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Food preparation is a time-taking job. It requires you to perform many sub-actions to make your final recipe. Chopping, mashing, stirring, boiling and frying are few of them. You can drastically reduce your cooking time if you have the necessary kitchen gadgets such as sharp knives, good quality chopping board, potato masher, skillet and other kitchen utensils. Having required food preparation tools saves your energy as well.

A potato masher is one such amazing tool which saves you from laborious kitchen work and gets the job done in little time. It is useful to make perfectly smooth consistent mashed potatoes. The following mashers are the 5 best potato mashers useful for daily mashing task in your kitchen. These are well known for their awesome quality.

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#1 – OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Masher

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Masher with Cushioned Handle product image

This is one of the best potato mashers that are available in the market. The quality of the product is so good that you can use it for long time without any worries. It has a wide wire head made up of stainless steel and a solid handle which can very well absorb pressure. Since its head is broad, it goes very well with pots, platters, cookware, as well as bowls. Also, you can cover up a large area of the item you’re mashing in a single go. The handle is soft and made up of rubber so it won’t hurt your palm even when you apply a lot of force. The handle is non-slippery whether it is wet or dry. The handle gives you a good grip to hold the masher and allows you to apply your desired pressure.

Storing of this stainless steel potato masher is very easy as the shaft comes with a wide hole. It enables you to comfortably hang it somewhere in your kitchen and can quickly access when you need it. So when you are busy with your cooking, you don’t need to spend the time to search for it. This wire potato masher is dishwasher safe so you don’t need to wash it by hand. It is used not only for mashing potatoes but also for fruits and root vegetables. It gives you amazing experience using a potato masher. This product has got best potato masher reviews from users.

What We Like About It

The prime part of this potato masher is its outstanding quality which has made it the best potato masher. It has all the required qualities of a good potato masher. An ideal combination of excellent quality, easy storage and wash, comfortable hand-grip, compatible with different containers and multiple uses if offers have made this potato masher a great consumer friendly potato masher. You can enjoy the best potato mashing time and also you will be fully satisfied as you get more than what you pay for buying it.

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#2 – KUKPO Stainless Steel Potato Masher

KUKPO Stainless Steel Potato Masher product image

This is one Potato Masher which looks simple in its appearance but its design is highly sophisticated. This is distinctive from other Potato Mashers as it has horizontal grip. So you don’t need to apply too much pressure, you can apply just gentle pressure to get the work done. This uniqueness has made this utensil the best potato masher ever. Also, the horizontal grip is broad enough, so you can hold and carry comfortably. It has a wide mashing plate with holes of two different sizes. The holes on the plate are not too small or big.

So this way potato masher not only mashes well but also it is convenient to clean up. You can just wash it up under running water. It is always better to use warm water to clean this up to avoid growth of fungi from leftover potato particles. This can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. The mashing plate is made up of stainless steel. But, the firm horizontal handle is covered with rubber so it is soft and comfortable to hold. Mashing plate is joined with the handle with two vertical stainless support pillars. The dimensions are 6.8 x 4.5 x 3 inches. You can use this to mash potatoes, vegetables and fruits to get them smoothly mashed. This potato masher is the must to keep kitchen utensil item in your utensil drawer.

What We Like About It

Traditional vertical handles demand too much force to apply while mashing. But this limitation can be overcome by using this innovative kitchen utensil. Particularly people who are suffering from arthritis find this potato masher very comfortable to use as mashing activity can be finished by applying light pressure. You don’t be tired even if you need to mash great quantity of vegetables and fruits. Moreover, you can have comfortable and fun kitchen activity and will definitely find mashing easy with this potato masher.

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#3 – ZYLISS Potato Masher

ZYLISS Potato Masher product image

This potato masher is made up of superior quality stainless steel so it is very strong and sturdy. It has potato mashing plate as a base which contains small and large holes. It is featured in such a way that small holes are inside and the larger holes are outside and around the perimeter of the mashing plate. So it mashes nicely without leaving any clods behind. The handle is smooth and soft rubber one and gives a secure grip. The handle is about 5-6 inches. You can apply any amount of pressure comfortably and get the job done very quickly. The storage is easy as it contains a hanging hook inbuilt in the handle.

