5 Best Blendtec Blenders for your Kitchen


5 Best Blendtec Blenders for your KitchenPicture this; its summer and you’re in the kitchen. The heat outside is brutal and you would kill for something to cool you down. A milk – shake with extra ice perhaps? A green apple mojito? Maybe even a pineapple cocktail.  A blender would be handy right about now huh?

This is where this review comes in. We bring to you the best blendtec blender review that money can buy. Give it a read and take some help which can ease up your selection process while searching for the most efficient brand of blenders that are available in the market.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon

#1- Blendtec Pro 800 with WildSide Jar

Blendtec Pro 800 with WildSide Jar product image

If you are searching for a home blender that equals or maybe even rivals the power and quietness of professional blenders used in restaurants then the Blendtec Professional might be your best choice. This product uses cutting edge technology to be the best at what it does. The Professional 800 can be used to create delectable shakes, smoothies, snacks and meals in just a few seconds. It operates at the decibel level of natural conversation thereby making it the smoothest operating, most capable blender in the field. This ingenious machine uses Stealth tech and boasts an 11-speed capacity touch slider, enabling you to blend anything from margaritas to hot soups to dough, with impeccable consistency. It is perfect for larger blends, high volume recipes, dips, batters and much more.

To further refine the blending process, the Professional 800 makes use of a Wildside + jar which highlights a distinctly wide base and a narrow fifth “wild” side that allows a faster blend with an even consistency. Blends almost soundlessly due to its containment in an occluded enclosure that ensures maximum sound dampening. It comes with an illuminated display and has some pre-programmed cycles, for instance, mixed drinks, hot soups, batters and smoothies. There is also a pulse button that can be pushed whilst blending to give an extra spurt of power to the blender.

What we liked about it

This is the absolute best blendtec total blender hands down. It performs all the required duties of a blender perfectly and with little to no complaints. Despite it being a bit on the pricey side, it is a purchase well made. The manufacturers have given it a reasonable price when you consider the myriad of features and the immensely useful technological features it comes equipped with.

Despite all the features the blender comes with, its size is still reasonable and can be stashed away in upper kitchen cabinets when not in use.

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#2 – Blendtec C560A2301-A1AP1D Blendtec Classic 560 Blender

Blendtec C560A2301-A1AP1D Blendtec Classic 560 Blender product image

This budget friendly blender is so much more than just that. The blender itself possesses an impressive three horsepower motor that enables it to blend almost anything to a smooth consistency. The wildside jar is outstanding as it allows you to create a wide range of blended items without the assistance of a tamper. The patented jar design prevents cavitation, allowing all the ingredients inside to be blended efficiently. It comes with 3.0 peak horsepower motor and an eight-year warranty period. There are four different speed settings plus a pulse button. A flat push button interface with a push button screen makes operating the blender easier.

The manufacturers of this blender kept in mind the diverse needs every family would have and designed this accordingly. Its durability and family friendly features make it a must have in your kitchen. Every customer who purchased this blender was very satisfied with its utility at such a great price range. Still the technology is getting enhanced from time to time so to ensure that the efficiency of the product can be increased. The blades are designed in such a manner to provide precise cutting and blending mehcanism to the blender. This reduces the work and effort of the user and helps in saving a lot of time in the preparation of the required beverage or dishes.

What we liked about it

The product is well designed and perfected to fit the need of the user. Its push button interface and screen make it so easy to use. The pulse button can be used for a higher blending power. This model does the work of up to nine other machines, making your work in the kitchen easier and helps you create healthy meals and other snacks in a jiffy. Due to its compact size it can also be stacked on a lower cabinet/ shelf. It is wonderful at pureeing and juicing, thereby assisting you make senior citizen friendly food. Due to these features this product is included in the blendtec blender reviews.

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#3 – Blendtec Designer Series Blender

Blendtec Designer Series Blender product image

This blender provides for creating scrumptious beverages and dishes. This is done without undermining the power and effectiveness of the machine itself. The socket arrangement (metal part of the blender that rotates the blade) results in decreased vibrations, lower noise and greater reliability. This blender makes the use of stainless steel bearings which decreases friction, lessens noise and extends the durability or lifespan of this product. The digital display informs how long you must wait until your blend is finished. It also possesses a powerful motor to facilitate easier blending of ingredients.

This blender also has specially designed jars as well as suitable vented lids. Along with the product you get a detailed cookbook with amazing set of recipes which you can try in your kitchen. The manufacturer offers a complete warranty period of 7 years to the customers. If the product delivered is found to be a defective piece then the buyer can simply return it back and will get a new one in exchange. There will be no need to pay for such returns made. The new product will be delivered at your home with a receipt of the order and delivery. Different ingredients blend well at different speeds and your blender controls and manages the efficiency accordingly to rotate the blades in of the blender at the required speed. This product is an intelligent machine.

What we liked about it

One of the features it comes equipped with is a self-cooling design. In the improbable event of the motor overheating, the machine will be automatically shut down till it attains normal temperature. Another smart feature the blender comes with is the automatic speed feature. If that wasn’t enough, the blender is also ETL certified. A blender with a wide range of features and is certifiably safe to use makes it one of the best blendtec blenders must offer and that is why is included in this blendtec total blender reviews.

