5 Best Cordless Electric Kettles For The Kitchen


A kettle is an electric device that is used mainly in the kitchen for heating or boiling water. These electric appliances can either be heated using a gas stove, indoor grill, induction burner, or it can be heated using electricity. Comprising of a lid, handle, spout and a container for storage, a kettle is made up of conducting material, which facilitates the heating or boiling process.

Different types of kettles are available nowadays. Some are wired, while some are wireless. Some are equipped with a whistle which indicates when the process is completed or when the water or any other fluid contained within is completely boiled. The following article focuses on some of the best cordless electric kettles.

Cordless Electric Kettle Review Center 2020

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#1 – KitchenAid KEK1222PT 1.25-Liter Electric Kettle:

KitchenAid KEK1222PT 1.25-Liter Electric Kettle product image

The KitchenAid KEK1222PT 1.25 litre electric kettle is a user friendly kettle. Very few people have found it confusing to use or have complained about its usage. An instruction manual is also provided that explains how to use the kettle in detail. A safety manual is provided with the same so the user knows what to do and what not to do with respect to the usage of the kettle. It is a stylish kettle which is indeed very elegant and beautiful to look at. It is also compact in nature due to which it does not occupy much space. This product is available in six different colours which matches different interior settings and personalities.

Right from bold and bright, to sober, a wide range of colours is available. The kettle is made up of stainless steel which is rust proof. Hence the steel does not rust and the water or liquid inside does not get contaminated. It has an LED indicator to indicate whether the appliance is on or not. The base can be removed for cleaning purposes. The kettle has an aluminium handle which is covered with insulating material so that the user does not burn his or her hand while using the appliance. The lid too is removable to facilitate cleaning. This product, due to its design and wide range of colour combinations available is suitable for different personalities.

What we like about it

KitchenAid is a trusted company which allows easy replacement under warranty. A warranty of one year is available. Along with the kettle, a pair of gloves is also available as a combo pack. These gloves provide added insulation for the user. The shipping and delivery charges encountered are not very high and there is a large availability of these products as well. That is, the production is so efficient and timely that it seldom goes out of stock.

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#2 – Comfee 1.7 Liter Premium 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle:

Comfee 1.7 Liter Premium 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle product image

The Comfee 1.7 Liter Premium 304 Food Grade stainless steel cordless electric kettle is made up of stainless steel. Hence there is no rusting taking place and the liquid inside does not get contaminates very easily. It also has good insulating properties due to which, the liquid contained within remains hot for quite a long time. The kettle is provided with an indicator, which indicates the level up to which the water is present. Hence, measurement is made easier. A nylon filter is provided to filter the water and keep it clean. This filter can also be removed thereby facilitating its maintenance.

A blue indicator LED light is present near the base to indicate whether the boiling process is on or not.This adds to the safety level of the appliance. This kettle can be used not only to boil water but prepare tea and coffee as well. In certain cases, noodles and muesli is also prepared. A 360 degree swivel  base is provided with three pins for safety and easy handling. The electric appliance weighs around 2 pounds, which is a little less than 1 kilogram. Hence it is light weight or not very heavy due to which shipping and transfer becomes very easy. This product is approved by the government agencies in charge of consumer goods in several countries as well. This is undoubtedly one of the best cordless electric tea kettle.

What we like about it

The electric appliance or the kettle has a thermostat controlling system, which is a rare feature that is not available in many other kettles. This facilitates efficient temperature control. One touch operation switches are available to perform various tasks like opening the lid, switching it on or off and so on. This makes it user friendly as well as effortless to use. It is made up of strong, durable material which makes it leak proof. A wide mouth is provided for easy and fast cleaning. A major feature of the kettle is that it has an auto shut option to prevent prolonged boiling and damage to the appliance.

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#3 – Mueller Ultra SpeedBoil Cordless Electric Kettle:

Mueller Ultra SpeedBoil Cordless Electric Kettle product image

The Mueller ultra SpeedBoil kettle is one of the best cordless electric kettle available in the market today. It has a capacity to hold around 1.8 litre of water or any other fluid at a time for the purpose of heating or boiling. This cordless electric kettle is provided with LED lights that operate as efficient indicators when the appliance is switched on and is functioning. It is made up of borosilate glass which is strong and durable as a result of which, it does not break or crack very easily. It has an auto switch off mechanism which prevents over heating and burning. Boil dry protection is also provided in this electric appliance.

Many cordless electric kettle reviews hold this brand and model high in regard, which is largely responsible for its sales. The handle is covered with non slip material which makes it easier to use. The non slip material is also insulating in nature and does not heat up very easily. The heating element is concealed which prevents build up of dust and other un wanted contaminants which may prove harmful. The spout through which the water or other fluidic contents is poured is drip proof due to which the wastage is reduced by a great deal and hence using this kettle is very beneficial. The kettle is made up of high quality or superior quality material which is not only durable but safe to use as well.

What we like about it

A great deal of efforts was put in by the makers while developing this model. Importance was given to looks, quality as well as safety. It has a sophisticated design which includes the LED lights and handle which makes it look extremely elegant to look at. This versatile cordless electric kettle portrays a high performance quality as well. It is light weight and there is absolutely no need of buying batteries, which is a unique quality which is absent in many other similar cordless electric kettles.

