5 Best Cast-Iron Fajita Pans for your Kitchen


5 Best Cast-Iron Fajita Pans for your KitchenCooking is a gift of God and only a few people are blessed with it. If you want to be a pro of cooking you need to have good quality and standard utensils. Fajita pans are one of those musts for you.

Fajita Pans are used for cooking Fajita which is a Mexican dish and consists of thin and long pieces of meat, capsicum and other necessary ingredients. For this purpose, you need a non- sticky utensil with cast iron structure and that is exactly what Fajita pans are. You can buy the best cast iron fajita set and cook with perfection.

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#1 – Lodge LFSR3 Cast Iron Fajita Set, Pre-Seasoned

Lodge LFSR3 Cast Iron Fajita Set, Pre-Seasoned product image

If you are looking for the best fajita pan for your kitchen, your search ends here. This is the best cast iron fajita in the market and has numerous qualities which fail other products when it comes to comparison with this pan. To begin with, it has surface of cast- iron which conducts the temperature properly in the whole utensil. Whatever you are cooking will be cooked evenly and the taste will be worth admiring. If you gift this to a beginner, his or her confidence on his skills will multiply manifolds. Other nice thing about the pan is that the more you use it, the more stick resistant it becomes.

Yes, it is not like traditional products which grow sticky with usage rather, the more you use the more comfortable you become with the pan. The makers have taken care of your safety too and have provided a handle decorated with chili– pepper design to ensure that you are not burnt while cooking. Moreover, it is pre seasoned to avoid sticking of food to the utensil while cooking or after cooking. It is advised to apply a layer of spray or oil before the use of the product. When it comes to washing, makers have taken care of that also and have declared that washing it with warm water is good for the product and cleans it without much effort.

What we like about it

This product is just the perfect thing required in a house with a family of large appetite. Using this you can cook for the whole family at once and enjoy the tasty food together. It is stick resistant, which is a good and desired quality in a pan which is for daily use purpose in the kitchen. Apart from that it is very easy to clean and can be made smooth and shiny with the use of warm water in a few minutes.

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#2 – Bar-B-Q 06108Y Cast-Iron Ribbed Fajita Platter Set

Mr. Bar-B-Q 06108Y Cast-Iron Ribbed Fajita Platter Set product image

Your venture to find a perfect fajita pan for your kitchen ends here as Ribbed fajita platter set is the best and makes fajita cooking fun and easy. There are thousands of benefits of using this product which you will feel when you will start using it. The body is made up of cast iron with a covered handle to ensure the safety of the user while cooking. The makers have tried to make serving Fajita elegant by providing server of wooden base. This goodness and presence of mind of the manufacturers should be appreciated.

The server is durable and long lasting and chances are that it will outlast the pan which itself has a long life. To facilitate cooking and keep the food healthy, the makers have provisioned specially designed pouring lip and channels which drain unwanted grease and fat and ensure that you do not consume extra carbs. Apart from this, the best part is that it has a warranty of 5 years which is really amazing and gives the user the freedom to use the pan the way he wants to. Looking at other advantages, you will find the handle is really strong and a protective holder is there. Overall it is a three pieces set consisting of cast- iron pan, protective holder for holding pan and an elegant wooden base for serving purpose.

What we like about it

This Fajita pan is really cool and while cooking in it you can relax and handle the pan in your way. The best part is the warranty of 5 years which is more than enough to outdo a Fajita pan. The other thing to be appreciated is makers’ concern for users’ health and safety. To take care of safety, a protective handle has been attached with the pan and to ensure health the provision to drain out fat and grease is there.

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#3 – Unicook Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, Fajita Pan Set

Unicook Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, Fajita Pan Set product image

There are many options with protective handle but this one is unique as it does not let your pan get hot in the first place. The handle is removable too, so if you do not feel its need and want to save space on the grill and on the table top while serving, you can remove it. Its structure is cast- iron heavyweight which is responsible for uniform absorption and distribution of heat. Other structural beauties are long lasting and durable nature which makes it favorite of households.  It has great heat retention ability and help cook the food faster. It is perfect for grilling, used on side burner, stove and oven. This Fajita Pan set is ideal for making chicken, beef, sizzling and hot vegetables and the most important one, steak Fajita.

It has preseasons and the maker has delivered it to your home in ready to use position. With usage, its resistance to stickiness enhances and after a time you will notice that the food is there only for the period it is being cooked, no leftovers or stuck material. It adapts to every environment and can be used without trouble on gas, induction burners, indoor grills, convection oven, electric stove, electric griddle, and boiler. Makers’ have designed it in such a way which makes it easy to clean the product. A serving utensil made of Bakelite is present to facilitate serving Fajita on your tabletop.

What we like about this product

The makers’ effort which have facilitated cooking for the users’ is the most appreciable thing in the whole scene. The Fajita pan set can be used anywhere from gas to Fajita which saves the users’ pain to arrange a specific equipment. Due to this comfort the user can cook whenever he wants to as the pan will adjust to the environment and eating Fajita is no more a dream to be fulfilled in parties only.

