5 Best Gyuto Knives for your Kitchen

5 Best Gyuto Knives For Your KitchenNo cutlery arsenal is complete without at least one Japanese knife, and when it comes to Samurai-style blades, nothing can rival the good ol’ Gyuto knives, Japan’s famous all-purpose edges.

Big-time Japanese brands, such as Shun Knives, Yoshihiro Knives, Miyabi Knives, and Tojiro Knives, offer many kitchen knives, including the Gyuto, among others.

Worry no more, as we’ve already done the heavy lifting and chose the best Gyuto knives for you to get your foot into the Asian cuisine door the right way. No need to break in a cold sweat whenever your mother-in-law asks about your sushi skills; with the right Gyuto, you can show them who’s the Bosu (that’s boss in Japanese).

Without further ado, let’s get the Gyuto knives reviews.

Gyuto Knives Review Center 2021

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#1 – Miyabi 34373-243 Chef’s Knife

Miyabi 34373 243 Chef's Knife

Starting with the expensive side of the spectrum, we introduce the Miyabi 34373-243 Chef’s Knife. Please do not get confused, as the Gyuto is the eastern version of the western chef’s knife, thus the product’s name, but we’ll get more into that later in this article.

Miyabi is a high-end brand, one that’s well-reputable all around the world, so you should expect nothing but high-quality if you decide to opt for this knife. The first thing you’ll notice about this Gyuto is the elegance and style of both the blade and handle, making it true eye candy and something that would appeal to your guests and critiques. The blade sports the beautiful flower Damascus pattern. The ergonomic, comfortable handle is carved of Karelian Birch, giving it a stunning look and a design that’s both ergonomic and exquisite.

There’s more to this knife than the flashy exterior, though, as under all that outside beauty you find a potent cutting core made of SG2 micro-carbide powder steel that’s protected by a hundred layers of steel. This knife was crafted through an ice-hardening technique to lock the durability and sharpness of the blend.

As far as the sharpness itself goes, you get a 9.5 to 12-degree cutting edge that’s obtained through hand-honing following the traditional three-step Honbazuke process, which explains why this Gyuto comes razor-sharp right out of the box and can hold an edge for quite so long.

What we like about it:

The 34373-243 Gyuto is the epitome of beauty, sharpness, and durability, and it definitely lives up to the Miyabi name. It slices a food label like butter. Not only does it look stunning from the outside, with a beautiful flower Damascus pattern on the blade, which adds to the durability, and an ergonomic birchwood handle, but it also packs a super sharp edge with a 9.5 to 12-degree cutting angle and a durable SG2 core that will last for a lifetime with proper care. This knife is steep, but considering what you’re getting, it’s worth every penny.

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#2 – Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chef’s Knife

Yoshihiro Vg 10 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife

Yoshihiro is another high-end brand, and its Gyuto is what you’d call a middle ground product. You won’t get the same quality as more expensive manufacturers, but you’ll get the bang for your buck without breaking the bank for sure.

This Gyuto knife from Yoshihiro packs a forged blade, one that features a VG10 stainless steel core covered in 46 layers of stainless steel to form a beautiful Damascus pattern that’s characteristic of Japanese blades. What makes VG10 steel special is the excellent durability and edge retention that it offers. This material can easily last for ages, and it’s pretty hard as well.

Additionally, VG10 steel is easy to care for, especially that it’s stain-resistant and so darn difficult to chip or break accidentally, which makes this knife a bargain for those looking for a Japanese chef’s knife that will last for a lifetime.

Besides being hard and durable, VG10 allows for exceptional sharpness, which means that you can use this knife for all your chopping, slicing, and dicing tasks, and it’ll cut through anything except bones like butter.

For the grip, you get a handcrafted handle that’s made of natural Shitan Rosewood, which can give you a comfortable, firm, and safe grip, especially that it comes with a double bolster for hassle-free swinging.

The included wooden sheath is just the cherry on top, as it adds to both the beauty and durability and allows your knife to sit safely in your kitchen drawer with no worries.

What we like about it:

The Yoshihiro Gyuto is a well-priced blade that offers exceptional sharpness, impressive durability, and unbeatable comfort. It’s beautiful from the outside and pretty solid from the inside, with a VG10 steel core that allows it to cut through anything and a well-balanced handle that allows for a comfortable and firm grip. For the hobbyist chef, budget seeker, or an aspiring cook, this is all you’ll need for effortless cutting sessions when you crave a plate of sushi at night.

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#3 – Shun Hiro SG2 10-inch Chef’s Knife

Shun Hiro Sg2 10 Inch Chef's Knife

The expensive options with the Shun Japanese chef’s knife are the priciest product on our list. Granted, the price of this Gyuto is pretty steep, but this Shun we’re talking about, which offers more than a fancy brand name on its knives.

