5 Best Gingerbread House Kits for your Kitchen

The best Gingerbread house kits are available in the market which comes with the pre-made ginger breads, candy, icing, some examples of the designs or patterns and even instructions as how to build ginger bread house. In some of the instances, one can find small plastic pieces that are used for placing the ginger bread piece together.

This best Gingerbread house kit also come with ginger bread cookies for mixing well to build the house. It is also customary to have these molds or some more tools which associated with the shape of gingerbread house that are in this one kit.

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#1 – The Elf on the Shelf An Elf’s Story Gingerbread House Kit by Cookies United

The Elf on the Shelf An Elf's Story Gingerbread House Kit by Cookies United product image

The new holiday tradition is also now available as the delicious kit which is made for all age types. This Elf on shelf kit is known as the perfect companion to book and the elf doll. Almost everything is included in this kit; you can find the pre-made icing, the pre-baked pieces of cookies, and fun setters of scene and lot number of candies which are yummy and attractive to decorate. You can involve everyone from elders to kids that love building the ginger bread house. Apart from being a delightful addition to Christmas décor, it can be a delicious and an edible treat for all that can be enjoyed during this holiday.

The Elf on the Shelf an Elf’s Story Gingerbread House Kit by Cookies United is one of the popular edible décor for your Christmas this year. It comes with following items in your kit as,

  • The pre-baked ginger bread
  • The icing which is pre-made
  • Character of gummy elf
  • Candy jewel
  • the fruit gummies
  • And, some of the best scene setters.

You must get ready to get in this holiday spirit with this gingerbread kit. It includes almost everything which one need for their ginger bread house. This is made in USA and includes the scratch ginger bread house which comes with two sides, two walls and even two roof pieces for quick décor.

What we like about it

This Ginger bread consists of the bag of all pre-made royal icing and assorted traditional candy for decorating well. You can finish off the ginger bread house or the village with all these adorable icing décors. Their shape includes North Pole, wreath, Christmas tree, Santa, elf, reindeer, snowman and penguin. Make use of all these edible figures for decorating outside of this ginger bread village or house. It is available at fair prices online. Get it now.

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#2 – Wilton Super Mario Brothers Gingerbread Castle Decorating Kit

Wilton Super Mario Brothers Gingerbread Castle Decorating Kit product image

You must get ready for powering up the ginger bread décor this season with awesome super Mario castle of gingerbread. From this character of super Mario to the super stars and super mushroom, this kit is having all the elements from classic video games which you know as well as love. You can have great time with your family and friends to relive memories and create all new ones as one can decorate Mario castle of own dream with this great kit. It comes with the pre-baked castle panels of ginger bread and the mushroom shape of cookie. Some of the icing decorations as super Mario, mushroom, gum drips star and coin sprinkles also comes along with this kit.

This Wilton Super Mario Brothers Gingerbread Castle Decorating Kit is one of the best gingerbread house kits for kids available in the market. It has the green and red fondant along with the white and black icing which are ready to use. Its plastic decorating tip set makes it look much more attractive. Its colorful board presentation features the classic characters of super Mario brothers. You can find some of the helpful instruction sheet which comes with the online décor instructions. For amazing results, you can assemble the castle within 3 to 4 hours and don’t even need much time for drying. You can check out the gingerbread house kit reviews too.

What we like about it:

This gingerbread kit includes the assembled castle which measures around as 7.25 inches wide and 4.8 inches deep and even 6 inches in height. It consists of weight and made on the equipment which processes the soy. It is well made in the facility which also processes well eggs and milk. The coin and star sprinkles are even made in China. Its icing decoration comes from Vietnam and other contents from Canada. Get ready to create your castle today.

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#3 – Wilton Build It Yourself Mini Village Gingerbread House Decorating Kit

Wilton Build It Yourself Mini Village Gingerbread House Decorating Kit product image

If you are the one who is fan of the little village houses of Christmas and the train sets, this is one gingerbread kit which you must get now. It also includes around 5 mini houses and all of them measures around 3” high and 3” in width. It comes with icing mix, tips, 2 decorating bags, cardboard bases and candy. This is an amazing kit and can enjoy more if you have more than one child. You can decorate your own ginger bread house in less time. Get ready for powering up the ginger bread décor in this season to make a super castle.

From character of super Mario, to super stars and super mushroom, this Wilton Build It Yourself Mini Village Gingerbread House Decorating Kit comes with all elements from classic video game that you will fall in love with. You can have great time with your family and friends and can decorate the dream castle with this kit. This comes as pre- baked and easy to assemble. You can find around six ginger bread house panels. When you will open it, you will have three colorful candies types, the ready to use icing, cardboard base, decorating bag and more. You can invite your friends and family today to for decorating gingerbread house now. This comes with 4 cute designing and can select your favorite character for easy build up.

What we like about it:

This ginger bread house kit comes with different candies, decorating bag, icing, instructions and tips. One can get ready for following all instructions for making the house to look like image on box and can be creative for making own designs now. Both your family and friends can come over to your place and can have a blast while creating the tradition of new holiday. You can order this kit online and can read all instructions to get started.

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#4 – Wilton 2104-1951 Pre-Assembled Petite Gingerbread House

Wilton 2104-1951 Pre-Assembled Petite Gingerbread House product image

Create charming village of gingerbread of all little houses with this village kit. There are different house designs for decorating and can get whole friends and family to be involved in real fun. This Wilton 2104-1951 Pre-Assembled Petite Gingerbread House consist of colorful candies and ready to use icing which offers large number of decorating options. You can follow instructions for making it without any hassle. It is completely up to you as how you want to decorate, either follow the picture or let your imagination do the work. This is one kit known as the best gingerbread house that makes it as an amazing indoor activity for kids around for doing on snowy day.

