5 Best Kitchen Utensil Sets for the Kitchen


Utensils are hand tools that are used by a cook or chef in the preparation of food. Different tasks like cutting of vegetables, adding of sugar and other spices, grinding, mixing, baking and measuring require different utensils and cutlery. There are separate sets for eating the food as well. This includes mainly spoons and forks.

Kitchen utensils are mainly made of materials like copper, nickel and tin. Clay utensils are also available mostly in the rural regions while silver utensils are found in the cities on a large scale. Stainless steel kitchen sets are considered as the best utensils as they are rust proof and corrosion proof. They are safe to handle and use for cooking as well.

Some of the best utensil sets for the kitchen are as follows:

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#1 – OXO Good Grips 15-Piece Everyday Kitchen Tool Set

OXO Good Grips 15-Piece Everyday Kitchen Tool Set product image

The OXO good grip kitchen tool set come in different sizes like the 15 pieces, 10 pieces and 6 pieces set. The different items included in the entire set are spoons, a flexible turner, a square turner, slotted spoons, 12-inch-long tongs and a greater. These kitchen tools are very slim lined due to which they do not occupy a lot of space. Other items like an ice cream scoop, potato peeler and a balloon whisk may also be present depending on the size of the kitchen tool set. An important addition is the pizza wheel which is not present in many other kitchen sets. The base of the pizza is placed on this wheel, which can be rotated and it thus makes dressing and addition of the pizza topping easy. A holder is also provided to prevent the pizza from slipping.

Materials like nylon and silicon are used to make the handle of these utensils. These materials are heat resistant or heat insulators due to which the user’s hand does not feel too hot while using the tool. It is resistant to heat up to 400° Fahrenheit beyond which, the handle starts to heat up, very gradually.  The kitchen tools can be cleaned and washed using a dishwasher. They are least likely to undergo any damage in the process. The entire kitchen tool set is only 8 pounds in weight which is a little less than 4 kilograms and is small and potable in size as well. Transferring the entire set from one place to another is very easy.

What we like about it:

This kitchen tool set is easily available online. A large variety of tools is available in a single kitchen set. This single kitchen tool set can cater to the needs of different processes carried out in the kitchen. The buyer need not buy all the items in the set. If he or she feels some items are of no use to him or her, the buyer can buy a smaller sized kitchen set. The company is a trusted one which is held high in regard in most parts of the world. The entire set is available in a utensil holder, whose base style can be changed as per the taste of the user.

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#2 – HomeHero Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set

HomeHero Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set product image

The HomeHero kitchen cooking utensils set is a twenty-nine-piece containing kitchen set which comprises of different items including a measuring cup, spoon and spatula. A cook or chef requires great skill to prepare amazing and tasty food but an appropriate kitchen set helps the individual to enhance his or her skills. The materials used in the making of the kitchen set include stainless steel and silicon along with other non-stick material. These prevent the food particles from getting stuck to the surface and are also rust proof. The material is also durable which does not break very easily and thus, these items have quite a long life. The items in the set have an elegant design which fits different kitchen settings.

Comprising of skimmers, garlic press, cutters, spoons, knives, turners, graters and spatula, this set has an item that proves to be useful in almost every kitchen activity. Serving spoons are one of the most interesting additions to the kitchen set. A separate serving spoon for rice items, pasta and curry is provided.  The strainer provided is used while making beverages like tea or coffee. It is also maintenance free and not much trouble is borne post purchase of the kitchen set. It is considered as the best kitchen utensil set by many individuals and is used on a large scale. This kitchen set is easily available online and is shipped to many countries for free, with a shipping weight of about 7 pounds.

What we like about it:

This kitchen set suits different kitchen settings due to which, it is one of the best gifts one can give a newly wedded couple or other during a house warming party or other such occasions. According to many user reviews, the kitchen set is appropriately priced and is a good buy. The user need not buy any item separately or explicitly but everything is included in the same kitchen set itself. The excellent quality is bound to provide customer satisfaction and keep all the users extremely happy.

