5 Best Home Brew Kits for your Kitchen


Beer making is turning as a great hobby, passionate obsession and favorite pastime for many of the people around. With this, all you need best home brew kits for getting started. These kits are simple in their use as you just need to add water and it will be ready for drinking.

You can also start your homebrew journey with the best beer making kit which includes all special equipment required for brewing beer at home. Read full home brewing kit reviews online to get an idea as how these kits work and which one can suit your budget and needs.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon

#1 – Northern Brewer – Deluxe Home Brewing Equipment Starter Kit

Northern Brewer - Deluxe Home Brewing Equipment Starter Kit product image

You can start your journey of homebrew with this best home brew kits. This is the deluxe one which is tested by the experts and even trusted by many of the customers across the world since long years. The feedback from the customers has made it much popular. This kit is built for utmost fun and comes with helpful instructions for home brewing. No matter which method you use, your very first home brew with this can be a guaranteed success for all around. People around are very much passionate about home brew after one batch or two but lot number of brewers are falling in love with its first fermentation.

For all those who are much passionate about this hand crafted beer, should give a try with this Northern Brewer – Deluxe Home Brewing Equipment Starter Kit. It comes with one instructional DVD, recipe kit, six gallon glass carboy which is a primary fermentor, airlock and bung, five gallon carboy which is a secondary fermentor, airlock and bung, siphon and tubing, bottle filler and tubing, caps and bottle capper, bottle cleaning brush, carboy brush, carboy dryerm brewery cleaner, fermagraf, funnel and blowoff hose. This home brew kit also features glass bottles pair known as the carboys, a type of vessels in 2 stage process of fermentation. These additional equipment and the extra steps make brewing clean tasting, clearer and can brew wide number of styles.

What we like about it:

According to the home brewery kit reviews, this kit comes with recipe kit which you can select as per your choice. Pick any one from three classic recipes of Northern Brewer which includes Caribou Slobber Brown Ale, Irish Red ale and Chinook IPA. With them you can have all ingredients and you just need to make use of your new gear for test drive. The result will be fresh tasting beer which you wanted to have.

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#2 – Home Brew Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit

Home Brew Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit product image

This is best home beer brewing kit which takes homebrew to all new level. This is something which all you need for getting the brewing and adding glass carboy for the secondary fermentation that results in clean and finished brew. This kit includes some of the equipment as handbook, instructions for using kit, fermenting bucket of 7.8 gallon, one lid grommet and drilled, rack & filling kit, glass carboy of 5 gallon, thermometer, hydrometer, Emily capper double lever, drilled  stopper, sanitizer, bottle brush, three piece of airlock and other items. No matter whether you are having some of the original recipes in your mind or planning to brew clone, this is the best home brew kits which can offer you tastiest beer.

This Home Brew Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit can be used easily and put together with all top rated products. It also comes with the instruction guide, which is easy to read and can guide you through whole process of home brewing. This includes all equipment for brewing, bottling and fermenting the beer. It also includes some of the cleaning tools, primary fermenter, bottle capper, secondary fermenter, 3 piece of the airlock and others. It doesn’t come with a brew kettle only. It includes all the bottling and cleaning equipment. You can go through easy to read instructions and can follow them for best home brewing.

What we like about it:

The home brewers around has found this as the best home brew kit, which is a finished product and satisfactory enough. It comes with all fair aspects for conditioning and fermenting. You can find making beer as much enjoyable and drinkable. If you are the one who is beer enthusiast and want to learn all intricacies to make beer and to know science behind its making, then this homebrew kit can be a best choice for you.

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#3 – Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition 2 Gallon Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit 

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition 2 Gallon Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit product image

If you have never home brewed earlier, then don’t worry as the best home beer brewing kit is now available at your end. This is the best kit that you need for brewing your first beer. You must have this in your kitchen and start brewing now. This kit comes with 2 different extracts which allows all for brewing different beers, carbonation tablets, yeast, reusable bottles and a fermenter. You can find 2 extracts as one is the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner and other is Aztec Mexican cerveza. You just need a huge pot, thermometer and sanitizer for measuring the wort’s temperature.

