5 Best Chili Cookbooks for your Kitchen

Chili is the ultimate comfort in a bowl when the weather outside is colder. When the weather gets colder, nothing we crave more than the soul warming chili soup. There are many dishes and sides that can be topped with chili or it can be used as the main ingredient. So, explore the crave-worthy recipes and collections of best chili recipes in the Chili Cookbook mentioned below.

From vegetarian chili delights to turkey chili fares and even super Sunday dishes and recipes for casual holiday gatherings, there are many such recipes to delight your guests and your family that you will find in the Chili Cookbook.

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#1 – The Chili Cookbook: A History of the One-Pot Classic, with Cook-off Worthy Recipes from Three-Bean to Four-Alarm and Con Carne to Vegetarian

The Chili Cookbook A History Of The One Pot Classic, With Cook Off Worthy Recipes From Three Bean To Four Alarm And Con Carne To Vegetarian

The Chili Cookbook is the ultimate collection of chili recipes and this cookbook is highly dedicated to family-friendly, tailgate event classic that features over 60 tried and tested recipes from the veteran and experienced cookbook author and American expert Robb Walsh. Americans are the great lovers of chili whether it is served in the heart family dinner or at the potluck events with friends or as a main course at any match watching party, chili is definitely the crowd pleaser. It is slathered on the tamales in San Antonio, hot dogs in Detroit and the hamburgers in the Los Angeles or the in the ladled over spaghetti or fritos corn chips in Santa Fe, they are in use in different ways and the cookbook comprises all such recipes to make your day delightful and spicy. The cookbook is the brainchild of award winning author Robb Walsh who dig into the fascinating history of this chili and its usages in the American dishes. He shared all such details in the recipe cookbook.

This is the chili cookbook comprising over 60 mouth watering recipes that are easy to cook and prepare. All the recipes in the cookbook range from slow cooker suppers to the stunning braised meat creations and many more with ingredients like lamb, pork, venison, beef, chicken, turkey, shrimp chili and more. The cookbook also has a section for the vegetarian eater with many vegan chili recipes.

What We Like About It

This is the cookbook comprising of the recipes from entire America and you will find the easy to cook chili recipes in the cookbook. The recipes included in the cookbook are perfect for hearty family dinner and also for potluck recipes with friends or for the recipes perfect for sporting events. So, chili fans from across the nation would find their favourite classic in the cookbook which they can try at their home kitchen.

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#2 – Chili Lovers Cookbook Chili Recipes and Recipes with Chilis

Chili Lovers Cookbook Chili Recipes And Recipes With Chiles

Chili Lovers Cookbook is the ultimate collection of all time favourites and classic Chili recipes that can be cooked and tried at home using the basic ingredients. The cookbook features the award winning chili cook-off recipes along with the regional favourites and other tasteful recipes that are easy to cook at home. From mild to fiery, there are recipes for every eater and people with different taste buds with chili. The cookbook also comprises of other taste tempting recipes and foods which are made out of chili peppers and other ingredients. This cookbook is a few little surprises because it has some unique and new recipes which are not available in other such cookbook and recipe books. Most of the recipes included in the cookbook are from the people across the world and country and you are likely to find you all time favourite recipes in this cookbook. There are both chili recipes and other foods that are prepared and cooked with chili as the background ingredient.

There are over hundreds of recipes and foods which are devoted to chili and can be cooked using the chili as the prime ingredient. Most of the recipes are the customized version of old fashioned chili recipes but with a new twist. So, you are likely to find the best chili recipe in the cookbook which will suit your taste buds.

What We Like About It

All chili recipes that are included in the cookbook are inspired by the home makers across the world. The recipes are all easy to cook and prepare at the home kitchen and the recipe cookbook covers everything from the easy chili breakfast to the bedtime dinner and even more. You will find a variety in the recipes and most of the recipes are based on chili or chili is used in the recipe as a background ingredient in a masterly way.

