5 Best Apple Peelers for your Kitchen

How many times has it been when you woke up in the morning already late for the day and got delayed even more on account of the time you took to finish up breakfast. Only if that apple were a bit easier to peel… but that can’t be, can it? What we can do is to change the way we approach the task.

So this article we aim at serving that very purpose, by the time you finish reading it, your breakfasts would have become a lot faster than today.

Apple Peeler Review Center 2021

Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Spiralizer Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato peeler

Cast Magnesium Apple Potato Peeler by Spiralizer Product Image

The product takes the first place without any doubt. It has been made out of magnesium and thus built to last. You can easily use this product in your kitchen for years to come. If you are careful enough not to damage it the product will last for a long time to come; being made out of solid magnesium means that the utensil is resistant to rust.  And can be washed to keep its blades clean without exposing it to rust. This also means that the product is not brittle but stable and strong. This is clearly the best apple peeler.

Benefits of the product:

The price and the quality is one of the rare combinations that you get to find only sometimes on the market. Having an efficient kitchen is one of the most important things for the modern-day house owner. Nobody would like to spend an eternity in just getting a salad ready for breakfast. Take matters into your hand and go ahead with an easy to use and operate the equipment. Even if you are not able to reach it in the market, you can have it shipped straight to you via effective online vendors.

What we liked about it:

It is easy to use and versatile at the same time. It is as simple as a plug and play device that is so popular nowadays. The only exception is that it has no use of electricity. All you need is to set the fruit (or vegetable) firmly in the corkscrew and rotate the handle. It is completely safe and can be used by anyone with the danger of harm. Unlike many other household types of equipment, it makes no effort to over-complicate things to justify its cost. Simple and easy to use is the motto here.

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#2 – Victorio kitchen products: Johnny Apple Peeler

Johnny Apple Peeler by VICTORIO VKP1010 Product Image

At first, glance what really stands out about the product is its design. You can tell just by looking at it that a lot of research has gone into the making of this peeler. The practicality of the product, the ease of handling, and the time taken, everything was duly accounted for before one started the casting of this article. And it greatly serves the user too. All the labors that the maker undertook have not gone in vain but speak volumes about themselves.

Benefits of the product:

With a 5 year guarantee and stainless steel blades, you are ensured easy and hassle-free operation of the tool. The warranty part of the product covers all the individual units of the machine. Even if you notice any problem with the stainless blade of the product, you can get it replaced under the warranty scheme. Talking about steel, the blade ensures that you get the optimum level of function and sharpness. The amount of food item wasted is kept as less as possible by the very fine placing of the blades. It makes sure that you only get the top layer removed and have the rest for your consumption. The overall package is one that has been designed to serve the customer long term.

What we liked about it:

There were actually two things that stood out about the product, strength, and stability. The suction base provides great stability to the tool. You get to use both of your hands to get the job done and thus accomplish more in a lesser amount of time. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, time constraints, are greatly eased. If the above-mentioned product was the best apple peeler then this one is the best apple peeler corer slicer.

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#3 – Starfrit 93013 Pro Apple Peeler with bonus core slicer

Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler with bonus core slicer Product Image

And here comes the best apple peeler corer. The look of the product is clearly the most distinct thing about the product. The colorless approach is actually quite fresh and has been not noticed before this product knocked on the market for kitchen commodities. Like the above-mentioned products, this device also keeps the wastage of resources to the very minimum. You get to make most of the food products be accomplishing the task quickly. As opposed to the two above mentioned ones, the screw on this one is vertical. Therefore the placing of fruit is easy, you can better gauge the number of turns that the handle needs for getting the job done.

Benefits of the product:

The arm of the product is spring-loaded. In simpler words, it means that it is more capable of adapting to the different shapes and sizes of the fruits that you eat. There is not an instance of one size fits all in this product range. And by accomplishing this feat, the brand has set aside the worries of many about how could it make up for the differences of shapes in apples. So you are free to use the product as per your requirement and for as many times as you want it for. The first or the hundredth, it works just fine all the time!

What we liked about it:

In this apple peeler review, this product takes the cake for the number 3 spot. Making use of ingenuity, it has managed to stand apart from all the others. The distinct appeal of the product sets it apart from others on the list. Buy it directly or source it online, you get an excellent product either way.