With this easy to brew home kit, the home brew kit review states you can brew around 2 gallons per batch & can also test the carbonation level for great drinkability. It makes brewing process easier and one can share their liquid goodness with their friends right away. It also includes top ingredients, the reusable bottles which makes whole process of brewing beer at home best. You can find it in online stores with an affordable price tag. They have made it as a quality kit which is earning great popularity from all over the world. This product is ideal for all that want to experience whole home brewing process and don’t want invest their energy and time in learning intricate portion of this process as hydrometers, air locks or siphons.

What we like about it:

The Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition 2 Gallon Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit is the best home brew kit. It not only comes with necessary equipment’s and essential tools for easy brewing but also include different extracts for making different beer. It includes all instructions which make it easier to learn and make beer simply. No matter whether you are beginner or a laziest person who wants to have quick beer, try this home brew kit today.

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#4 – Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit product image

This is the best beer brewing kit which is tempting for the hop heads for all those who love it. This is the citrusy IPA which is well balanced and gets all of its bitterness from the Columbus hop & the aroma of fragrant citrus from the hops which are super aromatic. It makes every day as great one for all around. It includes top ingredients and equipment for first batch of beer. This one kit can be reused and you just need the next batch as new mix. Inside the box you can find, all mix of all grain ingredients, the glass fermenter, vinyl tubing, filled thermometer, tip & racking cane, chambered air lock, screw cap stopper, the cleanser of Brooklyn brew shop cleaner and others.

You can call it is a friendly beer kit which makes it possible for brewing beer gallon in the kitchen by using the whole and fresh ingredients which includes all traditional methods for utilizing breweries and homes for the centuries. Their 1 galloon batch of the kit is out of fermenter and is finally in fridge. They cracked their first bottle and the moment was of great anticipation and excitement. It is highly drinkable as well. It pours the golden brown color with impressive foam head. The head stuck around whole pint and leaves the light lace on sides of pint glass. (Need some new glasses? Check out our glassware sets!)

What we like about it:

The aromas which come out from the beer is sweet malts. It can remind you of grainy, nutty and sweet flavor. The first sip of the beer made out of this Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit will definitely make you smile. The beer turns out as nice balance of the lemony hops and sweet flavors of nougat malt. It is overall mellow fairly and comes along with all interesting flavors across tongue.

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#5 – W&P Homemade Gin Kit

WP Homemade Gin Kit product image

As a modern alchemist turns lead in gold, with this best home brew kits you can transform simple vodka bottle in outstanding bottle of the delicious homemade gin in simple 36 hours.  This can be a perfect gift for all gin lovers. It is also a perfect gift for the gin drinker or any of the booze enthusiasts. If you are the one who love making cocktails, then you can make your own gin in less time. (Make your cocktails in these great cocktail shakers!)

It comes with a clean taste and is not at all intense. It is rather delicious. This kit includes almost everything which you want for transforming vodka bottle in delicious and unique gin, which is homely blended. With the best help of this best home beer brewing kit, it just takes 36 hours and extracts the flavor from both the signature blend and juniper berries of natural botanical.

Addition to its original blend, the enthusiasts can also place an order for the hopped, spiced and smoky botanical blends for experimenting different profiles of gin. The process is completely simple. You just need to get generic vodka bottle, add gin ingredients as 2 steps of 36 hours of botanical infusion and juniper, then strain gin and simply enjoy & share as much as you want. Get this unique home brew kit today to have an enjoyable experience in simple steps.

What we like about it:

With this W&P Homemade Gin Kit, you just need to start simply with bottle of favorite vodka that acts like black canvas. Add on botanicals and spices. Let these ingredients steep for around 36 hours prior enjoying the ready to mix happy hour, touched with lavender hits, green cardamom and sandalwood. It also includes 2 display bottles and small mix taste really great. Now you can master art of making in in just 26 hours with this bets home brew kit.

