10 Best Kitchen Timers for your Kitchen (2021)

Best Kitchen TimersWe created a roundup of the ten best kitchen timers of 2021. We began building our selection by examining ratings and reviews from Amazon shoppers. Then, we asked our colleagues, friends, and loved ones to test them out for us. We made sure that our test group consisted of both novices and experts. And here is our up-to-date list for 2019.

Kitchen Timer Review Center 2021

ImageKitchen TimerRating
HOME MOST 3" Large Display Kitchen Timer - Digital Timer Magnetic Back Loud Alarm On A Rope- White Cooking Timers For Kitchen Teachers Students Games Kids Meetings - Sports Timer For Workouts Exercise#1 - Home Most Kitchen Timer98%
Albayrak Kitchen Timer, Chef Cooking Timer Clock with Load Alarm, No Batteries Required, 100% Mechanical - Magnetic Backing, Exquisite Stainless Steel Body - Countdown Reminder - Silver 1Pack#2 - Albayrak Kitchen Timer92%
KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Timer with Mute/Loud Alarm Switch ON/OFF Switch, 12 Hour Clock & Alarm, Memory Function Count Up & Count Down for Kids Teachers Cooking, Large LCD Display, Strong Magnet (1)#3 - KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Timer92%
YOOYIST Commercial 4 Channels Kitchen Timers Restaurant Timer Loud Alarm Cooking Reminder Stainless Steel Clear Display for Multiple Events#4 - Yooyist Commercial Kitchen Timer90%
ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer with Dual Countdown Stop Watches Timer/Magnetic Timer Clock with Adjustable Loud Alarm and Backlight LCD Big Digits/ 24 Hour Digital Timer for Kids Teachers#5 - ThermoPro TM02 Kitchen Timer90%
Wrenwane Kitchen Timer (Upgraded), No Frills Simple Operation, Big Digits, Loud Alarm, Magnetic Backing, Stand, White#6 - Wrenwane Kitchen Timer90%
Kitchen Timer, 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer Magnetic Countdown Stopwatch Timer With Loud Alarm, Big Digit, Back Stand, Hanging Hole for Cooking, Shower, Bathroom, Kids, Teacher - AAA Battery Included#7 - Antonki 2 Pack Kitchen Timer88%
OXO Unisex Good Grips Triple Timer Stainless Steel/Black#8 - Oxo Unisex Kitchen Timer82%
KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer, Red#9 - KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer82%
Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer, Stainless Steel Model eT-23, SUPER Strong Magnetic Back, Loud Alarm, Large Display, Auto Memory, Auto Shut-Off#10 - eTradewinds Elegant Kitchen Timer80%

We also searched high and low online and through social media pages to include the most varied opinions we could find. Our test group used every single function on each of the timers in our list and also provided feedback on its form factor and visual design.

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By gathering all this data, we were able to compile this roundup of the ten best kitchen timers of 2021. So here are more comprehensive details regarding each of the kitchen timers in our shortlist and the results of our thorough tests:

#1 – Home Most Kitchen TimerHOME MOST 3" Large Display Kitchen Timer - Digital Timer Magnetic Back Loud Alarm On A Rope- White Cooking Timers For Kitchen Teachers Students Games Kids Meetings - Sports Timer For Workouts Exercise

The large digits on the Home Most digital timer are a blessing for those who want to know the data that they need with a glance, and especially for those without 20/20 vision. It can be conveniently placed anywhere in your kitchen for you to easily read the time.

There are three options to position the timer anywhere you want. You can use its magnetic back, retractable stand or its foldable hook. It’ll sit on flat surfaces, stick to the fridge, or you can even hang it around your neck if you’re on the move.

Its digital timer can be set from 1 to 99 minutes by using just three buttons. You can choose the time to count up or down. It comes with a loud alarm to tell you when your time is up. The alarm will sound for a minute.

A AAA battery comes bundled with this product. It uses very little power, even when on standby. There’s an automatic reset button that sets the timer to the last used setting.

