Best Aluminum Dutch Oven Reviews 2021

Whether you’re making dinner for your family at home or at a rustic campsite high in the mountains, there will be prep and cleanup. Why get out a collection of pots and pans when you can make your entire meal in one compact pot? That’s why you have your trusty Dutch oven with you!

If you’re craving a full and satisfying meal with little setup and no mess afterward, you’ll want to make that meal in a GSI outdoor Hard-Anodized Dutch oven. With aluminum Dutch ovens becoming more common for cooking everywhere, you should know why this oven is the literal best aluminum Dutch oven on the market.

What are the GSI Outdoors Hard Anodized Dutch oven’s features?

The GSI outdoor Hard-Anodized Dutch oven has all the features you need to cook great meals anywhere. It’s built with quality anodized aluminum, so it can handle what a cast-iron Dutch oven can and more. You can prepare food in this oven that you couldn’t in any other Dutch oven and clean it in a dishwasher when you’re done.GSI Outdoors 10" Hard Anodized Dutch Oven Made from Aluminum for Lightweight and Efficient Heating

Unlike many aluminum Dutch ovens on the market, the GSI outdoor Hard-Anodized Dutch oven comes in multiple sizes. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or an entire hiking party, GSI has a Dutch oven perfect for you. Every size also comes with a traditional raised lip, so coals can heat food from the top.

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These features aren’t unique to the GSI, so why is the GSI outdoor oven the Dutch oven the best?

What are the pros of the GSI Outdoors Hard Anodized Dutch oven?

The GSI oven has multiple features that put it above the competition. Here are a few of the top features that make it stand out:

  • Multiple size options to suit your needs
  • 10” option has a flat bottom for easy stovetop use
  • The raised lip is great for traditional cooking
  • Incredibly light for a Dutch oven, making for easy carrying
  • Larger options have legs for easy outdoor cooking
  • Can prepare foods that other aluminum Dutch ovens can’t
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean
  • Can freeze food for storage or a cold snack

It’s easy to see why the best aluminum Dutch oven review – the Ultimate Dutch oven Guide – calls this oven the best on the market.

By now, you’re probably thinking of running to the store and picking one up. Don’t do that just yet because as with anything – there are disadvantages.

What are the cons of the GSI Outdoor Hard-Anodized Dutch oven?

Despite its outstanding features and praise, the GSI outdoor Hard-Anodized Dutch oven does have a few small cons that may make it a deal-breaker. Depending on the circumstance, these are some of the customers’ biggest complaints:

  • Smaller capacity than traditional Dutch ovens
  • The larger models’ legs can make indoor cooking a challenge
  • Cools down faster than other ovens and can’t get as hot
  • Wire handle can get hot to the touch

What are some alternatives?

If any of these small complaints resonate with you, there are a few options that may fit the bill. Keeping the basic principle of buying only the best in mind, we found some of the best alternatives around the web that stands out from the rest.

The first contender being the Magnalite classic 5-Quart Dutch oven. This oven is one of the pricier aluminum Dutch ovens for good reason – a much higher capacity. This oven has an incredibly sturdy body, heats faster, and receives lots of praise on Amazon.

The biggest drawback of this product is cleaning. It requires extensive hand cleaning. If you’re someone that is lazy or likes low-maintenance, the GSI outdoor Hard Anodized oven may be a safer bet. The lid is also said to not fit properly, so that may or may not be an issue depending on the way you use the oven.

If that oven didn’t fit the bill quite well then maybe the Bialetti’s Granito Nonstick Dutch oven will. This oven is an excellent choice if you’re a home cook. The oven contains soft silicone handles that make it a great choice for your personal kitchen, but a poor choice for campfire cooking. The glass lid makes it easy to check on your food without losing precious moisture.

The biggest drawbacks lie in the lid being too fragile, and some customers claiming that the ovens arrive in the mail with warped bodies. Complaints like these put one into doubt of which oven to choose.

When in doubt, go GSI

Whatever aluminum Dutch oven you choose, keep in mind that the right oven lies on your usage. If you’re a casual chef or a seasoned hiker, your decision and needs will be different.

But if you’re still on the fence, you can’t go wrong with the GSI outdoor Hard Aluminum Dutch oven. With three available sizes, sturdy design, lightweight, rustproof, easy-to-clean, making any outdoor adventure a breeze!