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#3 – Yitchen 25-Piece Kitchen Tool & Utensil Set

Yitchen 25-Piece Kitchen Tool Utensil Set product image

The Yitchen kitchen tool and utensil set, comprising of 25 item pieces stands out from other normal utensil and kitchen sets. It is one of the few kitchen sets that includes a metal can opener and a winged cork screw, to make the opening of wine and champagne bottles easy. The set contains utensils made up different high-quality rust free and non-stick material like stainless steel, nylon and silicon. The important stainless-steel items include slicers, whisks, mashers, bottle openers, graters, peelers and cutters. An ice cream scoop is also available. The nylon utensils are heat resistant. They can withstand a temperature of around 450° Fahrenheit and the user’s hand does not feel too hot or get burnt while using the kitchen set. These include slotted spoons, turners, ladles and tongs. High quality silicon spatulas are also available. A plastic measuring cup set and a measuring spoon set is also available.

The utensil set is finely crafted and quite light to use. With the help of these tools, the chef can prepare the food quite easily and quickly. If an individual is sick of using the flimsy tools and utensils, he or she ought to buy this kitchen set. It helps to unleash the cook hidden within. It not only makes the food tasty but the chef has great ease and joy in preparing it as well. Weighing only about 3 pounds, this is one of the lightest and one of the best utensil set available in the market today.

What we like about it:

The utensils and kitchen tools have holes or rounded ends so that they can be hung with the help of a hook. This makes it easy to display all the tools and the chef can easily find and choose the tool he or she requires. It also makes the entire setting presentable. The company is very confident about this product and offers a money back guarantee if the user is not satisfied or content with the product. If an individual is impressed with this product, he or she need not hesitate before buying it.

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#4 – Calphalon Kitchen Essentials Utensil & Gadget Set

Calphalon Kitchen Essentials Utensil and Gadget Set product image

The Calphalon utensil and gadget set ensures that the chef or cook has the best items and tools available at his or her disposal. The tools are provided with soft grips that help the chef scoop, flip and whisk more comfortably. Special attention is paid on the quality of material used, which is non-stick in nature. The iron content in these tools is also less which prevent them from rusting, especially in humid regions where the moisture content in the atmosphere is quite high. The entire set contains twenty different items including forks, spoons, ladles, turners of different kinds and gadgets like peelers, openers and cheese plane. It is extremely safe to clean these kitchen tools and gadgets with the help of a dish washer. This is not going to affect the material or quality in any way.

The Calphalon kitchen utensils and tools can be hung from a peg or hook and can be stored in a cabinet as well. The set does not occupy much space. Some of the best kitchen utensil set reviews rate this set high and have published very good reviews and feedbacks. Apart from being durable and easy to use, these items also look elegant and enhance the beauty of the kitchen. It can be one of the best choice for your kitchen.

What we like about it:

The company offers free shipping services on all its products, with delivery to many parts of the world. These products are light weight and can be used by children, having a liking towards cooking as well. These tools and gadgets are usually bought along with a bakeware set made by the same company. This combination forms the entire set required in a kitchen for carrying out smooth cooking related processes. The rubber and plastic components do not melt down due to the heat very easily.

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#5 – HULLR 20-Piece Premium Cooking Kitchen Utensils Tool & Gadget Set

HULLR 20-Piece Premium Cooking Kitchen Utensils Tool Gadget Set product image

This kitchen cooking utensil tool and gadget set comprises of 20 pieces. Although twenty pieces is a lot of items, the weight of the entire set is less than three pounds. This is because light weight material is used in the manufacture of these items to facilitate comfortable cooking. Most of the utensils and tools have a classic design, which is very elegant and beautiful to look at. The HULLR design is a plus point which is appreciated by several people.  The different items in this set include slotted and classic turners, slotted and classic spoons, whisks, peelers, cutters and spoons. Most of these items are made of stainless steel. The non-stick nature ensures easy cleaning, which can be done by dishwashers or by hand as well.

The entire set has dimensions of about 5x5x13.5 inches which does not occupy much space and can be easily transferred from one place to another. Considered as one of the best cooking utensils set, the demand for these items is increasing by the day. Ergonomic durable handles are provided for better usability and a better grip. Measuring cups of different sizes and capacities are provided that are used in the process of baking and in the making of different beverages, where a slight difference in the measurement can entirely change the taste and spoil the food item or the drink. Oven gloves are also bought along with these kitchen tools for extra insulation and protection from heat.

