5 Best Kegerator Faucets for your kitchen


Having a chilled glass of beer is the best kind of refreshment that you can get. But it is not just the enjoyment that one focusses one, you also have to account for storage and serving. Because of the large quantity of the liquid, one has to ensure that it is not kept in multiple bottles, for ease of serving.

And thus one brings in a large container, one has to also account for the nozzle. And this is why we have brought in the best faucet for kegerator for your considerations. You can pick one from the list and select for use in your kitchen.

Kegerator Faucet Review Center 2020

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#1 – Perlick 630SS Stainless Beer Faucet Chrome Shank Combo Kit w/Knob by Beverage Factory

Perlick 630SS Stainless Beer Faucet Chrome Shank Combo Kit Knob by Beverage Factory product image

Stainless steel is a thing of beauty. One cannot help but marvel at the smooth finish of the tap that comes attached to the barrel. You can make use of this tap regardless of the kind of business you operate. Be it for personal use or for private use. You get to make the most of it by applying it directly to the barrel. The slanting tilt of the tap makes sure that you get even the last drop out of it. The forward tilt of the tap ensures that that beer does not stick to the outlet. It is important because it might spoil the taste of a fresh brew. One has to make sure that the beer is not tainted by the remaining left over from the last brew.

In best commercial kegerator faucet reviews this one ranks highly. Many people recommend it to commercial outlets. Keeping in mind the constant usage that they go through, it is important to ensure the longevity of the tap, if it breaks down in the middle of operations then it would result in a loss for the business establishment. All these factors combine to make it the best kegerator faucet. It has got value for money and constant returns on your investment. It works for you even in the long term too.

What we like about it:

The fact that one gets ease of usage too is what works mostly for the faucet. It works particularly well for commercial establishments. They have to use the beer barrel all throughout the day and still ensure that the barrel does not break open from the faucet joint and neither does it develop a leakage. If that happens then the business would develop a loss making tendency and fall into negative profits.

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#2 – Pera Draft Beer Keg Faucet with Flow controller Chrome Plating Shank Tap Kit

PERA Draft Beer keg Faucet with Flow Controller Chrome Plating Shank Tap Kit product image

When it comes to serving out professional needs, there are none that can match the practicality of this one. From the stainless build to the angle of the nozzle and the length of the handle, everything has been kept in mind while designing the faucet. As one manages to pour glass after glass of beers, spilling half a measure in form of overflows and dripping issues. Well, this one will get rid of all those problems for you. One has only to put the faucet in use to start experiencing immediate benefits of the faucet. There is a reason why this one comes in at top positions in most kegerator faucet reviews. The price has not been kept too steep keeping mind that the people who use are more focused on getting the most out of it and not the look and feel of it.

This argument leads us right back to the discussion that we were having just above. It makes serving beer easier. There are no more concerns for spillage and wastage of the drink while pouring one out. You get to serve exactly how much you have in the keg, not less than that. All drinks that you serve come with a price tag attached, then why waste one when you have the option to get the maximum out of what you serve.

What we like about it:

The thing that stood during the review was the sheer astuteness of the handle. It has been designed perfectly keeping in mind the ease of the operator and helping him or her out in pouring out the perfect measure of beer. The glass should not be half full or half empty, it should be perfectly full, up to the brim. It is the best kegerator faucet that you can come across in the market today.

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#3 – G Francis beer faucet and 4” inch Shank

G Francis Beer Faucet and 4 Inch Shank product image

The best thing about this beer handle is that it comes with a standard issue size which make sit compatible with almost all types of beer kegs that one uses in their establishments. Many people are in favor of brewing their own blend of beer. And that makes the task even harder. It is so because as long as the matter relates to the industrial use of it, the company can provide well enough for their clients and produce. But when the matter falls into human hands, one cannot afford to put in that much investment and money into their venture. Thus they are left to fend for themselves. And this is where the faucet comes to their aid. It fits in perfectly into any size keg that you might be using.

With the help of this one you can get the perfect result for your product. The faucet that you employ in your keg is a specially designed container to prevent the taste and flavor of the product. All that you have to look after is the spillage and dripping problem of it. You can prevent all of it by simply employing this product in your brewery and thus making sure that the amount wasted is the minimum while you get the maximum out of every container that you put into use.

What we like about it:

The thing that stood out about the product in the best kegerator faucet reviews across all is the fact that none of them have reported any fall through in the service of it. All of them have praised it for its impeccable finish that can resolve any issue that you might be facing in the operation or service features of it. You can avail this product easily and that too without having to put in any special effort or endeavor.

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#4 – Lucky Shot Genuine 30MM A-10 Warthog Beer Tap

Lucky Shot Genuine 30MM A-10 Warthog Beer Tap product image

Right at the first glance you would realize the one thing that is singular to this product in the given list. It is the fact that it is the most distinguished one on the list. One cannot help but gaze at the product with an appreciative eye. All that it takes is just the flick of a wrist to operate and yet it shows as if it is the most battle hardened beer tap that you have seen till date. Actually, yes. You would be true in that, it is indeed the most battle hardened tap on the list. Being fashioned into a bullet, it certainly provides the appeal of a product that has been in demand for a long time.

