10 Best Tofu Press for your Kitchen (2021)

We’re here to talk about the ten best tofu press products this year. Now, this is a crucial kitchen tool for vegetarians. Lots of delicious vegan recipes, gourmet meals, and snacks depend mainly on tofu as its primary ingredient.

Best Tofu PressAnd that’s chiefly because tofu is made from soybeans, has sufficient nutritional content and can absorb a variety of flavors from different herbs, spices, sauces, and marinades. This is the main reason why a lot of vegetarian recipes and other vegan treats depend on tofu to produce sumptuous flavors and aromas, all while ensuring that you can get the recommended dose of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

But tofu isn’t just for vegetarians. That’s because it can be mixed and matched with a huge assortment of food, including meat, fish, and chicken. It can be used as an additional ingredient that can add a new dimension of flavor to your favorite meals and snacks. Tofu is a versatile ingredient that a lot of meat lovers and vegetarians alike are continuing to use for their recipes.

We gathered loads of information to come up with a list of the ten best tofu press of 2021. Aside from the results of our tests, we spoke to several professional vegetarian chefs to ask their opinions. We also spoke to home users who swear by their presses to try theirs. Finally, we scrolled through online reviews and social media pages to get a more overall understanding about the top 10 tofu presses of the year.

Tofu Press Review Center 2021

ImageTofu PressRating
Gourmet Tofu Press/Marinating Dish - Clear. TofuXpress removes moisture from tofu and other foods automatically without mess.#1 - TofuXpress Tofu Press96%
Simple Drip Tofu Press - Easily Removes Water from a Tofu Block. Includes a Built in Tofu Strainer and Attachable Drip Tray#2 - Glue Theory Simple Tofu Press96%
EZ Tofu Press - Removes Water from Tofu for Better Flavor and Texture.#3 - EZ Tofu Press94%
The Original Super Tofu Press by TofuPresser - Sold on Amazon since 2011 | The Easiest Way to Remove Water From Your Tofu#4 - Tofu Presser Original Tofu Press92%
Tofu Press - a unique and stylish tofu press to transform your tofu by Tofuture#5 - ToFuture Tofu Press90%
Raw Rutes - Tofu Press (Ninja) - Remove Water from Tofu OR Make Your Own Tofu or Paneer - USA Made from FDA Approved Stainless Steel#6 - Raw Rutes Tofu Press88%
Homemade Tofu Press-Maker Mold Box Plastic Soybean Curd Making Machine#7 - BU-Bauty Homemade Tofu Press84%
Soyajoy Premium Total Tofu Kit#8 - Soyajoy Premium Tofu Press82%
Handy Pantry Plastic Tofu Mold/Press with Cheesecloth - 5"x4"x3" - Makes Over 2 Lbs of Tofu Per Batch - Dishwasher Safe - Reusable#9 - Handy Pantry Tofu Press72%
Kenley Tofu Press Kit - 4-Spring Extra Firm Tofu Cheese Presser Drainer - Quickly Remove Excess Water and Improve Tofu Dishes - BPA Free#10 - Kenley Tofu Press Kit62%

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While we very much appreciated the views of our peers along with other kitchen lovers and pro-vegetarian chefs, our list is mainly based on the results of our thorough tests. Still, a lot of culinary experts were able to provide valuable insight into some features that we may not have initially considered. But we wanted to provide feedback that we could back with tangible results. So, without further ado — Here is our list of the ten best tofu presses for 2019:

#1 – TofuXpress Tofu Press

Gourmet Tofu Press/Marinating Dish - Clear. TofuXpress removes moisture from tofu and other foods automatically without mess.

The TofuXpress is made from 100% FDA-approved food-grade materials. You can rest knowing that no harmful chemicals were used to make the gourmet tofu press. It is nice and compact at 5 x 5 x 5 inches, weighing just 1.05 lbs. It’s easy to store away without taking up a lot of space.

Lots of pro cooks tested the TofuXpress for five years, making sure it stands the test of time. During their thorough evaluation, it was consistently effective in removing water from tofu. It can also be used in cheeses and veggies. You can double its use by marinating food in it as well.

