5 Best Magnetic Knife Strips for your Kitchen


In your kitchen there are various types of things you are required to look after, you are supposed to handle the stuffs you keep in your kitchen and deals with its safety and protection from the children in your house. There is one object that needs to be kept in a better and protected manner are knives in your kitchen, you are required to keep these knives in safe equipment that provide proper cover and protection so that kids at your home could not reach out to hold knives and harm themselves.

A magnetic Knife Strips will be actually helpful for you as they can hold knives and other essential equipment’s smartly. In this story we are going to discuss about magnetic knife strip reviews. To know more about best magnetic knife strip available in the market, follow this write-up.

Magnetic Knife Strip Review Center 2020

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#1 – HMmagnets Premium 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

HMmagnets Premium 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder product image

This is the first product in our review article where we will discuss about this product thoroughly. This product is available in the market with best of the feature and you can use it as per your desire. The foremost advantage of this product is that they are made of extra strength magnets which means this knife bar is upgraded and provide you larger than life sorts of benefits. The item includes heavy duty magnets that will never lose its magnetic force. The holder has been designed in a way that can hold the complete set of knives with strength and consistency.

The other elements of the product is also parallel linked with the item and that make it greatest alternative present so far, therefore using this product will always be beneficial. The other positives of this product are that they are secure and can be used without any problem. Any kind of knives can be secured by this product without any problem. The magnetic strip has been designed specifically to hold knives of numerous varieties; their magnetic force is so tight around the bar that there can never be a single moment when this product can be broken or damaged. They have gotten simple but quite elegant modern design, the product is made from high quality steel (stainless) along with a sleek design which brings out an elegance appearance. This product can be fit in any type of kitchen because of its design; therefore space issues will never come between you and your product’s usage.

What we liked about it

The product speaks about itself, after going through its benefits it has calculated that purchasing it will be actually beneficial to a customer. Its design and quality factors bring this product to the greatest excellence. You can purchase this product from different online selling stores at reasonable prices. But before making your purchase you are advised to do a thorough research about the respective product you wish to buy. Learn whether will be worthy enough to make its purchase or not?

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#2 – Ouddy 16 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder

Ouddy 16 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder product image

This is the second most appreciated product in our review list; you will observe buying it is also quite beneficial as this product too includes different types of essentials and remarkable factors of best magnetic knife holder. Ouddy magnetic knife holder is a product that is becoming quite prevalent around the knife holder market. This variant comes with a 16 inch strip that can efficiently hold the set of multiple types of knives, including Japanese knives, without any inefficiency. This product is also available in numerous variations and therefore purchasing it will never let you down. Like the aforementioned product, this variation is also unique and contains different types of specialties in it.

This product is stainless steel knife holder and made with powerful design which provides a best magnetic function. Its magnets are so powerful that they can may last for longer years or lifetime without any problem, unless and until they are broken or suffer from corrosion. You can use this powerful magnetic holder anywhere whether in kitchen, laundry room, garage or office. They will protect these knives from the reach of the children and keep them hung safely. You can use this magnetic strip any of such places to hold metallic objects. This magnetic bar can easily mount on the walls of kitchens and its respective places where it can be fixed, their longevity is commendable; the powerful magnets that are capable of holding these knives and other magnetic things for years and years will provide perfect security from any type of misfortune.

What we liked about it

The product provides us great help when it comes to evaluate whether buying this product can be a real worth or not. You should not doubt on its excellence as it includes all the essential aspects that a quality product should hold. You can purchase this product from many online stores at best prices but safety from being tricked by its copy versions is advised. There are varieties of items being sold in the market are primarily available in many online and offline markets, you must verify thoroughly before purchasing any of them.

