5 Best Ice Cream Scoops for your Kitchen


5 Best Ice Cream Scoops for your KitchenWhen it is hot out there, nothing can be better than big bowl of the ice cream. One thing that can damper on enjoying sweet treat is when you are not able to take out the ice cream from carton in a nicer way. This is the reason; the best ice cream scoops are available in the market which is making people go crazy. It’s also why we love making our own ice cream in our ice cream machine! That and a milkshake maker = best milkshakes ever!

This is one kitchen utensil which is made for forming ice cream in well-rounded ball shapes as ice cream gets taken out from container and placed in bowl or a cone. Read the best ice cream scoop reviews below.

Ice Cream Scoop Review Center 2020

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon

#1 – Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop by Midnight Scoop

Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop by Midnight Scoop product image

The ice cream scoops are available in the market in different styles but the best Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop by Midnight Scoop is one which is designed in way that can force all for using the weak joints of wrist for scooping the ice cream. When you will scoop ice cream with the standard ones, you are doing prying motion. This motion puts in tremendous stress amount on wrist joints that are weak and brain tries for preventing the injuries as not to pry hard and makes the ice cream scooping bit difficult. In such a situation, the midnight scoop of stainless steel works better as it comes with curved handle. It makes scooping the hard ice cream easier and better.

You just need to hold curved end with palm of hand and then push into ice cream. These things allow all for keeping the wrists all straight & even protected when pushing using the large muscle like chest and arms. This is how you can scoop ice cream. This being the best stainless steel ice cream scoop comes with long enough handle for helping you to reach all giant container parts and remains narrow enough for fitting inside small pint size of container. Front of scoop is also sharp enough for assisting the cut through ice cream. This works really well even with the ice cream, which is hard frozen.

What we like about it:

The best part about this ice cream scoop is that it scoops well through the hard ice cream correctly and easily by using the beautiful scoop, which makes the scooping as effortless. It is made of 100 per cent stainless steel and is damage resistant, which can last for long years. This can last for lifetime and for sure and stands as the most durable ice cream scoop. it is also dishwasher safe which looks beautiful & acts really tough.

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#2 – Vollrath 4 oz. Stainless Steel Disher

Vollrath 4 oz. Stainless Steel Disher product image

The Vollrath 4 oz. Stainless Steel Disher is constructed well with full color code polypropylene handles with the component parts, made of stainless steel. It is having ribbed surface & the stopper notch which is in-built for preventing slippage. Its handle is well equipped with the protection of agrion antimicrobial. The handle construction is impeccable which includes no crevices for collecting bacteria of water. The bowl dimensions are also exact for insuring the consistent capacity of around 5%. The capacities are stamped clearly on top of gear rack for the easy identification. The disher number is even stamped on sweep. It is certified by NSF. This is best available in the size of No.8, having 4 ounce of capacity and includes gray handle.

This is the best rated ice cream scoop which measures great in its height and width.  It can be a perfect solution to the school cafeterias, serving lines, the ice cream parlors and many more. They serve perfect portions all the time. This is one food disher which comes with stainless steel scoop and also makes use of the heavy duty action of spring for efficient delivery portion of delicious foods. The handle also makes easier for separating disher from others by the color and for different food, so that transferring of flavors are never done. You can get it from online market at reasonable prices.

What we like about it:

This Vollrath 4 oz. Stainless Steel Disher offers the accurate portions of the cold and hot foods in bakery, restaurant, cafeteria or at home. They ensure the simple sizing identification when you select the desired amount of serving as steamed veggies, cookie dough, yogurt, mashed potatoes or other foods. It also prevents the corrosion for long lasting performance. Its grooved handle also offers secured gripping for the daily use and comfortable usage, which adds on to its durability.

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#3 – KitchenAid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

KitchenAid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop product image

This is on the list of best ice cream scoops which is perfect for serving the frozen desserts. It is having a special shaped head that offers well easy scoops. It comes with an ergonomic handle and the sharp edge of scoop which makes the scooping out of the ice cream and frozen desserts much comfortable. It comes along with the accent of stainless steel which makes sure that ice cream scoop lasts for long years. Loop is also provided on handle for the easy storage and saves space too. It measures in 8.5 inches long. One can wash it safely in a dishwasher and can clean easily. This is the finest product which is warranted for all defects in the workman and materials.

