5 Best Apple Cookbooks for your Kitchen

There is a popular idiom “Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away” and this is true because of the health benefits attached Apple. But, you are no longer restricted to consume apple in raw state as there are different recipes that can be prepared with apple, whether it is cooked, baked or fried, apple can be consumed in different styles. To make your aware about these apple recipes, the Apple Cookbook has been introduced.

There are many Apple Cookbooks available that will make you aware about different apple recipes that are easy to prepare and healthy for your consumption. So, read the reviews below to find the best Apple Cookbook for your home kitchen.

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#1 – The Apple Lover’s Cookbook

The Apple Lover's Cookbook

The bestseller and popular recipe book for Apple, The Apple Lover’s Cookbook is the comprehensive guide of recipes that can be easily cooked with apples. This cookbook gives you the unique ways to try Apple in different ways at your home kitchen. The cookbook provides you guide to enjoy the beauty of apple in every meals and in variety of ways. It takes you to the complete tour from the orchard of apples to directly to your home kitchen with some of the best sweet and savoury apple dishes. This includes the Apple stuffed biscuits buns and blue ribbon deep dish apple pie and also cider brined Turkey and Apple squash gratin. The cookbook is designed to offer you with full coloured guide for 59 apple varieties and dishes with detailed descriptions of the history, flavours and most importantly how to use the apple in your kitchen in different ways. The author Amy Traverso also takes the readers to the country to meet the farmers directly along with cider makers and the apple enthusiasts.

The cookbook comprises of over 100 of new recipes of apple that rum from the spectrum of cosy crisps and cobblers to adventurous fare like the Apple Gingersnap Ice Cream or the Cider Braised Brisket and more. This cookbook is the best apple companion that has the 110 four coloured illustrations and apple varieties.

What we Like About it

The tradition of consuming Apple raw is no longer required as the cookbook provides you with a variety of dishes and recipes where Apple is the star. The recipe book comprises coloured guide for 59 recipes of apple and along with sides and snacks which can prepared using apple. You will learn the unique ways to consume apple and enjoy the beauty of this ingredient in a unique way possible. So, try the cookbook to keep your love for Apple alive in unique way.

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#2 – The Apple Cookbook, 3rd Edition: 125 Freshly Picked Recipes

The Apple Cookbook, 3rd Edition 125 Freshly Picked Recipes

Right from the starting of the day with breakfast to bedtime dinner, apple takes a centrepiece in every meal of the day. Apple is the health fruit and needs to be consumed daily to keep the doctor away according to the popular idiom. So, keeping this in mind The Apple Cookbook has been designed which is the popular recipe book for all Apple dishes and recipes. Right from sweet to savoury dishes and even desserts and sides and snacks, you will find a variety of apple recipes that are included in the recipe book and you will interest modern day recipes of apple in this cookbook. The recipes included in the cookbook range from the traditional and all time favourite apple pie to the crisp to unexpected surprises like Apple Mint Raita to the Ground Lamb Kebabs and more. This is the 3rd edition of the cookbook by the popular and bestselling author.

The cookbook comprises the bestselling classic apple recipes that are all time favourite of people and the completely revised and revamped recipes of apple with modern twists. It features over 30 new innovative apple themed goodies and other desserts and sides which are designed with apple. There are also other vegan and gluten free options mentioned in the recipe book and hence you will start cooking apple based cuisines and enjoy them in your meals right from morning till bedtime dinner.

What we Like About It

The recipe cookbook comprises of all recipes that are favourite classic and to the amazing new and innovative recipes like Apple Kababs with Mint Raita and also other 30 new apple themed goodies that are easy to prepare and cook in your home kitchen. There are also other gluten free recipes and vegan options available in the cookbook which you can prepare at your home kitchen and enjoy them with your family and friends with ease.

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#3 – Apples Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Apples

Apples Cookbook 101 Recipes With Apples

Enjoy apple in unique and different way with amazing recipes mentioned in the Apple Cookbook. This is the cookbook that provides you with the details of every recipe in step by step manner to help you understand and cook the recipe in your kitchen with ease. The recipe book has over 101 methods and different ways to cook apple dishes and enjoy them all in a tasteful way. Apple selection is must for the perfect apple cuisines and this cookbook has all that details that go into selection and preparing the dishes to serving the apple cuisine in a professional way. You will find fun filled recipes of apple along with desserts and snacks which can be prepared using Apple as the star ingredient. All the recipes in the cookbook are not solely depend on Apple as there are also other recipes where Apple is used as the background ingredient or for toppings.