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#4 – Old Mountain Fajita Plate Set

Old Mountain Fajita Plate Set product image

This pan welcomes you to the world where cooking Fajita is no more a complex and patience testing process but a matter of few comfortable minutes. It is pre seasoned and delivered to your place in ready to sit on the gas or griller condition.  For proper serving on dining tables, restaurants or café tables, it is provisioned with a wooden tray. The tray is strong, durable, long lasting and what not! All the desired qualities have been put in for the users’ comfort. Along with these beauties, other attractions of the pan are a quilted handle which is thick and can be held on to. The quilted portion ensures strong grip on the handle and minimizes kitchen accidents which occur due to slipping of hot utensil from the cook’s hand.

Flip, flop, shake and bounce your Fajita without tension and be cool the pan will not slip from your grip. You can boast about the brand of your Fajita pan set as it the old mountain logo of the world class brand is burned at back of the serving wood tray. It has a plethora of benefits which make it perfect for use in parties, homes, restaurants, outings and wherever else you need to use them. Old Mountain Fajita Plate Set can adjust to any atmosphere and you are not required to arrange special means to use them.

What we like about it

The pan is pre seasoned, so the moment it arrives you start using them without waiting for a single second. The plate set is ideal for flaunting in kitty parties, company and everywhere you want to make your friends envy you. The serving wooden dish is attractive and the moment you place it on the table will catch your guests’ eyes. Makers’ has safety as their prime concern and this is proved by the provision of a quilted handle.

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#5 – Happy Sales HSS-TBSP2, Cast Iron Steak Plate Set 

Happy Sales HSS-TBSP2, Cast Iron Steak Plate Set product image

Time has come when cooking is no more a burden on the shoulders of the cook. If you love Fajita and want to try cooking on your own, this is the best option available in the whole market which is exactly designed to fulfill your expectations. You can make anything which is similar to or comes under the category of Fajita like Steak. The parcel consists of a wooden base for the purpose of serving safely and in a sophisticated manner. On noticing deeply, you will find that the shape of the pan is carved in the base which makes the pan stable when you are serving it to the guests and there is no chance of the dish spilling on the table and destroying the excitement.  On weekends you can have a great family time and cook Fajita with your kids using this incredible pan and cement the family feeling. You can also organize a Fajita party at your home and cook displaying all the ceremony and your expertise and obviously, be appreciated for the taste.

The handle makes it safe for you to manhandle the pan and you can display your prowess in cooking by bouncing the Fajita on the pan with a sweet music running in the background. There is no end to the creativity and fun you can have with your new Fajita pan, so close your eyes and order one immediately.

What we like about it

This is a magical pan which has the strength to bring the whole family in a single table. It has made cooking the fun you have with kids on Sundays and relish the taste of delicious Fajita without much hard work. Appreciate the makers for the safety they have provided in the form of a handle which has made cooking Fajita an interesting game, not a strenuous task. The wooden serving plate is attractive and adds elegance to the place where it is placed.

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How we choose the Top Cast Iron Fajita Pans in our List

Fajita is a delicious Mexican dish (see our post on Mexican Cookbooks!)and has to be cooked in the all- elaborate and ceremonial manner. The utensil to be used for the process should be of the same stature and dignity. Customers from around the world have their unique style of cooking Fajita and the pans should be selected keeping their styles in view so that it suits all of them. Keeping these things in mind, it was decided that no one can voice the concern of customers than the customers themselves. So reviews about best cast iron fajita were invited from users around the world. Varied reviews were received which were more diverse than the landforms on this planet. It posed a complex and confusing situation as Fajita has become an international dosh and is cooked in every continent. If you’re used to working with stainless steel All-Clad Cookware or the famed Copper Chef Set, you’ll notice a big difference moving to cast iron.

To get out of this turmoil a team of experts was constituted which consisted of chefs, technical experts and makers of cast iron fajita pans from round the globe. The chefs were provided with samples of Fajita pans and asked to cook in them and share their experiences. On the other hand, the team of experts was set to analyze the technical aspects of the Fajita pans. They were granted ample time and more than sufficient resources. After a lot of testing and debugging a list was finalized. The experts list was matched with the users’ list and the common choices were picked up and placed in the list. In this way best Fajita pans are brought to you.

Why you need the Best Cast-Iron Fajita Pans in your Kitchen

There is no end of the reasons for why a cast iron fajita pan is a necessity in your kitchen. If you love cooking and are planning to try the luscious Mexican Fajita or it’s any other variant next, then a proper Cast- Iron Fajita Pan is your first and most basic requirement. With a quilted handle, your safety is ensured and you can freely perform stunts with your new Fajita pans.

Other best thing about Fajita pans which is the reason why users love them so much is that they come with warranty. No matter how it was damaged be assured of getting a replacement or repair. Bounce and shake Fajita on your Fajita pan and revel in the fun called cooking. If there are unexpected guests in your home, you can feed them Fajita cooked in your Fajita pan and gather their appreciation. They are non- sticky and with prolonged usage their non- sticky nature is enhanced. In a way you can say that, they do not degrade with time, rather improve their quality and performance. This makes tem magical as ordinary things are spoiled with time but they improve.

Best cast iron fajita pans make sure that whatever you serve is cooked properly with their uniform heat distribution system which is solely credited to their cast- iron structure. For your easiness there are some options which do not involve the heating of the body and can be used without handle too. This saves time and space on the serving table. The cast iron fajita reviews rate them top so get one for your kitchen too!

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