The Home Most kitchen timer is small at 3.7 x 3 x 1.6 inches and weighs just 100 grams. It’s matte white and looks sleek.

What We Like About It:

Those of our friends who are fond of multi-tasking in the kitchen greatly appreciate the fact that the timer could be set with just one hand. The pro chefs in our test group found this important for setting timers, especially for sauces that need constant stirring.

Everybody in our test group found it quick and easy to set their desired time. Some chose to set it to count up, while others to count down. Both methods were easy to configure through the panel of this device.

Because of its compact size, we like how we can slip it into our pockets and go out or continue with other jobs in the house. When in the kitchen, the numbers are incredibly easy to read, and you can hear the alarm from all over the house (depending on the size of your place). So this is why we unanimously agree that Home Most had produced an easy to use, simple to operate kitchen timer at an excellent price.

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#2 – Albayrak Kitchen Timer

Albayrak Kitchen Timer, Chef Cooking Timer Clock with Load Alarm, No Batteries Required, 100% Mechanical - Magnetic Backing, Exquisite Stainless Steel Body - Countdown Reminder - Silver 1Pack

The Albayrak Kitchen Timer is a mechanical timer that doesn’t require batteries. This is a nice feature for people who are trying to contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing the carbon footprint emissions of the devices they regularly use. It’s made from 304 stainless steel. Not only does it look attractive, but it’s also water-proof and corrosion-resistant.

It can be attached to any metal surface with its strong magnetic backing. It isn’t just limited to the kitchen. Its durability and style make it ideal for any room in the home or the workplace. Considering that it’s made out of stainless steel, it’s lightweight at just 96 grams.

To set the timer, simply turn the dial from between 2 to 60 minutes. You’ll hear a quiet ticking sound, letting you know that the timer’s working.

Its alarm is 70db. This is loud enough to be heard over light conversations and within a 10-meter range. But at the same time, it isn’t annoyingly obtrusive.

This product’s a well-priced kitchen timer. Albayrak offers a one-year replacement warranty and lifetime technical support. It also comes bundled with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What We Like About It:

While the design has come along way, the turning of the dial and the gentle ticking made some of us feel quite nostalgic, taking us back to Grandma’s kitchen. At the same time, we could proudly display the timer for our peers to see because of its attractive appearance.

This product’s magnet backing is highly functional. It covers the whole of the back of the timer. Our testers who had children found this to be a huge advantage as it was difficult for little children to pull it off the surface and adjust the time. And again, for some of us who have children, we liked that the alarm was loud enough for us to hear, but it didn’t wake our sleeping kids and babies.

But some pro chefs in our test group doubted the accuracy of this device at first. They thought it would be difficult to set the exact time. However, they soon found out that its dial is large and sensitive enough to set to the exact minute. And all together, we found Albayrak an excellent value for money as a traditional, accurate timer with a modern design.

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#3 – KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Timer

KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Timer with Mute/Loud Alarm Switch ON/OFF Switch, 12 Hour Clock & Alarm, Memory Function Count Up & Count Down for Kids Teachers Cooking, Large LCD Display, Strong Magnet (1)

The third kitchen timer on our list is more than just a timer. It can count up, down, display the time, and you can set the alarm. It’s simple to switch between its functions by pressing the mode button.

The timer can be set at up to 99 minutes. Luckily, there’s a fast forward button, which means you won’t be wasting time pressing the minute button 99 times. And once the time is complete, the alarm will sound at 70 to 90db. This is a loud, beeping sound and not the usual alarm clock ring.

Additionally, there’s a mute & flash option. This makes the KTKUDY perfect for situations where you don’t want to hear an alarm. This also makes it user-friendly for those with hearing difficulties.

This kitchen timer weighs 14 grams. There won’t be any problem for you to use its three magnets to stick it to metal surfaces. You can also use the pull-down stand or the hook to hang it.

A AAA battery is required, but this doesn’t come bundled with this device when you buy it. On the other hand, it’s on and off toggle button can help you reduce draining the battery and extending its use.

