5 Best Wolf Gourmet Appliances for your Kitchen

5 Best Wolf Gourmet Appliances For Your KitchenLet’s be honest; any chef has a favorite appliance brand. Some might prefer Cuisinart Cookware, others might swear by KitchenAid Cookware, but for those who truly believe in quality and efficiency and don’t mind paying the price for both, Wolf Gourmet Appliances are the way to go.

When you’re just starting out in the culinary world, delving into too many platforms at once may wreak havoc on your kitchen and productivity, which is why you should choose a brand and stick with it, at least until you fully understand the nitty-gritty of your kitchen and organize your workflow.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing one of the brands that promise pure quality, Wolf Gourmet Appliances, which has a long-standing reputation in the kitchen appliance industry due to the reliability of their products. Get your wallet ready, as that does come at a steep price, but speaking from experience, these appliances are worth every penny.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Wolf Gourmet WGCO100S Countertop Oven with Convection

Wolf Gourmet Wgco100s Countertop Oven With Convection

Have you ever been in a kitchen with no oven? Neither have we, and that’s why we’re reviewing Wolf Gourmet’s Countertop Convection Oven right off the bat. So, what makes this appliance special? How does Wolf justify the price tag?

Simple, through premium quality, solid construction, and unique features.

The Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven with Convection is a compact convection oven (duh!) that can fit on your kitchen counter without taking up too much space. It measures 23 3/8 x 12 5/8 x 16 5/8 inches and weighs merely 47 pounds, which is pretty lightweight compared to products from rivaling brands. You don’t need to move your Knife Blocks, Microwave, and Countertop Dishwasher, as they can sit together in harmony.

So, behind the well-thought size, how does this appliance perform?

It turns out, this convection oven does a pretty good job, all thanks to the numerous features it sports inside the 1.1 cubic feet interior. First, it features a built-in temperature probe and high-temperature-boiler, both of which are rarely found in countertop ovens, but again, this is Wolf we’re talking about, so no surprises here.

To use the temperature probe, simply use the PROBE function and insert the probe jack in the oven wall and its end in your food inside, then set the desired internal temperature and witness as your food gets cooked exactly as you like it. You don’t even need to stand there watching like a creep, as the oven will alert you as soon as your food is ready.

For the cooking, this Wolf Gourmet oven features six main modes that you can choose from, which are the Warm, Roast, Bake, Broil, Toast, and Proof, which can be used to raise the yeasty bread. As you can see, this kitchen appliance can do pretty much everything despite its compact size.

Other features that we dig include the spring-loaded door that allows for gentle opening and the large selector bezel, which adds to the modernity of this appliance.

What we like about it

The Wolf Gourmet Countertop Convection Oven offers everything you’d need in an oven in a compact size. It can easily fit the majority of 9-inch by 13-inch dishes and comes with six cooking modes, which means that you can use it to cook pretty much anything with ease. Furthermore, it sports several convenience-focused features, including a temperature probe for perfect internal cooking and a timer for a set-and-forget operation. What else could you ask for? If you need a high-quality, space-efficient convection oven and you’re willing to pay the price for it, the Wolf Gourmet appliance is the way to go.

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#2 – Wolf Gourmet 4 Slice Toaster

Wolf Gourmet 4 Slice Toaster

Yes, the cost of this 4 Slice Toaster is steep, but what’s better for a perfect morning than a Coffee Mug filled right from your Coffee Maker and paired with a couple of perfectly-toasted bread slices? If you’re not fantasizing about that already, you’re surely not having enough fun when preparing your breakfast.

Aesthetically-speaking, this toaster has a pretty sleek and modern design, which would add a nice touch to your kitchen counter, but it doesn’t end there, as this appliance reflects Wolf genius when it comes to features and versatility.

The ergonomic design allows this toaster to fit pretty much any type and size of your bread. It’s also suitable for waffle and bagel, which adds to the versatility. Once your bread is ready to go, it will be automatically raised above, which is standard for such appliances. What makes Wolf’s toaster stand out though is the fact that it can toast your bread perfectly from the inside and the outside, and it even comes with bagel settings that work by toasting the inside of your bagels and warms the outside. All that in a fast and efficient manner. Talk about perfect breakfast, huh?

The feature that really adds to the convenience is the keep warm setting, which allows your bread, waffles, or bagels to stay warm inside while you’re taking care of the rest of your breakfast. If that’s not convenient, I don’t know what is.

What we like about it

Toasters are an integral part of any kitchen, and when it comes to perfectly-toasted slices, no appliance can make them better than the Wolf Gourmet 4 Slice Toaster. Granted, it has a high price tag, but for those who understand that quality can be costly, this utensil is well-worth every penny, as it stands head and shoulders above any other toaster. Besides the sleek exterior design, we really dig the Keep warm setting, which can preserve the warmth of your bread, bagel, or muffin while you wait for your eggs to finish cooking. Isn’t that a dream come true?