The Shun Gyuto boasts an SG2 Japanese steel core, which is protected by 32 layers of a stainless Damascus pattern on each side. SG2 steel, just like VG10, is pretty tough and hard, which allows this blade to score a whopping 64 on the Rockwell scale of hardness. If you’re not familiar with the metric, the only thing that you should know is that 64 is so darn high, which means that you can expect excellent edge retention even with minimal maintenance.

VG10 isn’t the only material offering great sharpness either, as the Shun Gyuto is hand sharpened to a 16-degree cutting angle on each side. Using this knife, all your chopping, mincing, and dicing tasks will be carried out with ease.

This blade isn’t only efficient and sharp though, as it’s also eye-catchy and aesthetically appealing, with a beautiful Damascus pattern and a Hammered tsuchime finish that adds to the knife’s dramatic looks and makes it the perfect addition to your Knife Blocks or Magnetic Knife Strips.

The handle is equally stylish and efficient, as it’s made of dark charcoal PakkaWood and features deep crimson striations along with Shun’s signature logo for added elegance. It also comes with a bolster for safety, making the experience whole and complete.

What we like about it:

Shun knives are expensive, but they’re endorsed by countless prominent chefs worldwide, which proves that they’re worth their price. The Shun Gyuto is no different, as it comes with all the perks of the brand to take care of all your cutting tasks. You get a pretty durable blade that’s made of SG10 steel, which is known for sharpness and edge retention, coupled with an ergonomic, well-balanced handle that makes using this knife a breeze. What else could you ask for? If you’re willing to pay the price to get your ever-wanted peace of mind, this is the Gyuto for you.

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#4 – Enso Large Chef’s Knife

Enso Large Chef's Knife

So, we’ve seen the expensive options, and we’ve seen what the middle ground has to offer. It’s about time we checked the budget options, isn’t it? Yes, Gyuto knives can come at affordable prices, and no, that doesn’t mean that you need to make huge sacrifices when it comes to quality, if you choose the right budget brands, that is.

The Enso Large Chef’s Knife is our top choice for the title of the best budget Gyuto knife, and for a good reason, or a set of them. Despite its low price tag, this blade is made of a premium material, which is the VG10 stainless steel mentioned above in our review. This reliable construction allows for excellent durability and exceptional edge retention, which means that this Gyuto is an ideal choice for those on a budget looking for an affordable knife that will last for a long.

37 layers of stainless steel cover the VG10 stainless steel core on each side to form a beautiful Damascus pattern, the same you’d find in other Japanese blades. Above all that hardness and sharpness, this Knife sports a stylish tsuchime finish, the same found in the Shun Gyuto reviewed above, giving them nearly identical looks.

Unfortunately, you won’t get the same handle found in Shun’s Gyuto, but you’ll get a decent one anyway; the black canvas micarta handle, which is beautiful, durable, and comfortable to grip.

What we like about it:

Although not expensive, the Enso Gyuto is pretty efficient, and it offers a quality that rivals what you’d find in products coming from big names such as Kamikoto Knives, Kasumi Knives, Dalstrong Knives, and Zhen Knives. This Gyuto boasts a VG10 stainless steel core, which, as we mentioned, again and again, is pretty durable and capable of holding an edge for long. The Damascus patterns and hammered tsuchime finish make the blade look absolutely stunning. Besides, it features an equally stylish blade that’s comfortable to hold, allowing this knife to pass the best Gyuto knives test with flying colors. If you’re on a budget and need a super sharp knife that won’t cost you your kidney, the Enso Gyuto is the way to go.

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#5 – Tojiro DP Gyutou

Tojiro Dp Gyutou

The Tojiro DP Gyutou is the full-blown budget option in the best Gyuto knives list. You won’t get the same looks nor performance that you’d get if you go with Shun or Yoshihiro, but for the price you’re paying, we can’t really complain, and this is the closest you’ll get to a perfect Gyuto knife within this price range.

For the construction, the Tojiro DP Gyutou boasts a VG10 stainless steel core, which, as we mentioned before, is tough, durable, and offers exceptional edge retention. You can get away with pretty long periods in between your honing sessions, and you won’t notice any noticeable drop in sharpness. Furthermore, the hard material allows for an excellent grind of 9 to 12 degrees on each side, a number that has proven hard to achieve even by high-end brands such as Shun and Yoshihiro.

Unlike most Japanese blades, the Tojiro Gyuto features a double bevel, which means that it can be used by both right- and left-handed chefs, making this knife quite the gem.