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How we choose the top home brewing kits in our list:

If you will ask anyone as how you home brew, then will straightaway tell you that get a home brew kit. After making a Google search, you will still be left with so many questions in your mind. To help you out and to free you from whole confusion, the experts here has reviewed the 5 best home brew kits. Yes, they tested all these products on their own and then only recommended them.

All of them are affordable at their price and comes along with unique features. As they knew that market of home brewing is flooded with different kits from large number companies. Every person wants to make good beer and don’t want the confusing descriptions of kit.

Now you don’t have to cross your finger in any hope of picking right one as these experts obtained all these home brew kits, have gone through its whole instructions and used them personally for reviewing it. All instructions and step to use it comes with the kit. These vendors specialize in the equipment as well as teaching you how to use their product.

After having a look at the brewers struggle, these professionals who are passionate beer lovers and themselves wanted to try their hands on beer making, tried all of them. These home brew kits made things simply better and possible in first batch only. Their included equipment’s and ingredients are also affordable and make process of home brewing manageable, simple and cleanest. Read all about home brewery kit reviews here.

Different types of home brew kits

If you will scroll through different blogs or brewing sites or any of the books for home brew, you will different types of home brew methods. There are 3 different types of the home brewing. They are best home brew kits, extract brewing and all grain brewing.

  1. Kit Brewing: This is the introduction level to the home brew. You can get any of the best home brewing kit to get started. It is the quickest and easiest way. It comes with some of the advanced methods that you can also learn simply. If you are willing to start home brew for first time, definitely give a start with kit brewing. This is just addition of can of the malt extract and heating same in brew pot. After this, you can also add on some yeast and let the same do everything. It is not at all complicated and you can simply brew the drinkable beers.
  2. Extract Brewing: This is other type for home brew which offers more options and control so that you can control taste and can also smell your brew. This is much similar to the kit brewing, wherein you need to add malt extracts. You also need to throw steeped grains and hop into mix. It comes with extract recipe kit which you can follow and can make an awesome brew.
  3. All Grain Brewing: This is on the next level wherein you don’t need extra equipment. This is simple as how expert’s brewer makes beer.

Select the best home brew kits as per your needs.

Why you need the best home brew kits in your kitchen:

Now you can save your lot of money by not going to clubs or bar and can make their own tipple top with best home brew starter kit. Yes, they can help you in brewing the special concoctions without reverting beer brewing in bath. Most of the people are in need of collecting own bottles before starting the bottling and offer basics as funnel, thermometer and yeast.

Keep in your mind that longer you leave the home brew for fermenting, stronger it will turn out. They are bit rough around the edges and offer the uncomplicated and simple alcohol. One must not expect the ales or lagers with these enormous flavors; they are rich, smooth beers which are hearty and flat brews.

If you are the one who is excited by the smooth tasting and clean beer, then these home brew kits are simply your type of tool. They can craft you beer well and comes along with the guide for craft brewing. They don’t even up on tipping the elixir over your carpet. You can read their laymen explained instructions for learning how to ferment the beer.

It is good to ferment it for 2 weeks for outstanding results. In case, you are more of bitter person then these kits can also be a kick start for you. Read the home brew kit review online for getting started and simply add water for making great pint. You don’t need to purify the water, but if you do, we recommend using a recommended specialized water purifier and not a BRITA water purifier pitcher.

They are also affordable in their price and can offer you rich taste of beer. (Here are some beer glasses and bar sets you may like)

Some things to note:

It’s worth noting that the fermentation process done in a home brew kit is different than that done in a fermentation crock. They’re two completely separate processes.

If you want to rapidly cool your beer before you bring it outside during the summer, we recommend having the following items handy:

If you’re going to be storing your beer in a keg, we recommend the following items:

Are you looking to start making your own wine? Awesome, we have guides on that too:

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