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#3 – Wolf Gourmet High-Performance Blender

Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender

So, your toasts are ready, you’ve prepared some eggs using your Egg Cooker, and you just need some juice to get a perfect breakfast that would make your day full of energy and enthusiasm. Now, why settle with a Juicer when you can go with a high-performance Blender from Wolf Gourmet?

The Wolf Gourmet High-Performance Blender can really put any competitor out of business. Starting with the looks, besides looking modern and sleek, this blender is quite compact-sized for the functionalities it offers, and it boasts a solid stainless steel construction that guarantees a long-lasting addon to your kitchen. For the bragging lovers, you get the brand’s signature red knob, so you certainly have something to show when your in-laws step into your kitchen.

As far as the blending functionalities go, you get exactly what you pay for; premium features at a premium price. Despite its small size, this blender offers a 64-ounce pitcher, which is more than enough for most blender requirements, and a high-powered, 1,545-watt motor with a 2.4 peak horsepower, which can spend the blade at high-speeds exceeding 210MPH to cut through anything and blend with ease. What makes this blender stand out is the fact that the motor base is designed to be quiet in order to avoid the “power-tool” feel and noise when using this appliance.

For convenience, the lid comes with a 2-piece cap with measurements mark at the center, which you can use as an emulsion cup to add ingredients as needed when you’re blending.

Now, moving to the blending modes, you get four modes: Ice Crush, that you can use to pulverize ice into slush or daiquiri-sized ice bits, Smoothie, that can be used to prepare fresh or frozen smoothies, Purée, which designed for purées, and Soup, which can produce hot sauce from whatever ingredient you throw in. A true beast of versatility.

What we like about it

This a blender that can make freaking soup. Let that sink in. I believe we shouldn’t say more to showcase the quality that you can expect, but there are several other features that we love in the Wolf Gourmet Blender. First, the design is sleek, modern, and compact. Second, the motor is pretty efficient, and the blades can turn anything into juice. Finally, this appliance doesn’t make much noise, nor does it require much energy, which adds to the efficiency.

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#4 – Wolf Gourmet 10 Piece Cookware Set

Wolf Gourmet 10 Piece Cookware Set

What’s a kitchen without a cookware set? If you’re a fan of all-around, beautiful, and shiny cookware sets, you’ll like what Wolf Gourmet has to offer. The utensils are gorgeous 7-ply stainless steel with an aluminum core, and they’ll definitely lighten up your kitchen and make it shinier.

The set pretty much you’d need to prepare your finger-licking meals for years to come. You get a sauté pan with lid, stockpot with lid, two saucepans with their covers, and two skillets.

How well do the utensils in this set perform?

They perform pretty well, even better than cast iron utensils in some instances. The walls of the different items are beveled, which reduces the burning and sticking chances, and they come with flared rims for you to pour your sauce effortlessly.

The stainless steel handles are equally efficient as well, and they’re riveted to provide a comfortable grip for your cooking sessions to be effortless no matter the size of your hand, even when you’re not using your mitts

What we like about it

The Wolf Gourmet cookware set is another product that offers the brand’s high-quality standards and excellent craftsmanship. The different utensils included in this set are made of stainless steel, and they feature beveled walls to prevent sticking and burning. The handles are also comfortable to grip, which make this set truly a bargain if you’re one to prefer premium quality and efficiency no matter the price. In a nutshell, this cookware set lives up to the Wolf Gourmet name, which is why we highly recommend it.

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#5 – Wolf Gourmet 6 Piece Cutlery Set

Wolf Gourmet 6 Piece Cutlery Set

As a chef, your cutlery arsenal reflects your skills and how much you care about your kitchen, this is why you should get a high-end kitchen knife set, such as this 6-piece collection from the Wolf Gourmet line.

The set includes a chef’s knife, Kitchen utility knife, paring knife block, serrated bread knife, and Sharpening Stone, along with a hardwood storage block that you can proudly display on your kitchen counter. The block is not the only eye candy though, as the knives themselves are quite stylish and elegant, which is to be expected from the artisans of Wolf.

Besides being beautiful, the knives are pretty efficient. The come razor-sharp right out of the box, with a 12.5-degree cutting angle, a number that’s hard to achieve even big names in the cutlery world.

The high-carbon stainless steel blades are forged, not stamped, and they feature a full-tang design. Paired with the triple-riveted pakkawood handles, these knives can truly get any task done with ease and comfort.

