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Having a great kitchen is a dream of many house owners, as the kitchen is said to be the heart of your house. You would be constantly thinking to add value to your kitchen as much as you can. For this, you can install a kitchen island to it. A kitchen island is a great way that showcases your personal style and tells your friends and family about your lifestyle.

To help you for finding the best kitchen island you might want to go through these kitchen island reviews. We’re going to tell you our top 5 picks, then give you more detail on each of them, why we liked them, and where you can get the best price on them!

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon

#1 – Coaster Large Scale Kitchen Island

Coaster Large Scale Kitchen Island product image

This cherry top table top might be the best one available in the market you could get your hands on. this kitchen island does not require no assembly and hence save your money on assembling. It has all type of stores that you can have be it a cabinet with drawers, wine storages, spice rack or pot racks. This 42-inch table top is best suited for people that like to get their things arranged properly. The two-tone kitchen island looks good in your kitchen and becomes a focal point of your kitchen. The built-in wine rack is very convenient for people who want to store their beverages in a nice fashion. The storage space provides a convenient way for keeping dining articles near to the user for quick and easy access.

The table top of this kitchen island could be changed easily and a custom made one could replace it as the base is quite sturdy and strong. By this, you might have a custom-made island that is there just for you. the kitchen island gives a custom feel to your kitchen. The large size of the island is great for cooking as well as eating on it. hence, gather your family around it in the next dinner you are organizing so you could take your guest by surprise by showing them this beautiful piece, which is the best large kitchen island.

What we like about it:

He vertical sides of the kitchen island are finished properly and have doors at both sides of the table top. The advantage with this table island is that you can change its top with something which suits you be it quartz or granite it can have anything on it. this is possible as the base is quite safe and you might have a custom-made table top. The well-built design of the island also adds value to it.

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#2 – Crosley Furniture Rolling Kitchen Island

Crosley Furniture Rolling Kitchen Island product image

This could be the one kitchen island that you might be looking for. This kitchen island made up of solid wood is very strong and durable. It would serve you for a very long period. the veneer construction looks extremely stylish and makes it very attractive to the people. The multi-step finish and hand rubbed material is what adds value to the island. The beautifully brushed panel doors look appealing and make your guest go gaga over it. The brushed nickel hardware will not let it have stains on it and makes it look shiny throughout.

This kitchen island is rotatable and hence moving it in and out becomes extremely easy for the users. The granite top has ample of space, which will let the user work on it without any obstruction. The built-in storage space will let you have all your needs met the kit hen island is available in four table top options namely the universal favourite black, classic cherry which adds class to your kitchen countertop, vintage mahogany to give your kitchen a vintage look and white which adds a great look to your kitchen. You will have versatility in your kitchen when you will have the castors under your kitchen island which will provide mobility to it as well as you would be entertained by it very easily.

What we like about it:

The kitchen island is a rotatable one and this will allow mobility to you while entertaining you. the availability of the options in counter-top, colors and base provides buyers a great deal of choices from which they can choose from. The great artistry of this solid wood piece present extreme amount of style in your kitchen and becomes very appealing to its seers. This could be the best rolling kitchen island you might be looking for.

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#3 – Linon Kitchen Island Granite Top

Linon Kitchen Island Granite Top product image

This kitchen island is one of its kinds. It is compact and hence does not take a lot of space of your kitchen and is best suited for small families and houses that have some space issues. The compactness of the island does not compromise with the functionality of the product. this wooden kitchen island is furnished with a granite countertop that looks extremely elegant and gives it a kind of shout out. It is provided with a slide out basket, which could be used for placing your things (mostly dishes). This is also quite easy to clean as it could be easily taken out of the countertop and used cleaned. The four-bottle wine storage is a great thinking of the manufacturer, which adds a value to the product. the table is provided with castors, which make it very easy to move, and you could have your entertainment with it by placing it in front of your guests is it anyone family or friends. The pull-out drawers are quite spacious and serves their purpose very well. the chrome-finished hardware adds that shiny factor to the product.

The heavy-duty locking system rubber casters are very durable am quite sturdy. They provide a safety factor to your product when you are about to move it from one place to another without thinking about how safe is the product.

What we like about it:

This kitchen island expands your workplace and makes working in your kitchen extremely easy. The sturdy and durable granite top adds a class to the whole island. this could be possibly the best granite kitchen island, which is available in the shops. The fact that this is portable makes it quite attractive and more importantly easy to move and have the safety at the very same time. it is also quite cheaper than any other kitchen islands available today.

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#4 – Home Styles 5002-94 Kitchen Island

Home Styles 5002-94 Kitchen Island product image

One of the best kitchen island that is available in the market today this kitchen island made up of solid oak wood, which provides it durability and strength. This kitchen island meets all the standard specifications that are there for a kitchen island. the raised and detailed cabinet doors are there for a purpose as they should not obstruct you while you are working by preventing you hitting your toe against them and still perform their function. The drop leaf that is present in the island is an excellent feature of the island as it provides a fantastic dining space or serving space to its users.

The rich white colour that is there for the kitchen island makes it look aged and hence gives an elegant look to your kitchen. The kitchen island measures from 49-3/4 inches in width, 26-1/2 inches in depth and 36-1/2 inches in height, which is suitable for everyone irrespective of the heights they have. This versatile and stylish kitchen island is probably the best wooden kitchen island present for sale in the market. The kitchen island enhances your kitchen and makes it a piece of attraction to the people who look at it. providing you the space you might be always dreaming of, this kitchen island is quite durable and has many features in it you surely might want to discover yourself.

