5 Best Potato Cookbooks for your Kitchen

Potatoes are the prime ingredient in most of the daily recipes. From cheesy twice baked potatoes to classic meshed to sweet and bacon wrapped potatoes, there are hundreds of different potatoes recipes that you can try at home. Potatoes are the versatile vegetables on this planet and you can turn them into special with the best Potato Cookbook.

Discover the health benefits, nutritional benefits and hundreds of cooking ideas with potatoes in the Potato Cookbook mentioned below. Find the best recipe to serve your friends and guests along with some unique recipes of potatoes from across the world with the best potato cookbook from the list below.

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#1 – Reader’s Digest: The Great Potato Cookbook: 250 Sensational Recipes for the World’s Favorite Vegetable

Reader's Digest The Great Potato Cookbook 250 Sensational Recipes For The World's Favorite Vegetable

No one can resist potatoes and there are hundreds of unique recipes of potato which one can try at home and satisfy their cravings for this veggie. This cookbook allows you to unveil the versatility of this low cost vegetable in different recipes and unique taste. Versatile, nutritious delicious and inexpensive, potatoes are the most widely consumed vegetable and the best values in the produce department. With this expensive veggie you can make most of the adaptable and widely accepted favourite recipes which have gather immense attention from across the world. This cookbook gives you the tricks and methods to explore innovative ways to serve this veggie in unique way. The cookbook provides you with some unique and amazingly popular classic potato recipes along with modern day recipes in innovative style.

Inside the cookbook you will come across with over 250 unique recipes that cover every course from starters to the snacks and even full meal recipes. The cookbook also provides you with cooking methods of different recipes along with side dishes and desserts using potato. It comprises of details regarding which potato needs to be used for cooking different dishes and the proper methods which are easy to follow. From shortcuts to tips and handy hints, you will find every detail of potato recipes and cooking methods in the cookbook. Even buying guide and preparing tips are included in the cookbook.

What we Like About it

The cookbook provides you with comprehensive details of potato selection along with guide for cooking different recipes in step by step manner. It comprises of shortcuts to tips and handy hints for cooking and preparing a variety of potato recipes. You will also find the buying and the preparing tips of potatoes which go into cooking different recipes. Apart from this you will find over 250 recipes and suggestions for recipe variations and extending the menus even further.

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#2 – Smashed, Mashed, Boiled, and Baked and Fried, Too!: A Celebration of Potatoes in 75 Irresistible Recipes

Smashed, Mashed, Boiled, And Baked And Fried, Too A Celebration Of Potatoes In 75 Irresistible Recipes

Smashed, mashed, boiled and baked is the popular potato cookbook designed by popular teacher and beloved food writer Raghavan Iyer. The author has written this potato cookbook to pay homage to his favourite ingredients in the continent by continent celebration of the interesting potato veggie. The recipes that are included in the recipe book are inspired by diversity of the cuisines and they are accompanied by the attracting full coloured pictures of the recipes. The cookbook comprises of recipes that covers everything from starters to snacks and even full meals like the sweet potato samosas and Ecuadorean Llapingachos. The recipe book has also instructions which make the preparation and cooking of the recipes easier and faster. It also comprises details regarding easy selection of the right potatoes for the recipes. All the steps are easy to follow and make cooking easier for the home chefs.

There are hundreds of unique and classic potatoes recipes include in the potato cookbook and you will be amazed to know that there are a hundreds of unique way to cook and serve potato. Some of the hearty main course includes the Moroccan potato stew with saffron biscuit, Canadian lamb potato tortiere and the boundary defying Mojito potato pomegranate salad and luscious sauces and condiments. The recipe book also comprises of details regarding potato salads and other variations of recipes included in the cookbook which you can try at home with potato.

What we Like About It

This is the cookbook which helps you to keep your love for potato alive with different recipes and unique taste. The recipe book comprises of hundreds of new and innovative recipes of potatoes which are easy to follow. Right from hearty main course to starters and desserts, there are different recipes included in the cookbook which you can try at your home with the main ingredient, potato. There are different desserts that you can cook using the ingredient and potato in different and unique way.