This item can be replaced within one year from KitchenAid in case of any fault. Similarly, in case you need a replacement or a repair of this ice cream scoop, without taking any charge they can also do the same. It comes with a better value. Make every scoop as perfect one with the stainless steel scoop. No matter whether you are on ice cream break or looking out for serving the guests, this can create perfect rounds all the time. This is durable and is easier in cleaning. It comes with an option for hanging storage too. You can find it at best price online.

What we like about it:

This is the best ice cream scoop which is having non slip and ergonomic handle that makes the serving of all frozen delight easier and quick. It is dishwasher safe and scooping out hardest ice cream much comfortable. With this best scoop at your end, you can cut through hard ice as jelly and can make perfect ice cream in round shapes. You must not struggle anymore with serving spoon, get this perfect tool today.

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#4 – Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop

Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop product image

According to top ice cream scoop reviews, this is the ice cream scoop that all you need. It is heavy duty and genuine tool which is sturdy and strong and comes without any mechanical gimmicks or the moving parts which can break. Additionally, you can wash the same in your dishwasher. This is great for all kitchen users and can also use it for scooping seeds out from the melons or even to fill peppers with some stuffing. It works great for the custard and gelato too and comes with warranty of lifetime. It creates well perfect sphere of the ice cream. This smoothly cuts through and even effortlessly so that the curls of ice cream get formed, making a well-proportioned and beautiful scoop for all to put in brownies, pies, sundaes or cones and much more.

This is the best ice cream scoop comes in innovative design and helps you in saving energy and time. Its unique shape makes it much better and spade allows easily tackling the rock hard desserts, frozen ice creams and more. They have a curved area of the scoop which makes easily some brilliant curls and thin edges helps digging out the ice cream from container corners, so that one can enjoy the last tastiest bite. Its handle is having the notch for lifting container lid and can keep hands happier.

What we like about it:

Being the best ice cream scoops, this Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop extracts out the ice cream like butter. It glides easily and smoothly through the hard desserts or ice cream. It looks like that ice cream flow right on ice cream scoop and then drops in cone or bowl with no efforts. As it is pleasantly weighted, it has the ability of excellent handling of hardest ice creams. They are easy to grip and don’t even freeze the hands.

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#5 – Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Creams Easy Scoop

Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream Easy Scoop product image

This is the simple and ergonomic design best stainless steel ice cream scoop which is easier to clean and comes with the perfect abilities of scooping. It is having the heat conductive fluids sealed in the handle. It creates big portion with less compression and offers 20% more amount of scoops of the ice cream. This is ultimate kitchen tool in terms of simplicity, practicality, durability and more. The manufacturers as Zeroll are proud for offering the best ice cream scoops for complementing the small wares. They make the well-constructed ice creams scoops. You can use it easily at 45-degree angle. You just need to make a cut as deep enough for forming rolled portion. You must avoid crushing of the ice cream against the container side.

You just need to turn this Zeroll scoop of ice cream for lifting the round portion out of the pack. Just touch portion against cone or bowl light for easy release. This is definitely the favorite one scoop. It is a best rated ice cream scoop, which is comfortable and solid that can handle well hardest ice creams. Make sure you hand dry this tool and remove it from the dipping well, so that it life can be extended more. No matter whether your guests or friends are coming up, you can serve the sweetest desserts in front of them in a cone or a bowl like a pro.

What we like about it:

This ice cream scoop is best for both left hand and right hand users. It is made in the USA and getting used since long years by people around. It can offer you perfect scoop and works well than others. It can make rounded balls in less time and one will be glad on its work. It is sturdy enough as it is made of tough aluminum which don’t get damaged or misaligned even after hundreds of scooping.

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How do we choose the top ice cream scoops in our list

The serious ice cream eaters really need essential tools for getting their job done. Similarly, scooping out the ice cream can be a tedious task and using dessert or simple serving spoon makes it much harder. What you need is a, best ice cream scoop. Here, you can find complete review about the best ones which are written by the experts after complete research and testing. Yes, they have prepared a guide for helping you learn as which product can help you better.