So, if you want to stay healthy and try Apple in a whole new and innovative way, then try this cookbook which has the recipes for your need. This is the cookbook that has more than hundreds of new recipes of apple that are shared by star chef of popular restaurants. The apple dishes mentioned on the cookbook are served in the restaurant and now you can try them all in innovative way with the help of this cookbook.

What we Like About it

This cookbook is the fun filled way to try Apple in different ways. This cookbook has all the recipes and cuisines which are being served in restaurants and hence now you can try them all at your home kitchen with ease. It has the recipes where Apple is the star ingredient or used as the background or topping to complete recipe. Try new cuisines every time in the day as it has many to satisfy your cravings for apple in whole new way.

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#4 – The Apple Orchard Cookbook

The Apple Orchard Cookbook

Apple Orchard Cookbook is the all-new practical guide for Apple recipes and you are all set to try different methods of consuming Apple with this cookbook. This cookbook is the old favourite returns and the fun cookbook where you will come across with different types of apple and its uses in different recipes and cuisines. The cookbook covers everything from the apple varieties to the facts and history of each type of apple before you move ahead with the recipe section of the cookbook. The cookbook comprises of different apple recipes which you can try in every course of meal right from the Appetizers to snacks, main course to bedtime dinner apple recipes and even salad recipes. The cookbook also provides you with information regarding the apple soups and apple desserts and everything that you want to try apple in different ways. It also explains the cooking methods of these recipes in unique step by step manner.

The cookbook is easy to understand guide for all novice homemakers and even the veteran homemakers would find this cookbook quite efficient when it comes to cook dishes with apple. The cookbook comprises easy instructions to prepare the seasoned dishes with apple and some other delicious cuisines that you can prepare right at your home kitchen with ease. The cookbook comprises of over 100 of apple recipes which are easy to cook and you can try them all right at your home kitchen.

What we Like About it

Apple Orchard Cookbook is the old favourite return for all apple lovers. This cookbook provides you comprehensive guide for selection of right apple for the cuisines and recipes and also the facts about different varieties of apple and its history before you delve into the recipe section. From appetizers to snacks, desserts to dinner and even apple soups, the cookbook has details and methods to cook all these recipes right in your home kitchen using the simple kitchen ingredients.

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#5 – Autumn Apple Recipes: Apple Crisp, Apple Pie, Apple Sauce and Much Much More

Autumn Apple Recipes Apple Crisp, Apple Pie, Apple Sauce And Much Much More

Autumn Apple Recipe is the Apple Cookbook which gives you a detailed and in-depth insight of all Apple recipes which you can try at home. All health benefits, history and facts about different types of Apple is mentioned in this cookbook to help you better understand about this fruit. The cookbook helps you to come across with all different types of apple recipes which you can cook and enjoy. Right from the traditional and age old Apple pie to the modern day appetizers and snacks like Apple dumplings and bacon apples and more, the cookbook has details of all the recipes to help you cook them at kitchen and try them for enhancing your taste buds for Apple. Rice stuffing with Apple, bacon and herbs, Apple butter, maple apple crisp, Apple dumpling cake, Walldorf cabbage salad and apple pie muffins and even more, the recipe cookbook has it all for the readers.

Purple Apple Slaw, Pumpkin Apple salad, Apple Pie Muffins, carrot, zucchini and carrot muffins and many more dishes and desserts are included in the recipe book which you can cook now in your home kitchen with the star ingredient, Apple. There are also salads, desserts and sides which are included in the recipe book and all the recipes in the cookbook are easy to prepare. The cookbook also includes the instructions and directions for preparing and cooking these dishes at your home kitchen with apple and other easily available ingredients.

What we Like About it

The author Laura Sommers is well versed with health benefits which people can enjoy with everyday dose of Apple. Keeping this in mind she has created some unique and tasteful ways to consume Apple. All recipes included in the recipe book are the healthy way to start your day with Apple breakfast and end the day with Apple dinner. From desserts to salads and even snacks and cakes, you will find recipes of everything which can prepared and cooked with the use of Apple as Star ingredient

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