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#4 – Blendtec P795C2901 Stealth 795 Blender

Blendtec P795C2901 Stealth 795 Blender product image

The Stealth series of blenders brings high grade blending right to your house. Every single blender in the stealth series features unbelievable power; advanced features and incredible versatility that amateur/home chefs and foodies need to make every dish a masterpiece. This blender helps to remove various appliances from your kitchen including various types of mixers and even grinders or bread makers. This will make it possible for you in earning a space on your countertop and reducing the clutter in your home or kitchen area. The user can prepare different types of luscious dishes with the help of this appliance.

This Wildside Blendtec blender features a powerful and advanced motor with an 8-year warranty. The illuminated, capacitive touch interface with the 11-speed capacitive touch slide makes for ease of use of the machine. There is also a pulse button for high power blending. The blender comes with an easily cleanable jar that has plane surface and is equipped with a stainless-steel blade that makes cleaning quite convenient for the user. The product is also priced at a decent rate and as such is quite economical. All the features which you get to enjoy are cost-effective in nature. The manufacturer ensures to provide only the best quality blender to the customers and so utmost importance is given to the type of mechanism used in the blender along with an elegant design.

What we liked about it

The product is extremely user friendly. Speaking of the blade, its one-of-a-kind blunted design makes it not only extra strong but also safer to handle. The user-friendly interface is easy to clean and offers advanced controls to easy the blending process. This makes this product one of the best blentec blenders in business. These features can only be experienced only when you opt to purchase this brand of product from recognized dealers or manufacturers.

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#5 – Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender product image

Based on the iconic original that became popular on Youtube, the Blendtec Classic Series blender simplifies your kitchen, performing the jobs of many other kitchen appliances. A wide range of user friendly features including one-touch timed cycles and pre-programmed settings make sure that the dishes close to your heart turn out perfectly. There are five different incremental speeds plus pulse. Moulded plastic finish provides an elegant touch to the machine. Illuminated LCD timer displays how much time is left on the blends. It has four advanced programmed cycles, such as, clean mode, sixty-second mode, smoothie mode and ninty second mode option.

The user won’t have to worry about the cleaning process as the blender can be cleaned up using a specific type of brush which can bought from the market. Remove the left-over stuff before blending any other ingredients in the jar. This way every beverage prepared will offer a delicious taste to the user. The product is made up quality raw materials and as such the chances of any defect or damage gradually decreases. If, in case, the buyer does have any sort of problem with the product’s performance then they can get it exchanged for free of cost. These are the reasons for counting this product under blendtec total blender classic reviews. The readers will get all the information required for making a suitable purchase decision.

What we liked about it

Versatility and superior blending capabilities don’t have to come at a premium. The Blendtec Classic makes amazing dishes using tough ingredients like ice and frozen fruit. This blender fulfills all your needs and wants without leaving you bankrupt. You could call it a blender on a budget. User-friendly, affordable and safe to use in the kitchen (has been certified safe using national levels of safety standards); what more could you want from a blender, right?

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How we chose the top blendtec blender in our list

There was a definite game plan in mind when we started making this list. We had read through some of the best blendtec wildside blender reviews. We had gone through the most popular blenders on the market, made a list of the ones that came up as most searched for and the ones that were available on almost every shopping site. We then cross-referenced the list with user reviews on popular web-based shopping sites. We had also made a list of the blenders based on the best aspects when it came to the technical side of things by reviewing the opinion of technical experts and by going through individual blender specifications. All the information we had compiled was sorted through and made into a comprehensive review on blenders which you have just read.

We had targeted the 3 main areas that distinguish ordinary blenders from ones that are the best at its job:

  • Popularity and user- friendly interface
  • Technology used to design the blender
  • Availability and cost

The report you have just read is a culmination of the information we had gleaned using the attributes given above as units of measurement. To come up with the ranking, the lists were put together and then composed into a definitive report. This report in no way states that one blender is inferior to another; that is up for the customer to read through, decide and choose. Give a brief consideration to several useful features that are offered by quality blenders and then move forward with the buying process.

Why you need the best blendtec blender in your kitchen

Contrary to popular belief, blenders aren’t only used in the kitchen. Blenders are also used in several labs for microbiology and food science. Blenders are extremely useful when it comes to molecular gastronomy as well.  Another creative way to use your blender is for compost. Using your leftover food scraps and bits of other organic waste you find around the house you can make compost by simply blending all this in the blender and putting it to good use in the garden. If you have a garbage problem, think about installing a garbage disposal, like the InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, or used an indoor compost bin.

By combining the appropriate ingredients like citrus, olive oil and beeswax you can make a body scrub or lotion by mixing these in a blender. Butter can also be created in a blender; all you must do is blend cream inside the blender for a few minutes and voila, fresh butter right at home. In the kitchen a blender is not simply used for making juices and smoothies. You can also use it for cooking and baking purposes. A blender is a versatile kitchen tool to have at hand, one that greatly simplifies your kitchen work.

Blenders also have a multitude of applications in micro-biology and food science. Since blenders can perform various functions performed by other kitchen appliances, it becomes rather redundant to purchase both blenders and those separate appliances as well. Simply buying a blender will not only help you save money but also reduce the mess of machines in your kitchen making it appear organized and spacious. It is easier to just maintain a single appliance rather than many.

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