The specific feature of this potato masher is it has an integrated silicone surface. It greatly helps in removing all the mashed substance from the bowl for minimal waste. You can use this potato masher on your chopping board or in any container. It looks in a triangle shape. As it is dishwasher safe, it just needs simple care from you. This potato masher is awesome for making quick mashed potatoes effortlessly. The durability has made this product a very good cook tool. This is the favorite hand help potato masher for many chefs. It has the right angle to make the mashing action flawless. It makes the mashing action very comfortable.  You will surely find this very helpful for daily use.

What We Like About It

This zyliss potato masher is an amazing potato masher for rapidly making mashed potatoes. The durability of this potato masher is high and it does a commendable job in making creamy smooth mashed potatoes. This tool is much preferred among all as it is perfect for mashing potatoes. It has got everything that makes an amazing potato masher. It has a comfy handle, perfect mashing plate with a right size of holes, easy storage feature and also needs little care to handle.

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#4 – JAMIE OLIVER Stainless Steel Masher

JAMIE OLIVER Stainless Steel Masher product image

This is almost 11 inches long potato masher. It is made up of brushed stainless steel so the chances of bending and metal fractures will be very low. The handle is rubber made and hence gives you fine experience using it. The long handle is comfortable especially if you use narrow width bowls and pots. This long handled potato masher has mashing plate base with small and large holes. The holes inside are small and the outer holes are large. This type of set up profoundly helps in making the fine consistency of mashed vegetables and fruits. It has an integrated bowl scraper made up of silicone. So you can take out everything that mashed out of the mixing bowl.

The handgrip contains a hole which is featured for hanging. So you can hook it anywhere in your kitchen. This potato masher is dishwasher safe and makes cleaning easy for you. After you use it, simply place it in your dishwasher and the washer will take care of the cleaning process. You can use this for mashing potatoes, vegetables, meat, baby food as well as fruits. If you add this item to your kitchen utensil family, it will help you like your close friend. It perfectly meets all your mashing activity needs. This is the most comfortable potato masher for tireless cooking and you can make soft sweet mashed potatoes with less effort.

What We Like About It

It greatly helps in making the right textured potato mashers potato. As it is sturdy, you can be tension free using it. You can apply any amount of pressure that is required to mash your stuff. The long soft handle gives you a good grip. Different sizes of holes on mash plate help you in making lump-free mashed potatoes. You can use it without worrying about breakages. You can make the mashing work done speedily with this potato masher.

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#5 – Good Cook Classic 9-Inch Chrome Potato Masher

Good Cook Classic 9-Inch Chrome Potato Masher product image

It is one of the good kitchen mashing gadgets. It has a plastic handle and chrome plated broad wirehead. This wide grid wire is connected to hand grip. It is strong enough and meets your daily mashing requirements without any hassles. It has a hole built in at the beginning of the handle. So you can hook it somewhere in your Kitchen drawer or pot rack. Cleaning is quite easy as it does not contain any holes and its head also is very broad. You can simply clean it by hand with cold or hot water. This potato masher dimensions are 9 x 1.8 x 3.5 inches. You can use it mash to vegetables, fruits and few other food items.

The cost of this masher is less when compared to other potato mashers. As this is a cheap potato masher, anyone can afford it. If you are a person who worries about the durability of potato mashers and not willing to spend more, this is the best option for you. Though the price is less, it has good durability and has got positive feedback from users. It is compatible with any container which means you can use it to mash potatoes and other vegetables in a steel or glass or wooden bowl. It is always advisable not to use glass bowls for mashing activity because as we apply enough pressure to mash our stuff there is a chance of breakdowns.

What We Like About It

The cost of this potato masher is less and it fulfils all your kitchen mashing activities. It comes with wide chrome covered wire which enables fine mashing. The plastic handle gives good grip while mashing. All the comforts this potato masher offers like easy cleaning, nice mashing experience, easy storage, strong handle and chrome plated wire etc has made this product liked by many customers. It is in the list of potato mashers which always get good potato masher review from users.

