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Having a nice and tidy kitchen is a dream of every house owner. As kitchen is considered the heart of your house, you would really want to make it a great place. However, due to daily house chores, our kitchen tends to become a mess and there is a lot of waste that is left behind. It is where you need a compost bin in your kitchen.

The need of a compost bin is there in every kitchen of every house. Having a compost bin will serve as an asset to your house as you can use it to compost the food scraps and other things for making your soil healthy. Let us go through the following indoor compost reviews to get the best indoor compost bin.

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1- Chef’n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin

Chef'n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin product image

Composting has never been so easy. Composting your kitchen waste such as food scraps and other things is really in this counter-top compost bin. The bin allows its users to compost three quarts of the waste. It is a 3.3 liters in capacity and is great for indoor composting or composting anywhere where outdoor composting is not possible. The product is made up of high quality ceramic. It has a ventured lid and its charcoal filter prevent the bad odor that comes from composting trouble you as it absorbs every bad odor that comes from composting and therefore keeps your kitchen fresh.

The product us just 4.48 pounds heavy thus making it relatively easy to handle and could be carried by anyone. It doesn’t require much of a cleaning as it is made up of high quality ceramic and only a wash with hot water will clean it easily. Two disposal charcoal filters are provided along with the product so that you can change them whenever needed. The shape of the bin is like a drafted bucket that makes slogging of food material inside it easy and hence saves a lot of trouble and makes your kitchen experience hassle free and great. A plastic bag used as a liner is recommended for saving further labor of cleaning the bin. The design of the bin is elegant and looks great in your kitchen.

What we like about it:

The fact that it has a charcoal filter in it makes it extremely useful as the filter does not allow the bad odor to come outside of the bin and keeps your kitchen odor free. This is a great advantage as it lets you to compost as well as keep your kitchen odor free. The lid lets insect come in the bin therefore saving you from dealing with those nasty creepy crawlies that haunt your kitchen.

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#2 – LINKYO Compost Bin – Stainless Steel Kitchen Composter

LINKYO Compost Bin - Stainless Steel Kitchen Composter product image

If you want to make your garden turned into a green lush then you would really want to have compost for your garden, as an organic material is the best for having great plants. To help you with this we have an all-round solution. The solution is this product as it lets you compost every type of kitchen waste be it vegetable peels or leftovers. It is made up of high quality stainless steel material that makes it highly durable and resistant to rust. You can wash the product and have a new like bin back with you. It is far better than that filthy looking plastic bag that might leak and attract insects and give a bad odour to make your kitchen a nightmare.

The design of the boj is classic and makes it look great. The bacterial free bin is a great asset to your kitchen. The size of the bin is perfect asbit is compact and does not require much place on your kitchen. It has a charcoal filter that does not allow the bad odour to come out of the bin that is a result of composting which will work for around 12 months. It is very convenient to use in your kitchen to hold all the organic waste that you have.

What we like about it:

The product is made up of high quality stainless steel 304 materials it is rust proof, would not stain, chip off, scratch and is leak proof. It does not let any bug come near your bin and relatively easy to clean. The charcoal filter could be used for around a year without replacing it. The bin wills not retain any odour that results from composting. Its compact design lets you keep it anywhere you want in your kitchen.

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#3 – Estilo Stainless Steel Compost Pail, 1 Gallon Compost Bin

Estilo Stainless Steel Compost Pail, 1 Gallon Compost Bin product image

A garden demands a lot of care and maintenance to have a lush green plantation in it. Providing compost to your garden is a great way of giving it all the natural ingredients that it needs through organic materials without harming the quality and richness of your soil. To help you in making compost at your own home, this is one of the best kitchen compost bin that you might be looking for. This compost bin offers you a temporary storage to your vegetable peels, eggshells, fruit pulps and other food scraps that you might turn into compost. It provides an innovative solution for recycling your kitchen waste into environment friendly compost. The bin is made up of stainless steel, which makes it highly durable, and stain free through out the whole time. There would be no spot of scraps, chips and rust on this compost bin.

The product is furnished with charcoal filters to prevent the unwanted smell that comes from the composting and saves your kitchen from the foul smell. It does not allow chemicals to leach into your compost and make it toxic. The sleek and compact design of the product allows you to place it anywhere in your kitchen be it on the cabinet or pantry. It is dishwasher safe and quite easy to clean so you do not have to be afraid of cleaning it too much.

What we like about it:

The main advantage of having this compost bin is that it is dishwasher safe and allows its user to clean it up very easily after removing its filters. It does not allow the waste to stick to it and building up odour. It prevents insects to enter into your compost and saves your kitchen from those filthy creatures. It comes with two additional filters, which you can change when you are already provided filter has exhausted.