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#4 – Epica 6-Temperature Variable Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle:

Epica 6-Temperature Variable Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle product image

The main feature of the Epica-6 temperature variable stainless steel cordless electric kettle is its temperature varying quality. The temperature can be varied between six different levels, each suited for a particular process. Different beverages prefer different temperatures to develop the best, perfect taste. Specially in case of green tea, temperatures as high as 100 degree Celsius tends to burn the leaves. Hence a lower temperature is preferred while making green tea. It has a special stay hot feature which can keep water and other contents hot for a maximum time of two hours. A memory recall option is available which can be used to recall the previous process or the timing of the previous process during regular or repeated boiling.

It is a 90 second memory recall. The kettle has a stainless steel finish which has the capacity or the ability to suit any setting and decor. It is a 1500 watts cordless electric kettle which completes the task expected from it, which is boiling the water or other liquids within a few minutes. A detachable base is provided which makes it easy to carry and pour. It is undoubtedly the best cordless electric kettle for tea. This cordless electric kettle helps make the best tasting tea or coffee due to its temperature varying feature. It has a sleek design which makes it very elegant to look at and it brings added beauty to the counter top where it is placed.

What we like about it

A fast boiling feature is available with the help of which, the water can be boiled in less than ten minutes thereby saving a lot of time. These kettles, though they possess several praise worthy features are not priced very high. They are extremely economical and cost effective. It is the best cordless electric water kettle for those people living a fast life and are always in a hurry, on the move.

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#5 – AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle:

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle product image

The AmazonBasics stainless steel kettle is the best small cordless electric kettle that one can find in the electric kettle market in todays world. It has a capacity of approximately one litre. It consumes around 1500 watts of electrical power, which is 1500 joules of energy in one second and it boils the water within a few minutes. This kettle is used not only to boil water, but can be used for various other purposes as well including the making of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and even noodles. It is an ideal electric appliance which suits almost every kitchen setting or decor.

This kettle is also very easy to clean. All the materials used in the making of the kettle is BPA free as a result of which, the water coming in contact with the material is not contaminated with unwanted impurities. A filter is provided for better taste and cleanliness, which can be removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes. This kettle is not very large in size. The product is also light weight. Hence it is suited mainly for travelers who are always busy travelling or on the move. Its auto shutoff feature, boil dry protection, easy to view water window and concealed heating element are some other features which make the electric cordless kettle worth buying. This appliance is best suited for any kitchen type, whether purchased for  residential  or commercial use.

What we like about it

A one year warranty is also available on purchasing this kettle. It has a user friendly design which does not confuse the user too much. Shipping and delivery is possible to various parts of the world. The delivery is fast as well. Despite being small in size, the water filling window is appropriate in size which makes cleaning and filling easy. Easy storage is one main feature of this electric appliance. Also, the product cab be easily cleaned up after use.

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How we choose the best cordless electric kettle in our list?

Great efforts were made to include all the aspects of these products in the review and make it as impressive and authentic as possible. A number of people were employed in this process. A group of people were first called and each person was assigned with one particular product. The person had to carry out a detailed study of the cordless electric kettle assigned to him or her and note down his or her views and observations. These observations mainly focused on the looks, usability and other related features. Some also commented on the performance of these electric appliances. After a certain period of time, these observations were collected and noted down. A set of experts were also hired who too, were assigned one cordless electric kettle each. They too made their own observations and recorded them.

These observations, however, were more technical as they were made by technicians and other personnel from the field itself. These observations were collected after a particular time and recorded as well. The two observations were then clubbed together and a final draft of the review was made, which is written above. The review written above only focuses on aiding the user in making right decisions while buying a kettle by providing appropriate information. The review does not rank the products one above each other and the buyer is free to choose and purchase any product he or she likes. Reading about the features offered by a specific product type will ease up the selection process for the customer and as such they can buy the best quality product for their kitchen.

Why you need the best cordless electric kettle in your kitchen?

Water is an important commodity in each and every persons life. Water is used for several purposes. It has multiple uses in the kitchen itself. It is the main ingredient in many beverages including tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other related drinks. Water is used in the making of several delicacies like noodles and pasta as well. For such food items, hot water is required which is obtained by using an electric kettle. The water should be made free from germs and other antigens or micro organisms which can cause or lead to different diseases. Germs are killed by boiling of water. Use of a gas stove may not prove economical in several cases.

Compressed natural gas is a non renewable source of energy and that is why, electricity should be used. The appliance should be safe and convenient to handle, easy to use and should provide satisfactory performance as well. For this, the consumer ought to purchase the best cordless electric kettle. The purchaser spends money to buy these devices or so called machines and he or she is obviously expecting best results. The old stove kettles are slowly being replaced with electric ones. Nowadays, the cordless kettles are in demand as they are easy to maintain, decorative and presentable to look at and they occupy less space. They are economical, time saving and easy to use as well. Having or possessing the best cordless electric kettle in the kitchen, hostel room or home in general is beneficial on many levels.

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