5 Best Martini Glasses for your Kitchen


Suppose you have a party to host, you will try your level best to welcome your guests with something extraordinary. Further, drinks are the heart of any gathering. So you must make sure that your beverages are served in classy a glass which makes the drinking fiesta delightful.

Martini glasses are known for their eye-catching designs and firm built. Your assorted martini glassware is going to stupefy the guests and these glasses have a lot of additional benefits as well. The following martini glass reviews will provide you some details for various models that are available in the market so that you pick the best martini glasses for yourself.

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#1 – Mikasa Cheers Martini Glass

Mikasa Cheers Martini Glass product image

According to consumer feedback, this is the most sought-after martini set in the market at present. It is one of the best recommended products owing to the wide range of benefits of this martini glass set. This is equipped with four martini glasses, all of them bearing a different impression on them, thus providing the ease of recognition and you will come to know if one them goes missing. They have slender looks and all of them shaped with complete elegance. These glasses will offer a gala time to you and your guests because of their fancy structure. The stems have been kept sleek and rims are thin so as to provide the use of handling to the user.

The quantity of these glasses is appreciable (10 ounce) as they have oversized cups to make room for enough liquid to pour in. The glass body is made up of lead crystal that is known for its strength and coherent nature. The set comes with four different patterns on each of the martini glasses namely circles, swirls, pinstripes and horizontal lines. These glasses are extremely pocket-friendly and a must for those who organize home parties frequently. They will not only cater to your drinking needs but also ensure convenient cleaning since they are sturdy enough to handle pressure. All in all, it is a profitable purchase in terms of its features.

What we like about it:

The reviews regarding this martini glass set have been nothing but impressive. For those who are looking for affordable party glasses, they must go with this product. This set has been fashioned in similitude to the traditional martini glasses that makes it the best martini set in the market right now. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness amplifies the benefits associated with these martini glasses. They excel in every aspect and must be considered as a foremost option.

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#2 – Pure Copper Martini Glass

PureCopper Solid Copper Martini Glass product image

This martini glass is a perfect blend of innovation with customer satisfaction. Instead of having a glass body, this martini glass boasts a shining copper body that gives it an ethnic look. This martini glass has been a trend-setter for other competitors in the market and lead to a hustle for glory and marketing. The amazingly hand-hammered copper body looks as beautiful as vintage style glasses. The top portions of this glass accompanied with the stem and base have been carved out of 100% pure copper. Further, this vessel accommodates an appreciable volume of drinks mounting up to 10 ounces and fills the user with contentment. The stunning polished exterior of this solid copper glass is sure to attract dozens of complements from your friends and guests.

It is an appropriate martini glass for those who love to decorate their home with classic products. Moreover, the smooth inside of this glass retains the flavors and aromas of your beverages thus making them lip-smacking for the user. The gorgeous nature of this beautiful martini glass guarantees extreme resilience and it outshines most of the other models with its heavy-duty feature. As far as the cost is concerned, this is a bonanza for copperware lovers. It comes at a minimal cost as compared to other copper products while performing in an optimal manner. Therefore, keep this as one of the superior options as well.

What we like about it:

This pure copper martini glass is a record-breaker in the martini glass business. Efficiency, durability and compatibility have an essence together in this model of martini vessel. Even though it is an expensive martini glass, that does not lessen the other features associated with this product. Moreover, it promises a great service to its user and is sure to assist you with efficiency. So if you love rugged vintage glasses and want to include them in your party, this is the best martini glass for you.

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#3 – Libbey Martini Party 12-piece Martini Glass

Libbey Martini Party 12-piece Martini Glass Set product image

This is one of the most basic models available in the market. Out of all the libbey martini glasses reviews this one gives major goals to the rest of them. This is a perfect martini glass for stirring up soothing martinis and you can fill these with exotic cosmopolitans as well. They possess a stunning design and come in a set of twelve. It is suitable for a large gathering where each guests can savor the flavors of rich drinks in well-built martini glasses. The looks of these glasses are appealing to the eyes and every guest drinks their share with fun. This martini glass model has charming looks that are enticing for your guests and they will not get over them. Further, these martini glasses are completely safe for hand-washing and can be cleaned easily and swiftly using basic dishwashers.

