; wherein the machine sets itself off every 2 hours automatically, thus avoiding heavy electricity bill. It has a complete stainless steel thermal carafe which keeps the coffee warm even for several hours.

What We Like About It

The water filtration, chlorine checking and freshness timer features in this coffee maker make it the best cheap programmable coffee maker.  The automatic power shut-off option also is an innovative method which is not available in any machine who makes master chef coffee.

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How to Choose the Top Programmable Coffee Maker in our List

An extensive research was done before presenting the above-mentioned products to you. Customer reviews and honest feedback was accumulated before declaring that these are some of the best variants of programmable coffee makers in the market. However when you are about to invest for your coffee maker for your house; then look for the following features that are a must for any coffee maker:

  1. Programmable Settings: Since you are looking for Programmable coffee makers, the settings and their adjustments really play a vital role in the selection criteria. If the settings and buttons are difficult to operate, then the entire job of making the coffee would go down the drain.
  2. Auto Shutoff feature: This is one feature that should be looked for in a programmable coffee maker as it would avoid any unnecessary use of electricity and also avoid any unforeseen events from happening. You could be in a hurry and forget to turn off your coffee machine; in such a situation this auto shut off option really comes in handy.
  3. Water Filter: It should a good water filtration mechanism in place to ensure we drink the most hygienic coffee always and don’t compromise on our health.
  4. Mixing of the Ingredients: We purchase programmable coffee makers for sheer luxury and to save us the hassle of preparing it ourselves. But no one would like to compromise on the taste of their perfect coffee.

Different types of Programmable Coffee Makers:

There are various types of programmable coffee makers available in the market these days; some are fully automatic whereas some others are semi-automatic. Some coffee machines like Bonavita come with 8-Cup Carafe brewer whilst some others like Cuisinart, Hamilton and Mr. Coffee come with a 12-Cup Carafe option and we also have some other machines with only 1 cup carafe.  The Carafe type is also different in different Coffee Makers; some of them come with Glass carafe while the others also come with Stainless Steel with a Thermal Inner lining. The feature of Auto Shut-off is also a unique feature which is available only in some Programmable coffee makers. Coffee makers like Hamilton also come with 2 way brewer option; wherein one side will be a 12- Cup Carafe and on the other side, you can have a single brewing option.

This one also offers a Travel Mug so that you can fill in your favorite coffee and carry it along with you. Another feature which distinguishes coffee makers from each other is the Set timer facility wherein you can set the timer for you coffee to start brewing so that early morning, you can have a fresh cup of coffee in your hand. Some Coffee machines like Mr. Coffee also come with advanced Water Filtration option, which makes sure that you have pure, germ free water used in your coffee every time. Above all these, the look of each Programmable coffee machine is different than the other. Some come with a simple One pot brewing option with push buttons, whereas the more advanced ones come with an LCD display panel with buttons for each feature.

Why you need the Best Programmable Coffee Maker in your Kitchen

Coffee is something that can be consumed by everyone anywhere. There are many people who are avid coffee lovers and who like to explore the tastes of coffee from various café and eating joints like Café Coffee day, Barista, Star Bucks etc. Imagine how would it be if the same CCD or Barista coffee is made at your home as well and that you can enjoy that lovely coffee without spending any money and go anywhere? You get the best tasting coffee the way you want it, in the comfort of your house.

This is like a dream come true, right? Machines like programmable coffeemakers enable us to bring home that luxury and enjoy our favourite coffee every day without any hassle. Moreover, this machine has additional features like Full Carafe drink, auto lock facility, temperature setting etc. Hence it is good to have a good coffee maker in our house to make our lives easy.

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