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How we Choose the Top Potato Masher in our List

Among all the large variety of potato mashers that are available in the market, the above five branded potato mashers are the best potato mashers. The following reasons are mainly considered for choosing them in our list.

  1. Quality: Whether it is a regular model or innovative model, the quality of the product matters ultimately. The above five potato mashers are great in terms of quality. The user does not need to worry about durability and can comfortably use it for long period.
  2. Storage: All the above models are easy for storage. Barring KUKPO Stainless Steel Potato Masher, all these potato mashers comes with a built-in a hole in the handle. However, the broad horizontal hand grip itself is useful to hang the Kupko potato masher in your kitchen.
  3. Cleaning: All the potato mashers are dishwasher safe. So they can be easily cleaned up after use either by hand or by using the dishwasher. Hot water can also be used as they are made up of either stainless steel or come with chrome plate.
  4. Handles: The handles are made up of rubber or They are comfortable to hold and do mashing.
  5. Study: They are all made up of quality materials and hence strong enough to apply high pressure as well.
  6. Fine base: They come with a wire head or mashing plate with holes. So they are very useful to mash quickly and make smooth stuff.

These potato mashers consistently get the best potato masher reviews from users as they give maximum satisfaction in terms of quality and comfort. Prices of these potato mashers are also reasonable.

Different Types of Potato Mashers

Potato masher is a small kitchen utensil and assists you greatly in your kitchen. They are available is different models. Few of them have a wire head attached to handle and other potato mashers have mashing plate with holes which is joined to handle. Most of the potato mashers will have vertical handle. Modern innovative potato mashers featured with horizontal handle too. People suffering from first stages of arthritis will find horizontal handled potato masher very comfortable to use. Horizontal handled potato masher can do the job without you applying too much pressure

Handles are mostly made up of plastic or rubber or stainless steel. Depending on the material used to make potato mashers, the prices will differ. Few potato mashers are not dishwasher safe. Hence before you buy one potato masher for your kitchen, you need to check if cleaning can be done by hand or safe to use dishwasher to clean your potato masher. Almost all the vertical potato mashers have inbuilt hanging hole. So it is easy to hang it on the wall or your kitchen pantry.

You can make somewhat lumpy consistency mashing potatoes with wire head potato mashers. Whereas, potato mashers with mashing plate as base help making smooth soft lump free mashing potatoes. So, perfect mashing plate potato masher is very useful to make baby foods. Also, after tonsillitis surgery or any oral surgery where you can take only soft food, this potato masher comes quite handy to make smooth potato mash. All the models have their own special features. You need to pick one that matches your family needs.

Why you need the Best Potato Masher in your Kitchen

Collection of your kitchen utensils is incomplete without you adding a fine potato masher to your utensil drawer. It helps you to complete your mashing activity quickly without leaving any lumps. They reduce a lot of your cooking time. Having no potato masher makes cooking and mashing tiresome. Few people use fork spoon for mashing but it cannot be a good potato masher alternative. A small potato masher is worth trying. People also choose best potato ricer instead of mashers for making fluffy mashed potatoes. But any potato masher is simple to use than the best potato ricer. With a potato masher, you can take all the quantity to mash at a time so it reduces your cooking time. This makes your food preparation effortless and saves a lot of time. If you compare best potato masher review with best potato ricer reviews, you find masher is less complicated and more useful than potato ricer.

One potato masher is useful to make a wide range of food recipes. The list includes breaking broccoli to make a salad, preparing egg salad and breaking walnuts into pieces etc. You can use it for mashing potatoes, other root vegetables, fruits, cooked eggs from your egg cooker and many more. If you are creative, you can think of many more ways to use it.  Keeping a potato masher in your kitchen helps you greatly whether you cook for a big family or smaller one or preparing food to take to Potluck. If you want to prepare baby food with lump-free consistency, having a potato masher is a must. Potato mashers are quite economical as they do not need electricity or gas. Once you pay the price to buy a potato masher, that’s all. You don’t need to spend any extra money. Pick one that best suits your cooking requirements so you can enjoy effortless, time-saving and fun mashing task.

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