This tofu press is made and assembled in the USA. This guarantees a quality product and is backed with a 1-year warranty. Inside the box, you’ll find a marinating lid, instructions, a recipe guide, and handy blank recipe cards. You’ll be pleased to know that the press can be placed straight in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

What We Like About It:

It’s just so simple to use; there are no fiddly nuts or bolts. You just have to put the tofu in, place the lid on top, and once it is clipped in, the spring does all of the work. We found that 10 minutes was long enough for soft tofu. If you prefer hard tofu, then you can leave it for 30 minutes.

One of our testers had never used a press before. They were amazed at how this press worked so efficiently. They decided that although it was one of the more expensive models, it was definitely worth the price.

We also really liked the extras that came with it. It was a very useful pot for marinading meat. We had a good look at the TofuXpress website, and we were pleased and inspired by some of their recipes.

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#2 – Glue Theory Simple Tofu Press

Simple Drip Tofu Press - Easily Removes Water from a Tofu Block. Includes a Built in Tofu Strainer and Attachable Drip Tray

Glue Theory has thought carefully about its tofu press design. The main theme with this press is simplicity. The tofu is placed on the drainage tray, while its top plate squeezes out excess water. This is then collected in a detachable tray, which you can simply remove to drain.

The tray is large at 9 x 5.5 inches. It easily fits most slabs of tofu. It’s well-designed in the sense that it’s almost flat-packed so that it can be stored on its side inside your cupboard.

The press functions through 2 easy-turn handles on the top of the press. Its metal nuts and bolts are made from food-grade stainless steel to prevent rusting. All plastic elements are made from BPA free plastic. Its plastic trays are all dishwasher-safe.

Also, Glue Theory is confident in the quality of their tofu press. They’re offering a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

What We Like About It:

It goes without saying that we value the BPA free plastic and food-grade stainless steel parts of this product. It’s nice to know that preparing a healthy meal won’t compromise our health in other ways. At the same time, the plastic is strong and feels durable.

During our tests, we did notice that the Glue Theory Simple Drip tofu press was a lot easier to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. We felt more motivated about pressing tofu, knowing that it wouldn’t take long to clean than it would press the tofu.

A buyer used the word “Tofu-rrific,” which we thought was a good way to describe this product. The same person appreciated that the tofu didn’t sit in the extracted liquid while being pressed.

Part of our testing was to contact the customer service providers of the product manufacturer. We asked various questions and were very pleased to discover that they were both helpful and knowledgeable about their product.

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#3 – EZ Tofu Press

EZ Tofu Press - Removes Water from Tofu for Better Flavor and Texture.

With this large tofu press, you’ll be able to press standard size blocks of tofu. It measures 9 inches long, and even with the metal components, it weighs just 1.1 lbs. There are handy markings on its bottom plate, so you can line up the tofu for even pressing.

All parts of the EZ tofu press are made in the USA. Its press platforms are ESDA-approved plastic and BPA-free. Its bolts and nuts are stainless steel. It’s easy to clean manually with soapy water, or the platforms can go in the dishwasher.

You’ll need to pay a little attention, as you have to tighten the screws every two minutes to gradually increase the tension. There isn’t a tray to collect the water, so the best option is to use this vertically over a plate.

This tofu press focuses on retaining flavors while extracting water in around 10 minutes. It comes at an affordable price for high quality, American-made press.

What We Like About It:

We found that this works brilliantly for a firm or extra firm tofu. The amount of water that this product can remove leaves the tofu with a better texture.

The central markings were surprisingly quite useful. We thought they were just a sales gimmick at first. They’re indented so that they won’t fade over time or through constant use.

A few of our friends said they felt restricted by having to tighten the screws every couple of minutes. But many of our peers didn’t let this affect them as they already love the time and effort that they save by using this product.

Overall, it’s a fantastic tofu press that might require a little more effort, but the outcome is more superior, especially if you like getting golden brown tofu.

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#4 – Tofu Presser Original Tofu Press

The Original Super Tofu Press by TofuPresser - Sold on Amazon since 2011 | The Easiest Way to Remove Water From Your Tofu

The Original Tofu Press is made from some of the safest products in the USA. Its press plates and bin are BPA-free HDPE plastic that’s also FDA-approved. Meanwhile, it’s metal springs are food-grade stainless steel.

Once you put your tofu between its plates, the springs will apply even pressure. Its knobs can be turned for up to 50 pounds of pressure. This means that water is removed evenly, and your tofu block won’t fall apart in some areas.

You’ll have to place this over a bow or a plate to collect the water. But you’ll still save a lot of wasted paper towels when you do this.