Coming straight from the creative minds of the makers, it makes for an attractive addition to your collection and will add to the value of your place. If you choose to go with this one, you would certainly be making a valuable addition to your kitchen or your brewery. The product sits equally well in all kinds of environments be it kitchen or the brewery. The product has been kept right in the affordable range so as to attract the maximum number of customers for the brand. The makers are aiming at gaining popularity with the product and develop a rapport with the consumer base.

What we like about it:

At the firs glance the one thing that stands out for the product is the look of it. It has got a certain edgy kind of appeal to it and has got that raw attraction towards it too. One cannot do anything else but to look at it with admiration. The tap itself will pull many eager hands towards it and guarantee you the increased number of sales that you hope it would bring in.

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#5 – Bev Rite Beer Faucet and 4 inch Shank Kit with Black Handle

Bev Rite Beer Faucet and 4-Inch Shank Kit product image

All the parts of this faucet have been made using only high quality parts that have got a functionality rate of years and thus, your investment remains profit making for a long time to come. As often as it happens, when you are pouring out a glassful of beer, you will note that it gets filled within a very short span of time. And the stop and flow function is a good one too. It occurs in one swift movement that can be operated just by the flick of a finger. The control has been made so light but with the use of an internal tunnel system, the flow of the drink has been kept regulated. Pour out only as much beer as you want to in a serving.

There is no risk of spilling the drink over too, you can stop the flow of the drink with just one flick and the switch responds immediately. Why stay unsaturated when you have the perfect switch for your beer keg.it takes time to make a batch of beer and process it fully. Therefore, you are left not wanting in demand or control. If you have a commercial venture then you can get the maximum benefit out of it. This is so because in such a situation, you have to continuously serve out drinks to the people walking in.

What we like about it:

The first thing that stands out about the product is the fact that it has been made keeping the long term practicality in view. Another thing that you might have noticed is the fact that it has been separated into two units. Both of them need to be attached on either side of the keg to make it function properly. Thus, you get an indication that the product has been made for the use of commercial enterprises.

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How we choose the top kegerator faucets in our list:

In order to come up with the list that you see before you, we decided to take the comprehensive approach towards the task. A group of people were selected at random. All of them had one thing in common. They all loved beer and had a good measure of it, either serving it out or consuming it on a daily basis. They were given free samples for their use and given specific instructions so as to keep it in rotation and maintain a record of all remarks that they observe for their samples. Their remarks were then collected and organized for reference for further process. After this initial step was accomplished, we also took into consideration the inputs from the people who had worked with us on the technical side of things.

These consisted of those people who were either in the beer business and owned large establishments or were well into the minute and finer aspects of the craft of beer. As all these accounts were settled, we came across another ranking, this one was made by the experts that we had hired for the purpose. They had a more critical eye of things and looked at it with a finer comb. After these two steps were accomplished, we took the combined poll and formed it into one comprehensive ranking based system. The lists thus prepared were combined into one and each product was assigned a rank on the basis of its performance. The end result is what you read as the above review.

Different types of Kegerator Faucets:

There are a number of things that you must keep in mind before you start to fix your opinion on any one option. A comparative analysis of the above mentioned items and models will do you good. It will let you choose the best one without having to squander your money on other needless products.

  • One unit piece vs multiple unit piece: This is one of the basics that you need to get right if you want a beer keg that does not leak and functions properly without any hindrances. Multiple pieces work where you have to fit in the faucet in a wooden barrel. This is necessary for having a spill proof and drip proof finishing. The other one is used where the containers are more compact and sturdy, solid. The one piece faucet has only one job, and that is to keep the beer flow smooth. In such instances it has to just get the job done, from one side to another. One piece faucets do not separate from its containers as they are held together strongly.
  • Standard or European fit: There are two types of nozzles that are used for this purpose. The first one is the standard straight fit faucet, it is used to pour out beer in standard measures. The big round glasses are catered to by this one. The second one is the European fit. It has got a narrow nozzle and is used to fill the thin long glasses of beer being served in pubs and bars.

Why you need the best kegerator faucets in your kitchen:

There is a very particular reason as to it. One has to account for all the little things that come into play when one starts to indulge into the practical side of things. Thus it is fairly necessary that you start paying attention to the details too. One of the most important one is that you need to have the best tap when it comes to having a keg of your own. You would not want to have a leaking keg in your kitchen. Especially when you have an empty beer glass nearby!

It can be for many a reasons, the first and the fore most one is that it will leave a permanent stain on the floor where it drips. To prevent this one should have the best faucet that you can avail. The best home kegerator faucet reviews are those that list the products according to the ease of usage of the consumer. Beer is one of the most loved drinks all over the world. It also ranks highly in the most consumed drinks of all times. People spend highly on it every day.

Hence, it is beneficial to have one’s own brewery, you can invite people over for a six pack and have a nice time or choose have one in solitary and unwind after a busy day at work. Having a brewery of your own is no small task, there are many things that one has to keep in mind while having one. Do not let your hard work get wasted. Take due measures beforehand to ensure that you get nothing but the best.

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