What We Like About It:

We loved the multi-functions of the KTKUDY. While we originally intended to use it in the kitchen, most of us ended up carrying it around, sticking it to any available surface in the room we were in. It became part of the family routine to set the timer to achieve mundane jobs.

On a similar note, the alarm can be heard from a good distance. Some users were in the living room and could hear the alarm from the kitchen. Others were able to hear the alarm in the bathroom.

Not many of us bothered to switch it off. Instead, we preferred to set it to clock mode. Its numbers were so easy to read, it was quicker to read the time than other traditional clocks that we had in our test environments.

Its other features, such as its memory mode and the fast-forward function added to its ease of use. We found the KTKUDY particularly beneficial for the elderly to set alarms as reminders. Meanwhile, it’s flash mode is perfect for those who are hard of hearing.

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#4 – Yooyist Commercial Kitchen Timer

YOOYIST Commercial 4 Channels Kitchen Timers Restaurant Timer Loud Alarm Cooking Reminder Stainless Steel Clear Display for Multiple Events

We believe this product is more suitable for a commercial kitchen. However, we also consider it to be useful for busy homes as well. Plus, there’s no need for batteries because it plugs into an electric outlet.

With the Yooyist digital timer, you’re able to set 4 individual timers. This enables you to monitor the time for multiple recipes, baking activities, and other kitchen tasks. Each timer can be timed for seconds, minutes, or hours.

It weighs 698 grams. While it’s significantly heavier than others, it’s also not as relevant as it’s not designed to be carried around. The additional weight is due to the stainless steel housing though it’s easy to clean by just wiping a cloth over it.

You can attach the Yooyist to any metal surface with its magnetic components. If you prefer, there’s an option to wall mount this kitchen timer.

Each of its four timers has a high decibel buzzer alarm. Its volume can be adjusted to high, middle, low, or no sound.

Timers and reminders can be set as alarms and adjusted with its soft-touch buttons. This kitchen timer’s digital display is easy to read, and there’s a mode to remember its last settings.

What We Like About It:

The pro chefs in our test group loved this kitchen timer because of its adjustable volume on its alarms. A commercial kitchen is not always loud, and sometimes, it isn’t necessary to have a high decibel alarm.

And for home users, we found this timer especially useful when it comes to busy moments at the house. One timer could be set for dinner, another for homework, etc. It can help keep the family more on track together.

Compared to standard kitchen timers, this is more expensive. On the other hand, it’s no more expensive than having to buy four decent kitchen timers. And it’s cheaper than other commercial kitchen timers.

With a one-year warranty, we felt we got our money’s worth. Buyers in Amazon use words like “outstanding” and “the best kitchen timer ever.” So it isn’t only us who were impressed by the functions of the Yooyist kitchen timer.

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#5 – ThermoPro TM02 Kitchen Timer

ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer with Dual Countdown Stop Watches Timer/Magnetic Timer Clock with Adjustable Loud Alarm and Backlight LCD Big Digits/ 24 Hour Digital Timer for Kids Teachers

ThermoPro provides us with a marvelous multi-function kitchen timer. This product can be set anywhere between a minute and up to 23 hours 59 minutes, making it useful for more than just cooking. Plus, there are two digital timers for monitoring more than one task.

As well as the timer, there’s a calendar and a clock mode. The clock can be set in 12 or 24-hour mode. All the information that you need is easy to read on a 2.6-inch digital screen with a backlight function.

Its alarm has adjustable settings. You can choose between high, medium, low, and off. The alarm has a decibel volume of between 70 and 105 with low to high options.

Other features include its 2-way mounting option. There’s also a magnetic backing and a pull-out stand for it to sit on any flat surface.

The box contains a user manual as well as 2 AAA batteries. You’ll be ready to set the timers as soon as you receive the ThermoPro kitchen timer. Once you register your purchase, the one-year warranty is extended to 3 years.

