5 Best Soul Food Cookbooks for your Kitchen

If you are a foodie and love to explore different types of cuisines, then you may know how satisfying it is to have a plate of down home eats. Whether you are looking for the best tasty dishes from the past or want to learn the culture and tradition of different cuisines, the best Soul Food Cookbooks comprise the world class recipes which would tantalize and excite the taste buds for sure.

Below is the guide of some of the best Soul Food Cookbooks which every kitchen must have as it gives you the option to explore some of the best soul food recipes right at your home kitchen.

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#1 – Sweetie Pie’s Cookbook: Soulful Southern Recipes, from My Family to Yours

Sweetie Pie's Cookbook Soulful Southern Recipes, From My Family To Yours

This is the widely used soul food recipe that is designed by the worldly popular Sweetie Pie’s restaurant and the popular character from the reality television show Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s. This cookbook shares some of the soul food recipe that is widely accepted and she has also shared some of her renowned lessons which she has learned on her path of success. Robbie Montgomery was the author of this Cookbook and she had a passion for cooking right from her childhood and she used to serve meal in home. She used to work side by side with her mother in their home kitchen and there she started learning about cooking food. She learned from her mother how to prepare dozens of class and innovative soul food dishes.

Now she has turned 72 and after her experiences she has written this cookbook which comprises the traditions of soul food derived from generations. With her cookbook she took the readers to their kitchen where they can prepare the beloved meals using the kitchen ingredients like the salmon croquettes, pork chops and baked chicken. She also shares some of their humorous stories including the last tales from her life at her restaurant. With her stories and this cookbook, Robbie explains some of the recipes and also hopes to maintain the tradition of soul food cooking along with its legacy, history and recipes.

What We Like About It

Sweetie Pie’s Cookbook: Soulful Southern Recipes, from My Family to Yours is the best soul food recipe book that comprises the best recipes from across the world and it also shares the traditions of soul food that are derived from generations. It shares how soul food can be prepared at home using the home kitchen ingredients and how to convert them into a tasty dish. There are lessons that are shared to make you aware about the legacy of soul food and related recipes.

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#2 – A Real Southern Cook: In Her Savannah Kitchen

A Real Southern Cook In Her Savannah Kitchen

Dora Charles is the renowned name in the world of soul food and she has garnered this name because of her experience in cooking tasty soul food. She has written many cookbooks where she shares her experiences and lessons about soul food. Today, hundreds and thousands of people visit the Savannah’s famous restaurant to dine and experience the food cooked by Dora Charles. So, because of her popularity editors and agents are approaching her to write a book on her and her experiences about soul food. This is how the cookbook A Real Southern Cook: In Her Savannah Kitchen comes to existence. There are many satisfying recipes and dishes which are included in this cookbook and some of the recipes are lessons which she has learned from her years of struggles. Each of the recipe she has mentioned on the cookbook comprise of secret ingredient which deliver a burst of flavour to the dish.

Right from the ingredients to the seasoning, every minute details along with the recipe is mentioned on the cookbook that enables you to experience the restaurant style soul food right in your home kitchen. You will find all the cornerstones of Southern Table in this cookbook, right from the out of this world smothered catfish to the jaw dropping desserts like Very Red Velvet Cake. She has also mentioned her life lessons in the cookbook and the motherless upbringing in Savannah.

What We Like About It

A Real Southern Cook: In Her Savannah Kitchen is the easy to understand guide where you will find the popular recipes from the Southern Table. The cookbook comprises different recipes which are easy to prepare right at home and you will get details regarding the ingredients that go into preparing the Dora’s style soul food, the restaurant styles. From potato salads to the sugar glazed bacon in devilled eggs and even the recipes of the desserts, the cookbook is the complete guide for a wholesome meal.

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#3 – Carla Hall’s Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration

Carla Hall's Soul Food Everyday And Celebration

The new soul food cookbook by Carla is the ultimate collection of recipes which disclose the layers of heritage, persona, mission and deep centeredness of the African American culinary tradition and the cookbook also reflects the diversity, dynamism and the improvisational genius which this soul food tradition inspires. Carla has a passion for cooking different dishes using different ingredients and this cookbook is the combination of these dishes and recipes which she has shared in a unique way to make you understand about the tradition. She has designed this cookbook to translate their energy into the amazing recipe book where her love and soul for recipe has been described masterly. She has described the recipe in easy to understand way and she has described that soul food is more than just mac, barbeque and cheese.

Right from black eyed pea salad with hot sauce to the tomato pie with garlic bread crust and more, there are hundreds of recipes mentioned in the cookbook and you will be delivered with the unique southern flavours using the farm fresh ingredients. She tells in her book how the simple kitchen ingredients can be used for preparing the soul food recipes and dishes and satisfies your taste buds with those dishes. With this cookbook you can prepare soul food dishes everyday and enjoy the dishes like restaurant style right in your home kitchen.

What We Like About It

Carla Hall’s Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration is the cookbook comprises over hundreds of new soul food recipes and you can prepare them all using the simple home kitchen ingredients. Apart from the soul food recipes, you will also learn the different desserts that you can prepare at your home. It features over 145 original recipes along with 120 coloured photos of dishes and some wonderful combination of modern and tradition of soul food recipes and dishes.