What we like about it:

The kitchen island has many features in it. the flip up snack bar is what gives it an edge over its competitors. The standardization of the product also adds value to it. the adjustable shelves, which allow you ample of space for storing bowls and dishes is a great treat to have in it. the clear-cut finish of the oak wood material prevents it from wear and tear and make it last longer than expected.

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#5 – Casual Home Kitchen Island with Solid American Hardwood Top

Casual Home Kitchen Island with Solid American Hardwood Top product image

This wooden kitchen island is a great one to have in your kitchen. Simple yet extremely functional this kitchen island becomes necessary for every kitchen. The solid wood top provides longevity and durability to the product. the contrast that is present in the table is quite effective.  There are drawers present on the table to provide you an effective drawer space and a stainless-steel handle, which is present there to provide an enclosed space to the utility items that you have in the kitchen.

The two shelves that are present on this table form of kitchen island are quite spacious and enough for placing anything on them. They are quite stable and could hold an effective amount of weight on them. This is great if you need to store your roaster oven or bread machine somewhere. The island is furnished with a tower hanger, which is made up of stainless steel. If you need some extra counter space in your kitchen then this is the product for you. it has details that are manifested with the elegant finish of the solid wood. It is quite easy to assemble so you could assemble it yourself without going through much of a trouble. The product is quite light in weight so   it could be transferred easily from one place to another without any difficulty. It is quite sturdy and has all the space you would be requiring making food and it does not wobble.

What we like about it:

The contrast that is provided in the product. the wooden top with a white base is what looks extremely appealing to the eye. The simple yet functional design is what makes it look attractive and appealing. The fact that the company has not paid so much attention on minting money and providing a kitchen island that suits best to every user irrespective of their economical class is highly appreciating. This island is necessary buy and one of the best kitchen islands available out there.

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How we choose the top kitchen island in our list

The list was made after doing an extensive amount of research. Many types and models of the product were chosen such that we could get a variety of products from which we could form our list. The basis on which these products were judged are:

  1. Countertop material
  2. Countertop space
  3. Portability
  4. Material of the product
  5. Availability of shelves
  6. Design of the product
  7. Price of the product

After setting these standards for judging three coherent lists were prepared together for finding out which one amongst so many kitchen islands are best suited for users. The process was long and for this following step were taken.

  • For this, a team of self-volunteering individuals were taken who were told to use the product to its utmost use such that the product could be used at its uppermost limit. They were told to keep up a track of all the problems that they might be facing when they were using the product. they were also instructed to get a list of all the advantages they find in each of the individual products. This led us to find the limit until where we can use the product.
  • A simultaneous research was also going on which included the survey of people who were the real-time users of the products and their feedback was noted. This helped us to have a real-time knowledge of the product.
  • A technical team was also hired which considered the technicality of the product and gave us an impressive view of the technical side of the product.

All the three lists were the compiled into one final list. This list was then checked again for assessing and removing all the errors that might have been in the list and hence we were there with our list, which is in front of you.

Different types of kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are available in many types and forms. They range from the cheapest and most basic form of kitchen island to the most expensive and most efficient one. There are some which re multi-functional and some are least useful. The biggest factor that divides kitchen islands is their portability. Portable and permanently fixed islands are two classes in which an island could be divided.  The portable class of kitchen islands do not require any electrical service whereas fixed ones require electrical service.  Some of the prominent kitchen island types are given below.

  • Rolling cart – these islands are primarily a rolling cart which could be rolled from one place to another. It is very easy to move and out due to its rolling ability. It is relatively cheaper than many of these kitchen island types available in the market.
  • Small and non-portable kitchen island – if you want to have something that will resemble to an island then this is the product for you. it is compact and could be fixed at one place and works for families having some space issues. It’s much more functional than a simple kitchen cart or microwave cart.
  • Kitchen island table – a kitchen island table is a table that could be used as a kitchen island. You can install a kitchen island easily and easy to remove too. We like having one with a butcher chopping block.
  • Countertop with base cabinet – a kitchen island that has a base cabinet with a nice cabinet pull with it is what will be the best for your kitchen.
  • Double tiered eating and cooking kitchen – a kitchen island that lets you cook and eat on the same could be a great addition to your kitchen.

Why you need the best kitchen island in your kitchen

Kitchens are often dull and mundane.  To add versatility to your kitchen you can furnish with a kitchen island with which your kitchen will have an extra value added to it. they serve their users many purposes be it house the sink, having a place of storage or housing a cooktop their application is many.

  1. Provides space: A kitchen island adds an extra space to your kitchen you not only have extra space for storing your goods in it but also extra space for movement. This is great if you want to involve many family members in your kitchen. By this, you can create an aura of happiness and goodness among each other. When you have as much cookware and appliances as we do, you need all the space you can get!
  2. Nice place for eating: A kitchen island will provide you a great place for sitting for the having a bite. This two in one action of a kitchen island adds to the credibility of the product as you can watch the other member cook or help them at cooking and still be able to enjoy your food there sitting with them.
  3. Highly efficient: There are many extra amenities which are provided by a kitchen island this might include a microwave drawer, electric outlets or any other things that you are compact and could be utilized on a kitchen island.
  4. Large variety: There is a large variety of kitchen islands from which you can choose the best, which suits you. it also helps you to add style to your kitchen and makes it look attractive.

It is highly recommended to have a kitchen island in your kitchen so you could enjoy the benefits of the same.

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