The manufacturer of Tofu Presser did extensive testing before we got our hands on it. The springs on this tofu presser can handle up to 50,000 cycles. And there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if somebody is completely happy with their purchase.

What We Like About It:

It may not seem a lot to many, but we liked the footpads on the bottom of the press. They stopped the press from slipping and scratching the surfaces of our tables and countertops. This significantly improves our overall user experience.

Our friends who use tofu presses are quite impressed with how this product kept its shape. It was also nice not to be splashed by fat, unlike some that don’t extract all of the water.

Aside from having all the right health features like BPA-free plastics, it’s metal springs don’t rust. We found that even after a lot of use, the Tofu Presser Original Tofu Press stayed looking new.

Also, we decided to see if TofuPresser would keep their word with their 30-day money-back guarantee. The customer service agents we spoke with were quite polite and friendly. They didn’t make us feel like we had done something wrong. Nor did they make it difficult for us to get a replacement when some of our colleagues got units with slight factory defects.

It’s quick to set up, simple to use, and easy to wash. We consider this tofu press great value for money.

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#5 – ToFuture Tofu Press

Tofu Press - a unique and stylish tofu press to transform your tofu by Tofuture

Originally, the ToFuture tofu press didn’t make it to our list. There were some negative remarks about its brittle handles. But after speaking to the company and thoroughly testing the durability of the handles, we decided it deserved a place in the top 10.

ToFuture used BPA-free plastic to make the entire tofu press. There are a drainage box, drainage tray, and the press. It comes in a nice bright green color, which gives us a welcome change to the other common white and gray presses out there today.

The size of the press (6.9 x 5.5 x 3.7 inches) allows you to slip it in the fridge without occupying too much space. Also, this press has three clip handles, so you can gradually press the water out. The feet on the drainage tray are designed to prevent the tofu from sitting in drained water.

You can use this set for draining tofu and for marinading it too. If you visit the ToFuture website, you’ll find tips and advice on how to make your tofu from scratch.

What We Like About It:

The fact that you can put all of the pieces of this product in the dishwasher provided us with an extra peace of mind. We also found the 1-year warranty that comes bundled with this tofu press quite reassuring. But first of all, we tested its handles. And after weeks of being used every day by less than nimble fingers, we were satisfied that the issues with the handles easily breaking was most likely due to factory defects in a few units.

This product’s drainage system gives us the ability to put the tofu in the press and just leave it in the fridge, even overnight if we want. That’s because the tofu still comes out nice and firm with our desired texture.

Its rubber bands were a little tricky in the beginning. Once we had them mastered, we felt that they were a good system instead of tightening nuts and bolts.

The ToFuture tofu press is something that a child could use and still not make a mess all over the kitchen. It was great to have a practical kitchen tool that doesn’t occupy a lot of space in the fridge, dishwasher, or cupboard.

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#6 – Raw Rutes Tofu Press

Raw Rutes - Tofu Press (Ninja) - Remove Water from Tofu OR Make Your Own Tofu or Paneer - USA Made from FDA Approved Stainless Steel

While we admit this is rather expensive, we thought it was worth experimenting to see if the added expense increased our user experience. The quality of the materials is flawless. It’s made in the USA from FDA-approved stainless steel. There’s no need for additional screws, bands or springs. The weight of the press does all of the work.

There are two models to choose from, the Ninja Press and the Sumo Press. They function exactly in the same way. The water is drained and released through holes in the side of the main presser compartment. You’ll need to put something below the press to catch the water, such as a bowl or a basin.

Not only is it easy to hand wash, but it also has a stunning design. You’ll be proud to leave this tofu press on display. It will blend in nicely with any kitchen design.

But this product isn’t just for pressing tofu. You can also use it to make your tofu and craft homemade paneer cheese. It easily fits a whole standard-sized block of tofu.

What We Like About It:

Quite possibly, the best thing about this is the high standard of the design and materials used. As to not influence the opinion of our testers, our first assessment was based on appearance, and the Raw Rutes come out on top by a mile.

The lack of screws and springs makes it very easy to use. All you need to do is put the tofu in, press the weight down, and leave it. This also makes it easier to clean, as there are no small parts that need extra scrubbing.

A tofu press made completely from stainless steel impressed a lot of our friends, most of whom are pro chefs and avid kitchen lovers. The fact that 40% of this product’s components are recycled content made us feel like we’re helping the environment as well.