What We Like About It:

Its adjustable volume is certainly a feature that everybody has fallen in love with, and it’s also nice that you can turn the alarm off before the minute is up. On the other hand, one of our testers has a double oven, and they said this was the perfect timer for them. Previously, they had two timers. But now, they’re able to replace it with just this one.

Its digital display is quite easy to read. And from a distance, nobody realized beforehand just how much of a difference its backlight made.

Also, we like the design of this product as it’s quite clean and smart. Its logo is modern-looking, and its rounded edges look different from other square-shaped timers. Once stuck to a fridge, it almost looks part of the appliance. And even the pro chefs in our test group admitted that for its price, this timer could be a great addition to a commercial kitchen.

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#6 – Wrenwane Kitchen Timer

Wrenwane Kitchen Timer (Upgraded), No Frills Simple Operation, Big Digits, Loud Alarm, Magnetic Backing, Stand, White

The Wrenwane digital kitchen timer is a no-frills yet highly practical timer. It’s small but has a large digital display and large buttons. You can set it to count up or down with a maximum time of 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

Its screen is of high-quality HTN. This means you can see the digits from all angles. The glare from any light source won’t stop you from reading the info on its screen.

Wrenwane seriously considered the customer feedback that they got for their previous model. They made several improvements because of these comments. So the battery compartment of this product is now better, and it’s on and off toggle switch is larger.

Both methods to place the timer have also been improved. Plus, its kick-out stand has been made more durable, and its magnets are stronger than before. Also, there’s a hanging hook for those who want this feature. Meanwhile, the manufacturer of this product decided it was time to remove the irritating beeping sound when setting the alarm.

Its alarm is nice and loud. And there’s a last timer setting function. It can easily be heard from another room, but it won’t drive you crazy.

What We Like About It:

It must have been the slightly rounded edges and the round buttons, but some of us were taken back to the Tamagotchi toys from the 90s, causing us to fall in love with the design of this product immediately. Plus, we value a company that listens to what the clients say and work to make its products better.

Wrenwane advertises this as a no-frills kitchen timer. To some extent, they’re right. But we don’t feel that the description does this product justice.

It’s quick and easy to use. It looks good, and it’s great value for money. We like the various buying options, too. The pack of 2 and the other pack of 5 make each timer significantly more affordable.

We positioned this timer in various places within the kitchen. Testers were happy with the size of the display and the lack of glare from different angles. We also had a good pull on the kick-stand. And unless you’re aggressively trying to break it, it’s considerably durable.

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#7 – Antonki 2 Pack Kitchen Timer

Kitchen Timer, 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer Magnetic Countdown Stopwatch Timer With Loud Alarm, Big Digit, Back Stand, Hanging Hole for Cooking, Shower, Bathroom, Kids, Teacher - AAA Battery Included

The 2-pack Antonki digital kitchen timer might be one of the best value sets you can get this year. One can be for the kitchen, and the other can be dedicated to other tasks like exercise or homework.

You can set timers to control cooking time or to help your children get motivated by doing certain activities. The handy pause button means you can have a time out without resetting the timer.

There’s no on and off toggle button on this product. It has been designed with power-saving technology. 1 AAA battery will last for 18 months, according to its manufacturer and some buyers. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll get a pack of 2 AAA batteries with your purchase. Just make sure to remove the plastic film though before trying to insert the batteries.

There are three ways to place the Antonki kitchen timers. There are strong magnets on the back of the timer. Also, there’s a stand for flat surfaces, and there’s a hanging hook that comes bundled with this product.

Its alarm is loud enough to be heard despite the usual hustle and bustle of a family kitchen and also from another room. Its decibel level is approximately 96db.

What We Like About It:

Anytime a parent gets a new toy or gadget; it seems to be regularly “borrowed” by their children, never to be seen functioning properly again. But this 2-pack has solved this household problem! Your kids can fight over their timer while you still have yours for kitchen use.

And even if you don’t have kids running around in and out of your kitchen, it’s still an excellent buy. One can be set for your kitchen tasks, while the other can be used for exercise or work.