The brawny built of these glasses guarantees durability and it comes with a warranty card for the same. Another thing that is noteworthy is that these glasses are lead-free thus making them free of any sort of contaminants that people usually doubt for. This set of twelve glasses comes in a fuss-free packing and each has a capacity of 7.5 ounce. In terms of price, this product is a great deal for the entire set comes at a minimal cost with efficient functional properties.

What we like about it:

Suppose you have your family coming for a dinner and you serve chilled martinis in these glasses, all of them are going to praise this glass for its beautiful design which is sure to leave them all in awe. This set of martini glasses comprises of the best long stem martini glass. This model is a legit attention- grabber and will emphasize the entire limelight on its sleek design. If you frequently have loads of people over for parties, then this is the most affordable option for you.

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#4 – Deco Unbreakable Martini Glasses

Deco Unbreakable Martini Glasses product image

As the name suggests, this martini glass set can be regarded as the best shatterproof martini glass set. This comes as a complete set of four martini glasses therefore it is suitable only for a small gathering of people. The consumer can be sure of receiving an efficient service from these glasses owing to their unbreakable nature.

This model of martini glasses is a reusable variant and is only one of its kind. This martini glass comprises of a completely shatterproof body which resembles a plastic-like material. For those who want the sturdiest version of a martini glass, they must opt for this product. These martini glasses are resistant to an extreme amount of physical strain thus making them durable and reliable for a prolonged period of consumption. They are completely safe for dishwasher cleanings as they are made up with fundamentally strong physical forces. The elegant design of this martini glass makes it worthy of appreciation. Unlike other renditions of glassware, the deco unbreakable martini glasses guarantee 100% BPA free experience and make the drinks free of unwanted adulterants. The entire composition of this set can be equated to a perfect combination of innovation and style which has been priced in the most feasible manner. Therefore, this is the best bargain for middle-class households who look for a product that will take care of their needs in a comprehensive manner.

What we like about it:

The unbreakable body of these glasses achieved a lot of popularity among its users. Surveys have shown that majority of consumers look for the most strong and affordable of the options while buying their glassware and this product excels in both the categories. These are user-friendly martini glasses and make every penny worth it. The graceful looks fill the user with admiration and one cannot think of anything else while relishing the drinking experience in these glasses.

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#5 – Libbey Z-stem 4-piece Martini Glass

Libbey Z-stem 4-piece Martini Glass Set product image

Ever seen a crooked stem martini glass? Chances are that you did not see one prior to this review. Needless to say, the exotic design of this Libbey Z-stem 4-piece Martini Glass makes it stand out of the queue. The interesting addition of a crooked stem bring along a sense of excitement and fervor within your guests since the outward appearance of these glasses may prove to be deceptive and you might not know what is there inside. Even though this model has a twisted stem, that does not compromise with the quality of the entire glass and it is one of the most durable glasses in the market with positive feedback. Apart from this, it is lead-free in nature and ensures a pure consumption.

This model comes as a set of four in which each glass weights 9.25 ounce which is a lot. This is not an expensive set of martini glasses and is perfect for hosting parties or social gatherings of any kind in a convenient manner.  If you are a freak for new designs of glassware, then is the toughest option in the marketplace.  Moreover, the user can clean these glasses in a facile manner since they are compatible with dishwashers and support easy cleaning. This is a great product and will prove its effectiveness within a few days of the purchase.

What we like about it:

The design that is possessed by these martini glasses is a major drift from the conventional ones but one must see that in a positive light. In case you are doubtful of the crooked design of this product, you must know that the customer reviews have been favorable for this product. People have been successfully using this without any predicaments whatsoever. Once bought, these glasses can prove to be highly helpful for you and your housemates.

