5 Best Pull Down Faucets for your Kitchen


The best kitchen idea starts with a beautiful design. Every kitchen has its unique space, design and elements. When one designs a kitchen of his/her choice,  certain things are kept in mind, pictured and made sure the final design is the same. Various design elements for the kitchen include wall tiles, wall color, and pantry shelf design, pull out and swing modular drawers, hubs, dishwasher, fridge, microwave ovens, sink types, faucets, cutlery stands, etcx.

One such important kitchen element is the kitchen wash sink and the faucet for it. A kitchen sink and faucet is almost used on everyday basis for cleaning the fruits, vegetables, pulses and utensils. One has to carefully decide on the type of kitchen faucet you prefer depending on your usage. The trend in faucet designs keeps changing with time. Numerous brands and models are available in kitchen faucet, which are quite confusing to choose from. Here are five best kitchen pull down faucets for your kitchen sinks, its specifications and uses. This will act a guide, in case you are looking to build a new kitchen or renovate your existing kitchen design. Here you go!

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#1 – KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice Single-hole Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice Single-hole Pull-down Kitchen Faucet product image

It is one of the best pull down kitchen faucet model in market right now and has the best kitchen pull down faucet reviews. They are completely different from the traditional one. Its unique design and durability make it a perfect option to go for. The Simplice Kohler pull down kitchen faucets has elegant design and functionality and is perfect for all the cleaning tasks. It comes with a 360 degree rotating high arch spout. The spray head can be pulled down to the sink for deep cleaning of the sink or it can be pulled out of the sink to fill your pots with water to drink. The kitchen faucets with pull down sprayer head is excellent in performing three main functions namely sweep spray, stream and pause.

Firstly, it creates a wide sweep spray of water to clean your wise pans, cookers, baking sheets and wider plates. Secondly, the pulled out spray head is used to fill the pan or pot with water at a good speed and complete the task in a short while without having to wait to complete water fill. Thirdly, the spray head comes with sculpted buttons to stop water quickly in between washing even with your wet soapy and slippery hands. The color is vibrant stainless and its dimensions are 9 x 9.6 x 16.6 inches. The water flow rate and water consumptions is 1.8GPM. The handle is single hole deck mount type, easy to fix.

What we like about it:

The Simplice Single hole pull down kitchen sink faucet is definitely going to add a new look to your kitchen. The most popular feature about Simplice is the magnetic dock fixed inside the spout to lock the spray head in its place with ease. The Kohler kitchen faucets pull down spray is designed in such a way, that it resists mineral build up or deposits and aids in quick clean. The hose is light weight and the swiveling ball joint is a key benefit to use the spray head easily. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

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#2 – Delta Leland 9178-AR-DST Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Delta Leland 9178-AR-DST Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet product image

This is a best functional Single Handle Pull-down kitchen faucets model from Delta Leland. It has a traditional look with modern functionality and comes in four finishes namely chrome, arctic stainless, Venetian bronze and SpotShield stainless finishes. It is suitable for sinks that comes with one or three holes that are eight inch big for fixing the faucet. The spray holes are soft and made of rubber making it easy to clean the calcium deposits in just a wipe with your finger for a new refreshed look. The faucet spray has a powerful magnetite docking system on the inside making it stay dock when not in use. It does not droop over time as well.

The diamond seal technology aids this model in lasting twice as long as industry standard than other models. The two main distinguishing features to be noted in this kitchen faucet is the spray to clean vessels and the steam to fill the pots and pans. Easy switching between the two features can be achieved easily here without any hassle with just a click. Supply lines are included with the faucet in the package from Inno-Flex Pex to eliminate leaks. The faucet dimensions are 9.2 x 12 x 9.2 inches and weighs 7.35 pounds. The unique automatic system for with a flow rate of 1.8GPM and comes with faucet and finish lifetime limited warranty.

What we like about it:

The timeless look of the Delta pull-down kitchen faucet is the one reason many customers choose it for their classical kitchen look. The Diamond Seal technology makes it easy to install, perform better than other models and has reducing leak points with on e-piece supply lines. The minimum clearance of 2.5 inches to backsplash is the most loving feature about this faucet and hence it reduces water spill outside the sink while washing your vessels. The optional deck plate is 10.75 inches wide can be used if there are pre-existing holes in your sink and hence gives a vibrant finished look to your sink. This faucet performs exceptionally well and is highly recommended for its classical look.