These timers are so easy to set that children can use these by themselves. The screen is large, and the numbers are easy to read, even for seniors. So we felt that this set is perfect for families.

Its alarm is loud. Perhaps too loud for some, but we appreciate the fact that you can be upstairs or downstairs and still hear it. Also based on our tests, it seems that most children can hear it over the TV (so no excuses). Meanwhile, those who are hard of hearing had no issues in using this product.

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#8 – Oxo Unisex Kitchen Timer

OXO Unisex Good Grips Triple Timer Stainless Steel/Black

One of the main reasons the Oxo kitchen timer made it to our list is because of its unique design. This wedge-shaped timer looks more like a calculator. Its angled shape allows for clear visibility when it’s placed on countertops. It’s also equipped with non-slip feet for optimum stability.

There are three timers that are displayed simultaneously. Its soft-touch buttons labeled 1 – 9 provides you with the ability to type in the exact time you want, without continuously pressing any buttons.

For students, its timers can be set for one long event with intervals. So you can take a break or resume with your study schedule. And the same system can be set for work or exercise.

There’s also a memory function that can save you lots of time re-programming. It also has a clock feature for times when you aren’t using it. Plus, it automatically switches to clock mode when not being used.

Each timer can be set with a unique alarm sound. This is for you to know which task is complete, depending on the alarm that goes off. Also, it comes with 2 AAA batteries.

What We Like About It.

Those who use this kitchen timer for a specific task loved the design. It’s great for kitchen surfaces and desktop areas. It was also very useful for many of our friends in our test group who often multi-task in the kitchen.

Its unique individual alarms were something that was favored by almost all of the pro chefs and novice kitchen lovers in our test group. For us, this means that not only are you warned when a particular task is complete. Instead, you can also choose which alarm you prefer. So you aren’t just stuck with a ring or a beep.

Plus, having three individual set buttons for the three timers made it easy to choose which timer you wanted to set. Again, you don’t need to keep pressing a button to set a specific timer.

Overall, it has a reasonable price for the multiple features that the Oxo kitchen timer has to offer. It has a long battery life, even when you are constantly using it.

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#9 – KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer

KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer, Red

KitchenAid offers a timer with a unique design. Its slanted face makes it easy to read from any table, countertop, or flat surface. Its digital screen is semi-circular, as is its button area.

The metal rim around the top breaks up the color of the timer, adding to its appeal. This is the only timer in our top 10 list that’s available in other colors. You can choose from black, blue or red.

Its push-button operation is child’s play. The timer can be set to a maximum of 9 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.

You’ll be able to hear the alarm clearly over a noisy kitchen and from a neighboring room. The alarm sound is a buzz, rather than beeps or rings.

The KitchenAid timer is easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth. Also, it automatically turns itself off when it isn’t in use so that you can save on battery power. 1 AA battery is supplied, which is all you need to begin using this product.

There’s a warranty for one year on parts, along with hassle-free replacements. If any piece of the timer is defective, then it has a lifetime warranty and will be replaced for free.

What We Like About It:

The first thing we noticed was how solid and durable the kitchen timer felt. There was nothing flimsy about its components and materials. Some of us received a silver rim, while others got a chrome rim. We found both options quite attractive, in any of its three available colors.

Many of our friends who tested this timer while baking was grateful for its pause button. This allowed them to momentarily stop the timer, check the progress of cakes and pies before restarting it from where it left off.

Although not advisable, this timer was accidentally dropped and successfully passed the bounce test. A veteran chef in our test group also stated that the KitchenAid doesn’t rust or corrode after years of use.

We felt that this is another reasonably priced timer that works accurately and looks nice. We recommend buying two 2 or 3 units and have a set of different colors.

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#10 – eTradewinds Elegant Kitchen Timer

Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer, Stainless Steel Model eT-23, SUPER Strong Magnetic Back, Loud Alarm, Large Display, Auto Memory, Auto Shut-Off

eTradewinds makes a bold claim, stating its magnets are the strongest listed anywhere. And they also say that this elegant digital kitchen timer won’t easily fall off your fridge, unlike 99% of others in the market. But aside from its incredibly powerful magnet, there’s the option to hang this timer on the hook, or through its retractable stand.