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How we choose the top martini glass in our list?

The entire review that has been provided here is a result of collective efforts which were backed with professional consultations. A lot of analysis has been carried out to ensure that all the information is in accordance with the factual data and the readers can rely on them completely. Lots of campaigns were organized to reach out the common people to gain an insight about their preferences and requirements that led to the formulation of a comprehensive review. And as far as the technical data is concerned, it was solely due to the support from experts that led to the better understanding of glassware available in the market today.

Surveys aided in acknowledging the wants of the consumers and helped us in ratifying the products. While comparing these products a set of criteria was kept in mind and was strongly adhered to. People were questioned regarding their expectations from martini glasses and some even same up with suggestions. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Appealing looks: There was a section of people who favored looks over comfort and wanted their glasses to stand out of the crowd in order to stupefy their guests.
  • Endurance capabilities: Some of them advocated that glasses should be strong and must be capable of enduring unfavorable conditions as well.
  • Comfortable design: Many of them affirmed that comfort should be the priority of their glassware since this aspect is uncompromising for the guests.
  • Quality and price: While majority went with the first three properties, many considered cost as their parameter of efficaciousness. According to this portion of survey-takers, only quality products are worth spending the money over otherwise it is a sheer waste.

Different types of Martini glasses

Martini glasses are a necessity for those who love to drink refreshing beverages and want to enjoy that to the fullest. The noteworthy point is that the functionality of a martini glass is not just limited to the kitchen premises rather it is central to any party for example, one can martinis served in a housewarming party, professional meets, marriage celebrations, celebrations, etc. Moreover, these glasses can be used to serve various other energizing drinks in a fashionable manner. The elite designs of these glasses go well with all the kinds of garnishing and zestful mint essence. Below is a brief comparison of various models mentioned in this review that will assist you in the selection procedure:

  • Durability: The pure copper martini glass is the epitome of strength in a martini glass. But the unbreakable martini glass also gives a tough fight in terms of durability.
  • Appearance: Choose that martini glass which catches the undivided attention of its user. The crooked stem martini glass and the pure cooper glass are the main competitors in this respect. None is better than the other rather each of them is unique in looks in their own way and it depends upon the buyer which model they deem to be the best.
  • Quantity and cost: These are the most crucial aspects for the buyer that determines the efficacy linked to their martini glasses. The pure copper glass comes as a single piece and the others come in a set of more than one glass thereby increasing their quantity and subsequently the cost-effectiveness as well.

Therefore, these are some of the things that are to be kept in mind while buying martini glassware and the users should pick what suits them in the best way.

Why you need the best martini glasses in your kitchen?             

Equipping your kitchen with the best set of glassware is not just a luxury rather a necessity in today’s time. You must ensure proper comfort for your family members and friends while serving those drinks and a martini glass looks after that with perfection. Moreover, the martini glasses go in accordance with the modern standards and qualify with their supreme looks. Your guests will relish themselves while imbibing the juicy beverages held in these stylish vessels. Apart from these applications, there is a lot more that the martini glasses stand for. Here is brief description of the same:

  • Serve in style and gather voguish comments.
  • Martini glasses provide ease of handling to the user and save them from the embarrassment resulting from clumsy serving techniques.
  • They can be held comfortably with one hand. These glasses have been specially designed to interlock between the fingers effectively thus providing firm grip.
  • The recent models of martini glasses are popular for their sturdy designs that outlast other variants of glassware available in the market. Therefore, they are durable and built using cohesive forces.
  • Newer the models, better the designs. With a lot of improvement in the structural endowments, martini glasses have become capable of storing a variety of juice from juicers and beverages from a beverage dispenser.

People invest in those products that will assist them in carrying out the daily tasks in a trouble-free manner. Best Martini glasses ease the serving procedure for the host and provide a gloating drinking experience to your guests.

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