5 Best Keg Taps for your Kitchen


There is an enormous amount of struggle linked with the everyday chores performed in the kitchen. While most of them are inevitable, owing to the cooking practices, many of these hardships can be eased by using the right products. Using such quality equipments that will assist you in carrying out complicated tasks with extreme efficiency will increase your speed to function by a huge extent.

Further, a lot of time is dissipated in pouring drinks by making use of old-fashioned casks. People are exasperated with these rudimentary pouring techniques. The best keg taps are going to provide respite to them by using innovative techniques.

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1 – Bev Rite Heavy Duty Complete D-System Beer Party Pump Picnic Keg Tap:

Bev Rite Heavy Duty Complete D-System Beer Party Pump Picnic Keg Tap product image

This is the most basic type of keg tap and serves exactly the purpose that you want it to. The efficient high-quality system that is present in this keg tap supports efficient serving. This model is capable of performing heavy duties by providing a break from the customary pouring practices. This can be of great help in parties and other social gatherings since along with eating, your guests expect sufficient drinks that will be served to them. Therefore, if somehow you are unable to do that properly, there is great chance that your party will lose its charm and instead you might have to face defamation among your guests. If you want to avoid this and want to put a good impression on your guests, then you should opt for this keg tap that is sure to come at a reasonable price along with its simple design and easy handling quality.

The Bev Rite Heavy Duty Complete D-System Beer Party Pump Picnic Keg is a perfect accommodation for every drink-loving household. Moreover, this can be operated by anyone since it is compatible with most of the domestic beers as well. The 8 inch metal pump present in this is sure to give a good service owing to its premium quality built. Further, this keg tap is user-friendly and even a novice can set it up quickly and easily.

What we like about it

This keg tap is highly in demand and aims at relieving your worries related to serving drinks and liquor. This is the most basic model present in keg taps and by using the Bev Rite Heavy Duty Complete D-System Beer Party Pump Picnic Keg Tap, you can be sure of its effectiveness. This is the best bargain in keg taps and even though it does not have special features, it will complete the task with productive results.

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#2 – Right Dynamics Premium Keg Tap

Right Dynamics Premium Keg Tap product image

This is the most popular variant of premium keg taps available at present in the market. This can be ranked as one of the best chrome keg tap because of the premium quality chrome plated parts. Stainless steel and metals like brass are used in plating this keg tap that equates to prolonged use of this product by increasing the durability. The 8 inch keg tap has a unique system that is suitable for domestic uses. This is a highly in demand model. This product is very reliable and is equipped with a cylindrical pump that has some sort of ball attached at the end of it which is going to prove suitable for you if you have to organize a picnic party. The handle of this keg tap has a special design since it has a lever and a lock coupler which makes this keg tap resistant to leakage. This keg tap also features an internal gasket which makes the tapping of the keg uncomplicated. The keg tap system is exemplary since the faucet that is made of plastic is going to facilitate the squeezing with a trigger accompanied with a 24 inch hosing system.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best keg tap for your parties and refreshing barbecues then this will work wonders for you. This is a great purchase and will satisfy the users with its unmatchable quality service.

What we like about it

The user is going to get benefited undoubtedly. This keg tap is praiseworthy for its performance record and can be considered as the best home keg tap owing to its great features and capability to operate. Moreover, this version can be categorized as the best stainless steel keg tap as well. For those who are planning to buy this keg tap, you can be sure of its quality since the results are going to speak for themselves.

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#3 – Taprite Bronco Keg Pump

Taprite Bronco Keg Pump product image

This is a complex yet very easily handled keg tap. The ease that this keg tap provides to the user makes it worth the buy. If you often face difficulties while operating a keg tap then you must go with this product. The simple handheld technique that this keg tap appoints for its procurer makes it the best keg tap for a novice party enthusiast. This keg tap is one of the most innovative sorts of keg tap in the market. There is an exception pressure release mechanism in this keg tap that is propelled through a vent. This feature resolves the problem of foaming which is common in other keg taps which have no system to eliminate over pumping.

Usually, there is huge amount of labor associated with the cleaning of keg taps after being used in parties. But with this product, cleaning is very easy because it provides the ease of immersion of various parts of the keg tap separately. So now you can clean the pumping body, the tubing system and the faucet by rinsing them with normal water and clean them in a trouble-free manner. The main aim of this product is to serve its user with efficiency and to impart a good tapping experience to help them in lightening up their gatherings with easy handling of refreshing drinks and cocktails.

What we like about it

We liked that this keg tap is a blend of innovation and aimed at providing comfort to its users. If you use this keg tap, you can exercise control over the operation of keg tap with ease unlike other versions of this commodity. This product is going to ensure that you receive an all-round service which is going to justify its cost.The new and compact design is sure to accomplish the tapping tasks effectively.

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#4 – Kegco European S System 8″ Metal Chrome Import Beer Keg Party Pump:

Kegco European S System 8 Metal Chrome Import Beer Keg Party Pump product image

This keg tap is a European version of the keg pump that has US Sankey D system in it.  It is equipped with a Kegco S system that which is a reliable keg tap set-up. Further, this keg tap features a base that is plated with brass along with a mixture of tin-nickel alloy. This is a good product if you want high performance along with prolonged durability of the keg tap which benefits the user in a comprehensive manner.

Moreover, this product is pocket-friendly and the best bargain which any user can possibly extract in the present scenario. This is a life-saver during parties owing to its high performance and features an air pump which is 8 inch in size and has been solidly built for effectiveness of the keg tap. This keg tap provides accompanied benefits as well. The S system that this keg tap is endowed with is compatible with other variants of kegs as well. This product is sure to outlast other similar style keg pumps which are available in the market these days. This is also outperforming other similar variants thus making it a good option in case you are planning to buy this product. It is an assorted keg tap that will increase the efficiency of serving refreshing drinks like beer in parties because of the high-quality parts that are used in its formation.