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#4 – CucinaPro Apple Peeler and Corer

Apple Peeler and Corer by Cucina Pro Product Image

Some products are meant to serve multiple needs of the user, this is one such item. It works equally well for apples and potatoes. The cast iron chrome-look serves a dual purpose. The first is that it gets the product ready for years of service down the road and the second being that one does not have to worry about looking out of place. The chrome look lends it a retro look that fits beautifully into any household. It gets the job done in one simple motion and has no need for you to make repeated motions and slices at it. Save time and effort with the tool.

Benefits of the product:

For an easy price, you are getting not only a multi-functioning tool but also a classy one at that. The cost is not as much as to set the budget off course on your monthly calendar. It can be accommodated into a meager one too. And it is just an onetime expenditure; you are done as soon as you make the final payment. For the days to come, you will be saving on money and time. With a built to the last approach, the peeler is designed not to break down but to be sturdy and in operation.

What we liked about the product:

There are actually quite a few things that stood out. The price of the item is one of them. The second is the approach of the makers. You can feel that they did not want it to be just a one-hit-wonder but actually stay in operation and make a name for itself in the time to come. This is aptly demonstrated by the fact that the makers have included a suction stand to make it steady and stable.

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#5 – KitchenAid KSM1APC Spiralizer Attachment

KitchenAid KSM1APC Spiralizer Attachment Product Image

It is by far the most modern one on the list of products here on the list. There is an option to use it vertically or horizontally, as you please. It has a versatile blade system and attaches nicely to the power hub in your kitchen. For those who like to have their kitchen modern and up to date, this one will have a particular attraction. It also stands out in the aspect that it fits to all of KitchenAid products. Basically, you get to model your whole kitchen after the product. The premium metal builds and looks of the product will instantly make it a favorite of many of those reading this article.

Benefits of the product:

The look says it all. It is pretty solid to use and compact in operation. It is automated, which is to say that you will not have to devote any additional time to rotating the handle for getting the job done. One unique benefit of the product that you stand to make benefit of is that it can also be combined to make a juicer. Needless to say, it will require you to buy more of KitchenAid products which have, by the way, totally captured the market with this product. If you buy this, you might have to put in a little more investment but believe us, the product is worth the money it asks.

What we like about it:

A lot of things, to be honest; especially how compact and quick this tool has been engineered. It responds and gets the job done instantly (here’s to that speedy breakfast!); you can pick it and gain a leg over others in the market any day. The product may come in at the fifth place but it is truly a king in this best apple peeler corer slicer reviews.

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How we choose the best apple peeler in our list:

There are actually a lot of factors that go into making the decision of the top contender. The process starts with an in-detail inspection of the product before it heads into the kitchen. The trial is managed by two groups; one of them is an expert in kitchen operations while the others are more like weekend warriors in the kitchen. They are left to use the product for a certain number of days and then feedback is sought at the end of the time allotted.

The feedback that they give is taken into account and made for into points. This is one part of the total score that a product gets. The other half is sourced from the experts who have in-depth knowledge about the products that they use. They point out the finer details of the items being tested, including the features and the areas of difficulty that they witnessed. This makes up of another part of the overall score that a product gets.

At the end, the apple corer slicer review is prepared with the help of last part of the input from other users and what our own experts think of it. The final say in the making of this list lies with the experts and it is their score that is taken into account. At the end, all comments and feedbacks are assembled into one review and laid down for your consideration and knowledge.

Why you need the best apple peeler in your kitchen:

The kitchen should be so designed as to make your job easier and not any more difficult than what it already is. It means that all the products that you buy in your daily course should focus on getting the job done faster and in a more efficient way than before. An apple peeler though may seem like a small product but serves a lot of purposes there. Every morning you have a need for the product and every morning you run late without realizing the factors that take up the time you have. Lend yourself a helping hand and make the most of small articles of daily use. It is not a recurring expenditure; you buy it once and save for all the days to come.

And that is just one half of the job. The other half is that it is capable of contributing with the vegetables too. Potato is a staple food for many and a source of daily carbohydrates. It works equally fine on those too; in fact, any vegetable that needs to be peeled or sliced in a similar fashion can work effectively on it. And this is why you need to have this very efficient and affordable machine in your kitchen. Save a little time every day, you know you need it.

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