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#3 – Chili Slow Cooker: 50 All Time Favorite Easy And Delicious Chili Slow Cooker Recipes

Chili Slow Cooker 50 All Time Favorite Easy And Delicious Chili Slow Cooker Recipes

If you are lover of spicy and tasteful chili dishes, then this Chili Slow Cooker cookbook would be the best favourite for you. This is the cookbook that gives you the option to join the exciting culinary experience with its over 50 all time favourite easy and delicious chili slow recipes. The cookbook comprises of over 50 exciting recipes that range from lamb to beef to chicken and turkey to vegetarian to pork chili recipes which are easy and simple to cook. Since the recipe book comprises of recipes for people with different taste buds, you are likely to find something that suits your needs. Right from the exotic creations to the mouth-watering classics and some other recipes, you are likely to find some great recipes along with secret ingredients that go into making the chili recipes great like the coffee and even chocolate which give the dishes a new twist and enhances the flavours.

Cooking the chili dishes with a slow cooker is always an ideal choice as it gives the aromatic flavour the chance to release and mingle with the ingredients for enhanced flavours. All 50 recipes have secret ingredients that are optional and you can make use of it to enhance its overall flavours and taste. Moreover, the recipes are easy to cook and prepare and you will find it easy to cook at your home kitchen.

What We Like About It

The recipe book gives you details of over 50 delicious chili recipes which are cooked using the slow cooker at your home kitchen. The recipes also comprise of a secret ingredient which brings a twist to the spicy chili recipes. Because of the slow cooker cooking the aromatic flavours are well-released and get absorbed in the dishes for a wonderful taste. Most recipes are cooked in slow settings and slow cooker and this gives the dishes a unique and amazing taste.

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#4 – The Terlingua Chili Cookbook: Chili’s Last Frontier

The Terlingua Chili Cookbook Chili's Last Frontier

As the name suggests, the Terlingua Chili Cookbook comprises of dishes and recipes that are inspired by the sparse desert community of Terlingua. This is the community that is popular for its infamous annual chili cook-offs and others. The cookbook features so amazing recipes that it will delight you snack times and has some other non-traditional recipes which you can try during your road trips and adventure tours. The cookbook also features the history of this community and the usages of chili in all their recipes and how secretly they integrate the chilis in their dishes and make it tasteful and enjoyable. The cookbook also features some of the pro tips and methods to make chili dishes in the most rustic way. You will also get a chance to hear from the daughters and sons of the founding fathers of the community and also from the restaurant owners, Chili Connoisseurs.

The cookbook also features tips and methods to cook the award winning chili dishes and recipes along with chuck from the 50 years of iconic cook-off. In between this you will also learn the methods that go into cooking and preparing the chili dishes and recipes which you can prepare at your home kitchen with ease. So, ensure to explore each recipe mentioned in the cookbook and the history of this desert community and enjoy their unique and amazing recipes at your home.

What We Like About It

The cookbook is not just only dedicated in sharing the best of the chili dishes and recipes, but it also shared the history and other details of dessert community of Terlingua. Moreover, you will also learn the most rustic way to cook the chili dishes that are all time favourite amongst this community. The recipes included in the cookbook are the stories from the last 50 years of the iconic cook-off which you are going to explore at your home kitchen.

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#5 – Soups Stews & Chilis

Soups Stews & Chilis

Soups Stews and Chilis is the amazing cookbook designed to share you with the best collection of 200 chili recipes for everything from hearty soups to broths and stews to chowders and big batch recipes. The cookbook also features some of the best slow cooker dishes and recipes along with pureed soups and chilis, speedy soups and curries and more. This is the cookbook which is designed to provide you with everything that you need to prepare a foolproof recipe and soups for your lunch, dinner or breakfast. Apart from the soups and other foolproof recipes the cookbook also features and equips you with essential chili, stew and soup primer and also reveals some of the best kitchen tips and methods for creating and adding flavours in the dishes that you cook at your home kitchen. Besides, you will also come across some interesting information on the reheating and storage options and other essential cookware guides.

The recipe book also comprises of description and guide to make hearty beef stew with the fork-tender meat and tender vegetables and also velvety flavourful broth. You will also find some of the great chicken stew recipes in the cookbook along with complex flavours and moist chicken and chunks. So, get the chance to expand your chili horizons with the entire new chapters on flavourful and new variations mentioned in the cookbook.

What We Like About It

The chili cookbook is the ultimate collection of chili recipes that range from all courses like broths to hearty soups and even stew and chowders. In the cookbook you will find the big batch of recipes and slow cooker dishes along with speedily cooked soups and curries. All recipes are easily cooked and prepared and you will explore some new and flavourful variations in the recipe book from all American ground beef chili dishes to the green chili Chile infused white chicken chili.

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