These professionals wanted to learn art of scooping the ice creams, so they themselves tested each and every ice cream scoop and came with top 5 products. If ice cream is also a part of your daily life, then the reviews are worth reading. These products are carefully selected by the experts who are in real life love having ice creams, they also include business owners of ice cream who badly wanted to have best stainless steel ice cream scoop for neat and smooth scooping.

To save your money and time, these experts have tested them, followed the scooping tips and then only stated them as the best. With these best scoops, you just need to grab your favorite ice cream bowl, get comfortable and enjoy your ice cream. These ice cream scoops reviewed will never bend them even with the hardest ice cream. They can produce nicer look like a rounded ball of the ice cream. Read the helpful ice cream scoop reviews by experts to buy now.

Different types of Best ice cream scoops:

The ice cream scoops are available in different types and in different brands. This is used for forming the ice cream in rounded or well-rounded shape like a ball, when it is taken out from container and then gets placed in any cone, dessert or bowl. Some of them are also in flatter spade form or the ball shaped round kitchen tool. You can find these ice cream scoops with the extractor mechanism too. They offer serving which less in uniformity and not as rounded to be used while placing the irregular desserts amount or while packaging the same in cones, cups or bowls.

Spade ice cream scoop even works well for removing the ice cream from around the round containers sides. Some of them are made with the hollow interiors which are filled with defrosting fluid, so warmth of hand warms fluid and scoop cuts through ice cream in an easier way. On the other hand, you can also find the ball scoop delivering the round servings for the times when round shape is much required as, for topping the pies, cakes or other dessert with ice cream or even during filling of cones.

The common type of the ball scoops can be found in differing sizing portions with fixed shape and with zero attached mechanism as scoop with extractors helps in removing ice cream. The extractor scoops are also present in market which comes with lever on its handle for easy serving of ice cream in bowl or cone.

Why you need the best ice cream scoops in your kitchen:

It is really hard to scoop ice cream and form a perfect round shape on cone or bowl without this right ice cream scoop in your kitchen. Buying best ice cream scoop can help in scooping the ice cream in best way possibly. Apart from assisting all in forming the round shapes, these scoops also allow all for fetching the frozen ice easily.

You will be able in scooping ice creams and then serving them wherever you want to, without thinking over about it stickiness on the scoop. Some of them also come with thermal conductive liquid which prevents ice cream from getting freeze by cold temperatures and offers hard time during serving. You can take your ice cream straight out of your chest freezer or compact refrigerator and be able to easily scoop it!

As there are best ones available with all unique features, it is good to have quality scoops. The best stainless steel ice cream scoop is available in the market at affordable price which makes the scoop as light & even super comfortable in holding. It is sturdy and don’t even break when you need it. You can wash them manually or in your dishwasher. If you wash them manually, they usually fit well in your dish drying rack.

They can best create round ice cream balls. They all are handy for impressing the dinner guests. Especially once you serve them whipped cream from a whipped cream dispenser!

With them, you can scoop small balls and then pop easily on dessert plate using its release mechanism. They work great with larger scoops so that you can have different ice cream balls. We found that even when scooping ice cream onto uneven surfaces, they worked great. Of course, we prefer to use smooth surfaces that are often found in bowls from a dinnerware set, but you can’t always have that. After all, who doesn’t love ice cream served directly onto a warm cookie fresh out the oven or crepes from your crepe maker!

Lately, we’ve also been putting ice cream in our coffee mugs! That’s right, we brew fresh coffee in our coffee maker and then scoop ice cream on it. Delicious! We’ve even done it with a cold brew coffee maker and whiskey (with a whiskey stone, of course!)

Now, one thing we don’t recommend is using your ice cream scoop in place of a cookie scoop. They’re two completely different items. In fact, if you were to scrape your ice cream scoop on a bowl from a Copper Chef Set, All-Clad Cookware Set, or Calphalon Cookware Set, you’d probably end up scratching the bowl very badly. Why? Because ice cream scoops are much more sturdy and inflexible than cookie scoops.

However, if you can fully use your ice cream scoop in a blender or shaved ice machine. Perfectly fine! We’ve even used it to move chocolate from our double boiler pot to our chocolate fountain without any problems.

Place an order for your choice of best ice cream scoop now and enjoy its amazing features at home. Read ice cream scoop reviews for easy purchase.

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