Best Bags For Restaurant Delivery Services

Cooking delicious food is an art, but delivery is another. It’s making sure that your specialty is just as hot (or cold) and delectable as if it came straight from your kitchen to your customer’s front door. It’s keeping food safe and secure to make sure it looks the same on the menu and on the actual food tray while being driven at top speeds, and even amidst inclement weather.

Best Bags For Restaurant Delivery Services
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Delivery can be demanding and it can be the deciding factor for a satisfied customer, a whopping tip for your rider, and even your claim to fame that can make your restaurant go viral with a single post, especially at this time when online ordering and food delivery is at its peak. Restaurant delivery services, whether in-house, catering, or third-party, can boost revenue, and delivery bags are an essential competitive edge. As such, choosing the best bags for delivery services is a must.

Choosing The Right Delivery Bags

Food delivery bags are an investment and must be chosen carefully to meet your restaurant’s needs and your customer’s demands. Key features in choosing a food delivery bag include the following:

  • Weather-proof exterior
  • Foam-insulated interiors
  • Snug closures and heavy-duty handles
  • Design configurations that keep food without spillage
  • Anti-bacterial and dishwasher-safe materials for easy cleaning
  • Storage
  • Additional features that can carry menus and coupons, as well as hold your logo and contact numbers

It is also best to consider the radius of your delivery as it can be a factor in choosing hand-carry delivery bags, backpack-type delivery bags, or heavy-duty food carriers for multiple orders and greater distances. At Incredible Bags, you can find a variety of these with a guarantee that you will find one suitable for your restaurant delivery needs.

Best Bags For Restaurant Delivery Services
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Below is a list of the best bags for restaurant deliveries:

1. Insulated Food Delivery Bags

Insulated bags are widely utilized by restaurant delivery services for their versatility. Insulation ensures hot food retain their heat while keeping cold items cool. Insulated food delivery bags come in various shapes and sizes, and choosing the most suitable for your dishes and accompanying containers can spell a successful delivery. Key things to look for in an insulated bag is its quality, cost, and suitability. Restaurants can wisely invest in an insulated bag that’s weather-proof and heavy-duty, especially with multiple orders and deliveries.

Insulated bags can have vinyl or nylon exteriors to shield food from the elements and keep it safe during delivery. Inside insulation, on the other hand, helps food retain their heat and can be achieved with a foam lining that’s about 1 to 2 inches thick. Just make sure that your chosen delivery bag is a good fit for the take-out containers your restaurant uses in order to lessen spillage and temperature loss.

2. Pizza Delivery Bags

Pizza is often the kind of food you first think of with food delivery and it’s no coincidence that pizza delivery bags are among the most popular types. Pizza delivery bags are often rectangular in size, with exteriors ranging from polyester, nylon, and PVC. Nylon-lined bags are great for pizza delivery because it allows food to breathe and is great in maintaining pizzas’ crisp. Pizza delivery bags can also carry side orders such as French fries or mozzarella sticks. It also works well for subs, wraps, wings, and strombolis.

Depending on the thickness of the pizza bag, it can accommodate anywhere from two to nine stacks of pizza boxes. You can also opt for a delivery bag that comes with a hook and loop closure to ensure that the pizza box and its contents are not deformed. Additional features of a pizza delivery bag include reinforced handles, and some even have interior aluminum racks to keep pizzas in place. Some pizza delivery bags may also have an ID window ideal for holding menus, coupons, or tickets and receipts.

3. Customized Insulated Tote Bags

Insulated tote bags serve as eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic bags used as delivery packaging. These handy bags keep food items at their optimum temperature of cold and heat, as well as are small in size yet sturdy on the outside and inside thanks to tough handles and reinforced bottoms. These delivery bags also have bonus customizability. Restaurant owners can use these printable tote bags to increase brand awareness and even serve as promotional offers for customers. Insulated tote bags are great for hand-carry deliveries and can have multiple usages because of their eco-friendly and reusable characteristics.

4. Backpack Type

Backpack-type food delivery bags are ideal for bicycle or motorcycle deliveries as these can be conveniently strapped to the rider’s back and even have reflector strips to ensure safety while on the road. Backpack types often have top zippered closures and can be used to deliver burgers, sushi, and kebab. It has beverage compartments inside and the aluminum lining keeps temperatures ideal for hot and cold food and drinks. An innovation to this delivery bag type is a combination of an isothermal backpack and a pizza bag that can be laid horizontally on a bicycle’s handlebar mount.

5. Food Carriers

Food carriers work best with large food delivery orders or for catering events. These heavy-duty bags are often nylon-insulated and equipped with hardboard bottoms to ensure stability for pans and casserole dishes. Most have durable handles and some may even require trolleys for transport. These bags are also convenient for carrying additional orders of beverages and extra orders that can fit on the side pockets. Food carriers are also ideal for long-distance deliveries as these bags can maintain temperatures for up to four to six hours.

Food Delivery Bags As An Advantage

Good food begins in the kitchen and ends with a satisfied customer. Food delivery services are now the trend, and restaurants can find it beneficial to expand their reach and increase profit by offering this type of service. Choosing the right food delivery bag can be an added edge to ensure efficient delivery and create customer satisfaction, as well as brand loyalty. The key to choosing the right delivery bag is taking into account its qualities to keep food as hot or as cold and as presentable as it is on the menu. Restaurants must also consider its durability for transport and succeeding deliveries. A delivery bag not only travels the distance to your customer’s front door or office, but it can also spell the success of your restaurant delivery service.