5 Best Microwave Carts for your Kitchen


To prevent the chaos in the kitchen and keep thing at some place, a cart is used. If you love baking and are health conscious, a microwave is an option. Nowadays, microwaves are available in almost every household. There are specific carts which help to keep the microwave oven in it. These carts are available in almost every store. They make it easy by not only keeping microwave over it, but also other small things too, such as your convection oven, panini press, bread machine, and waffle maker!

These carts are very durable and induce ease of access and are made of different materials like wood and metal. There are few carts which you can consider if you want to buy your own cart.

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#1 – Home Styles 4528-95 Dolly Madison Kitchen Cart

Home Styles 4528-95 Dolly Madison Kitchen Cart product image

If you are searching for a perfect microwave cart for your home, this dolly cart is a perfect option for you. The best of this is that it is movable because of the wheels attached to its base. Microwave is a thing which is almost present in every household. To make sure it is in the best corner of your kitchen, microwave cart is purchased. This cart is made of hardwood which is natural and sustainable. It is perfect to carry and move the heavy microwave.

Moreover, this dolly cart has cabinets in it so you can put other small things inside it. On the upper side it has two drawers where you can put other important utility things essentially needed in household. Therefore, it not only helps to put your microwave in the best position but also functions as a storehouse of small things. Not only this it also has one adjustable shelf and two towel bars which is just perfect to put kitchen towels in it. The casters come with locking facility which makes it convenient for movement. You can move it easily without worrying about the things inside the casters. The dimensions of this cart are just perfect for daily home use and you don’t have to worry about moving it.

What we like about it:

It is one of the best microwave carts. This cart comes with many features. It is easily movable cart because of the wheels attached to its base. Apart from this convenience, it has spacious cabinets and drawers which enable to keep things inside it. It is made of sustainable wood which is all natural and long lasting. So you can keep things above and inside it without worrying about the weight because it’s very easy to handle.

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#2 – Winsome Wood Utility Cart

Winsome Wood Utility Cart product image

If you are searching for a natural and rustic looking microwave cart for your home, then this is the best option for you. It can be regarded as the best espresso microwave stand. It is fully made of natural wood and indeed is strong and durable. It is a convenient cart and successfully adds storage has a different design and the storage area is not closed, it is open so you don’t have to open it every time you want a thing u kept inside. The wood is rather durable makes it the best espresso microwave cart, and is finished finely with solid Beachwood. If your family changes places frequently, this is the perfect cabinet for you since it’s parts can be separated and can be attached later.

If you are a nature lover and want to prevent the use of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials, fulfill that choice by choosing all natural microwave carts. It has got some of the best carts reviews by the users. You just have to follow the instructions and assemble the cart. Decorate your dining with this light weight but sophisticated cart. Moreover, due to its light weight, it is easily movable so you can transfer places and take it with you very easily. You don’t need to worry about the wood as it is well finished and long lasting.

What we like about it:

It is the best cart for nature lovers. It’s very convenient and easy to handle. It needs to be attached hence you can take it anywhere you want. The material is made of sustainable wood which is finished and it provides extra durability to the material. It occupies less space and is a strong support for a normal microwave. It is very pocket friendly and available easily. You should give it a try.

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#3 – Seville Classics Stainless Steel Professional Kitchen Cart 

Seville Classics Stainless Steel Professional Kitchen Cart product image

It is the best example of modern form of microwave carts. It is high in demand and used exclusively. It is light weight but very much strong.  It is made of stainless steel so there is no risk of rusting, it will last very long. It is of imported quality. The dimensions of the cart are very convenient and it is designed in such a way to provide maximum comfort. The upper platform is very thick and can bear heavy weight. It is supported by very strong legs of the cart. In between the platform and ground, there is a gauge basket which is just perfect for keeping additional things which u may need anytime.

It has the best stainless steel microwave stand and the best thing of it is that you can adjust its height according to the convenience. The whole body is made with stainless steel and it has wheels too that are made of rubber which makes it highly mobile and easy to handle and locking facility is also available. You can call it best heavy duty microwave cart the platform is well polished and made rust resistant and scratch resistant. The basket in the middle is adjustable and can be used to put anything on it according to the convenience of the user. It is easy to manage because it can be separated into pieces and can be assembled again.

What we like about it:

It is most durable cart you can have in your kitchen. Its whole body is extra durable and is made totally of steel. The wheels are of rubber which provides easy movability of the cart. To prevent any unnecessary movement, two locks are also present which stops the movement.  Its price is low in comparison to the features in it. Also it doesn’t require any additional tool while assembling.

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#4 – Winsome Mali Kitchen Cart

Winsome Mali Kitchen Cart product image

This is an amazing and extraordinary cart for your microwave. It is one of the most attractive carts available online. It is made of wood and is of espresso or beech color which makes it very sophisticated. It is very strong and is characterized by plenty of storage. It becomes a unique corner of the kitchen with microwave over it and all the necessary small things beneath the counter. It has got a big drawer and three side shelves which provide enough room for storage. It is the best large microwave cart. The shelves are removable and can be added when additional space is needed.

The material which it is made of is a combination of composite and solid wood, the finish is espresso. Once bought, you just have to assemble the parts and use it the way you want. Usually the microwaves are heavy and require those carts which can hold them firmly without much strain. The wood being a natural material is very friendly. It can be used for other purposes too. The weights is not very heavy and in case of any issue related to handling the heavy cart, wheels are provided at the bottom which makes the movement of the cart much easier. It comes in parts so a little care should be taken while assembling the cart, which will give the cart its original structure.

