5 Best Chicken Cookbooks for your Kitchen

Cooking is not just an activity; it is an art of taking various ingredients and converting them into something scrumptious. When we talk about non-veg items, chicken is always on the top of the list. Billions of people around the world eat chicken as their favourite food and a lot of recipes are invented every now and then.

Trying out the varied-flavoured recipes add spice to our lives. After all, food is all we live for, isn’t it? Chicken is one of the most common types of poultry available and has loads of protein and sufficient amount of calories to keep you in the pink of your health. Let us dive into the intricacies of some of the most fascinating chicken cookbooks that you’ll be ecstatic about.

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#1 – 365 Ways to Cook Chicken: Simply the Best Chicken Recipes You’ll Find Anywhere!

365 Ways To Cook Chicken Simply The Best Chicken Recipes You'll Find Anywere

The book which comes to mind when thinking about the delicious and mouth-watering chicken recipes is the 365 Ways to Cook Chicken. In this book, writer Cheryl Sedaker has diligently put the steps in a very interesting and captivating manner. You’d feel connected while you pick this book for your chicken-based delicacies and will love the collection. This book on the best chicken recipes covers any and every type of chicken that you could mention. Right from grilled, roasted, baked, sauced, to fried, strewed, marinated or barbequed chicken, you would get them all. This book is a real-world example of portraying how simple poultry- ‘chicken’ can be used as a basic ingredient in so many dishes. The most important thing is that the recipes are beautifully detailed and can be followed-up by professionals as well as novice cooks.

As the name suggests this book has a new recipe for each day of the year (365 ways). This can help you explore the endless possibilities of preparing chicken and can also modify them to innovate your own dishes. If you are cooking at home or are on your way to become the best chef of the century, this book is a must-have for the ones who love cooking, especially the chicken-lovers. Ranging from simple to complex recipes you’d have a number of options to master the art of cooking different types of chicken dishes.

What we like about it:

The best thing that we loved about the ‘365 Ways to Cook Chicken’ is the simplicity with which the intricacies of every recipe unfolds the mystery and leaves people with appetizing delicacies to cherish for long. This book has a vast collection of recipes and hence is a one-stop book for any kind of recipe you are in search of. It can be used by the novice as well as the skilled chefs as well.

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#2 – 50 Ways to Eat Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes with Balls!

50 Ways To Eat Cock Healthy Chicken Recipes With Balls

In his book, author Adrienne N Hew unboxes the scrumptious ways of eating the cock in a much hilarious way than expected. The book has one of the best collection of recipes for chicken lovers. Throughout the book, the author has maintained this humorous stance which keeps the reader engaged and excited to know more. The best thing about the book is that it not only provides the reader with great recipes but also makes them aware of the history, culture and the folklore of the ingredient. If you are looking for delicious chicken recipes, ‘50 ways to eat cock’ won’t let you down.

Being a nutritionist by profession, the author dives deeper into the nutritional befits of chicken and suggests recipes rich in nutrition. You will have an opportunity to serve or recommend healthy food to your near and dear ones. Moreover, the author has put up very practical and cost-friendly ways of eating cock. She has put the entire cock tale in a very delectable manner so as to leave you with a watery mouth at each and every page. It is a playful venture to make cooking as interesting and fun as never before. The quality of the dishes she has put in this book is beyond description. Be it Risotto Chicken Balls, Cock in Rice, or Cock in Blanket, you will simply love the well-presented recipes.

What we like about it:

This book by a qualified nutritionist is a step closer towards healthy chicken recipes which comes with great humor and pun. The thing we liked about it is the way it is made interesting to the readers along with being informative about the culture and history behind. This book is a must-have to make cooking fun. Every time you go through it, you’d find something new. That’s the beauty of this book. It will teach you how to cook cock in 50 fancy ways made simple, easy and tasty.

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#3 – Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

Fifty Shades Of Chicken A Parody In A Cookbook

If you want to turn on your dinner with water-dripping-from-your-mouth kind of chicken recipes then this book which simmers in the dazzling light of Fifty Shades of Grey will set you on fire. This book will leave you craving for more with the exotic descriptions and catchy lines. It is just enough to seduce you towards the mouth-watering dishes and discover the thrill in roasting, stuffing, jerking, and trussing the chicken with your hands. The book unfolds the adventure of Miss Chicken, which is a reflection of Miss Anastasia in the same way she does. The actor here is the cook who dominates over the chicken and does it just the way he likes. This book is tempting and rich in content as well.

The way the writer F.L Flower has described recipes like Dripping Thighs, Sticky Chicken Fingers, Mustard-Spanked Chicken, and more are simply mind-blowing and will leave you demanding similar recipes.  The pictures of a half-naked man with the chicken prepared to be barbecued or roasted or fried add visual attractiveness to the book. The recipes are well structured into three categories. First is the Novice Bird- it contains easy recipes for roasters, the second is-Falling to Pieces-perfect for weeknight meals, and last but not the least Advanced Techniques-for the main cooking plot. Hence, this is good for the ones who are new to cooking to the ones who have mastered the art.

What we like about it:

The best thing about this book is the pun presented by the author and the way he defines a fine line of similarity between the movie plot and the cooking journey. This is so much fun to read. You’d definitely be rolling to laughter in some of the recipes and that’s what the aim of the writer. A happy and healthy eating habit can be instilled with good food and lots of smiles.