Meanwhile, when we tried to extract liquid from leafy greens, this product also did an outstanding job. So, considering its versatility, quality, and durability, this tofu press is well worth the money.

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#7 – BU-Bauty Homemade Tofu Press

Homemade Tofu Press-Maker Mold Box Plastic Soybean Curd Making Machine

Not too many want to spend a fortune on a tofu press. Also, not everybody is looking for a top of the line press, either. And for this reason, we thought it was fair to add the BU-Bauty tofu press.

This is a very basic, plastic box with a drainage platform and slits down the side for the water from your tofu block to drain away. The plastic is food-grade PP, which means there are no health hazards when it comes in contact with food. This product is also approved by the FDA after they conducted a series of thorough tests regarding design safety specifications.

It’s a good-sized box, but not as large as others. However, it’ll still fit an average-sized block of tofu. Plus, it’s super easy to hand wash.

There are no screws, springs, or weights. You’ll need to weigh down the lid with some form of a heavy object.

What We Like About It:

It was somewhat amusing trying to figure out the Japanese instructions. We didn’t let this become negative. Instead, we found it more authentic. That was until we found a very informative video telling us exactly what to do.

We were generally impressed with the results. The texture of the pressed tofu turned out a lot better than we expected. When cooking, we found that the tofu absorbed the flavors, as well as the other presses in this roundup, did.

Many of our colleagues felt the same way. It does exactly the job it’s supposed to, without hassle. Some of our friends even use this product to make paneer as cheese mold.

This just goes to show that a low price doesn’t necessarily mean a poor quality product. As one of the cheapest tofu presses on the market and complying with FDA standards, you can’t go wrong with the BU-Bauty tofu press.

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#8 – Soyajoy Premium Tofu Press

Soyajoy Premium Total Tofu Kit

As the name implies, this is more than a tofu press. Soyajoy has provided an entire tofu making kit, as well as a beautiful wooden box press. This comes at a decent size of 6 x 5 x 5 inches. Even if you just want to press shop-bought tofu, then this product’s big enough. You’ll be able to make 1.5 lbs. of tofu each time.

Included in the set is a wooden box made of bamboo. It’s lightweight, water and odor-resistant, durable and non-porous. Plus, its dovetail joints mean it isn’t just glued together.

Also included is an 8-ounce bag of natural nigari to make your tofu. The nigari has been collected from Cha’erhan salt lake from the Tibetan Highlands. It’s one of the best to use, as there are no pollutants that you’d find in seawater nigari. You’ll be able to make up to 100 lbs of fresh tofu.

The other advantage of the Soyajoy press kit is that it can be used to make silken, firm and extra-firm tofu. This makes it more suitable for those who like to make more than one kind.

What We Like About It:

It’s lovely to have the option of using a press that isn’t made out of plastic or stainless steel. All of our tests produced more natural flavors for our tofu.

We feel this kit is perfect for beginners and professionals. If you’ve never made tofu before, then you have everything you need through this product. If you’ve tried out different recipes and techniques, then you’ll be able to appreciate the fine taste of nigari.

The size and style of its box are beautiful. It isn’t too big or bulky. It’s also bound to nicely blend in with other natural features in a kitchen. One of our peers said this box was Japanese elegance, personified.

This product doesn’t have screws and springs. You’ll need to find something to weigh this tofu press down while using it. We thought that it was going to be a chore to clean. But on the contrary, its cloth took away all of the difficult work and just left us with its box to rinse out.

The price for the whole kit is incredible, especially as you can make delicious tofu with the nigari included. This is approximately the same price as the average tofu press.

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#9 – Handy Pantry Tofu Press

Handy Pantry Plastic Tofu Mold/Press with Cheesecloth - 5"x4"x3" - Makes Over 2 Lbs of Tofu Per Batch - Dishwasher Safe - Reusable

Handy Pantry has produced a tofu mold and press that covers all of the basic requirements. After contacting the manufacturer, we confirmed that it’s made out of BPA-free plastic and food-grade materials. It’s quite durable and can be placed in the dishwasher.

If you’re pressing store-bought tofu, then you just need to place it inside its box, place the lid on top and then use some kind of weight, as there are no springs or screws. Also, there are drainage holes in the bottom of its box, as well as slits along its sides.