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#3 – The Potatopia Cookbook: 77 Recipes Starring the Humble Potato

The Potatopia Cookbook 77 Recipes Starring The Humble Potato

There are a variety of recipes and meals which are incomplete with potato and hence this veggie is widely consumed across the world at a rate of 68 pounds per capita every year. Being the star of every recipe and most affordable veggie, potato is often used to give a body and complete the recipe with unique taste and look. So, to keep the craving for potato alive in you and to give you new ways to discover potato, the Enter the Potatopia Cookbook was introduced. This is the potato cookbook comprising of over 75 innovative potato recipes from the popular food writer and CEO of Potatopia Allen Dikker. This is the recipe book comprising of complete details of different potato meals and desserts and even snacks which are easy to prepare. From traditional recipes of potato like gnocchi and shepherd’s pie to the most favourite recipes and innovative creation are included in the cookbook.

Most of the potato recipes that are included in the cookbook are innovative and creative way to consume potato. The cookbook comprises of recipes and methods to make lasagne with paper thin potato slices rather than the noodles and truffles with mashed potatoes and more. Find all such amazing and interesting recipes in the cookbook along with details and descriptions of potato varieties, potato preparation and potato history along with storage tips.

What we Like About it

The cookbook highlights the health benefits of potato and focuses on providing you with recipes which are often skipped by people in sake staying healthy. The cookbook comprises of details regarding potato dishes and other innovative recipes which are hard to believe. Apart from this there are detailed description of its history, preparation methods and varieties of potatoes that go into making these dishes and also the storage tips. The cookbook comprises of more than 75 innovative potato dishes and recipes from the popular potato dedicated restaurant Allen Dikker.

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#4 – 300 Best Potato Recipes: A Complete Cook’s Guide

300 Best Potato Recipes A Complete Cook's Guide

Potato is the culinary powerhouse and it inspires tantalizing and adventurous fare. Being the affordable and desert island veggie, potato inspires all of us whether in the type of classic dishes and favourites or in the guise of new and exotic recipes. Inexpensive, versatile, unfailingly delicious and nutritious, there are no other vegetables that can make these claims like potato. There are many possible ways to enjoy the potato veggie and to make you are about these possible recipes this cookbook has been designed. This is the ultimate guide of over 300 possible recipes that can be cooked and prepared with potato as the prime ingredients. From classic mash deluxe to garlic roasties with rosemary to saffron potato cake and sweet potato crushed shrimp and more, there are hundreds of new and innovative recipes mentioned in this potato cookbook and they are all easy to prepare and you can cook them easily in your home kitchen.

All-American potato pancake and potato fudges and other interesting desserts, you will find amazing potato recipes in this cookbook. The cookbook also comprises of detailed description of the nutritional value of potato in each dish and also the process for selecting the right potato for the dish. From snacks to appetizers, salads to soups and more, there are hundreds of side mains and hearty main menu included in the cookbook which you can try at home.

What We Like About It

The author of the cookbook has mentioned the complete history of potato and its origins. It is the comprehensive guide that covers over hundreds of potato varieties and recipes that you can try at home. From classic favourites to innovative new style potato dishes all are mentioned in the cookbook in step by step method and you will also find recipes for soups, side dishes, desserts and even popular snacks that are prepared using potato as the main ingredient.

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#5 – The Potato Cookbook: Recipes Featuring the World’s Greatest Vegetable

The Potato Cookbook Recipes Featuring The World's Greatest Vegetable

There are in fact a variety of recipes that can be prepared with potatoes rather than just classic mash. So, every recipe that is possible with potato is mentioned in this potato cookbook and you will be amazed to see the recipes which are easy to prepare and give you unique and new taste of that old potato which you used every day for meals. This is the cookbook that comprises of 80 recipes of potato from classic mashed to innovative recipes with normal and sweet potatoes. Whether you want to mash, roast, bake, chill, knead, deep fry, air fry, french fry, or even sweeten the potatoes, there are every recipe to suit your unique demands and needs and to satisfy the cravings for potato. Moreover, the cookbook also comprises of dessert options which you can try at home using the prime ingredient potato.

In this cookbook you will find a wide variety of recipes where the potato is the star in every recipe. From gluten free potato crackers to creamy bakes to sweet potato macaroni cheese and secret to the best chocolate cake, you will find a variety of recipes included in the recipe book. So, people who are looking for easy to cook recipes for dinner after work or a healthy snacks to enjoy or celebrate different potato dishes must consider investing in this potato cookbook as it comprises all such recipes to suit your unique needs.

What we Like About It

This is the innovative potato cookbook that has recipes more than just classic potato mash. This is the ultimate guide and collection of over 80 potato recipes and this gives you the option to enjoy potato in a variety of ways. From sweet potatoes to normal potatoes and more you will find recipes using potatoes as a star. The cookbook comprises recipes that satisfy the need of people that are too busy and also snacks options and dessert options which are prepared using the star veggie potato.

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