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#4 – SOUL: A Chef’s Culinary Evolution in 150 Recipes

Soul A Chef's Culinary Evolution In 150 Recipes

SOUL: A Chef’s Culinary Evolution in 150 Recipes is the cookbook that is written and published by self-taught chef Todd Richards. He is the black American chef who is passionate about cooking soul food dishes. But most of his dishes that he prepare are stereotype. You can taste some of his dishes and you will be amazed how it can be customized to such level to suit different taste buds. Right from hot chicken style country fired lamb steak to the blueberry sweet tea brined chicken thighs and more, you can try any of his recipes and you will be amazed with the his dishes for sure. To share his unique experience in cooking and make your soul food preparation easier, he has written this cookbook. The complete book is the whole store for soul food recipe comprises over 150 original soul food dishes and the methods for preparing it in your home kitchen.

In the cookbook Todd shares some of their experiences and passion about soul food for a new generation cooking. No matter whether you are new or a veteran cooking expert of soul food recipe, this cookbook would definitely encourage you to step out of the box and boldly walk into the kitchen to prepare the mouth-watering dishes. The recipes that are mentioned in the cookbook also feature the ingredients which go into preparing the dishes.

What We Like About It

SOUL: A Chef’s Culinary Evolution in 150 Recipes is the complete soul food cookbook that comprises over 150 original recipes of soul food. Apart from the recipes and steps to prepare the dishes, the book also features the ingredients that go into preparing dishes right in your home kitchen by adding restaurant style taste. The cookbook provides you comprehensive details about soul foods and the steps for preparing them with ease. Gradually it makes you master of soul food recipes.

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#5 – Recipes for the Good Life

Recipes For The Good Life

Patti LaBelle is leading a good life a chef and she has a passion for soul food which she shared in her cookbook called Recipes for the Good Life. Her new cookbook shares some of the delicious recipes which range from the healthy foods to decadent soul recipes. She has shared some of the old memories which she has enjoyed with her friends and family on the dinner table sharing meals with each other. She understand that food is always the centre of her joy and most of the time she enjoyed soul food dishes and now she after learning about these dishes shared them in her cookbook. She is now back again with her new and traditional soul food recipe and hence she has written this cookbook featuring the 100 new and original recipes which will make your mouth-watering and begging for the second time.

Miss Patti has mentioned some of the dishes which range from over the top to top macaroni and cheese to the poached salmon with basil cream sauce and fettuccine to juicy and tender barbecued baby back ribs to fried apple pie and more. She has mentioned recipe to suit every style, taste and occasion. Her cookbook not only helps you to walk through the preparation part of soul food, but also share some of the witty and heartfelt stories about her life in cooking.

What We Like About It

Recipes for the Good Life are not only the recipe book, but also a whole new world of soul food recipes which are easy to prepare. Apart from the information about the soul food recipes, the cookbook also comprises the list of ingredients that go into preparing these dishes. So, if you want to explore the whole new world of soul food recipe and satisfy your taste bud in soul food recipes, then Recipes for the Good Life is the ultimate recipe book that your home kitchen must have.

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How We Choose the Top Soul Food Cookbooks in Out List

Soul Food recipe is something that every American is using these days to stay healthy and fit. So, to keep the tradition of soul food alive in the heart of people, these cookbooks were designed and each of these cookbooks were selected based on the criteria like the quality of dishes included, the writer or the author and the prime features of these cookbooks. All cookbooks are selected according to the quality of soul foods that are included in book. The quality of the dishes and the easiness of preparing of these dishes are kept in mind while making the selection of the cookbooks mentioned in the list.

The cookbooks are also selected based on the size of the book and the information that are included in it. This ensures that the readers can only get relevant and important details regarding the soul food and nothing else. Moreover, the important criteria are the author of the cookbook. It is ensured that the author is renowned and has some reputation in the market. He or She must be popular as a chef and must have garnered some reputation in soul food recipes. The prime features of the cookbook are also considered while making the selection of the cookbook and mentioning it into the list.

Why You Need The Best Soul Food Cookbooks in your Kitchen

People who are passionate about the soul foods and prefer eating it in restaurant may now learn about their favourite soul food recipes right at the home with the Best Soul Food Cookbooks. The cookbooks are the must have for every home kitchen where soul food dishes are cooked on regular basis. It gives you the ultimate guide for cooking the authentic and original soul food dishes and it informs with a step by step guide on how to use the simple ingredients in efficient way to prepare soul food right at your home kitchen. The soul food cookbooks are the guide that has comprehensive details regarding soul food recipes and if you want to prepare your own soul food at home, then these are the cookbooks that we are required to have in your kitchen.

People prefer trying different soul food dishes and recipes and with these cookbooks they can now customize their simple soul foods right at home kitchen and enhance their taste buds and also enjoy the restaurant style soul food right at their home. You are no longer required to struggle in finding and learning the tradition of soul food dishes as these cookbooks are designed to make your everyday life simple by providing details about easy soul food recipes.

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