5 Best British Cookbooks for your Kitchen

Britain has always been home to the very rich cultural heritage which reflects quite evidently in its architecture, customs, life, and food. Particularly when it comes to British cuisine, most of the dishes from the pack have already made their way into some of the most famous restaurants all across the world.

However, if you are a culinary enthusiast and would like to try out these British foods for your Sunday brunch, then relying on British cookbooks for guidance would be a great idea. If you are excited about buying one for your kitchen, here are our top 5 picks for you.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – The London Cookbook: Recipes from the Restaurants, Cafes, and Hole-in-the-Wall Gems of a Modern City

The London Cookbook Recipes From The Restaurants, Cafes, And Hole In The Wall Gems Of A Modern City

The very first product in our list is something that you would love to have not just in your kitchen but in your bookshelf as well. This book is a guide to the amazing and fascinating culture of Britain and the journey of British cuisines in all these years. The author of this amazing piece of work, Aleksandra Crapanzano has put in a great deal of effort to make sure that the book is as rich in content and it is diverse. If you are looking for a book which takes you a journey through the cafes, hotels, restaurants, and lounges in Britain, then go nowhere else for the book contains all the information that you shall be needing in your quest to explore Britain.

The book contains about a hundred recipes which are handpicked by the author after having a word with some of the best culinary experts and chefs in the United Kingdom. All the recipes that are mentioned in the book are the most sought after recipes in the country and all across the world. You will find that the dishes that form a part of this cookbook cater to all the taste pallets. The author has made it a point to include savory, sweet, pie, baked food, and many other foods that are the prime reason behind the rich British culture.

What we like about it:

Although the book is an absolute winner what we particularly liked about the book is that it is not just a cookbook that shall rest on your kitchen pantry but possess the qualities which shall implore you to give it a place in your bookshelf. The book is not just recipes mentioned in a measured manner but it is a journey of the culture and cuisine of Britain which makes it so special for a culinary enthusiast.

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#2 – British Table: A New Look at the Traditional Cooking of England, Scotland, and Wales

British Table A New Look At The Traditional Cooking Of England, Scotland, And Wales

Our desire to explore the cuisine of Britain by means of cookbooks and the cookbook which teleports us to one of the fine dining restaurants in England brought us to this amazing cookbook which is quite rich in content. The books are something that you should go for if you have already passed the beginner’s level in the English cuisine, then this is the book you should rely on some of the best traditional and modern recipes prevalent in Britain. This cookbook contains about 150 recipes which are a perfect mix of the traditional English cuisine and the modern changes made to these recipes to suit the growing lounge and café culture.

The author of the book, Colman Andrews has done a great deal of research to make sure that only the recipes which truly reflect the spirit of England are included in the book. You might feel that fish and chips are a child’s play but only an expert can guide you to make them in a manner that the dish becomes a staple food of the British lifestyle. In addition to this, the book shall also give you a detailed insight into the rich culinary culture of Britain and the reinventions of some of the most popular dishes by some of the highly renowned and popular chefs which shall help you to cook a restaurant quality meal in your kitchen.

What we like about it:

The book is what it is and any culinary enthusiast would know the importance of the book with a brief look. However, what really left us fascinated was the fact that how the book brings you a beautiful blend of the culture and modernity. The book includes dishes which have remained in a country for centuries and also includes the slight twists to the original dishes. What more? All of the recipes are explained in easy to understand and try it yourself languages.

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#3 – Traditional Cooking of the British Isles: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Traditional Cooking Of The British Isles England, Ireland, Scotland And Wales 360 Classic Regional Dishes

British culture has always been known for its amazing etiquette, language, lifestyle and most importantly food. British food is the talk of the town and time and again, most of the popular and world recognized chefs have tried to present a dish right from the heart of England in their own distinctive style which has led to the wide variations in the manner British food is presented all across the world. This may feel you a little bewildered if you are new to the British cuisines. It is because of this why this cookbook helps you greatly. The cookbook takes you on an amazing culinary journey into distinct parts of the United Kingdom where you are able to acquaint yourself with the different cuisines that are prevalent in different parts of England.

The book contains a list of recipes which are handpicked by the author. This ensures that you will be visiting Scotland, Wales, England, and Ireland as this cookbook contains some of the most popular recipes which are a prominent part of the culture prevalent in these parts. You can expect the book to contain all-time bestsellers like Cornish pasties, Lancashire hotpot, and Bara brith as well some of the underrated recipes of the British restaurants. In addition to this, the book is printed in English and care has been taken to make sure that the book contains only the most sought after recipes.

What we like about it:

What really impressed us about this book is the fact the book focuses not just on the English recipes and dishes but at the same time, gives equal importance to Irish, Scottish and Welsh cultures as well. The recipes mentioned in the book are the best versions of themselves. The book makes a clear distinction between the traditional recipes and their variations for the readers to develop a better understanding of the British food culture.