What we like about it:

This cart is the perfect combination of strength and sophistication. It not only helps to keep things in place, but makes the kitchen appear attractive. The storage space is ample and can be controlled accordingly. Apart from these things, the cart has wheels which make it easier to operate and handle. This cart is a must for home and for keeping your microwave in the best place to keep it safe.

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#5 – LANGRIA 3-Tier Kitchen Storage Cabinet Cart

LANGRIA 3-Tier Kitchen Storage Cabinet Cart product image

It is the best form of modern functional cart. The body is extra durable. It is made of metal with silver finish which gives it a very neat and shiny look. It is the best form of modern home décor and goes well with modern housing. This cart is multipurpose and can be used in places other than kitchen for many purposes. It is just perfect of home as well as outside use. It can be used equally well in garage, bedroom as well as an office. This cart comes with wheels which makes it easy to handle. There fine qualities give it one of the best microwave carts reviews. It is strong and it has various compartments which can be used to keep thing over and inside it.

The best thing is that it is not closed so it reveals the content you have put inside it. It is highly stable and mobile. There are four wheels which can be helpful in moving and two of them come with a lock. It also got some leveling feet which exchange and cover different needs. This leveling feet is very beneficial because you can move the cart while making it stable from the leveling side. The storage area is ample and it comprises of three shelves along with two side hooks which can hold anything like kitchen cloth. The shelves are bounded with rails which prevent the items kept in shelves from falling and hence help in keeping things intact.

What we like about it:

This is an ideal cart which can be used anywhere like kitchen, office etc. the body is fully metallic and silver polished which adds to its appearance. The shelves are present which make the storage space vast and you can put as many things you want. In nutshell, it is very easy to operate and fits very well with modern housing and adds elegance to the storage area.

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How we choose the top microwave carts in our list:

Buying a cart is a crucial process and needs proper knowledge before purchasing. It is so because you purchase a cart for storage purpose and to keep the microwave over it and other utility things inside it. A microwave is not very light in weight so the cart should have enough capacity to hold the microwave for a long time. Before buying a microwave cart, you should keep the following things in mind so that you purchase the best microwave cart for large microwave

  • Material– the material is most important thing you should consider before buying a cart. These cart available online offer wood carts, semi-wood carts and metallic and semi-metallic carts. Metal carts offer long lasting durability while wood carts offer a great natural look to your kitchen. Wood carts available nowadays are termite and moisture resistant too thanks to the finishing.
  • Storage– the primary function for which a cart is bought is storage. More the storage better is the cart. Most of the carts come with drawers and shelves. To prevent the exposed things from falling in open cabinets in case of metallic carts, the area is bounded with rims which prevent the objects from falling. Easily store your cookware, flatware, and dinnerware sets here!
  • Mobility-there are many carts which have rubber wheels attached to the base. This makes it easier to move. Therefore, to prevent this, wheels are attached to the base which provides ease in moving. Due to this factor, most of the carts available have wheels attached to their base. Carts without wheels are not much preferred.
  • Weight- carts would not be much heavy because it will just add weight to the overall. A perfect cart should be light in weight and durable at the same time. This will make the cart easy to handle and move. They should be able to easily hold your vacuum sealer, sous vide machine, and 4-slice toaster!

Different types of microwave carts:

There are many carts available online of different brands and price. They are made of different materials like wood metal etc. most carts which are available have wheels on the base, which helps in mobility as the cart becomes heavy after we put things inside it. Usually the metal carts are favored as they offer extra strength to the body and it is long lasting in nature. By far, it’s clear that there are a number of microwave carts and you can choose the best for you. From the variety, microwave carts are classified into following broad categories

  • Wood cart-These carts are made from naturally available wood and they help in providing a natural look to the kitchen. They are made of that type wood which is of good quality. It gives a kind or natural and rustic look to the kitchen.
  • Metallic-These are made of metals and are the modern form of carts. They are long lasting and extra durable. A metallic cart is usually made of stainless steel which is rust resistant and offers more strength than the other type of carts. They can easily hold your toaster, popcorn popper, and food dehydrator.
  • Cart with Wheels-Maximum carts available have wheels attached to their base so as to provide ease in movement. They provide convenience in mobility and turn out to be helpful for those who work in the kitchen.
  • Cart without wheels-These carts are not very popular and they cause problems in mobility of the cart. Being without wheels, they are hard to move and usually more than one person is required to displace the cart from one place to another.

Why you need the best microwave carts in your kitchen:

When you keep the mentioned things in mind while purchasing a microwave cart, you can easily grab the best one for you by going through microwave cart reviews. There are a variety of products available online but you have to keep the thing you want in mind and purchase the best one for you. Different carts have different features which add to their quality. Metallic carts are durable and easy to handle. On the other hand, wood made carts are polished and have closed storage space. From this knowledge, you can probably grab the best microwave cart for your home. There are few reasons why you need the best microwave cart for your kitchen-

  • Management of space-bringing a cart can prove to be a good usage of free space and there is no need to engage the shelves to put the microwave on it. There will be more free space available because all the small things as well as microwave can be placed over it. Similar to how food storage containers and meal prep containers make organizing your food easier, microwave carts do the same!
  • Easy workability-having a cart minimizes the work and decreases the burden of moving things. You don’t have to bear the heavy weight of the things put on it. Having wheels, it decreases the work done and hence makes it easy to move.
  • Better look-having a presentable as well as functional cart can do two things at a time. First, it keeps many things in it and second, it gives kitchen a very tidy and sophisticated look.

All these things make it a must have in the kitchen. If you want easy workability and organization of things all together, this microwave cart is a must have in the kitchen.

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