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#4 – Sorbus Compost Bin

Sorbus Compost Bin product image

To have a great compost bin for providing your garden with the homemade compost. This is one of the best compost bins for indoors which might be the one you would be looking for. It is one of the most effective compost bins that helps you make compost from your kitchen waste and turn your garden into a great green area. It is available in two variants namely copper and stainless steel. Both of the variants are of high quality, are durable, and are having a long lasting use. This one-gallon quantity of compost bin can store the great quantity of kitchen waste into it, which could be used later on the crops. The stainless steel design prevents the leaching of chemical and prevents your kitchen from any bacterial attack. The charcoal liner, which is removable after it, is exhausted makes your kitchen odor free as it absorbs all the foul smell coming from the waste.

It looks great into your kitchen and complements other kitchenware. It is such designed that it could fit in any kitchen counter top. It is highly durable and is guaranteed by the company that it will not rust, leak or scratch. The handle provided in this compost bin makes it easy to get it empty and carry it anywhere of your choice.it could be cleaned very easily and saves a lot much of your labor.

What we like about it:

The bin comes with a rotatable handle that makes it easy to carry and get it emptied at desired place and time. It is available in two variants so users have a choice between the two variants. The copper variant and the stainless steel variant both look great into your kitchen. The fact that the product is cost effective has added to the reasons for buying this best compost bin for indoors.

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#5 – RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Jumbo Compost Pail

RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Jumbo Compost Pail product image

In our counter top compost bin reviews, we have reached to our last product. This compost bin is one of its kinds and is larger than many of the compost bins available in the market. The compost bin is of one and a half gallon in capacity and could hold all of your kitchen waste for several of days. The stainless steel material used in making this compost bin makes it highly durable and makes it last for a great period. The polished stainless steel adds to the elegance of the product and makes it look very great. It suits any kitchen and looks good anywhere you keep it. It includes a charcoal filter to avoid the foul smell that comes from the composting of kitchen waste spoil your mood and makes your kitchen a great place to work as it provides an odor free environment. It is dishwasher safe and hence makes you not to worry about cleaning the product.

The size of this compost bin is an asset to it as it allows it to hold a great deal of your kitchen waste in it. This capacity thus allows its users not to worry about emptying the bin very often. The pail is provided with handles that are sturdy and durable, the handles makes it very easy to carry the bin wherever needed.

What we like about it:

The product is a jumbo size, which allows you to store a great deal of kitchen waste. It comes with a rotatable handle, which allows you to empty the bin whenever and wherever you like.The weight of the bin is relatively less than the other indoor compost bins. The pail is also equipped with two additional filters, which could be used when the default filter is used up to maintain the odour free environment in your kitchen.

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How we choose the Top Indoor Compost Bins in our List

All the products that have made into this indoor compost bin reviews went into a series of test. All the indoor compost bins were distributed among self-volunteering individuals and they were instructed to use the product like a daily ware. Then they were told to make a list of all the pros and cons that they have encountered while using the product. Further, they were told to have a list of all the things that they find unique with the product.

Their experience were then noted and taken into consideration. A second team was then formed to get into the technical details of the product. They tested the design, material and capacity of the product. This was important as the material provides prevention against the bacteria and the chemical leaching that would be a result of the composting.  Then they were given points with every asset it shows and points were deducted when there was a sign of ineffectiveness.

Since many products were checked and listed in this, process only the best into this list. This list was prepared after doing a high amount of research and considered many points. When the list of both the teams was made, a combined list was then made by considering both the lists. This final list was then sent to an experienced team of personals who had a critical eye on every product personally and saw every pros and cons provided by the products then finally we issued the list.

Why you need the Best Indoor Compost Bins in your Kitchen

If you are looking for a great garden then you have to take proper care of it and provide it with everything that it needs for giving you the green lush that you need. For this, the one of the most popular method is providing compost to it. However, due to modern lifestyle and due to less area the possibility of outdoor compost is relatively low, so where is the solution that indoor compost bins provide.

You can have an indoor compost bin at the countertop of your kitchen or place it at the pantry or wherever you like.  In this way, you can recycle the waste that is generated in the kitchen. In this way, you contribute to the environment and reuse all the food scraps that are generated in the kitchen. Having a best countertop compost bin is what will save your kitchen from the bacterial action that will take place due to the composting that is taking place in your kitchen. A compost bin also prevents your kitchen from the foul smell that comes from the decaying waste. The lid at the composting bin does not allow any insect to come in your kitchen and save you from the nightmare, you might be afraid of.

The material of compost bins does not allow any chemical leaching to take place and affect soil of your garden, which was a case with the plastic bags. It is where this best countertop compost bin review helps you. To have a well maintained kitchen and a lush green garden is what many individuals covet so, having an indoor compost bin serves as an asset to you covet.

If you produce a lot of excess food waste and want something to compliment your indoor compost bin, take a look at a garbage disposal like the InSinkErator Garbage Disposal. They can handle what an indoor compost bin can’t! You can even install one in your kitchen cart or kitchen island!

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