You can set the timer for anywhere up to 99 minutes, choosing to change both seconds and minutes. It can count up or down, depending on your preference. By holding the button down for 2 seconds, you’ll be able to fast forward the numbers, saving time and energy.

It’s super compact and lightweight. It easily fits in your pocket so that you can take it anywhere. Also, its alarm is loud at 75-80db, yet just a soft beep. You can hear it from another room without problems.

Useful features of this product include auto shut-off when not in use and auto memory for repetitive tasks. For its elegant looks and useful features, it’s reasonably priced and has an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

What We Like About It:

Its gray stainless steel buttons are very elegant. But some of us in our test group prefer the stainless steel model with sparkly plum-colored buttons. That’s because this brightens the timer up a little bit.

Its buttons are equipped with a soft-touch design, making it quick and easy to push. Also, setting the timer is straightforward. And by holding the start button, we can clear our time and start fresh.

Meanwhile, the volume of its alarm is just right. It’s enough for you to hear clearly, but not scare the living daylights out of you.

Many of the pro chefs in our test group acknowledged its simplicity and appreciated its accuracy. They also liked that it was easy to clean.

After being so confident about the magnets that are equipped with this product, we had to thoroughly test the strength of the eTradewinds. We purposely placed it at a ridiculously low height, perfect for pets and children to knock off. And true to their word, the timer remained on the refrigerator.

So, after extensive testing and also based on the in-depth reviews of our friends and others across the globe, we put together this list. Many of these timers have similar features, and we chose others because of their popularity and their unique characteristics.

Overall, everyone in our test group agrees that each of these products has its own merits. This is how we compiled our roundup of the ten best kitchen timers of 2021.

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What is Kitchen Timers?

A kitchen timer is a valuable tool for any kitchen lover. These gadgets are also used by professional chefs. The main benefit of a kitchen timer is that it can help you prepare, cook and warm up your recipes and meals in more or less the right ways, all while reducing the risk of over or under-cooking your treats and dishes.

For example, an egg timer is among the earliest types of kitchen timers. What it originally did was to inform you that a hardboiled egg is ready to be taken from boiling water. But since there are a variety of ways to cook eggs, many manufacturers designed egg timers for particular purposes. This is to provide you with a means to be informed as soon as your fried, poached, hard and soft boiled eggs are ready.

Soon enough, other kitchen timers were created for various types of food. Another example is a cake timer. As its name implies, this is used to inform you that the cakes you’re baking can be taken from the oven and cooled. As you may have noticed, these kitchen timers are mostly for food that you won’t be able to look at or touch while it’s cooking.

The earliest kitchen timers were hourglass timers. These mostly contained sand that trickled from one bulb into another through a narrow tube. A certain amount of sand is placed in one bulb, timed and re-calibrated until the target amount of time for all sand to transfer from one bulb to the other is achieved. These traditional hourglass tools were the first egg timers.

Modern Kitchen Timers

But of course, what we have today are more sophisticated kitchen timers. These often have electronic mechanisms and digital components. And instead of getting a kitchen timer for a particular type of food, you can find tools that are designed to accommodate a variety of dishes, meals, snacks, recipes, and treats. The objective of the companies that manufacture these modern-day kitchen timers is to make it more convenient for kitchen lovers and pro chefs to prepare, cook and re-heat different types of food with the aid of just one multi-purpose device.

Also, people are doing a multitude of tasks and activities simultaneously through their mobile devices, smartphones, and computers among other Internet-capable gadgets — Many of the kitchen timers today are equipped with advanced technologies for keeping pace with the lifestyles of many pro chefs and kitchen lovers. This presents more feature-rich devices that can provide lots of benefits and advantages for everyone in general.