Despite its many perks and features, there are a few niggles with this knife, mainly when it comes to the balance and overall design, which are lacking compared to other Gyuto knives on our list. Nevertheless, the price difference between this knife and the other recommendations is huge, which makes up for the few compromises in quality.

What we like about it:

If you’re on a really tight budget and want a Gyuto knife that won’t disappoint, the Tojiro DP Gyutou is a solid choice to consider. It’s made of VG10 stainless steel, the same used in high-end knives from the likes of Shun and Yoshihiro, and it comes razor-sharp out of the box. Besides, you get good edge retention, making this Gyuto a godsend for those who dread continuous maintenance. In a nutshell, we would highly recommend this Gyuto to any home chef looking to quickly bolster their kitchen knife collection with a Japanese chef’s knife that won’t blow a hole in their wallet.

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How We Chose the Top Gyuto Knives in Our List

When choosing the best Gyuto knives available today, we looked for specific features and based our selection on a set of criteria that would differentiate a high-quality Gyuto from a low-quality one. In the end, it all boils down to the following features:


The best Gyuto knives that we chose come razor-sharp right of the box. Being Japanese, these blades feature a really thin cutting edge, with an angle that ranges from 16 degrees in the Shun Gyuto to 9.5 to 12 degrees in the Miyabi Gyuto, meaning that they can cut through practically anything like butter. Keep in mind that due to their construction, it’s highly recommended to avoid cutting bones with a Gyuto, so leave that to your French chef’s Knife from Wusthof Knives or Sabatier Knives.


The best Gyuto knives are either made of SG2 or VG10 stainless steel, both of which are pretty hard and durable. Besides, these materials offer exceptional edge retention, which means that you needn’t worry about maintenance if you go with any of our recommendations.


In our reviews, we tried to pick different products from various price ranges to offer an option for every budget. Our list includes two high-end Gyuto knives from Miyabi and Shun, one middle-ground option, the Yoshihiro Gyuto, and two budget options from Enso and Tojiro.

Different Types of Gyuto Knives

There are four types you should know about:

Gyuto VG10 Steel Vs. Gyuto SG2 Steel

SG2 is a powder metallurgy high carbon stainless steel that can hold a low-angle edge pretty well. SG2 is known for being extremely hard, which explains why it offers excellent edge retention and why it’s known as the Super Steel. Besides, SG2 features extra vanadium, giving it an increased wear resistance. While the extra hardness of SG2 steel gives it the edge (pun intended) when it comes to edge retention, it also makes it a bit harder (definitely intended as well) to care for and sharpen.

VG10 is a dependable high carbon stainless steel, and it’s not too different from SG2 performance-wise. If you want the nerdy comparison, know that SG2 can go up to 64 on the Rockwell scale of hardness, while VG10 scores around 60-62.

Gyuto Vs. Chef’s Knife

The Gyuto is the Japanese version of the western chef’s knife. They’re shaped the same way and used the same way. Although it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between the two, it’s worth noting that Gyuto knives shouldn’t be used for boning chicken and similar tasks, as they’re more prone to chipping and bending.

Should you get a Gyuto or a chef’s knife?

Truth be told, you can’t go wrong with either. As a matter of fact, we’d say you need both if you want your cutlery arsenal to be whole and fully efficient.

Why You Need the Best Gyuto Knives in Your Kitchen

Gyuto is the Japanese counterpart of the traditional western chef’s knife, so why should you get one in the first place, and why should you go with a Gyuto rather than a regular chef’s knife?

Starting with the main question; why should you get a Gyuto? Well, for starters, Gyuto is an all-purpose blade, which means that it’s suitable for a variety of cutting tasks around the kitchen, including chopping, mincing, and dicing. If you don’t own a kitchen knife set, that will come in handy all the time, as you don’t need a separate kitchen knife for every purpose.

Also, Gyuto knives are pretty sharp, no matter the manufacturer, because they’re made by skilled artisans using traditional Japanese handcrafting techniques, which means that you needn’t worry about sharpness anymore. How many times have you been frustrated when making a meal just because the knife is too dull to cut through anything? How many times have your Sharpening Stone and Sharpening Steel proven useless for a dull blade of yours? Get one of the best Gyuto knives, and all of that will be of the past.

Finally, Gyuto knives can hold an edge for quite some time, and they’re easy to maintain and care for, again, because of the construction and premium materials used in their making. That’s an aspiring chef’s dream come true. After all, who doesn’t dread spending hours honing their knives every few days?

Now, the next question, why should you get one of the best Gyuto knives rather than a regular kitchen chef’s knife? You shouldn’t. Instead, you’re better off getting both of them, as mentioned above, as each blade is suitable for specific applications, which makes both of them a necessity rather than a luxury in your kitchen.

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