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#4 – A Bird in the Hand: Chicken recipes for every day and every mood

A Bird In The Hand Chicken Recipes For Every Day And Every Mood

There are times when you would want to eat a spicy Chicken Sizzling or a lighter barbequed chicken with sauce. When you are upset, you might just grab chicken wings or legs to lighten you up and change your mood. Food makes such a big difference to our state of mind. That is why, author, Diana Henry brings in a chicken cookbook with recipes for all kinds of mood for your everyday swings. It is amazing to see how a single food item can be transformed into recipes which can leave you with a watery mouth. ‘A Bird in the Hand’ is not just a cookbook, it is a full-fledged solution to your everyday mood craving for different types of chicken delicacies.

This book presents a vast resource of high-quality content with less time-consuming recipes ranging from Vietnamese lemongrass and chili chicken thighs and a smoky chicken salad to more complex items like a complete feast with pomegranate, barley, and feta stuffed roast chicken with Georgian aubergines. The book is not written by an ordinary person. Henry was named ‘Cookery Writer of the Year’ by The Guild of Food Writers in 2009 and in 2007 and is considered one of the best writers of cookbooks. She has well-justified this book with her knowledge and love for cooking by presenting a lovable collection of recipes for every day and every mood.

What we like about it:

Chicken is the most basic non-veg food item and the way it has been presented is phenomenal. The quick and comforting to casual dishes make it a must-have on our list. This book has been awarded as the 2016 James Beard Award Winner for its great quality. There are a number of not so well-known recipes which will introduce you to some of the amazing chicken recipes by the author. You will simply love the flawless language used to describe the recipe by this potential writer.

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#5 – Chicken Night (Williams-Sonoma)

Chicken Night Williams Sonoma

This book called ‘Chicken Night’ by Kate McMillan is always a good choice for tasty chicken recipes for every night. It beautifully expresses how chicken can be as delicious as the description of the recipes. These classic recipes are tempting and yummy and your family is simply going to love it. The steps illustrated are simple and easy to follow. It contains some of the hot and spicy recipes like Chicken Cheese Steak with Peppers and Onions and Grilled Chicken with Feta, Currants, Lemon and Pine Nut Topping. These food items are rich in nutrients and will suffice your appetite. You won’t need to hunt for new chicken recipes every day because ‘Chicken Night’ is one of the great collections.

The book keeps in mind the health requirements of individuals and presents recipes rich in nutritional value. Kate follows a solution-oriented approach towards making delicious homemade chicken which will leave you craving for more. Another great feature of this book is the colorful presentation with catchy pictures and experts’ advice on the cooking method used and the flavors added. The thing which makes it stand apart from the rest is the advice by the experts on how to improvise or customize the flavors as per your needs and desires. This book guides you to make tasty chicken that will add taste to your life as well.

What we like about it:

There are a number of chicken recipes available but the reason why this cookbook falls in this list is that of its flexibility and simplicity. The quick dishes are suitable for family and friends and also meet the taste need of every age group in your family. Chicken in Lettuce Cups, Spicy Jerk Drummettes, Beer Can Chicken on the Grill and more are some of the recipes that would make you go crazy.

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How we choose the Top Chicken Cookbooks in our List

We go through rigorous research before putting down the best chicken cookbooks for your kitchen in our list. It’s never easy filtering out the top ones from a list of thousands of decent books. However, we have dwelt into the intricacies of various parameters and only after analyzing them, collected them into this list of five best cookbooks with outstanding chicken recipes. The ranking is so as to match the preference of different people. For example, someone might prefer a rather humorous tone in the book than a serious one (as like in 50 Ways to Eat Cock or Fifty Shades of Chicken) or someone might look for a more focused and elaborate book on the recipes (as like in 365 Ways to Cook Chicken).

Also, we take care of the nutritional value of the food and select the ones which contain healthy recipes. The easy to prepare recipes which can be prepared in a very short interval of time are the best suited for the ones who are low on time but still looking for some delicacies. A good cookbook should contain quality content with a structured format. Also, it should be easily understandable and interesting to go through. The books that we have mentioned contain all the above features to meet the need of the potential readers.

Why you need the Best Chicken Cookbooks in your kitchen:

Chicken is one of the most versatile food ingredients and has been an age-old dish across the world. However, with the advancing culture and newer innovative ideas, some surprisingly amazing dishes have taken birth. Now that you know it is possible to savour hundreds of different flavours and tastes of a single ingredient, it is time you try them all. It is for this main reason that a chicken cookbook is a must-have for your chicken. Just imagine a boring Sunday when you’ve nothing to do and no one to hang out with. Get hold of a lovely chicken cookbook and start exploring the most exciting adventure of cooking scrumptious chicken dishes. Not to mention, cooking releases hormones which make you feel happy and content. Maybe you have your guests coming over your place this weekend and you want to leave them in awe of your unforgettable delicacies.

A quality cookbook which teaches you to make simple to quite complex dishes in easy steps could be a life savior. Who wouldn’t love the yummy dishes like Chicken Kebab, Roasted Chicken with Mustard, Butter Chicken, and White Sauce Barbecue Chicken? These books can give your cooking a new dimension. It might also help you improvise upon the recipes you were already aware of and wanted to do some innovations. There’s are hardly any reasons as to why one shouldn’t have a chicken cookbook in the kitchen.

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