Those who want to make there own tofu will find a cheesecloth included. This measures 15 x 15 inches, and it can allow you to make up to 2 lbs. of tofu at a time. The cloth is reusable and can be washed in the machine. For sanitation purposes, it’s advised to wash the cloth in bleach between each use.

There are no instructions that come with its box. But there are several online videos to offer tips and advice. It is well priced for a press and mold, particularly as the reusable cloth is included.

What We Like About It:

At first, we didn’t think the plastic material of this product can stand the test of time. But it’s more durable than we initially thought. Also, the quality of its cheesecloth is much better than expected. We soon realized that its square shape is more practical than many rectangle ones.

We were able to drain the tofu rather quickly with the combination of holes and slits that are integrated into this product. And after a little practice, most of our friends who tested this tofu press were able to get perfectly shaped blocks of tofu.

When we cooked both the store-bought and homemade tofu, its flavor and texture were comparable to the best ones we’ve tasted. The firmness of the tofu was just right. Half of our team left it to be pressed for longer, and this gave us a firmer block of tofu.

Our pro chef friends gave this product a go at making cheese and paneer with great success. It was nice to hear that they were also pleasantly surprised by the quality of their results for the price of the product.

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#10 – Kenley Tofu Press Kit

Kenley Tofu Press Kit - 4-Spring Extra Firm Tofu Cheese Presser Drainer - Quickly Remove Excess Water and Improve Tofu Dishes - BPA Free

The first thing you’ll notice about this product is its clean white design. While it doesn’t affect its tofu-pressing ability, its white finish looks much better than the off white ones in the market today. Also, it measures 9.3 x 6.1 x 4.6 inches. This is enough to press one or even two slabs of tofu side by side. All you have to do is tighten the springs and leave it to drain. This can take as little as 5 minutes, depending on how you like your tofu.

This product is equipped with four springs. Once tightened, you can achieve an even press, along with a professional-looking block of tofu. Its springs are food-grade stainless steel. The durability of these components has been thoroughly tested and can last for up to 50,000 cycles.

Meanwhile, its plastic components are 100% BPA-free HDPE material and approved for use with food by the FDA. Plus, the whole unit can safely go in the dishwasher.

And you aren’t limited to just pressing tofu. The Kenley tofu press can be used on soft cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. Whatever you choose to press can be left to drain while you focus on other things in and out of the kitchen.

What We Like About It:

The best thing about the Kenley tofu press is the speed in which it can press blocks of tofu. We assumed that it needs to be dabbed with a paper towel from time to time, but this wasn’t necessary. Also, the tofu tasted great, with high levels of flavor.

A few of our chef buddies decided that this would be the press for them because they were able to use it for more than just tofu. We were blessed to see just how easy you can make homemade cheese with this press.

When it came to cleaning it up after our tests, we were all grateful for the fact that it could go in the dishwasher without causing any damage to its parts and overall design. So for the money that you spend on the Kenley, you’re likely to find that you have an excellent, evenly pressed tofu that absorbs flavors and doesn’t spit when fried. None of the materials will cause harm to your health, nor will you be stressed trying to clean up afterward.

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Now there’ll always be someone with a bad experience in using any product. The tofu presses in this roundup made it to our list because the opinions of reviews, professionals, and day-to-day users like us mutually agree on the value of its features, usability, and benefits for its price. Once we considered all of these things, we created this list of the ten best tofu presses of 2021.

So what exactly is a tofu press? And how does it work? Plus, how can you choose the right product for your particular needs? Keep on reading — We’ll help you get the answers that you want, with as little pain as possible …

What is Tofu Press?

A tofu press is a kitchen product that’s designed to make your blocks of tofu much denser. Instead of manually pressing it to do this, which can cause certain irregularities in its shape, this product presses a block of tofu evenly. So what you end up with is a dense block of tofu that doesn’t have any unsightly dents.

Plus, manually pressing a block of tofu is quite challenging to pull off. Even professional chefs say they damage a few blocks here and there when they do this. And it isn’t as straightforward as you might think to salvage a damaged or unevenly pressed block of tofu.

How Does a Tofu Press Work?

A tofu press is designed to remove excess water from tofu. It has a plate that’s made out of food-grade, non-stick material. It’s there to evenly exert consistent pressure on a block of tofu. This process produces much denser blocks of tofu with a consistent amount of water in all of its interior areas.