What we like about it

The knives in the Wolf Gourmet 6 Piece Cutlery Set are forged and made of stainless steel, which makes them both durable and super sharp, and they’re pretty forgiving, so you shouldn’t worry if you dread continuous maintenance. They also boast pakkawood handle that can give you a comfortable and firm grip for hours on end, which adds to the convenience. We would highly recommend this set to any chef looking to quickly bolster their cutlery collection with a set of incredibly sharp knives coming from one of the most-reputable kitchen appliance brands, Wolf Gourmet.

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How We Chose the Top Wolf Gourmet Appliances in Our List

Wolf Gourmet Appliances aren’t for the faint of heart, as they’re among the expensive, high-end products in the market, which is why you can’t just throw your money on them before checking the quality. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend hours researching, as we’ve already done the heavy lifting and reviewed the best Wolf Gourmet Appliances. Our selection was based on the following criteria:

Premium Materials

Be it stainless steel for the blender and cookware set or high-carbon stainless steel for the cutlery set, all of Wolf Gourmet appliances are made of premium materials that guarantee impressive durability and unmatchable performance.


All of Wolf Gourmet Appliances are designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. They’re tailor-made to the consumer needs, with no-frills conceptions and gimmicky-free instructions as the people at Wolf believe in Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous saying “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


What’s the one thing that truly reflects how much a manufacturer trusts in their appliances? Yup, that’s right, guarantee. Wolf Gourmet appliances come with a five-year warranty, which is pretty long for the different categories covered in our review, for which the typical warranty lasts two to three years. That should give you some peace of mind knowing that you’re shelling out a good amount of money to get Wolf utensils.

Different Types of Wolf Gourmet Appliances

The Wolf Gourmet line was initiated back in 2015, and it has seen several improvements ever since. Nevertheless, this line is still pretty limited compared to others from the same manufacturer, and it includes small appliances, cookware, and cutlery items in these categories:

Wolf Gourmet Countertop Convection Oven

The Countertop Convection Oven is one of Wolf Gourmet’s main products, and it surely reflects the company’s obsession with quality. With this convection oven, which we reviewed above, you get all the features of a full-sized oven in a more compact design intended for kitchens where space is a premium.

Wolf Gourmet Toasters

The Wolf Gourmet line features two models of the same toaster, both of which are suitable for different sizes and shapes of bread, bagel, and waffle. They can even keep your toast ready inside the reliable oven until you’re ready to serve it. The only difference between the two models is the number of slices, as one is a four-slice toaster (which we reviewed above), and the other is a two-slice one.

Wolf Gourmet Blender

The High-Performance blender is another product reflecting Wolf’s care about the details and quality, and it offers unmatchable versatility as it can even make hot soup besides taking acre of the standard blender functions. Talk about innovation.

Wolf Gourmet Cookware Set

Electronic devices aren’t the only appliances in the Wolf Gourmet line, as it also includes a cookware set that delivers everything you’d need to prepare different dishes through premium quality utensils.

Wolf Gourmet Cutlery Set

Besides offering a complete cookware set, the Wolf Gourmet line also includes high-end cutlery set for all your chopping, mincing, and dicing tasks around the kitchen, which make the Gourmet line a necessity rather than a luxury in your kitchen.

Why You Need the Best Wolf Gourmet Appliances in Your Kitchen

Wolf is one of the biggest kitchen appliance manufacturers in the world, and their Wolf Gourmet line is nothing but an excellent extension to their already broad appliance catalog, and it surely reflects the quality that this brand has been known for over the years. Unlike other wolf lines, the Gourmet series only includes small appliances, cookware, and cutler, all of which are built with quality, reliability, and versatility in mind.

The prices of Wolf Gourmet appliances are pretty steep, there’s no denying that, so they’re not for the budget-seeker and/or culinary beginner. Instead, they’re tailor-made for those looking for premium utensils capable of carrying our everyday tasks in a perfect manner. Wolf is obsessed with quality, which is why the above products are not what you’d find in typical appliance stores.

Wolf Gourmet appliances are a must if you’re looking for efficiency rather than budget-friendliness. All of them are easy to clean and made of safe materials. Besides, each product comes with a set of unique features that make it stand out from other appliances from competitors.

Although Wolf Gourmet appliances are made in China, they sport a pretty high quality, and they come with a five-year warranty, which should give you some peace of mind as the people at Wolf do trust in their products. And for kitchens where space is at a premium, you can cut packed size by getting the Wolf Gourmet Convection Oven, 4-Slice Toaster, High-Performance blender, Cookware set, and cutlery set. Together, they can make any kitchen complete, all without making it cramped with appliances.

Wolf Gourmet Appliances are definitely not for everyone, but they’re a great execution of a novel idea, and one of the top appliance lines and platforms that you can get into today.

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