You can also display them in your merry village under Christmas tree or at any other place, for complete enjoyment. It includes wheat and made on the equipment which even processes the soy, milk and egg. It is made in facility which even processes well the tree nuts. The green leaves also made in the Mexico. The mini sugary gum drops are also made in Brazil. This green and red confetti sprinkles are also made in the China. Get ready to enjoy your family time during this holiday season with this gingerbread house kits. You can skip your baking process and can go straight for decorating it now easily and like a pro.

What we like about it:

According to the gingerbread house reviews, this kit comes along with the pre-baked ginger bread house which is pre-assembled, three candies which are colorful and white color ready to use icing & tip or piping bags. Create your own edible castle which can bring back all the fun and entertainment. This kit includes all top things which are needed for making a fun filled castle and decorate the same in super fun and amazing way.

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#5 – Create-a-treat Gingerbread House Kit

Create-a-treat Gingerbread House Kit product image

The Create-a-treat Gingerbread House Kit is one which is made by the top-notch makers called Create A treat. They are renowned makers of the ginger bread houses as well as the cookie house kits for all occasions. They take care of almost everything from baking to everything else. These gingerbread house kits can do great fun and can help you in decorating as well as building the lasting memories. These kits are designed carefully for including almost everything which is required in simple package. This kit is available online at best rates. They are also produced in free facility of tree nut and peanut.

The soy, eggs and milk are also present in their facility. These kits have made life simple for the families so that they can have more time all together for doing things which truly matter. If you are the one who is celebrating Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Birthday or any other occasion, they do baking completely and can make all affordable kits for delivering a special experience. They can be called as the affordable decorating kit. It focuses entirely on creating the long-lasting memories and engages the kits in activities which both adults and kids can really enjoy together. It can offer great fun all everyone and you can have endless fun while decorating. Select from the popular designs today.

What we like about it:

The Gingerbread house kit also includes chimney door, mini ginger bread, awning and other characters. This is totally edible & great gift for all. One can find them for building the house. They come with tools and molds which are associated to shape ginger bread house. They are easy in getting to make and decorate them. The best part about them is that, you can make endless number of the houses. Get ready to decorate your own castle now.

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How we choose the best gingerbread house kits in our list:

The gingerbread house kits are the most affordable and must have item for your kitchen now. They are the easy to use kits which can ease your cooking and holiday preparing process. The best gingerbread house kits with the right decorating items can make your whole process much easier and great. In-depth research is conducted prior to select these 5 best gingerbread house kits. Their ultimate action plan was to find out the helpful and amazing house kits. They reviewed these products, compared and found them as most affordable and one stop solution for all.

The gingerbread houses kits which are reviewed here were selected after taking some of the important things in consideration as,

  1. Presentation board: Before starting to decorate, this gingerbread comes with presentation board which must be fit around castle without any of the gaps. You can also secure gaps with the icing dots, if required.
  2. Instruction manual: These ginger bread house kits also comes with the easy to read and understand instruction manual that can be read by anyone around. You can make the best of this manual for understanding how it can help you in making castle.
  3. Decorative items: These best gingerbread house kits also comes with many of the decorative items, candies, lollies and many more that you can enjoy eating and for decorating.
  4. Pre-assembled: These kits are also pre-assembled which can quickly complete the castle within 3-4 hours.
  5. Dries easily: This gingerbread is easy to use and get dried up in less time.

Different types of gingerbread house kits

You can go to any of the store after the thanksgiving and you can find all baked good section which is lined up well with the big ginger bread house kit boxes. All these kits are having everything that you must put together to gingerbread house as pre-cut, base and the gingerbread baked pieces, candy and icing. Whether you want to make the own ginger bread house from your recipe or want to make use of gingerbread house kits, the kids enjoy in putting them together as well as decorating this house. Most of the kids also love creating the gingerbread houses, art and more which are perfect vehicle for the pattern creation, 3D art, engineering and imagination.

  1. Pre-built ginger bread house kits: So are you the one who is ready for getting engaged in some of the delicious and structural engineering or pattern designing, then you must know that this type of the ginger bread house kits comes flexible in its designing, known for its ingredient integrity, scalability, allows you to spend more family time and helps in exploring the structural engineering.
  2. Pre-Baked ginger bread house kits: On the other hand, you can find the pre-baked one which just asks you to build your own castle in an easy way. When compared with the pre-built ginger bread house kits, this one is better as it offers you fun and entertainment to build your gingerbread house in a great way.

Why you need the best gingerbread house kits in your kitchen:

The best gingerbread house kit for kids is one of the recent developments, which rooted in the commercial interest and due to drastic decrease in the free time which many of the families are experiencing around. These best kits are one which comes as pre-built, pre-cut and have everything that they need for making their traditional holiday treats. Selecting the right kit sometimes turns out bit difficult. You can check out the reviews online as there are many of the generic designs in market. You select the best one which comes with many of the house ideas that includes the candy cane, beautiful craftsmanship of gum drop, the royal designs of icings and many more to inspire you.

If you are the one who is thinking to get head start with custom designing house, then it might take around 2 to 3 weeks for creating them. But if you are willing to design ginger bread house in few hours, then go for the quality rated ginger bread kit online. They are perfect for all holiday parties and for celebrating the fun tradition with kids around. You can have a look at these amazing house ideas and can start creating own creation of edibles today. Designing with these best kits is now easy and hassle free. You don’t have to be a professional for creating one. All you need is, this best gingerbread house kits which comes with easy to read instructional manual for getting started right now.

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