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#3 – RSVP Endurance 18/8 Stainless Steel Deluxe Magnetic Knife Bar

RSVP Endurance 18 8 Stainless Steel Deluxe Magnetic Knife Bar product image

This product known as “RSVP Endurance 18/8 Stainless Steel Deluxe Magnetic Knife Bar” is also popular in the market of best magnetic knife strips these days. The reason behind this is its commendable features and factors. Anyone can make its purchase and use it for best results. Unlike above mentioned products, this one has gotten some different features and specifications. Though looks can be identical but the product’s specifications are different to a greater extent. This kitchen utility knife holder has a strong and powerful surface magnet that can hold multiple metal items strongly and securely. This mightiness of the product took its value at peak of excellence and appreciations.

They are 10 inch long in size and can be fit in your kitchen or wherever you wish them to fix easily.  Those kitchens where space is the biggest issue face by house members, fixing something huge that takes lot of space can literally trouble anyone. But with this product you will never going to face the issues of place and sizes as they are just 10 inches long which cannot consume unnecessary space of your kitchen. The product is made of durable 18/8 steel of stainless quality. The design speaks about quality and looks attractive due to many factors due to satin finish. You can easily clean this product as they can be efficiently wiped without any problem. Purchase them from different online stores at reasonable prices.

What we liked about it

The product contains essential factors and you can purchase them from many online stores without any problem. Just get the reasonable price of the product and choose the website where they are being sold at their best prices. Although there are many kinds of products available online, purchasing this can be actually beneficial and much efficient in a long run. They are being sold around the world through different online selling platforms; therefore, purchasing them has been easier than ever.

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#4 – Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar product image

This product “Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar” is basically known for its beauty and elegance. Purchasing them will be actually effective and reasonable as they provide you some add-ons in the respect of products and services. This beautiful knife bar can grip securely. One can easily release carving knives from them and other gadgets which are attached in this equipment. With attractive design, the product also serves well in the respect of its compatibility and portability factors. This is compact and convenient. Practical holders look gorgeous in all sorts of decors, while you will definitely feel organized and efficient.

They can also protect your boning knife blades doors from being jammed in between the drawers or garage; you can easily remove or fix them back on this magnetic strip without any problem. Their longevity is also commendable and can survive for years without any problem. This is because of its permanent extra strength magnetism. They are also easily installable only with the use of few screws, the product also have extending features that can help you in adding more metal things in this magnetic strip, but still can be fitted easily without any problem. they can be used for various applications such as workshops, kitchens and many other places to hold metal items safely and protect your children from its reach. You can look for its purchase in many online platforms, get this product for reasonable amount and chose the online store where the real product is available in reasonable amount.

What we liked about it

This product is better known for its elegant and extravagant design, with its attractive beauty they are also extendable that means one may extend the length of the product as per they wish. Though they are extendable, their size will not create any problem at all. They can be used for multiple purposes from kitchen to garage and many more, therefore purchasing them will actually bring positives at your side. You can go ahead for its purchase as buying it can never be harmful.

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#5 – Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar product image

Last but not the least “Modern Innovations 16 inch stainless steel magnetic knife bar” is the one more efficient and quality product in the league of magnetic knife holder reviews. With quality and performance, they are also best at design. They attract crowd with its influential sleek design. With looks, their powerful magnet helps in holding various types of knife strips in firmly. Its strength and magnetic power make this product way more desiring and profound in magnetic strip’s market. They are quality producing and best at performance hence choosing this product to hold bread knives and other materials can never let you down anywhere.

This item can easily hold multiple types of knives without any problem. Purchasing this will never let you down; you may use this product for its best usage. As they are easily installable anywhere without even taking much space, you may get this product for your personal use for multiple purposes. Like all the aforementioned products they do not take much space and can be adjusted in the mid of anywhere. You can fix the product as per your desire as they can easily hold your items with strength and consistency for years. Longevity factor is too commendable and the product can be last for many years. The life span of this equipment is longer and it assures you that if you have installed it once, you are free for a lifetime.

What we liked about it

The product is quite beneficial for the multi-purpose usage; one can use this product for various aspects as this product can survive best at its own and there will not any single issue that can trouble you at any aspect. Though there are various copied items available in the market, you are required to research a lot before finalizing your purchase about the products authenticity. You may get this product at reasonable price on many online stores.