What we like about it

This is a must for those people who regularly go outdoors for picnics or for those who organize parties inside their own homes. This is a great pump that is exclusively designed to provide its user a durable and substantial service. The ones who are fond of chilled drinks may use this advanced keg tap which has an air pump to keep the drinks cold while they are transported through the pipes of the tubing system.

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#5 – Kegco KC KT85D-L Beer Keg Coupler D System Tap Lever Handle

Kegco KC KT85D-L Beer Keg Coupler D System Tap Lever Handle product image

This keg tap is a clear-cut intelligence which is a result of mechanical techniques. This has been constructed by keeping in mind the commercial-grade keg taps. This is a great product that can endure heavy usage thereby it is extensively used in hotels, pubs and restaurants where using casks for pouring drinks is impractical and highly unsuccessful. The pain taken in poring and serving drinks by using the rudimentary manual process is not to be taken anymore. This keg tap is known for its reliability owing to the sturdy design and the lever handle makes it more rugged. The other standard variants of keg taps have been outshines by the Kegco KC KT85D-L Beer Keg Coupler D System and is proven to be better than other handle style keg casks.

This model has been approved by the NSF which is a testimony of the superior quality of this keg tap. This has a body plated with nickel and brass alloys along with a stainless steel probe on it. This keg tap is well-matched with all D system Sankey American kegs and is best suited for domestic purposes since it is compatible with local beer kegs and can be used to tap them effectively.Further the design that has been used in the keg coupler is endowed with a valve that will reduce the pressure by allowing the gas to escape instead of entering the keg.

What we like about it

There are numerous variants of keg taps available in the market but this is sure to serve you with proficiency of task completion. You can pour drinks without the evolution of gases unlike other keg couplers available in the market. The special design of this keg tap enables the gas bubbles to escape prior to the flow of beer or any other drink. Such additional features make the buying of this keg tap a profitable deal.

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How we choose the top keg tap in our list?

The entire review that has been formulated here is a product of intensive research and a lot of detailed analysis gave rise to its formation. Customer feedback has been central to all the keg tap reviews cited here. They were recorded and meticulously considered to give a technical background to this article. A lot of consumer testimonials were registered through an online portal. Numerous surveys of people who experienced a change and convenience after using any of these products were also carried out by our analysts.

Those groups were people were targeted for testing and interrogations in order to acquire an insight of their reviews on these products as well.The reader of these reviews along with the future consumers of this product can rely on them completely because these reviews guarantee transparency and veracity of the features mentioned in the evaluation of these products. There was a major help provided by the experts and the credit of fabricating this highly elaborate review, goes to them. We devise each and every experiment under supervised guidance.

There is a collective collaboration of people that has helped in the actual understanding these keg taps. There is not a specific top ranker rather all of the above stated products are unique in their own way.All of the products guarantee efficient task-fulfillment without any discrepancy. It is for the user to decide which the most suitable product is for them and then buy the best keg tap according to them. These reviews will surely help them.

Different Types of keg taps:

Selecting the best type of keg taps is not an easy job, but with the right set of knowledge the customer can easily pick the high-quality product for their usage. There are various variants of keg taps available in the market, some of which are manufactured using stainless steel while others are prepared using quality plastic. Now the question is which one would be the most suitable option to choose. In case of keg taps which are manufactured using plastic the end product is light weighted and as such can be easy to carry around.

However, in the case of stainless steel keg taps, these products are quite durable in nature and as such will not get damaged easily. Also, there are different categories of keg taps sold in the market, for instance, the D-system keg taps, S-systme keg taps, etc. Let us know in detail about the different types of keg taps:-

  • D-system keg taps:- This type of keg taps are widely used in the U.S and is alos quite convenient to handle. Affective safety device is installed to reduce the chances of any sort of mishap. Model no. 1 and 5 mentioned in the above review article uses this same D-system mechanism and as such has a slight upper hand when it comes to the selection process.
  • S-system keg taps:- The S-system keg taps, like the one installed in model no. 4, exhibits excellent durability as they are manufactured using nickle brass. The handle are made up of plastic and as such is easy to use.

The above mentioned review article does not perform any sort of comparison between the products but only serves the objective of making the customers and the readers aware about the best keg taps and the features they have to offer.

Why you need the best keg tap in your kitchen?

The best part about owning a keg tap is that its efficacy and usage benefits are not limited to the confines of a kitchen. You can take this along with you while going outdoors on a picnic or a trip with family and friends. This comes in handy and is ready to use anywhere. Gone are the days when you were compelled to travel without any sort of drinking material with you in order to avoid the fuss that the serving of beers, cold drinks, et cetera brought along with them.

But if you have the most suitable product to help you with this problem, then you no longer have to worry. The keg taps perform their requisite functions effectively and with precision thereby justifying the cost of these products as well. Either you can take the keg tap along with you on a picnic or you can use them on parties that are organized at your own home. These keg taps will ease the process of serving drinks to your guests and will no longer disrupt your party mood with the unnecessary inconvenience.

There will be no mess created during the serving of drinks through primitive vessels and elaborate tubes since each person can fill their glasses themselves. Sometimes, trivial servings can ruin your parties by creating unwanted disorder among the guests. Drinks are central to any social gathering and their delayed helpings might ravage the jolly aura of parties. Therefore, you should include the keg taps in your list and reap the benefits to the fullest.

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