Top Decoration Ideas to Enhance your Modern Kitchen Extension

The kitchen as we remember it, contained in a separate room, is now part of history. Nowadays, our cooking, dining, and living areas have become parts of one bright and open-plan layout. Open-plan kitchens provide a more sociable area for families to spend time together, and at the same time, they’re adaptable to changing needs. However, accomplishing this requires creating additional space, so a kitchen extension is the next logical step.

There are some functional options for you to consider when going for a kitchen extension. You can combine rooms by removing walls, or you could add space by converting a garage or basement, as well as building an extension next to your existing kitchen. Whatever you choose for your kitchen extension project will require careful planning. Once you’re settled on how to plan it, be sure to take a moment to look at the kitchen extension prices so that you can budget the entire project better. Don’t forget to take clippings from magazines, look online, and see what has been built in your local area for inspiration. All these factors will affect your budget.

Once you have a rough idea of the size and type of extension, you’ll need to work out a plan, as well as find an architect or builder for the actual construction.

Top Decoration Ideas to Enhance your Modern Kitchen Extension

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Be budget-friendly when planning

A multifunctional and large kitchen, with a cool and efficient design, is now a high priority on every 21st-century modern family wishlist. A larger kitchen with lots of free space is really the way forward. It will make your life easier, especially now when we are all spending more time indoors.

When planning, building and perfecting that dream kitchen extension, it is easy to spend a fortune. By thinking outside the box that doesn’t always have to be the case. You can get that extra square footage for less than you might think. A small extension might not even need planning permission. Pinning or toothing a structure to an existing wall can also save you time and money on building costs.

Budget kitchens can look super high-end with vinyl flooring as an alternative to tiles and real wood. And you can use all wall space available to incorporate storage onto your walls and backsplash. You can buy hooks, rails, and racks that will hold all sorts of kitchen appliances.

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Hire an architect

Hiring an architect will make sure that your plans are structurally sound. They will take care of plumbing and electrics, and recommend or manage contractors.

The architect should be hired at the planning stage and advise you on lighting, extraction, and zoning of the new space. The layout of your kitchen comes down to an individual choice, but it is preferable to position cabinetry so that you can enjoy garden views, socialize with the rest while cooking, or supervising children.

Highlight structural features with a strong color palette

The new fancy extension will increase the light flooding into your home, so be adventurous with color in your new kitchen. Working against a white or neutral backdrop, make a strong statement with a central island and yellow modern stools that create a fancy and unique look. Use high-end vinyl flooring and door frames to complement the stainless-steel appliances. Uplift the scheme with bright yellow cupboards and matching pendant lights that draw the eye upward to impressive roof lights.

Depending on your building and type of kitchen extension, you may need a steel joist to reinforce the ceiling. If so you could embrace them by leaving them exposed and painted yellow to provide a striking visual for this contemporary feature. Architects suggest that it is better to turn structural steel beams into a part of the design, so consider black patio window frames and black steeled beams that can bring balance and interest to a white and simple kitchen.

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Lose the walls and go for glass windows

You can make your kitchen extension more than just a cooking area if you create a large and modern open-plan living room. A glass box kitchen extension allows more natural light into the new space, allowing views of the garden beyond. The bi-fold doors will blend the inside and outside, leaving lots of natural light to illuminate the units and dining space, keeping the living area inviting and cozy with complementary yet inviting tones so the whole family can enjoy the space.

If you like to add warmth and soul as well, try leaving exposed brickwork. This creates an instant focal point in the room and teamed with some industrial decor in the form of stylish pendant lights and barstools, it will give off a more rustic but at the same time urban vibe. Reclaimed bricks look best as the irregularity of color and texture will complement well with other tones in your flooring and cabinetry.

Top Decoration Ideas to Enhance your Modern Kitchen Extension

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Organize your kitchen storage

When building an open-plan space, you need to think carefully about the aesthetics because your kitchen will always be on the show. So when planning storage, organize it in a way that is easy to maintain. Think beyond the obvious places you’d store your items and consider where to stash everyday things such as electronic devices, homework books, and children’s games.

Bespoke cupboards, and other storage such as built-in furniture, can save you heaps of time and ensure you’re utilizing every inch of space!

You’ll need to ensure that messy areas, such as sinks, aren’t directly visible while planning in central features such as a seating area or wine cabinet.

Finishing words

When building a new kitchen extension there are no illusions, all options require time and money but it’s a decision many of you will celebrate. We hope these kitchen extension ideas will inspire and help you create your perfect space, transforming a cramped layout into an inviting modern space for cooking, dining, and family time.