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#3 – Kraus KPF-1602SS Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Commercial

Kraus KPF-1602SS Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Commercial product image

The commercial style spring look and heavy duty powerful stainless steel or chrome finish faucet from Kraus is absolutely stunning and appealing. The high arc spout has a powerful sprayer. It is a single handle kitchen faucet that is constructed with lead free, corrosion resistant certified brass on its inside and top quality components on its outside. The unique feature of this kitchen faucet is that the spray head can be pulled as long to your gas stove to simply just fill your pan instead of carrying the pan itself close to the pantry. Many cooks prefer this faucet for this reason in their commercial space and also for their home kitchen.

The faucet is also popular among its users who recommend this product to their friends and relatives for its precise temperature control and rapid controllable water flow. An integrated diverter is fixed at the spray head of the Kraus commercial faucet that aids to instantly switch the spout to a powerful spray hand. A low flow Neoperl aerator used in the faucet installation reduces water waste, but still had a good amount of water pressure. For easy installation, all required hardwares come along with the faucet in its package. The faucet dimensions are 32.1 x 8.5 x 2.2 inches and weigh about 10.3 pounds. This product has limited lifetime warranty on purchase.

What we like about it:

The reason for preferring this faucet at home and commercial places are for its high performance and a precision Kerox ceramic cartridge that is fixed for drip free usage. The contemporary looking with open coil 360 degree swivel spout and spray are liked by many persons who wish to design a kitchen they love. The visual impact is appreciated. The pull down sprayer is flexible and effortless. It avoids building up of limestone in the spray head nozzle. The rubber made nozzle is easy to clean with just a wipe and hence supports easy faucet maintenance.

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#4 – Moen Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Moen Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet product image

Moen products are known to last lifetime with pretty designs to replicate perfection with exceptional efficiency. If you are one looking for a perfect tailor made faucet for your kitchen, then go ahead in buying Moen Arbor pull down kitchen faucet. The most highlighted features about Moen Arbor kitchen sink faucet are Duralock quick connect system for easy installation and the 60 inches braided hose with a pull down high arc spout.

It is available in chrome and stainless steel finish. It is made to be installed in one or three holed sinks. Escutcheon is included in case you want to hide your sink holes. Rinsing dishes and all sized sinks are made feasible with Power clean spray technology of Moen Arbor kitchen faucets. Many customers prefer to pick this faucet since it is very handy and the switch in the pull down spout helps to toggle instantly between spray and steam. The hose length is 60 inches and makes your everyday cleaning tasks easy for you. Faucet packages on purchase come with a five years warranty period. The flow rate and water consumption is 1.5GPM and the faucet dimensions are 24.8 x 12.2 x 3.5 inches.

What we like about it:

Any user of Moen Arbor high arch pull down kitchen faucet recommends to fellow users for the reason that its spot resistant stainless material resists any water spots or finger prints, making it look as brand as new even after years of usage. The high arc design makes it easy to clean the sink and heavy dishes. it works with precision and soft pull touch. It has minimal water splash. The instructions to installation are well explained in the manual.

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#5 – VCCUCINE Best Modern Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucet

VCCUCINE Best Modern Commercial Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Single Handle Pull Out Sprayer Bar Kitchen Sink Faucet product image

With usage of high quality certified materials and smart engineering, this two handle pull down kitchen sink faucets are popular among its users. It has the hot and cold mixing water feature. The steam and spray mode can be toggled with a strong touch button on the spray head even with wet soapy hands. The aerator is made of ABS plastic and valves are made of ceramic. The VCCUCINE modern kitchen faucet offers more space for all sink activities. The brushed nickel finish makes it resistant to scratch, stains and corrosion. Easy installation can be done because it comes with all the mounting hardwares in its package. This faucet is only suitable for single hole sink and is surface mounted.

The rubber built nozzle makes its cleaning easy with just a wipe with fingers and prevents calcium deposits on them. Pot, pans, tumblers and bowls are filled quickly in its stream mode and the sweep spray mode aids to rinse huge pots and baking sheets without any hassle. It is heavy duty and corrosion resistant due to its high built quality. The product dimensions are 16.5 x 11.1 x 3.4 inches and weigh just 7.5 pounds. This faucet can be purchased in store with demos or from online e-purchasing websites if you are sure about its best features and you won’t regret buying it.

What we like about it:

The VCCUCINE kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer model is famous for its contemporary looks. The 360 degree rotation and high arch makes more space for all sink activities. The high built quality feature of this kitchen faucet includes solid brass construction, brushed nickel finish and ceramic disc valve. The boxing it comes in is well packed to keep the faucet secured within foam. No plumbers tape or the expensive crescent wrench to fix the faucet to the sink is required. It works well with wear and tear.

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How we Choose the Top Pull Down Kitchen Faucet in our List

There are few criterias one has to ponder and look into when choosing the top Pull Down kitchen faucet in the list are as below:

High Built-In Quality

The built-in quality of any faucet should be the first and foremost feature to look for in a pull down faucet because it plays a major role in the durability for many heavy duties washing and rinsing.