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#4 – Great British Cooking: A Well-Kept Secret

Great British Cooking A Well Kept Secret

Since decades, there has been an evident competition taking place between the American recipes and the British recipes. However, the sad reality is that most people prefer American recipes for the reason that they are more popular as compared to the British ones. Well, the book shall certainly change your opinion about British cuisine as it contains some of the best and widely recognized recipes that form a part of the British culture. In addition this, the book also aims at changing the generic opinion about the English cuisines which says that these dishes are boring and hard to replicate.

As the name of the book suggests, British cuisine is certainly a well-kept secret as most of the people all across the world have just heard of it. Whether it is about the English breakfast for which the country is extremely popular or the English tea which requires a person to have certain stance and etiquette, everything that is amazing about the food in England has been a mystery. However, by means of the book, the author Jane garmey has tried to incorporate the quintessential British culture regarding food. The books contain authentic recipes of Cornish pasties, fish, steak, sauces, teas, puddings, scones and what not! Moreover, the names of ingredients have also been translated to their American names to suit the readers in general.

What we like about it:

What really impressed us about this particular cookbook is the fact that it contains a wide variety of recipes to suit the needs of different people. This book ensures that all that you need, right from the English tea to something as delightful as a scone shall be made available to you right in your kitchen. In addition to this, the author has also made sure that all the basic ingredients used in the English recipe are translated into the American names.

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#5 – The English Kitchen: An Anglophile’s Love Note to English Cuisine

The English Kitchen An Anglophile's Love Note To English Cuisine

So, by now we are already on the last phase of closing our survey for the best picks. Naturally, we need a cookbook that can act as a perfect ending to the entire survey. As a result of this, we came across this particular cookbook which really fascinated us with its amazing content, a wide variety of cuisines and recipes and other little embellishments which implored us to have a closer look at the book. The book is everything that you will need to cook an amazing and delicious dinner for your guests. There are a plethora of recipes that are among the most popular recipes in England. You can choose to cook anything as you shall be presented with a wide variety of dishes like shepherd’s pie, sticky toffee pudding, hunter’s chicken, mushy peas, pork chops, etc.

The author of the book Marie Rayner is well versed with British culture. She landed in the UK in the year 2000 and it was because of her sheer admiration for the British culture and cuisine that she began her research in the field. This made her write a book which is like a miniature England in itself. The book contains beautiful illustrations which offer you a perfect glimpse of England. In addition to this, her recipes are the ones that are handpicked by Marie herself.

What we like about it:

What really attracted us towards this book is the fact that it contains a perfect blend of the traditional customs along with modern touches. Marie has beautifully illustrated the British culture and the book also contains humorous anecdotes of her experiences with food in England. All the dishes that are included in her book are extremely easy to prepare and are extremely delicious. Thus, the book ensures that you are properly geared up for the upcoming brunch with your friends.

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How we choose the best British cookbooks in our list

A British cookbook is absolutely essential if you wish to explore your talent for cooking British food. A cookbook will greatly help you to improve on your skill in cooking which will earn you brownie points. Imagine a brunch that you are hosting for your friends where you present them with the authentic English ceaser’s salad, steak, and a shepherd’s pie. Doesn’t it sound amazing! Well, a cookbook is all you need to master the English cuisine. However, the choice of the cookbook is what plays a decisive factor. With the help of the right book, you shall not just be able to cook a dish but also create it. We make sure to inculcate the cookbooks which comprise of a wide range of recipes. It is for this reason that all the books in our list are the ones that cater to different flavor pallets. Moreover, we also ensure that the language must be as simple and comprehensive as it can get. Our handpicked cookbooks comprise a vivid description of the culture and lifestyle of England while making sure that the entire text is available in a simple language. What more? You will also find helpful tips and tricks in the books picked by us.

Why you need the best English cookbook in your kitchen

There can be many reasons for investing in a great cookbook which educates you about the English recipes and cuisines. An English cookbook adapts a methodical and comprehensive approach towards cooking English dishes. All the recipes that are included in the book are absolutely traditional and make sure to make use of authentic English ingredients. Besides, an English cookbook will guide you about the best recipe that is to be followed in order to cook a traditional English meal. The authors of these books have stayed in England for a significant period of time and have made sure to conduct extensive research on various topics which ensure that these books are an absolute winner and represent the English cuisine truly.

A major reason for investing in these books is that you shall acquaint yourself with the English recipes in the most traditional manner. These books are not just a mere guide to cooking but aim at teleporting the readers to the lifestyle prevalent in the United Kingdom. Moreover, with the help of the book, you can also learn about several recipes that have formed the basis of the English culture. These books contain a clear distinction between the traditional recipes and their variations which help the users to get a closer look at the recipe.

Thus, with the help of the best British cookbook, you shall be able to perfect your skill in cooking English cuisines.

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