What we like about it:

This kitchen set is a wonderful example of excellent value for money. Many a times, products are priced too high or the prices are not suitable for the quality of the product. However, this is not the case with these kitchen tools. One of the best cooking utensil set in terms of quality, it is keeping up the company’s reputation with its phenomenal performance. The joints are tightly fastened with good quality nuts and bolts due to which, the question of breakage does not arise at all!

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How we choose the top kitchen utensil sets in our list:

A great or enormous amount of hard work had been dedicated to the making of the review published above. Many shops and other online shopping websites were visited, to draw a list of the different kitchen sets and kitchen tools available. A list of the different products was made and the best products from the list were to be selected. Many experts were referred to, who commented on the technicality of the product. These comments, feedbacks or reviews were closely recorded. Another list of users was made who narrated their personal experience with the product. This too was noted down. A final list was made of all the properties a kitchen utensil is supposed to contain.

All the three reviews were clubbed together and the final draft of the review was formulated, which is published above. The different characteristics that were focussed on include:

  • Brand value and cost– people usually prefer trusted brands which have earned a good reputation in the market through their quality products. The pricing should also be appropriate as over priced products are seldom purchased.
  • Materials- the materials used in the making of the utensils and tools should be durable and have a large lifetime. The quality of food prepared depends mainly on the quality of utensil used. In certain cases, unwanted gases are released which poisons the food being prepared.
  • Size and shape– emphasis is laid on the size of the different utensils as well. Potable kitchen sets are always preferred which can be moved to different places quite easily.

Please note that we recommended very strong, durable utensil sets. We don’t recommend scraping them hard against your kitchen appliances, such as panini press, waffle maker, bread machine, pizza oven, convection oven, etc

Different types of kitchen sets:

Kitchens are considered as nothing less than machines nowadays. According to the formal definition of machines, a machine is anything that reduces human effort and kitchen tools and utensils, reduce the amount of efforts the cook or chef must spend in order while preparing good and tasty food. These kitchen tools are mainly distinguished into different types depending on the material used in the making of these utensils and tools. The different types of utensils are:

  • Copper utensils– copper utensils are mainly used as they have high thermal conductivity and heat up very quickly, thereby facilitating faster cooking of the food or faster boiling of the water placed within.
  • Iron utensils– utensils made of pure iron are not used very widely mainly due to the high cost and tendency to rust. Cast iron on the other hand, has a lesser tendency to rust due to which it is widely used.
  • Stainless steel- most of the utensils and other kitchen tools available today are made up of this material. The rust free or corrosion free nature and the non-stick properties are the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of the material in the making of utensils.
  • Earthenware utensils are available which contain a decent amount of lead. On heating however, the lead present releases toxic gases which is not desired. Therefore, enamelware utensils are more common nowadays which are comparatively safer. Porcelain is used in this case.

With technology rapidly advancing, more and more materials are likely to be developed, which will be more suited to make kitchen appliances, utensils and other tools.

Why you need the best utensil set in your kitchen?

Food is one of the basic commodities that everyone requires. To prepare food and serve it, certain utensils and tools are required, without which cooking becomes extremely difficult. The different processes carried out in the kitchen that require the usage of utensils and other kitchen tools include

Purchasing the best kitchen tool set surely saves a lot of time and completes the cooking or baking process quickly, in no time. This provides the entire family with extra time to carry out other productive activities. Whether the food is to be prepared for a few people, or a large bunch of people, the kitchen set proves handy in both situations and can be used to create food for different occasions. The preparation standard of food increases, thereby providing people with healthier and tastier food. Usually, the best customer service is provided by the best kitchen utensils brand. Satisfaction should be felt by not just the cook or chef but the person eating the food as well. Therefore, it is important for an individual to buy the best utensil set for the kitchen.

The design and material used for making the kitchen utensils has changed over the years. As such, each individual ought to possess the ability to adjust to the changing world and purchase the latest utensils, which are indeed manufactured after a great deal of research such that it is the best product available from health and comfort point of view.

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