Product size

Look for a good sized faucet depending on your cleaning needs and kitchen counter space. Anyways a high arc faucet design with bigger dimensions and a pull long spray heads always makes cleaning and filling pots easy.

Spray Head Design

Easy toggle options with a specifically designed touch button on the spray head is an important feature for any pull down faucet because any faucet performs both the options of rinsing and filing. Steam, sweep spray and pause toggle options in your pull down faucet makes work easy at your kitchen.

Spot resistant

Choosing a good finish is stain and water resistant makes your kitchen sink and faucet look brand as new always.

Sink specification

Some sinks come with one and some comes in three holes to fix the faucets. Always check for the sink hole numbers before you decide on the best pull down faucet model for your kitchen counter. The kitchen faucets oil rubbed bronze pull down models are resistant to spots.


Last but not the least the best design faucet is appealing to any home or commercial kitchen. Pull down faucets come in a variety of designs among which the open spring pull down spray look is stunning and appealing.

Different Types of Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

It is wise idea to compare and know about the various kitchen faucets available in the market. Here are some of the variations in the pull down kitchen faucets. Get to know about its differences and choose the model that is right for you!


The materials used to make the pull down kitchen faucets differ and each has its own looks and reasons. The bronze tone is dark in color, gives a rustic look and does not require polishing. Stainless steel looks shiny and fits any sink model but needs to be treated with care to avoid scratches. Copper finish suits kitchen which required classical look. Zinc Alloy finish has combination of brass and zinc which has a silver tone. It does not rust/ corrode easily. Brushed nickel finish resists corrosion and scratches. Plastic finish comes cheaper in various colors to match your kitchen wall. But the chances to break are more. All the above chosen best pull down kitchen faucets have stainless steel finish.


The commercial style faucet has a longer flexible design and gives a contemporary modern look to your kitchen. Whereas the classical style faucets gives a timeless style to your classical kitchen.

Installation holes

Kitchen faucets come in single or three holes for installation. Three whole options is for sinks that needs two handles for hot/cold water. Sometimes, faucets come with two handles attached to the center arm itself and hence needs only one hole for installation. Deck plate is optional, but comes in the package in most of the Pull down kitchen faucets. VCCUCINE Best Modern Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucet comes without the deck plate with only one-hole installation.

Single or dual Handles

Single handle kitchen faucets turns left and right to switch between hot and cold water. The dual handles also known as ‘center set’ are placed on either side of the faucet high arm, each representing hot or cold water. The widespread model is same as center set but the three pieces are attached separately and not to a single base plate.

Soap Dispenser

Very few Pull down kitchen faucets comes with an attached soap dispenser/soap pump placed right next to the faucet. It is optional to buy depending on your usage. Many Kohler, Delta and Moen pull down kitchen faucets come with soap dispensers.

Mount types

Another difference in models available is installation location. Pull down kitchen faucets can be either wall-mounted or counter/deck mounted. All selected models in the list are deck mount types.

Neck types

The neck refers to the tube that carries the water from the mount place to the spout. Kitchen faucets have either standard neck, goose-neck or bridge neck. Standard neck is sold more for its flexible long arm. All the chosen five best kitchen faucets above have goose necks.

Why you need the Best Pull Down Faucet in your Kitchen

Best Pull Down kitchen faucets is essential in both home and commercial space. One cannot simply just choose any available faucet without checking its benefits. Since faucet is an everyday using element for washing, rinsing and filing, a careful research before its purchase is quintessential. Take a quick visit to all the best branded showrooms to have a real look and its work mechanism and features before you decide on the best pull down faucet that suits your kitchen needs. Cleaning becomes comparatively easy if it is done with the best faucet installed at your handy place. For anyone who does not mind spending on a good faucet to make your kitchen works easy should definitely go for the best pull down kitchen faucet.

From rinsing dirty dishes, appliances, accessories, fruits, vegetables, pulses to cleaning the dirty sink and filing cookware with water, all you need is a best Pull Down kitchen faucet. A multi-tasking pull down kitchen faucet plays a major role in your daily duty when compared to the regular spout taps that do not have any pull down spout. One has to check for sculpted buttons on spray head, steam and seep spray options in your pull down faucet along with the easy to clean rubber head nozzles. If you look for a neater visually appealing, go for water spot or stain resistant finish when choosing the best Kitchen Pull Down Faucets. Almost all best rated pull down kitchen sink faucets comes with a detailed manual and installation hardware tools to do installation at short duration at your home or commercial kitchen. It is always worth investing in the best pull down kitchen faucet and gives an appealing look to your lovely cooking space.

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