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How we choose the top magnetic strips in our list?

There are varieties of magnetic knives holder available in the market, choosing the one among all is not at all an easy task. There are various types `of magnetic strips present in the market; all of them are quite beneficial and useful in numerous ways. There are certain guidelines mentioned through which you can gain most appropriate benefits. These aspects will help you in gaining the most beneficial and quality product available in the market so far. Therefore choosing a good product will never let you down anywhere. Before heading to purchase a product from the market, you should go for its best price. Once you have decided to purchase any item you are advised to verify some of important aspects such as product’s details, feedbacks from its respective customers and many other things. There are certain things mentioned below that you should look after before purchasing top magnetic knife strips. They are as follows:

  • First observe the quality of the material, the product’s quality should be considered very well. There are varieties of magnetic knife strips available in the market, some of them are magnetic and others are different types of holders which can hold different knives.
  • Consider the product’s warranty period of the product, check whether the product has a certain warrantee limit or not. In certain events, if your product get some kind of defects, you can move ahead to exchange the product if it runs in servicing period.
  • A product should have a sufficient size to acquire meaningful space. Therefore, using these products can be actually beneficial and efficient.

Different types of magnetic strips:

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate magnetic knife strips, you may usually get confused among choosing the best product available so far. The only reason behind this is numerous varieties and its kinds that vary in quality and product respect to its price. There are varieties of knives holders are present in the market. They are of different kind and using them can never let you down but to choose which one will be the most beneficial is somewhere difficult. Some of its varieties have been highlighted below:

  • Magnetic knife holders: there are some holders that can efficiently hold the product without any further support, they can support the multiple knives easily and prevent them from any type of misfortune. These holders can hold number of knives respect to the size product has got. Respect to the product’s size and shape, the number of knives calculation will fluctuate.
  • Magnetic knife strips: then there is a complete comprehensive and different type of product available in the range of these magnetic knife containers, this variant is known as strip. Yes, a strip can hold multiple knives quite efficiently. All they need a magnetic surface which provides a solid magnetic attraction between the strip and the knives so that they may remain strongly attached with the product. You should not think about any other alternative if there is a strip in a better quality being offered to you. the major reason for choosing this product is that it is reasonable and do not take unnecessary space.

Why you need the best magnetic knife strips in your kitchen?

In your kitchen, you will observe many kinds of basic things that can help you in numerous ways like cooking making multiple other aspects. But we never focused on other things such as essentials in our kitchens that should be covered and provided proper attention because of safety and security aspects.

Kitchen knives are one such material that requires proper attention and care, keeping these knives in equipment that can provide ultimate safety from its consequences. Keeping a magnetic strip in your kitchen will protect your family member and children from these knives as keeping them at an open and reachable place may be dangerous. We don’t recommend keeping your magnetic knife strip near a source of heat, such as a convection oven, induction burner, pizza oven, griddle, or indoor grill, as the heat can cause the magnetic strength to weaken. Instead, keep them safe behind a cabinet with a strong cabinet pull, or in your kitchen pantry or kitchen island. No child can get to them then!

Kids in your home are always relentless and never going to stop by your words, therefore keeping a safety element with yourself will always provide you and your kids a proper protection from the unexpected consequences.

There are some points mentioned below that can help you in this respect, choosing a better quality magnetic knife strip will help you to a greater extent. These points are as follows:

  • This product will help you in keeping your knives appropriately and prevents you and your family from unexpected harmful situations. This product will keep your stuffs without any problem. Therefore using this product will never let you down at any aspect. However, if you have children, we recommend getting a knife block.
  • If you are worried about the space it will occupy, you should not think about this aspect as the product is available with different sizes, you can chose any of them as per your requirement.

Hence buying a magnetic Knife strip will never going to let you down at any aspect. Look for the best product available in the market. Also check out our guide to the best electric knife sharpeners!

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