Many of the tofu presses in the market today come with new features. These are designed to accommodate different sizes of tofu blocks. They’re also equipped with mechanisms and components that can make it quicker, easier, and much simpler for you to press your tofu blocks.

But of course, no two tofu presses are created equal. So here’s a quick checklist that can help you identify the most suitable tofu press in the market today:

How to Choose the Right Tofu Press?

There are several factors that you need to carefully consider while you’re searching for the best tofu press products today. Looking at these things as you review each of the products you’re interested in can help you quickly develop a shortlist of the top tofu presses that can satisfy your most important requirements. So here goes:

  • Food-Grade Safety — Of course, you wouldn’t want any harmful chemicals to come in contact with your food. So all your kitchen products should be made out of food-grade materials. They should also be tested and approved to follow the safety specifications of your government when it comes to products that are directly or indirectly used for preparing, cooking, and storing food. So keep this in mind later as you go through our roundup of the ten best tofu press of 2021;
  • Size & Shape — As described earlier, you should consider the most common sizes and shapes that you want for your tofu blocks. You’re advised to do this before looking for the right tofu press in the market this year. That’s because you wouldn’t want to purchase multiple tofu presses so that you can satisfy your requirements for each of your favorite recipes where you use tofu;
  • Sturdiness & Durability — You surely want a tofu press that you can easily control as you use it, right? Plus, you obviously wouldn’t want your tofu press to break down on you, especially while you’re using it, correct? And of course, you should pick a product that can last a long time, even with prolonged heavy use. This is especially true when it comes to products that come in direct contact with water and food, and also those that have moving parts or mechanical components. Otherwise, you’d end up buying a new product now and then, which won’t just cost you a lot of money, but also your time and effort;
  • Additional Features — As mentioned earlier, many tofu presses offer a variety of design enhancements, functions, and mechanisms not found in others. Of course, they do this to entice more people to choose their tofu presses over the multitude of others in the market today. So keep your eyes peeled for products with just the right set of additional features that can best suit your exact needs. Though be wary of bells and whistles that won’t do you any good. Always keep in mind that some manufacturers and vendors out there today are just out for a quick buck. You might end up paying more for something that you can get much less, all because of some add-ons that you won’t be using anyway;
  • Product Guarantees & Warranties — Remember, among the most important guarantees that a manufacturer of kitchen products should be able to offer is food-grade safety. After all, we’re dealing with food here. But once that parameter’s nicely satisfied, you’ll also need to look at other product guarantees, such as durability and ease of use. As for durability and sturdiness, this is often directly associated with the warranty that its manufacturer is confident in bundling with their tofu press. That’s because this usually means they’ve thoroughly tested their product and validated that it can last for a certain period or after a particular number of times they’re used in specific ways. For example, a manufacturer that offers a 1-year warranty is often an indicator that their tofu press is built to last for one year of regular to moderately heavy use without any issue when it comes to performance and durability; and
  • Price & Freebies — Once you’ve carefully compared each of the ten best tofu press products in our roundup based on the factors above, your next step is to weigh the value that you can get from using the product against its price. When we say “value,” we’re referring to the benefits you can gain from your experience in using the product, along with the advantages that it has over the others in your shortlist. Also, keep in mind that many manufacturers today bundle all sorts of freebies with their solutions. These are often vegetarian recipe books, discount coupons and vouchers for their other related products, free stuff like a knife to cut your tofu blocks and so on. So consider those as well, and you can end up with the right tofu press for your particular requirements …

Just keep these things in mind, and you’ll be able to quickly pinpoint the most suitable tofu press in our roundup.

Do You Need a Tofu Press?

Well since you’re asking us, our answer is a resounding yes. Our advice is both for meat lovers and vegetarians. For one thing, you wouldn’t be paying a fortune for this useful product anyway. And for another, think of all the recipes, gourmet meals, salads, snacks, and various treats that you can create, enhance, and redefine in terms of flavor when you add some tofu.

Plus, using tofu more frequently for your family’s day-to-day meals and snacks is the right step towards a healthy lifestyle. It provides suitable amounts of proteins, vitamins, and other necessary nutrients, all without the excess fat and bad cholesterol that you can get from meat products. So if you want all these benefits, then we suggest that you get any of these ten best tofu press of 2021 that can satisfy your particular needs.