But this presents a serious problem, especially for beginners and novice cooks and your average kitchen enthusiast. That’s because these options make it quite challenging to spot the most suitable kitchen timer in the market today for their exact purposes.

Lots of them can end up with the wrong kitchen timers, negatively affecting the results of their duties in the kitchen. Imagine the problems this can cause those who are starting a small food business. By ending up with the wrong kitchen timer, you’re likely to waste more food than what’s expected from a new business that prepares and serves food.

This can even cause health complications. Remember, certain types of food have specific holding times. Once you go beyond this, it’s likely to become a health risk to your family, friends, colleagues, loved ones, and customers.

So to help you avoid these issues, you need to carefully consider the most important factors that can help you identify the right set of kitchen timers for your exact needs. And here are some of the most crucial factors that you shouldn’t ignore when trying to choose the right product for your particular objectives in the kitchen:

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Timer?

You need to compare the ten best kitchen timers of 2021 in our roundup using several vital factors. This can help you quickly pinpoint the right kitchen timer in our shortlist for your particular purposes. Or at least, this can help you trim our list down to the products that can exactly match your parameters and common activities in the kitchen. So here are the most important factors that you should keep in mind:

  • Size— The size and visual layout of the components of your kitchen timer can greatly affect your experience in using it. For example, a timer that’s too big won’t be able to fit in your pocket. This means you need to place it in a particular area in and around your kitchen, and you’d need to go to that area just to look at it and confirm before or after you get an alert.
    On the other hand, a kitchen timer that’s too small would likely make it difficult for you to look at the numbers on its panel with a glance. So your job at this point is to strike a balance between its size and usability, in terms of your particular situation;
  • Form Factor — Getting a kitchen timer with buttons that are too small won’t likely give you a convenient experience, especially if you have a tad bit large fingers. Meanwhile, big buttons are often available on larger kitchen timers. And as for putting a kitchen timer in your pocket for optimum convenience, its buttons shouldn’t be easy to accidentally press while inside your pocket or bag. Otherwise, you’d mess up the timing that you’ve configured for your current recipe;
  • Additional Features — It’s quite common for kitchen timers to beep at certain intervals. This is to provide you with audible alerts. However, if you have noisy kitchen equipment running, talking on the phone while you cook and have kids running around screaming, then you’re likely to miss those audible notifications. So you might want to consider getting a kitchen timer with a flashing LED light along with a beeping sound, just so you won’t miss its alerts even if you’re in a noisy environment, or in an area that’s far from your timer. Also, a rechargeable unit is more convenient than replacing the battery of your kitchen timer from time to time;
  • Guarantees & Warranties — A kitchen timer is a modern electronic device with digital components. So just like smartphones and the like, it’s bound to breakdown on you from time to time, especially if you don’t choose wisely. So keep in mind to invest in a high-quality kitchen timer from a reputable manufacturer. Also, keep your eyes peeled for kitchen timer manufacturers that provide reasonable warranties for their products. For example, a 2-year warranty that comes bundled with a kitchen timer often indicates that its manufacturer has thoroughly tested their product and found out that it can last a couple of years or more even with moderately heavy use; and
  • Price & Freebies — A kitchen timer that comes bundled with a few useful freebies like a recipe book, a table or a chart with info about the timing configurations when preparing popular meals and treats can be very beneficial for your activities at the kitchen. So consider these things along with the other factors mentioned here so you can correctly compare the overall value that you can get from any of the ten best kitchen timers of 2021 that we prepared for you here against the price that you’d need to pay to get one.

Do You Need a Kitchen Timer?

You’re recommended to get any of the ten best kitchen timers of 2021 in our roundup, especially if you do a lot of complicated recipes, meals, and dishes in your kitchen. But even if you just prepare and cook your favorite snacks and treats from time to time, you’re still advised to get the right kitchen timer that can best suit your common objectives. That’s because when you have one, it’ll be more convenient for you to do your regular kitchen activities. Plus, you’ll be able to reduce mistakes when preparing, cooking, and warming up your food. Besides, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get a kitchen timer.